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How to seduce a woman with words?

Woo and seduce a woman by just being creative with what you say. Works almost everytime.
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Gone are the days, when your physical appearance was enough to seduce a woman. These days, a man has to have the gift of the gab to get the attention of the modern day woman. Women are much more open to imagination, which is why they prefer men who can drive them crazy with words. But is seducing a woman with words an easy-peasy game? Well, it is, if you follow the below tips and tricks.

Why is it difficult to talk to attractive women?

Men are usually not trained in the art of talking to women, due to which one of the following happens:

  • They might make their women feel bored
  • Men might be unable to attract the woman of their dreams
  • They might not keep their women interested in the conversation for a long time
  • Men might fail to remain true to themselves around their women

So, if you are not able to seduce a woman, do not blame it on the lack of luck, popularity, power, money or looks. Take a step back and review the way you talk to a woman. In order to make your woman want you, you must learn to have a conversation with her.

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Is seducing an attractive woman hard?

First off, it is essential to understand that all women are not the same. So the same style and words will not work on different women. One sentence that appears appealing to one girl might not really have an effect on another.

To succeed in seducing an attractive woman, you will have to recognize her likes and dislikes and proceed accordingly. You have to strategically approach the attractive woman and not get intimidated by her overwhelming beauty. Most women know they are beautiful and want someone to have a decent conversation with – which is a rarity because most men get carried away by the beauty only.

Though it is not easy, but once you figure out a way to seduce a woman with words, you will surely be grateful.

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15 ways to seduce a woman with words

Unfortunately, a majority of men believe that love quotes and cheesy pickup lines can be used to capture the heart of their women. But let us warn you against the use of such quotes and pickup lines. These do not work on most of the women because they prefer men who are creative and unique while talking to a woman.

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Here are the 15 ways to seduce a woman with words which can be utilized by you to woo the love of your life.

1. The tone of your voice should be soft and low

Special care has to be taken that your voice remains soft and low, when you talk to a woman with the aim of seducing her. A soft and low voice will create an atmosphere of intimacy between the two of you and will make it much easier for you to attract her. Along with that, she will be flattered by your advances.

2. Lean as close to her as possible while talking

When you lean close to your woman while talking to her, you will make her feel cherished and loved. It will give her the assurance that the seductive words are meant for her only, which is for sure sensual.

3. Try to be witty and make her laugh

There is a thin line between being humorous and being offensive. So understand that, and then try to utilize humor in your conversations with her. Women find men, who have a good sense of humor, absolutely irresistible.

4. Compliment her with simple yet effective words

Instead of using jargons and overtly fancy words, you can compliment your girl with simple, yet effective words. Be as straightforward as possible. Some examples would be- if you like her curves then let her know; if you think her thought process is impressive then compliment her and so on.

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5. Utilize suggestive questions in a smart manner

Giving subtle hints during the conversation can give you an opportunity to make her mind steer in the right direction. However, try to be cautious and use suggestive questions only if you know she is genuinely interested in you.

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6. Avoid focusing on her physical appearance while talking

No doubt, it is hard to not talk about her attractive physical appearance, while you are trying to seduce her using words. But then the wise move on your part would be to avoid focusing on her physical appearance and focus on other aspects of her character and personality.

7. Use the power of technology to your advantage

Seducing a woman over phone or via text messages can be a thrilling experience for the both of you. Call her or text her when you are in the right mood so that your excitement can be expressed in your words. Without being face-to-face, you will be able make her imagination run wild.

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8. Be liberal and support her wishes and desires

While talking to your woman, it is important that you show signs of a liberal mindset and support her wishes and desires. There is nothing more seducing to a woman than a man who encourages and inspires his woman to achieve her dreams in life.

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9. Appeal to her intellectual side

Women, nowadays get absolutely mesmerized by men who have intellectual prowess and knowledge. So you can develop your intellectual side and use words carefully to share your valued opinions with her. This will make her feel close to you.

10. Confidence and composure can be really helpful

In order to ensure the success of your seductive words, you have to keep your composure. Avoid getting over excited and have confidence in yourself. Without confidence and calmness, you cannot expect to impress a girl with just your words.

11. Smile and always maintain eye contact while talking

This point is significant and you must emboss it in your mind. When you smile and make continuous eye contact with your woman, it gives her the idea that you are really interested in her. A smiling face is always appealing to anyone.

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12. Tease your woman to make her feel good

Using appropriate words, you can tease your woman to make her feel wanted and loved. Make fun of her and flirt. There is no harm in that as it will make the conversation even more enjoyable. But ensure that the teasing does not go beyond a limit.

13. Avoid lying to the woman you like

Lying can impress the woman but only till the time she realizes the truth and leaves you for being a liar. So avoid lying to her at all cost and be honest about yourself.

14. Make her feel as comfortable as possible

While you try to seduce a woman with words, it is essential that you make her feel comfortable. You should not force yourself on her nor intimidate her in anyway. Give her time to respond to your seductive words and gestures.

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15. Try to appeal to her emotional side

Women are known to have an emotional side which makes them sensitive and receptive. So you have to mould your conversation in such a way that her emotional side gets triggered and she starts feeling an attachment towards you.

Instead of freezing up in front of an beautiful, gorgeous woman, you must harness your conversational skills in order to seduce the woman suitably. Make sure that the entire atmosphere around the two of you is flirtatious and fun so that you can eventually think about getting intimate with each other.

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