13 Simple Tricks To Make A Woman Chase You

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Updated On: December 28, 2023
how to stop chasing her and make her chase you

Are you tired of being the ‘nice guy’ and losing the girls you like? Has rejection become your default setting and do you seem to always end up in the friend zone? I have been in your place and I am going to answer the million-dollar question of how to stop chasing her and make her chase you.

It’s exhausting to always be the one doing things for a crush only to feel like you made a fool of yourself. You may know how to talk to girls and get the conversation going, but getting a girl to like you is a different story altogether.

It’s finally time to lose your worries. This article has lessons I learned from personal experiences, guy talk, and urban stories, but that is not all, I have also mentioned scientific secrets that make girls chase you. These insights will help you learn the art of making a woman ask you out and skew things in your favor with the woman you have got your eyes on, and have her chasing YOU.

How Can You Use Reverse Psychology To Make A Woman Chase You?

To answer this question, let us understand a woman’s psychology first. In order to make women chase us, let us think about what behaviors of ours drive them away and simply do the opposite. A few things that drive women away are:

  • Desperation: Most guys reek of desperation. In the way they talk, text, or even slide into DMs. Constantly initiating communication, always being available, making random, unsolicited romantic gestures, etc. are what most guys do and thus end up repelling women
  • Low self-confidence: Not being able to hold conversations is the worst. A lot of guys lack basic communication skills to keep a woman interested in talking to them. If you are not confident about what you have to say, how will you make the girl trust you?
  • All flirt, no genuineness: Guys shower women with cheesy pickup lines, corny compliments, and whatnot, thinking that will impress them. What most guys fail to understand is that women look for what is at the base of all this cheese topping. They look for a sense of humor, confidence, and honesty
  • Lack of EQ: In any walk of life, but especially in the pursuit of having a woman pursue you, an emotional quotient is your best weapon. Most guys try to look smart and mature, but they try too hard and it just shows that the package is hollow. So if you have a good EQ, you automatically stand out. Everyone likes smart and mature men

Now that we have gathered some info about what drives women away, all we have to do is do the opposite. Simple reverse psychology hack 101. Boom! You better put on your running shoes because the chasing begins now.

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13 Tips To Stop Chasing Her And Make Her Chase You

It can get overwhelming, pursuing women all the time and constantly trying to impress them. Wouldn’t it be good to have a woman chase you for a change? I’m sure I know the answer to this question and so I want to assure you that I’m here to help. You can make a girl chase you like crazy and forget about other guys too. We’re going to share with you some of the most effective ways to get her to chase you.

Once you master the skill of making women think about you, you can even make a Scorpio woman chase you. And they are HARD to woo. With this intention of breaking traditional gender roles set in society, allow me to show you how to stop chasing her and make her chase you instead.

A suggestion before you read on – it’s best to only use these tips with someone you are genuinely interested in. Using this on multiple women isn’t going to get you anywhere. In the words of Ross Geller, “Women talk!”

I know you are really excited to get a woman to make an effort to woo you. But let’s start with retaining your calm and keeping her intrigued at all times. It’s a simple game where you play hard to get. This is one of the most prevalent tactics used by many people when it comes to dating.

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1. Stop trying so hard

The first thing I need you to do is to stop trying so hard to get noticed. I know you want to make an impression, but clearly, the way you’ve been trying to do it is obviously not working in your favor.

We start off by doing damage control, then we move on to the more complex insights on how to turn the tables and make her chase you. The simplest thing you can do to make this process easier is to stop trying SO HARD if you want to get any closer to being the one who is chased. Girls love playing hard to get and you fall right into the trap as you keep trying harder.

Desperation is a turn-off for women. I’ve been the one reeking with desperation, always being the one to initiate calls, texts, and meet, and boy, was that a mistake! I understand you want to be there for her. But if you’re always going to be around, that doesn’t leave her any space to come and meet you halfway. Friendzone her to make her chase you, it could prove to be a very effective strategy too as women are not used to being in that zone.

2. Give her the space to notice your absence

How will she start to chase you, unless you stop doing it first? This is a valid point to mull over if you’re wondering how to stop chasing her and make her chase you instead. If you are always around her, there is no question of your absence.

