Sagittarius And Sagittarius Compatibility – Love, Marriage, Sex, And Problem Areas

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sagittarius and sagittarius compatibility

Are there more chances of compatibility between the same zodiac sun signs? Let’s take Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility. People born between November 22 and December 21 share excellent camaraderie. They make great friends, and even if they disagree, two Sagittarians are unlikely to become enemies. Their friendships and relationships work so well because of their overriding similarities.

They are sensitive, independent, and extremely honest, to the point of appearing rude. Yet Sagittarius when paired with another Sagittarius, can create a relationship that will thrive whereas other zodiacs might feel neglected in such a dynamic. Let’s delve deeper into Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman compatibility, with insights from astrologer and Vaastu consultant Kreena Desai.

Are Sagittarius Compatible With Each Other?

Sagittarius, like Aries and Leo, is a fire sign. The match of two compatible fire signs results in a union that is passionate, spontaneous, and competitive at the same time. But a little caution is required when there’s a Sagittarius at both ends of the relationship. Why? Because its zodiac sign characteristics make it a rollercoaster ride all the way, thus bridging the difference between a Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman.

People born under this sign don’t believe in keeping still, or keeping quiet for that matter. Kreena says, “Sagittarius is a mutable sign. They are constantly up to something new and different, so they find each other in a crowd. In essence, the Sagittarius love compatibility is fueled by their shared love for adventure, independence, and a great sense of humor. Their ability to embrace each other’s individuality makes it easier for them to fall in love.”

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1. A 1-1 mutable association – A fiery match of two compatible fire signs

A 1-1 association is a relationship between two people who have the same sign, in this case, Sagittarius. In a 1-1 association, both strengths and weaknesses are intensified. Linda Goodman, in her book, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs: A New Approach To Human Heart, described this relationship as having “extraordinary potential for communicating messages of either peace or conflict to a troubled world.” In short, when a 1-1 mutable association is working favorably, it can generate an amazing relationship. But when it’s not, it’s hell. 

In a situation where these two fire signs are involved, it would be beneficial to consider moon signs as well. 

  • A Sagittarius with an Aries moon sign or Ascendant will not just be blunt and honest but hot-tempered as well
  • The presence of a Capricorn or Pisces influence in the horoscope of the partner could balance out these blazing fires
  • Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationships will also flourish when one person has an Aries influence in their horoscope. This is tempered by the presence of an Aquarius or Libra influence in the partner’s horoscope
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2. They value honesty and communication in the relationship

The hashtag #nofilter was made for them, for Sagittarius is notorious for its brutal honesty. However, unlike Scorpio, Sagittarius rarely realizes the impact of their words and is genuinely sorry when they do. 

  • The disastrous #nofilter may make things awkward once they each start explaining their sides of the story. But Sagittarius-Sagittarius communication compatibility works exactly for this reason
  • They abhor dishonesty in a relationship and would rather have genuine emotion and blunt truth than sweet lies. Such a relationship has a minimal communication gap
  • However, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and its influence gives this sign a tendency to exaggerate. Sagittarians are susceptible to describing things a little larger than life, especially if they have a Leo or Gemini moon sign.

Now one Sagittarius could argue that they never lied but it is essentially lying by an alteration of facts. And that may negatively impact Sagittarius and Sagittarius communication occasionally. However, Kreena says, “The Sagittarius pair will not keep grudges; they believe in letting go of things to keep peace in the relationship.” So, it will work out in the end. Case in point, the pair Michelle Hurd and Garret Dillahunt, both Sagittarians, have been going strong since 2007.

3. They form a generous and idealistic pair

A Sagittarius’ best aspect is that they will not fear exploring uncharted territories. ‘Sagittarius’ is Latin for ‘archer.’ They would get out there with their bow and arrow at a moment’s notice. When it comes to compatibility with other zodiac signs, it could spell disaster, especially for a sign like Cancer who takes time before starting on a voyage. That’s not the case with a Sagittarius-Sagittarius pairing who would get along well for an adventure.

