7 Reasons A Coffee Date Makes A Great First Date Idea And 5 Tips To Ace It

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First dates can be tricky and confusing to plan. Mutual agreement of a good first date idea isn’t always easy to accomplish, but first dates are very important to set the scene right for potential relationships. A coffee date is the perfect solution!

Since it isn’t easy to decide whether your date is more of a fine dining person or a-stroll-in-the-garden kind, the best option is a coffee date.

A coffee date is a pleasant way to meet someone for the first time. A small cozy cafe that serves the best coffee is ideal for starting a romantic relationship. A beverage is neither too clumsy to be consumed nor too heavy after consumption. Asking for a coffee date neither seems too bold nor too wimpy. It is the perfect way to start that special connection.

Do you have a first date coming up soon? Here are the 7 reasons coffee date makes a great first date idea and 5 tips to ace it too!

7 Reasons A Coffee Date Makes A Great First Date Idea

We’d be covering everything from what to wear on a coffee date (especially if it’s the first of many) to the best possible time for a coffee date. Let’s start by talking about why a coffee date is a brilliant first date idea. Although the choices and list of ideas are subjective, the one most preferred by the youth today is the idea of a coffee date. And we stan that! The aroma of fresh coffee and a cute little dessert to go with it screams romance for us. While you’re getting to know someone, a quiet place is a must. Isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to spend your first date in a busy area or a bar with such loud music playing that you have to shout to be heard.

While we tell you the 7 reasons a coffee date makes a great date first idea, start taking notes to plan for that first date. First impressions go a long way and we are here to help you create the perfect scene.

We hope that at the end of your first date, something starts brewing (besides the coffee, obviously!)

1. A coffee date is a fantastic way to break the ice

Meeting someone for the first time is not always easy for those who tend to be reserved. The idea of opening up to a complete stranger can be intimidating and we understand that. To top it all, the anxiety of wearing the perfect outfit, oof! It gets stressful. The least we expect from a first date is a good ice-breaker. Don’t we?

Meeting someone for the first time for a coffee helps you with the initial small talk of going through the menu to select and order your coffee. While this seems irrelevant to an extrovert, a socially awkward person would love to spend the first few minutes with someone new discussing something mundane – like latte or cappuccino? – where they are not under the spotlight.

It allows you to have a conversation about the type of coffee that you’ve ordered and from there it can go on to what kind of beverages you prefer and before you even notice it, the date seems to be going smoothly. Keep going, there’s still a long way from here till to impressed-them ville!

Emily from my business class shared her story with me about her first date with Nathan. They’ve been together for three years now but she still recollects that coffee date memory really fondly. She couldn’t help but smile as she narrated their bonding over coffee and how it didn’t feel awkward even for a second!

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2. It helps you discover something about their personality

While they do say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, they never said to not judge your date by their coffee order. Many people are conscious about the kind of drink they would like to be seen holding when they get their order. Lucky for us, that can tell us a lot about them!

Does your date order a black coffee? Well, those are the ones who would rather stay up for work than stay up for a party in Vegas. They’re determined and driven with a sense of responsibility. They know exactly what they want and are not afraid to go get it. Black coffee is a great work colleague, but a partner? Better watch out!

Did you hear them order a Cream and Sugar or a Chai Latte? They’re what you can call an ‘old-soul.’ They love the simple things in life and wish to stay that way too. Not worldly wise, they don’t care about the size of your wallet or the brand of your car. They’re keepers, fellas!

A frappuccino-lover is wild heart! If your coffee date indulges in a drink like that, you’ve found a mate that seeks adventures. They want to skip the whole awkwardness and get out there to do something fun. Your next date better be a little exciting, or you’ll be going home alone.

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A coffee date is always the start to a great story!

3. A coffee date is not expensive

If you’re unsure of the person you’re meeting for a first date, a coffee date would always be kind on your pocket. It’s 2021 and guys don’t have to pay the bills alone but if you or your date wants to be “that guy”, this date idea is super budget friendly.

Taking them out for fancy dinners when you don’t even know if you’ll see them again sounds a little unrealistic and impractical. It’s good to date a little casual until you want to see more of this specific someone in the future.

There are plenty of cafes that provide cheap and delicious coffee in a cute and aesthetic ambience to help your date feel comfortable. Choose your options wisely and to do that, you must indulge in thorough research before you fix a venue!

4. A coffee date doesn’t demand a super outfit

Are you one of those people who constantly asks themselves or their best friends about the right outfit to wear on a date? Does the whole concept of dolling up for a guy seem ancient and hysterical to you? A coffee date is the simplest way to avoid the drama.

If you’re still wondering about what to wear on a coffee date, allow us to help you. The ‘right’ coffee date outfit does not exist! You read that right. The best part about a coffee date outfit is the least amount of effort that goes behind it.