Your absence will make her wonder where you have been. What are you up to these days? However, if she does not start to wonder, it’s a sign that she is not interested in you in that way. If you are stuck in a rut chasing a woman, chances are you are not mindful of the space that is needed for her to think of you as a valued individual who is worth her attention. 

How do you get girls to chase you without trying? Direct your attention elsewhere when you’re in a group of friends and leave when you have to. Don’t be the guy who always sticks around after a party and always double texts. This leaves an impression that you have nothing better to do. So give her space to notice you’re not around. Give her the space to miss you.

3. Want to make a woman chase you over texts? Know these texting rules

Have you been replying to her texts the instant you get them and then glaring at your phone waiting for her to respond? That’s a mistake. Every time you reply to her messages immediately, it comes off as desperate. You don’t want her thinking you’ve been waiting for her text all day long. You want to get her to like you over text.

Here’s how to stop chasing her. Making a girl wait for a reply is one of the rarely known scientific secrets that make girls chase you. It increases your attractiveness. Make her wonder what is it that you’re busy doing. This will pique her interest in your daily schedule and she’ll try to free up her schedule when you’re available. I am certain this answers your question of “How do you get girls to chase you without trying?”

Before I move on to the next point, I don’t want you to make the mistake of being arrogant and not responding to her for days on end. This will make her lose interest. You are not trying to blow her off, so appropriately time your reply to her texts to keep her interested. Believe me, it’s the only tactical game of words to make a girl chase you through text messages.

innocent words that make any girl chase you
Ensure that your texting game is on point

4. How do you get girls to chase you without trying? Confidence

If you don’t know this already, then this will come as news to you. Women have an inbuilt ‘BS detector’ and they will sense a nervous man as soon as they see one. Confident men don’t need to try too hard and women know this. A bold option is to friendzone her to make her chase you.

Now that you’re here and wondering how to turn the tables and make her chase you, it’s my responsibility to tell you that for a woman, nothing is more attractive than a man who exudes confidence. A man who knows what he wants and is comfortable in being the person he is, these are the signs of a confident man.

Sure, women like ‘nice guys’ in a friendship, but if you wish to be wooed by a woman, you’re going to have to make some changes. You must present yourself in a self-assured manner, the one where you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Don’t underestimate yourself, you are more attractive than you think.

5. How to stop chasing her and make her chase you? Drop genuine compliments

Women like being complimented, they respond to compliments in a wonderful way. I am not handing you the license to shower her with a whole list of compliments right away. There is a subtle way to compliment a woman while you’re talking to her in a way that impresses her instantly, and it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with her looks.

Your woman is complimented on her looks every day so talking up her appearance is rarely effective. Instead, compliment her determination, her sense of humor, and her energy. This is the kind of praise women actually want to hear.

For all the men looking for innocent words that make a girl chase you, here are a few examples: “I think it’s amazing how determined you are to reach your goals, it’s very inspiring ”, “I admire how persistent you are!”, “You always know how to make me laugh”. Incorporate these into your conversation in the appropriate moments and your worry about how to stop chasing her and make her chase you will just fade away.

6. Be emotionally mature

Women are always attracted to men they can trust and depend on. If you exhibit emotional maturity, you don’t even need to read the rest of these tips on how to stop chasing her and make her chase you.

If you want your woman to chase you, then show her that you are someone she can rely on and trust her heart with. Once a woman senses that you understand her feelings and put resolution over conflict, you become irresistibly attractive to her and the chase will thus begin! Emotional intelligence is something women constantly look for in relationships.

If you’ve been into a woman for a few months and are still trying to figure out how to turn the tables and make her chase you, then it’s likely that she hasn’t seen the compassionate and empathetic side of you yet. I want you to bring it to her notice in a subtle manner and then she’ll take care of the rest.

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7. Listen attentively

While yes, it is true that all you have to do is stop chasing her and she will come back to you, it doesn’t work if a woman isn’t into you. So for all the guys who have their eyes on a woman, you need to know this. You can only get her attention by giving her attention. Let me explain.

You must listen to what she’s talking about and pay attention to how important it is to her. When you are talking to her in person, don’t be distracted by your thoughts when she’s speaking. You want to be present with her and actively listen to improve your relationship.