  • Sagittarians provide each other with passionate partnership since they love to travel and embark on adventures
  • Sagittarians also make the best friends when paired with each other. When one is feeling miserable and downtrodden, the other one will try to cheer them up
  • Sagittarius is, by nature, cheerful and optimistic. They’re not the kind to hold grudges and find it easy to forgive

However, a Sagittarius finds it difficult to apologize. With another Sagittarian, instead of apologizing with words, their cheerful disposition says it all. And just like that, with a few hearty grins, two Sagittarians make up after a heated argument. This tendency doesn’t work with signs like Cancer or Leo, who are likely to take things personally.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

When in love with a Sagittarius, remember this: A great thing about dating a Sagittarius is that they cloak you with attention when you’re in bed, giving you the best sex of your life. But Sagittarius may get bored if you can’t meet their sexual energy. This is why when it comes to action between the sheets, Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is FIRE because they can meet each other’s sexual energy.

1. They are willing to try anything

Sagittarians, the Archers, love adventure. And like everything else, their sexual relationship is adventurous. A Sagittarius loves to be spontaneous. Kreena says, “Both know how to turn the heat up in the bedroom. Both of them are extremely experimental and want to make sure their partner has a good time.” They adapt easily to the wants of their partner.

You must know that they love to try new things in new places. Think of the plane restroom quickie in the movie, A Lot Like Love

  • A Sagittarius is not keen on foreplay but may be up for trying all the Kamasutra positions in a row
  • They may be up for orgies, open relationships, one-night stands, and pretty much anything as long as it’s an adventure
  • This liberal philosophy may not sit well with other signs, but for another Sagittarius, it’s a dream holiday

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2. Many Sagittarians get bored easily

They like to do multiple things at the same time so that life isn’t dull for them. A great reason that Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility works is that they never get bored of trying new things in bed making it a passionate partnership. Kreena says that boredom in the relationship is a major reason for a Sagittarian couple to fight. She explains, “Sagittarius hates predictability. Even in bed.” According to Kreena, the sexual chemistry between people born under this sign is fiery because: 

  • They would absolutely hate being with a person who prefers order or wishes to follow the same routine till the end of time
  • When it does get dull for them and they lose interest, they’re not above running away and cutting the relationship short

3. Expect a divine affair from the Archers

When it comes to sex and zodiac signs, Sagittarius leads because they revel more in the experience than the act. As Kreena mentions, “This makes Sagittarians ideal for each other in bed because:

  • They go all out in not only setting up the mood but also taking enough time to build up to the final stages of love-making
  • They’re of fire energy, so their passions run high. Anyone who gets in bed with a Sagittarius will have an experience that they will never forget from start to finish”

Sagittarius-Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

Because Sagittarians are known for being fiery and enthusiastic, getting married to another Sagittarian can be an exciting and dynamic experience. Because they’re both gluttons for travel, one can only wonder whether they will be on a houseboat, in the Bahamas, a palace, or perhaps in the Himalayas. You never know which adventure they’d pick for their destination wedding or honeymoon.

1. Joint growth and learning

A Sagittarius with Sagittarius are uniquely aligned in their commitment to personal development and shared advancement. This fosters a deep sense of connection and mutual support in the marriage making it a love match.

  • The partners motivate one another to constantly evolve and learn, be it through new experiences or acquiring knowledge
  • They genuinely celebrate each other’s accomplishments, acknowledging the individual strides they make within the marriage and balancing personal interests
  • They face life’s transitions as a team, supporting each other through various phases of transformation

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2. Intellectual stimulation

In a Sagittarius-Sagittarius marriage, the shared interest in intellectual engagement forms a significant cornerstone of their compatibility. Their marriage is bolstered by the enriching conversations and mental stimulation they experience as a result of their common interests.

  • A Sagittarius enjoys conversing about similar convictions and interests. These pleasant conversations not only broaden their horizons but also enhance their emotional intimacy
  • Their joint learning experiences make new memories that contribute to the foundation of their marriage
  • They often explore various cultures, cuisines, and traditions, whether through travel or by attending local cultural events. This cultural curiosity adds a layer of richness turning their bond into a long-term relationship

3. Positive outlook

Both partners tend to have a positive attitude, which can help them navigate challenges with a sense of humor and maintain a joyful atmosphere within their marriage. This ability to navigate difficulties in their harmonious relationship without succumbing to negativity is a significant strength of their marriage allowing them to enjoy each other’s company.

