Metaverse Dating: The New Disruptive Trend And 5 Apps To Get With It

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Updated On: December 20, 2023
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If you asked me to describe my perfect date, it certainly wouldn’t be this: I was precariously hanging off a zip line over a thick rainforest. I looked in vain for my date, but he swooshed to the other side. This was so far out of my comfort zone I could only do one thing – let go and jump. When my heart finally stopped beating, and my legs regained stability, I took a break and whisked off the VR headset. Metaverse dating was quite the ride, and I was already hooked! 

If, like me, you are curious about the big, bad world of avatar dating experiences in the Metaverse (or if you would like to know more about the very idea of the Metaverse), read on. From virtual chat rooms to the AI-based dating sphere, find out how the future of virtual dating transforms into Metaverse love for hundreds of people. A lot is happening out there, and you don’t want to miss out. 

What Is Metaverse Dating – Everything You Need To Know 

Way back in 1992, Neal Stephenson, in his dystopian novel, Snow Crash, first wrote about the Metaverse. Used in much the same way it is today, the Metaverse refers to a shared space in 3D that can be accessed by multiple users across various platforms simultaneously.

Describing the phenomenon, a McKinsey report states, “The Metaverse is the emerging 3-D-enabled digital space that uses virtual reality, augmented reality, and other advanced internet and semiconductor technology to allow people to have lifelike personal and business experiences online.” This report also claims that the Metaverse could increase its value to $5 trillion by 2030. These numbers are too big to pretend otherwise.

The Metaverse is slowly but surely entering all markets. Fashion, business, and at present online dating are being remodeled with new exciting possibilities. Many businesses, from long-distance Web3 dating apps to virtual sex apps, have begun to jump on the Metaverse trend. While it’s not all about space dates and dating, some users consider Metaverse to be an exciting place to meet new people and make new friends (or lovers). Currently, the easiest and most thrilling way to enter a Metaverse relationship is with the help of a VR headset or glasses. Desktop virtual apps are also available, so PC users need not despair.

What Is Metaverse-based dating?

According to reports, there are over 1,500 dating apps currently operating. By 2025, experts predict this market will touch almost ten billion dollars. People are looking for love and are willing to pay big bucks to find their perfect match. As technology develops and AI enters the picture, virtual apps will continue to revolutionize the dating game.

Thanks to dating in the Metaverse, you can now meet up with a potential mate in a matter of minutes, even though they live halfway across the world. The immersive nature of these augmented-reality dating apps has made virtual dating an exciting prospect. You can meet your date for a music concert or at a coffee shop without having to leave your physical surroundings. 

How did virtual reality dating become the rage? 

One huge factor contributing to the growth of augmented-reality dating apps was Covid. The pandemic changed how we interacted with others and shook the entire dating apple cart. Meeting people in real life was impossible, but the need to reach out and interact was more vital than ever. Social media platforms could only do so much.

Enter virtual reality to the rescue. Long-distance relationships were most people’s default mode, and wholesome dating apps such as virtual chat rooms, video calls, and online celebrations soon became the norm.  You could still have a social life without getting dressed and leaving your room. Much like what’s on offer with all the popular VR dating apps today. 

So, how does dating work in the Metaverse? 

Depending on your app, the Metaverse dating world allows multiple users to interact and share their lives. Some apps allow you to swipe right or choose who you ‘go out’ with, while others suggest perfect matches. Most VR games use online avatars instead of real-life photos and videos.

This maintains people’s safety and security and increases trust among other users. Plus, many fans of Metaverse love insist that it allows them to see the ‘real person’ and not just judge a person based on their looks or status. Future dating trends definitely indicate an uptick in Web3 dating apps.

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Is Metaverse dating safe? 

I won’t lie; some genuine fears are attached to dating in the garb of a virtual avatar. It’s one of the reasons why you do need to look out for others’ safety as well as your own when you go on a date in the Metaverse. But technology is developing rapidly, and apps are busy creating wholesome dating experiences for users.

On Tinder and Hinge, to most viewers, you are the sum total of your profile pic and bio. In the popular Metaverse dating sites, you are a walking, talking online persona with feelings, likes, and dislikes that one is immediately privy to. For sure, having a date in the Metaverse is the next best thing to a traditional meeting. Thanks to technology, you can now truly feel connected. Dating in the metaverse is completely transforming the game of love. 

5 Metaverse Dating Apps That Are Disrupting Online Dating

Listen, I get it. It was only a matter of time before the dating world evolved with the times and VR romance games took over. Remember, there was a time when an app to meet people was such a novel thing. We’ve come a long way from a time when a blind date was considered a risky venture. Meeting scores of new people at the click of a button is now the norm.

