Sex Myths And Misconceptions That Most Men Believe

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Updated On: March 16, 2023
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As unfortunate as it is, sex myths are all over the place. Because of a lack of sexual education in India or the general stigma around the same, not everyone understands sex in the way that it is ideal. This gives birth to a lot of myths and misunderstandings that float around and destroy people’s perceptions of sex.

Being such a primal need, sex should not suffer from unnecessary stigma or rumors that can make it a bad experience for people. For instance, there are many sex myths men still believe that put undue pressure on them and change how they feel about it in general.

6 Biggest Sex Myths and Misconceptions

Misconceptions about sex are more rampant than we would like to admit. When I asked my friend about what he believed about sex that later turned out to be sex myths, he said, “Dude, everything in India about sex is a myth”.

While most teenagers do get formal sex education in school, it hardly helps in busting sexual myths and misconceptions that men grow up believing in. Porn does little to help; rather it creates fantasies that may not always be fulfilled, just adding to unhappier sex lives and the frustration associated with them. There is so much out there on the Internet, but ironically there are some very stupid sexual myths that men believe in.

Case in point – these six biggest sex myths:

1. Myth 1 – It has to be thick and long

Size has very little to do with giving pleasure to your woman. If men were to do a little research about the vagina, they’d learn that only the outer part of the vagina, which is about 2 inches in depth, has any sensation. The inner part of about 4 inches does not have any sensation. So, realistically speaking, a normal, erect penis of 2 inches is more than enough to satisfy your lady. Yes, science really does turn things around doesn’t it?

It is a sex myth that the bigger the size of the penis, the better are the chances of her getting an orgasm. So all you men out there who are obsessed with increasing the size of your perfectly normal tool, here’s one myth busted for you.

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2. Myth 2 – Women do not enjoy sex as much as men do

Who said that women do not like sex? In our culture, because of the male dominance in society and also because the rules are different for men and women, it only appears so. Both men and women are sexual beings. They both love mating. While the libido of individuals may differ, it has got very little to do with their gender.

It is only because women by nature are submissive, it appears that the one who makes the first move enjoys and wants sex more than the other. Good sex is enjoyed by women too. Women can have the same levels of libido as men.

So if you have inhibitions about approaching your woman for sex or she acts as if she is doing you a favor by letting you have sex, this sexual myth could be the real culprit.

3. Myth 3 – It needs to be up for 2 hours non-stop to satisfy the woman

This is one of the six biggest sex myths. The longer you do it, the better and more fun it is – this is just utter nonsense. An average intercourse session can last between 7 and 13 minutes, and in fact, the time for which you have intercourse has very little to do with getting an orgasm for both men and women.

Sex has to be a well-rounded experience for it to be pleasurable. Kissing, foreplay, going down on each other, rimming, body play, all are a part of sex. So you don’t need an erection all the time. As long as you are into the act and enjoying it, you are sure to satisfy your partner.

Such misconceptions about sex can truly ruin one’s experience. Intercourse is just another small part of sex that may or may not lead to a climax. As long as you enjoy the entire session and are able to have intercourse for an average time as mentioned above, you are good.

Sexual myths men still believe
Sexual myths men still believe

4. Myth 4 – My wife “must” be a virgin

This is one of the most unfortunate sex myths men still believe. Most men still expect their wives to be virgins. Among the urban and progressive population of India, this is a mythical and unrealistic expectation. Men need to realize that in the 21st century, even women explore their sexual desires and they do not necessarily wait for marriage to happen.

Losing your virginity is a personal choice for both women and men. So all married men who think that they are the ones to have popped the cherry for their wives, you are evidently living in denial.

Having said that, some women may wait until marriage. But in a society where women are now getting equal rights, opportunities and education, what makes men think that their partner will wait for her hymen to be ruptured by her husband?

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5. Myth 5 – Masturbation decreases libido

This myth is actually the opposite of reality. Masturbation is absolutely healthy, and in fact, it boosts libido in men. The release of testosterone and ejaculation keep the system healthy. Men who masturbate will rarely have erectile dysfunction or other sex-related problems. Masturbation comes with many benefits, such as good sleep, reduced stress and an increase in libido and arousal. Therefore, it’s not something to feel guilty about. It is absolutely normal!

Sexual myths in India are more to do with the fact that we as a society do not like to talk about it. People find it uncomfortable to discuss sex with friends and family. If this can be changed as a culture and our teenage boys can be made comfortable by their family to discuss openly the “bad” things, then most of these myths can be busted.

6. Myth 6 – A couple must cum together

That is a strange sexual myth. While it can be an ethereal experience to orgasm together, it doesn’t happen too often. Sexual compatibility is more than just cumming together. It is about understanding each other’s bodies, how it reacts and what it wants. Pleasure is a give and take, that is true. But what is also true is that there are many ways to do that.

Not being able to climax during intercourse does not mean you have a bad sex life. Because men feel so much pressure around the idea of sex, such misconceptions about sex only add to their problems. This sex myth puts undue pressure on a couple which can make one forget that sex is not about pressure at all. It is only about having a great time.

With these sex myths busted, we hope you can turn over a new leaf in your journey of sexual explorations, be it with yourself or your partner.

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  1. Of course. We live in a country that has such an inkling for myths and when it comes to Sex, we better not begin the debate. The myths discussed above are strongly rooted even in the minds of urban men. And with such misconceptions in mind, one can never have a satisfying sex life. It’s high time you put some sense into your understanding and give an upboost to your sexual drives. Understand your body , acknowledge your partner’s body. Understand each others’ needs and urges and explore your own ways to have a gala time together.

  2. I will repeat it again that India is a country where you cannot kiss in public but can definitely piss in public. I do not know why is sex considered an taboo. Quite illogical. This myths are a result of that only.

  3. There seems to be an endless amount of myths when it comes to sex. We need to stop believing in such myths. These myths are actually big obstacles to understanding and healing and having a healthy sex life, so it’s really important to know just how wrong they are.

    Guys, stop believing all the myths about sex and enjoy your sex life without being conscious of anything.

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