5 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted To Men Who Cook

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Updated On: October 16, 2023
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Is being a good cook attractive? Well, if you are a man who knows how to stir up a storm in the kitchen, sure. Women love it when a man cooks a meal for them. Men who cook are just so attractive, aren’t they? A woman is probably lying if she says that the sight of a man cooking doesn’t turn her on or make her go weak in the knees.

If you’re still asking yourself, “Are girls attracted to guys who cook?”, allow us to tell you that the answer to that is, more often than not, a resounding yes! For all the men out there – cooking skills will definitely earn you brownie points in the dating world. Of course, there are still several women who are territorial about it instead of handing the mantle to the men in their lives. But most women in today’s times prefer a man who knows his way around in the kitchen.

5 Reasons Why Women Find Men Who Cook Attractive

Monica has no great shakes in the pans and ladles department. Correction: She is as good (or terrible) as zero at rustling up something appetizing. She can make a decent cup of tea and a mean slice of toast (it takes some talent to know exactly when to flip the bread for it to get that gorgeous golden glow). But a proper meal? Well, she always had that article to finish or a Netflix series to watch or phone calls to make. You get the drift, right?

Monica’s first boyfriend taught her how to make black, herbal tea. Just when to add the tea leaves to the water. Just how many of the fragrant herbs to add to the mix. Just how long to let the said tea leaves brew. Just how sweet was he (sigh)… they were together for three blissful years. This was way before reality TV and cook shows ruled the roost – and male chefs were a well-kept secret.

Most women love to see men in the kitchen. We’re not talking about professional chefs but regular, everyday men. Besides being a major turn-on, it’s nice to know that there’s someone who doesn’t believe in gender stereotypes but in shared responsibilities. Plus, which woman does not like to come home to a delicious, well-prepared meal after a tiring day at work? So men, if you’re looking for ways to impress a woman, you might just want to consider brushing up on your cooking skills. Here are 5 answers to your question: Are girls attracted to guys who cook?

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1. Men who cook are independent

Women love mature and independent men, who they do not have to mollycoddle all the time. There’s probably nothing worse than being with someone who doesn’t know basic survival skills. Men that cook seem to be independent enough in the sense that they do not rely on a woman or someone else to cook their meals. They know how to take care of themselves and might also deal with other aspects and responsibilities in life in a mature and independent manner. For a woman, it’s one of the desirable qualities to look for in a man she wants to spend her life with.

2. Saying goodbye to stereotypical gender roles

Then came into Monica’s life the man who loved his Italian food and couldn’t stop rhapsodizing about pizza and pasta, which were way better than any kind of food that she could offer. As if that wasn’t distasteful enough, Monica was constantly subjected to, “You will have to learn how to cook… I can’t be with a girl who can’t…” Monica does not have to do anything that she doesn’t want to. Except run far, far away from him. The relationship met a not-very-sweet end in roughly a couple of  months.

Growing up in a male-dominated society, most women are taught that it’s their duty to cook for the man in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether they enjoy it or not. They have to cook because it’s their responsibility as a woman. Many women have grown up seeing the men of their house not being allowed to enter the kitchen or being sent away because they created a mess or just because they are men and men aren’t supposed to get involved in the kitchen.

Most women today look for men who don’t believe in such traditional gender roles and are willing to share the workload. Possessing cooking skills earns you brownie points because women would know that you are not a stereotypical guy who demands that his girlfriend or wife cook for him every day while he sits in the living room enjoying his drink.

3. Watching a man cook is a major turn-on

Ladies, admit it! Watching your man stir up a storm in the kitchen is a major turn-on. Seeing him work his way around the kitchen like a pro is one of the most attractive things about men who cook. Even a mere act of making a cup of coffee or opening the oven to take out the dish is enough to make women go weak in the knees. Seeing them chopping vegetables or baking or preparing a meal with so much attention is enough to turn on a woman.

gender stereotypes

4. Every night is date night

What is it about men that cook that women find so attractive? Why are girls attracted to guys who cook? Well, you have your answer now. Every lunch or dinner feels like a date. It’s like having a gourmet meal every day. From spending time with your man in the kitchen while he cooks to setting up a date night at home, romance is always in the air. You don’t have to always go out for a romantic dinner because your in-house chef can create one right at home.

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5. It’s a thoughtful and intimate gesture

Women like to feel loved and taken care of. Therefore, it’s nice to know that there is someone to look after her and cook meals for her or make her some coffee when she is sick. Plus, cooking is a skill and, for a woman, to see her man come up with creative ideas, offer new experiences, and find ways to make her feel special is an extremely intimate and thoughtful gesture.

Therefore, cheers to the man who loved cooking breakfast for Monica on weekends and would happily take to the kitchen whenever they were entertaining guests while encouraging and inspiring her outside of the kitchen. Because men who held the ladle also held her close and tight, cherishing the flavor she brought to their lives. 

Such men know how to nurture a relationship and understand that, sometimes, all it takes is a gentle hand to really make a partnership (their girl) blossom. Spicing things up is sometimes necessary (who better than a man who delights in playing with food to know exactly which ingredients to use for the said spicing). Relationships, like wine, only get better with age.

And men who cook have the patience to watch you age; better still, age with you. And that they look dishy doing it, only adds to their keeper-quotient.

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  1. From my experience, I dated a guy who used to cook amazing food and was a turn ion for me 😛
    I feel guys who can cook are really hot and I love when my guy cooks. It’s adorable!

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