With the Metaverse taking over our virtual love lives, the process of finding real love is going to get more disruptive. And a new breed of online platform dating apps is now emerging to cater to this evolving need. Let’s look at some of the more popular Metaverse apps currently disrupting the online dating scene: 

1. VRChat – A safe, virtual community to find love

A hugely popular virtual reality platform where you can meet and create a community, VRChat is here to stay. The app allows users to easily find people with similar interests and develop relationships through several online activities. One of the plus points of the app is that users are classified according to “trust levels,” so your Metaverse relationship has already “passed the security test”. 

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2. Planet Theta – Immersive experience of love

As of date, Planet Theta is still in its beta testing phase. However, the good news is that it’s currently free and can be used without a VR headset but with a Steam account. The final version of Planet Theta is expected to launch by the summer of 2023. By then, it will require a VR set-up (currently Quest 2 only), but the developers promise a pc-friendly version as well.

Planet Theta offers you the world. It will immerse you into the world of social VR, where you can meet potential partners, connect with like-minded people, travel all over, plan dates in exotic locales, and many other fantastic possibilities. Planet Theta hopes to create the perfect date game where users feel safe, are engaged, and enjoy the experience by offering a variety of immersive situations to explore. 

Dating apps

3. Nevermet – A metaverse for deeper connections

To access the world of Nevermet Metaverse, you will need a VR set and an effective online profile. Once you set up your account, the app works like Tinder. You swipe left or right, depending on whether another profile catches your fancy or not. However, the one thing Nevermet insists on is the use of only virtual profiles. No actual images of yourself can be uploaded on the app. This will lead to immediate removal.

Instead, you create an avatar of yourself and display pictures and videos of this avatar. There is scope for unlimited creativity as your chosen profile includes voice, style, features, and the like. The idea behind creating the Nevermet Metaverse was to change the very basis of the current dating scene. Physical presence and how you look no longer become the sole factor of attraction. The hope is that with apps such as Nevermet, people will move beyond the superficial (i.e. looks) and connect on a more spiritual, fundamental level. Currently, Nevermet can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free. 

4. Flirtual – Your virtual matchmaker

Imagine a matchmaker but make it virtual. The Flirtual dating app is designed to help people match with other like-minded souls and couple up – with some help from the app. Once you fill in your details and create your online profile, this VR app will match you with others based on your shared interests.

You are, then, offered several virtual meetup options, such as social events, speed dating, and one-on-one dating. Consider Flirtual your vibe checker, which saves you time and emotional effort. Your virtual world BFF does all the hard work for you. 

5. Tinder/Match – Mainstream forays into Metaverse

Match has been revolutionizing the dating field for years now. As one of the front runners in the online dating scene, it’s no surprise that Match also wants a piece of the Metaverse pie. With a new virtual reality dating app in the works, users can expect all the benefits of the old app in a spanking new avatar.

It also goes without saying that since Match owns Tinder, you can soon expect everyone’s favorite “hookup app” to push the boundaries of avatar dating with the entry of the Tinder Metaverse dating platform. PS: The Bumble Metaverse is not too far behind, either. 

Key Pointers

  • One of the significant advantages of Metaverse-based dating is that it can transcend borders. This, in turn, allows singles looking for love a vast new dating pool
  • As technology improves, the Metaverse connects people in ways that could not have been possible earlier
  • The apps are working toward offering a secure user experience by setting up safeguards against catfishing and other scams, and authentication is becoming less of a problem. Being a Metaverse girlfriend/boyfriend is only getting safer
  • The fear of virtual dating is spending too much time online. Virtual addictions are already a problem, and people’s social lives and careers can be at risk. Therefore, explore all you want but remember that genuine risks are involved

For a particular generation of people (and I count myself firmly in this camp), the very idea of virtual dating seems surreal. What about all the “fun” (ahem) parts of dating IRL, such as complicated schedules, conflicting food tastes, battling through crowded bars to meet your date, sharing a real-life hug, and more? There is a tendency to dismiss this new trend of virtual dating. But, and this is a big but… I can also see the charm of meeting someone who won’t judge you based purely on your appearance or sound.

For many people, especially those struggling with social anxiety, those who live in small towns with even smaller dating pools, or youngsters still discovering their own identities, the online world can be a space to explore safely. The virtual world can allow people to feel their best through their online avatars. Regarding the game of love, the level of freedom that dating in the Metaverse offers can be a compelling reason for people to develop authentic connections and be a more confident, easy-going version of themselves. 

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