By being present with her, you get to know more about her. You can have a woman swooning over you in the first meeting itself if you play your cards right. Having a meaningful conversation with her is one of the steps to make her chase you in a relationship.

art of wooing

8. How to make a girl chase you like crazy and forget about other guys? Making her jealous will help

Jealousy. It’s a powerful emotion. One of the more rarely known scientific secrets that make girls chase you is to use the emotion of jealousy to your advantage. Now as soon as you read the word ‘jealousy’, you are probably reminded of a toxic relationship that didn’t end well. That is not the jealousy we’re going for, healthy jealousy is common between partners and it’s also common when you’re trying to attract someone. Small amounts of jealousy indicate that the person cares about the other.

Feel free to hang out with your guys at the club and upload pictures on your Instagram. You can also flirt and talk to other girls when she’s around or leave comments on some girl’s photo. But tread lightly, you don’t want to overdo it, because that will do more harm than good. She will take this as a sign of your disinterest.

Does My Crush Like Me

9. Check in and ask her how she’s been

The one common mistake that guys make whenever they are trying to get a woman to chase them is that they confuse distance for denial. I have seen my best friend make the painful mistake of completely ignoring the woman he was into by being ignorant of her.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake and lose a woman who is into you. While this list offers you tips that will get her to be the initiator, at the same time, it does not grant you the permission to completely neglect her. You get back what you give.

Every now and then, check in on her and show her that you care about her well-being. By doing this, you are letting her know that it’s not a one-way street. Empathy is a fundamental support in a relationship. You don’t want to take the attention you’re getting for granted, because what’s being given can always be taken away.

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10. Send flirty texts to remind her that the lead is open

Here is my favorite from this list of ‘how to stop chasing her and make her chase you’. However exciting this may seem, if not played out with caution, this may prove to be counterproductive. There are stages and unwritten rules when it comes to dating.

In dating, you will find yourself transitioning from one phase to another. You can only send flirty texts to someone who is also potentially into you. The flirting is only to remind her that you’re still around and you’re still interested. This might even encourage her to ask you out because she knows it’s not going to be a wasted effort.

Even a simple text like “Wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you!” gets the job done but if you are looking for more, then here are some flirty conversation starters that will help you up your flirty text game.

11. Use the power of touch

Break the barrier of touch, slowly. This has to happen with her consent of course, which means you have to look out for when she pulls herself back. Don’t make her uncomfortable. If, however, she is not averse to the slight touches, then believe you me, it is a highly effective way to make her chase you in a relationship.

There are several types of love languages and physical touch is an important one. Friendly shoving, standing closer to her, or any other playful and flirty touch will help you get her attention. The language of touch will bring familiarity and increase comfort and ease between the two of you. You want her to remember your touch and get used to it. The pangs of longing to be around you will drive her crazy and make her want to be with you.

12. Observe and understand her

The rarest of tools you can possess in your relationship arsenal is the ability to truly understand the woman. Empathy and listening are key to this but there is more. What you see, hear, and feel are the inputs, but what do you do with this information? You think and analyze it. Now, I don’t suggest you go all science of deduction on your girl but pondering over the inside story of her story will give you an edge that no other man has.

It doesn’t end here, the final part of the act is the presentation. The key thing here is not to boast about your newfound conclusions and insights, but to subtly slide them into conversations. Your subtlety will not only show her that you genuinely get her but will also save you when you get it wrong. Go ahead, make her fall in love with you!

13. Master the art of banter

This is the most complex technique on the battlefield of dating and relationships. If you are always emotionally available, you risk getting friendzoned, while ignorance can give her the feeling that you are not interested. To negate this double-sided sword, I present to you, playful banter.

When you indulge in playful banter, you accomplish being available, being someone she enjoys spending time with, and conveying that you’re still very interested without giving away your own mushy feelings. Be playful with your sexual banter, make her laugh, tease her but always know when to stop.

Key Pointers

  • To understand how to make women chase you, first try to understand their psychology
  • Once you understand what you do that drives women away, simply do the opposite
  • Remember, they can call out BS like a lie detector, so make sure to keep genuineness and honesty as your allies
  • Among all the ploys, find the ones that work best for you as none of them have a 100% track record

And that is all you need to know about how to stop chasing her and make her chase you, or even make her fall in love with you. These tips will get the ball rolling in your favor, but don’t rule out reciprocity. You have to reciprocate in the right manner at the right time. If your friend has been silly and doing all the hard work with a woman, be sure to send this piece his way. Good luck!

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