You could strap on your regular jeans and a cute top with a fancy neckline and you’d be good to go. A cute little dress is also ideal as long as it’s something you’d be comfortable in. Since there is no particular theme for a coffee date outfit, just put on something that suits your personality, you’re comfortable in and get creative with some light accessorizing – we’re sure you’ll look great!

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5. A coffee date need not be too elaborate

It’s always best to prepare for the worst that can happen on a first date. It is highly likely that your vibes don’t match and your date seems to be going on about something you couldn’t care less about. If you’re anything like me, dating someone who talks about pineapples on their pizza for a good half-an-hour would have me trying to suppress about 30 yawns.

A fine-dine or any other elaborate date would require you to maintain proper date etiquette and have the courtesy to finish your meal and wait for them to finish theirs. We’d feel terribly sorry for you in such a situation! That’s exactly why we suggest a coffee date as the best first date idea.

A coffee is easy to grab, quick to get over with and gives you a chance to cook up an excuse and make a run for it!

6. You can order for more than one without getting drunk

If the date goes on better than you’d hoped, there’s always another coffee that you could order which would allow you some more quality time with your date.

Going to a pub or a bar on a first date isn’t a smart decision, because you don’t want to blur out the details, do you? You want to remember what this person’s told you about themself so that you could make up your mind about meeting them a second time.

You also want to be sober in your interactions on a first date if you can’t handle your alcohol very well. We want this to be a first date, not a sob fest about your ex, am I right?

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7. If you’re not sure whether it is a date, meeting up for coffee is great

Mixed signals from the one you have feelings for can be pretty tough and also build up a little drama in your head too. You don’t want to be wasting your time and energy on a person who probably just considers you a platonic friend.

Have they recently begun hinting at something? If you’re unsure, meeting up for coffee is good – both platonically and romantically speaking. By the time the date is over, you will probably have a better idea about where your relationship stands with them. You’d be much clearer then.

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5 Tips To Have An Amazing Coffee Date

Whether you’ve set your mind upon a coffee date with your crush or have a coffee date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, these coffee date tips will help you set sail smoothly.

A coffee date meeting could range from a simple catch-up to the day they finally confess their love for you. Be prepared to have an amazing coffee date with your partner with these 5 tips.

Remember, being casual on a coffee date is good, but don’t let your casual attitude be mistaken for carelessness. No one fancies a lazy lay-about!

1. Select the right coffee shop

One of the most important tips to have an amazing coffee date is to select a good location. Do not pick a shady cafe in a back alley or in a less-populated area. If you’re meeting this person for the first time, make sure the location is a safe one where you’d be surrounded by people, even if not a lot.

Go to the coffee shop before your date to make sure it matches the online descriptions or the one that your date has given you. Do not trust anything with blind faith and be free of unnecessary first date anxiety.

2. The right coffee size

Make sure that the person you’re going out with is someone you want to spend a couple of hours with. Whether it’s a coffee date with a boyfriend or your crush, the size of the cup signifies the time you’d be spending in the cafe with the other person.

We suggest getting a small or a medium cup if you’re meeting up with someone for the first time as you’re still unaware of their personality. If you end up having a great time, you can always order a second! In this way, you’d be avoiding some classic first date mistakes!

3. Dress accordingly

Do not over-dress to impress. A coffee shop is a great place to casually hang out with a potential interest or a platonic friend. If they’re giving you mixed signals and you’re not sure, dressing casually is the best.

If you’re more dressed than they are, an awkward misunderstanding will become evident and the evening could be ruined. Keep it light and we’re sure you’ll be all smiles towards the end!

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4. Ideal time for a coffee date

If you’re looking for the ideal time for a coffee date, we’d suggest that you not pick the afternoons. A coffee is best enjoyed as a light beverage and preferably on an empty or a slightly-filled stomach.

Post-lunch coffee is not a great idea and you might not even be able to extend the coffee date with more than one cup. Try to either have a late morning coffee date or an early evening one, when coffee seems just right. A late-night coffee date is also very romantic and sends across the perfect message.

5. Plan your order in advance

Although a little judgmental, it looks awfully tardy and clumsy to be taking a lot of time while placing your coffee order. If your date is an expert on coffee and loves the beverage a lot, he may look at you funny for not knowing the kind of coffee you want within a couple of minutes. Sometimes the first date nerves might leave you confused even if you are a serial coffee consumer.

If you’re not a regular coffee consumer, excuse yourself by mentioning it in advance. However, to be on the safer side, research the different flavors of common coffee available in cafes and select one in advance. If you’re still unsure, you can stick with the classic latte which wouldn’t offer you too much flavor but save you the embarrassment of not knowing. 

These were the 7 reasons a coffee date makes a great first date idea and 5 tips to ace it too. We hope these resonated with your plan and helped you prepare for your first date as well. Be sure of yourself and confident in front – you’ll certainly have a wonderful opportunity to up the caffeinated-charm while on a cozy, coffee date!

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