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Updated On: October 5, 2023
Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend

I absolutely LOVE Truth or Dare. In fact, I think it’s the best game to have ever been created. You could know a person through and through, but play Truth or Dare with them and you’re bound to discover new things. Today I’ve got this assortment of Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend that will make your head spin. What’s better than dropping dynamite questions and dares on your sweetheart? 

You can ask these clean and dirty Truth or Dare questions over text, or in person for maximum effect. Either way, I can guarantee a boatload of fun for you and your girlfriend. Shun boredom and keep your relationship daisy fresh with such exciting games. Without further ado, let’s get straight to them – the best ever Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend.

51 Truth Or Dare Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

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Now, this is a game that’s best played in a group. But if you and your sweetheart want to make a romantic stay-at home night of it, that’s equally wonderful. There are ways to mix it up with alcohol or stripping, but treat this list from a Plain Jane perspective. I promise the questions are all you need for a gala time.

If you’re as competitive as I am, you’ll want to win this game. And ‘winging it’ is never a recipe for victory. A little bit of prep, and some expert help (from yours truly) can turn the tide in your favor. Take a look at the choicest picks of Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend. The list alternates between one question and one dare… Are you ready to make your girl do a double-take? Here we go:

1. What is your sweetest childhood memory? 

This question is so adorable because it takes one back to the sweet old days. Whenever people talk about clean and dirty Truth and Dare questions over text, I always prefer the innocent ones. You can make your girlfriend feel warm and fuzzy with a loving childhood remembrance.

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2. Post an embarrassing drunk picture on your Instagram

This belongs to the category of extreme Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend, especially if she’s into social media. It’ll be a virtual death sentence as it can ruin the aesthetic profile theme she was going for. But it’s going to have you rolling on the floor with laughter for sure. If you’re annoyed with her social media affecting your relationship, this dare is perfect.

3. Deep truth questions – If you could change one thing about our relationship, what would it be?

Ah, so profound. You can always use these games as an opportunity to better the relationship or know your partner better. You will gain an insight into what she thinks needs tweaking in your bond. Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend can reveal interesting things about where you stand as a couple. 

4. Take off my shirt using nothing but your mouth

I’m a fan of feisty dares like this one. Nothing like such dares to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. You’ll feel her struggle with your shirt as she navigates the contours of your body – don’t make things easy. There’s a small (but strong) chance that something more will follow in the bedroom.

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5. Have you ever lied to an ex about how well you’re doing?

Haven’t we all? One of my closest friends lied about bagging a job at Apple when she ran into her ex and his new girlfriend. The urge to one-up our ex’s progress is perfectly understandable. It also makes for hilarious stories. Deep truth questions have a charm of their own, but silly ones like these make an evening merry.

6. Call your first ever crush and confess

Did someone say extreme Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend? Because this one is a whole other league. Having a crush is bad enough, but imagine calling your fifth-grade crush. How would the conversation even begin? “Hey, Josh! Madison here… From school, that’s right… I just wanted to talk about my first love, I mean you, I mean-”

7. What’s the worst sex you’ve ever had?

Roll out the red carpet, the juicy truth questions are here. Bad sex stories may be awful to live through, but they’re pretty fun to narrate. Maybe your girlfriend had a guy fall asleep while doing it. Or maybe one of them farted in bed. Here’s a dangerous possibility… Maybe her worst sex was an encounter with you.

Juicy Truth Questions
Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend are simply the best

8. Name one thing about my personality that you don’t like

Only ask this question if you want a genuine answer. You’re not allowed to pick a fight later on. Take her answer sportily and be your most congenial self. Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend proffer opportunities for self-improvement too.

9. What’s the recipe for the worst date?

Pro tip: Make a mental note of everything your girlfriend says and avoid those things on any future dates you plan. Basically, use this game as an avenue for data collection. It’s an excellent tactic if you’ve just begun dating and are suffering from new-relationship anxiety.

10. Let me do your makeup and you have to keep it for the day

OH DANG! If your girl’s into makeup, she’ll do a double-take for sure. There’s no way she trusts your blending skills. It takes real courage to let someone else choose a lipstick shade. Personally speaking, I’d do a hard pass for such extreme Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend.