  • Both partners naturally gravitate toward seeing the brighter side of situations, infusing their marriage with emotional peace
  • They approach difficulties with a can-do attitude, adapting and finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems
  • Their shared optimistic perspective often reflects a deep alignment in core values, which is a foundational aspect of their marriage

Problem Areas In Sagittarius-Sagittarius Relationship

In a sun sign pattern like Sagittarius, the strengths and weaknesses are amplified. Such a relationship needs to be handled with care. The relationship will either bloom or crash and burn. With a pair as dynamic as this, problems often arise because neither can stay still. When they’re not changing locations, they’re undergoing a change internally. The relationship will survive only if both partners can keep up with each other’s pace. Here’s what may lead to problems between them:

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1. They may want to control their partner’s freedom

While it’s a known fact that a Sagittarius loves freedom, are they willing to give their partner freedom as well? Kreena says, “To an extent.” She clarifies, “While they are free, they need a partner who is supportive and motivating. Someone who acts like an anchor for their free spirit when they most need it.” Here is how this need for freedom and being anchored plays out: 

  • They do not like to be intruded upon, but they also like a partner who is very sensitive and high on EQ and can understand things they find difficult to express
  • They need their own space to work on personal projects and personal interests to balance out the joint adventures
  • Also, they are control freaks of sorts and may want to be on top of things, which makes it difficult for them to give their partner complete freedom

Since both partners are seeking freedom to thrive in a relationship, it can become a point of conflict in a Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship.

2. Conflicts may arise due to blunt, heedless honesty

About conflicts, Kreena says, “They are straight arrows and hate it when their partners hide things or try to manipulate the truth.” This can be both an asset and a weakness for a Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair.

  • Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility works because of their truth-loving natures
  • While they like honest confessions, they may not think thoroughly about the implications of getting to know their partner’s past
  • So they often ask their partners questions. However, when this partner is also a Sagittarius, they get some very honest answers

This may make them jealous and make it difficult for them to accept their partner’s past.

3. Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility can be hindered because they change too much

What makes them appear flighty is that they tend to change a lot in very little time, and are easily distracted. Do not think of this as a unique quality, as every person changes over time. However, keep these points in mind when you’re in love with a Sagittarius:

  • They may end up changing so much that they appear as a completely different person the next day
  • If their partner can’t keep up with those changes, there’s very little in common left with them and that might create some friction in the relationship

Something that may very well be true with Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Both Sagittarians had been on and off with each other after Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise. Though they appear on great terms with each other, they haven’t been able to forge a meaningful relationship.

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4. They may not be willing to work for the relationship out of insecurity

Kreena adds, “They cannot take it when people try to push them toward societal pressure and norms. They like to keep their individuality and would lose it if someone attacked it.” They can be like two teenagers and become closed off due to insecurities. This leads to the feeling that commitment is essentially confinement.

With another Sagittarius, freedom may not be an issue as with other zodiac signs. But if there are any disagreements over commitment, neither will want to be the one that is left behind. So, instead of trying to make the relationship work, both will start packing their bags at the same time.

Key Pointers

  • Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is excellent, be it in terms of friendship, love, or sex
  • Conflicts between two Sagittarius people will arise if one of them feels the other is trying to curb their freedom
  • They may take longer to agree to a commitment, even if they’re in love with the person
  • If either of the two Sagittarius partners feels that the other is not into the relationship, they are likely to break it up

When I asked Kreena how she would define Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility in one word, she said, “Dynamic.” She adds, “They are both adventurous, charismatic, free-spirited, willing to take risks, and do what needs to be done.” Imagine a duo with all these qualities. It will be an explosive pairing. People often fear a 1-1 mutable association because while it’s bound to have double the fun, it will have double the trouble too. But a Sagittarius pair can overcome any hiccups in the relationship and get along, provided they’re ready to work toward it. 

This article was updated in September 2023.


1. Does Sagittarius fall in love quickly?

Not really. Even if they do, it will take time to assert it. Kreena says, “They love their individuality, freedom, and goals. They would not compromise at any cost on these aspects. This is why they will test their potential partners till the very end to ensure that they are right for them. Sagittarius shows signs of a commitment-phobe, but they’re not actually scared of commitment. They just take a lot of time to say “yes.”

2. Are Sagittarius and Sagittarius soulmates?

It would be incorrect to say they aren’t. However, that doesn’t mean that Sagittarius-Sagittarius marriage compatibility will be perfect. It just means that a Sagittarius will have someone who will understand them without getting worked up about their need for individuality or freedom. They may or may not want to be committed, but they will certainly be each other’s best friends.

3. Do two Sagittarius make good lovers?

That depends on the kind of Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility. With a 1-1 mutable association, couples may have a great relationship or none at all. But when they do make things work, they make a great and satisfying relationship. They understand each other, and they’re open-minded and sensitive. Plus, they’re GREAT in bed.

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