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Why you should be friends with your ex!

Sussanne Roshan stands with husband Hrithik during tough times and allegations by Kangana Ranaut.
Hrithik with Sussanne

Relationships and marriages have always seemed to be fragile in Bollywood. Here comes another story revealing the ugly separation of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan, once known as the ‘Perfect Bollywood Couple’.

However, Sussanne always appears as an angel in defence of her ex-husband whenever he seems to be in a soup, thanks to Kangana Ranaut, with whom Hrithik apparently shared a relationship until a few years ago.

This happened last year and the cycle continues. Kangana says something about their equation, Hrithik opts to stay mum and his former wife Sussanne shares an Instagram post or tweets to show her ‘support’ for him. And this gets repeated.

Recently Sussanne again took help of social media to show Hrithik’s goodness to their fans.
This took place a day after Kangana’s interview on Aap Ki Adalat, wherein she disclosed that she and Hrithik were in a relationship and they wanted to get married to one another. That is the reason Hrithik decided to divorce Sussane.

In what looks like an aftereffect of Kangana’s interview, Sussanne posted a picture of herself with Hrithik with the caption: “There is no allegation or sad plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #poweroftruth #mafamilia #goodoverevil.”

Bollywood followers find it difficult to comprehend what Sussanne wanted to prove with the picture and which truth has she been hinting at, because nowhere does the post prove Hrithik’s claim that he never dated Kangana. However, the post perhaps strongly implies that Hrithik and Sussanne are friendly exes.

Hrithik and Sussanne have always maintained a very cordial relationship even after their divorce. Kids have always been an integral part of their life and thus unlike other separated couples, they have always been in news planning holidays together with their children. The paparazzi has never actually heard them bad mouthing one another since there is no animosity between them.

In an industry like Bollywood where equations are known to change every minute, Hrithik and Sussanne have been praised by one and all for maintaining a strong bond in spite of all the turbulence they faced in the past.

Kudos to this former couple who prove that relationships are much more beyond the institution called marriage.

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