11. If you had the chance of getting it right with an ex, would you take it?

Fair warning – you might not like what you hear. If this is a question that’s been running through your mind, and if you can’t figure out a way of broaching it, then pass it off as a truth question. But bringing this up in front of a group of friends is not ideal. 

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12. Eat nothing but salad for a day 

This is every foodie’s nightmare. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching your girlfriend shove kale and broccoli in her mouth. For all the women reading this, feel free to terrorize your man with this dare. This one lends itself to the list of best Truth and Dare questions for boyfriend too.

13. Which of my friends do you dislike the most?

This is one of the best Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend online. She might feel more comfortable divulging this tricky fact over text. A fun round of a texting game can lead to a discovery about her preferences. And hear her out, her reasons might be valid. 

14. Send a racy photo to your mom ‘accidentally’

This one is totally INSANE. You’ll never have to Google ‘questions for dare for girlfriend’ after this. If she’s a badass, and really invested in the game, she’ll do it. As for the consequences of the dare… They’re for you both to see. I’m just here with the destructive ideas.

15. Tell me the worst lie you’ve spoken to appear intellectual

For instance, I once pretended to have read ‘Flowers of Algernon’ at a writing workshop. Still haven’t read it, don’t know what it’s about, and probably never will. The pressure of seeming smart gets to the best of us. No shame in admitting it, right? This list of juicy truth questions is endless.

16. Surrender your gadgets for a day

Could there be anything more challenging in the 21st century? We do everything on our phones – socializing, studying, working, and even fighting. If your girlfriend’s gadgets are ruining the relationship, feel free to confiscate them under the guise of a fun dare.

extreme Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend
Isn’t this one of the best extreme Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend?

17. On a scale of 1 to 10, how lucky am I to be dating you? (Romantic Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend)

Now I know this isn’t a legit question, but it will surely score you some brownie points. You’ll make your beloved blush with this sweet one-liner. A chance for romance should never be squandered away.

18. Drop by at the grocery store in your flimsy nightie

There was a meme on Instagram that read, ‘no one has seen you look worse than the store at the end of your street’. This dare gives a spin to this line and will have her looking very saucy for a casual grocery run. Besides the checkout, there might be some checking out too.

19. Are you more likely to go for a no-strings-attached relationship or a one-night-stand? 

Now, this is a splendid question to know your partner better. What is their personality type when it comes to casual sex? You’ll learn about their attachment style as well. A no-strings-attached relationship preference speaks volumes about them.

20. Go without talking for four hours

Don’t make the mistake of giving this dare to your introverted partner. She’ll be delighted at the prospect of no social overtures. This dare is suitable for a girl who loves yapping away. She’ll have FOMO from not being able to contribute to the conversation. 

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21. Describe your most vivid memory of a faked orgasm – Juicy truth questions

This one doubles as a laugh-out-loud question. And you can always follow it up with a dare that asks her to recreate the faked ‘O’. It makes for a hilarious Truth or Dare question to ask when you’re hanging out with friends (provided you’re a close-knit group). Everyone will be rolling on the floor with tears of amusement. But you can also ask such witty and saucy Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend online.

22. Do something immensely cringe-worthy on Facebook 

Like re-share a post from seven years ago. Or go and like somebody’s old profile picture, letting them know what a stalker you are. Never underestimate the possibility of using social media for dares. Use your creativity and come up with embarrassing versions of this Facebook dare.

23. Tell me about the most annoying child you’ve encountered 

Oh come on, we’ve all tolerated that one child with a clenched jaw. It’s not nice to admit to this annoyance, but for how long can the truth remain hidden? Your girlfriend must have met that one kooky boy or girl who got on her nerves.

24. Dye your hair neon green

This ranks highest in the list of extreme Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend. I don’t know if your girlfriend will be on board with sporting a Billie Eilish look, but you will enjoy watching her squirm as she contemplates your dare. If she agrees, give her a little leeway in switching the color.

25. Which sex is the hottest: revenge or make-up? Flirty Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend

It’s getting hot in here with these dirty truth questions. The answer to this question will give you a sneak peek into her inner vixen. You can substitute revenge sex with any other kind of kinky adventure that comes to your mind. 

26. Cycle to work for a week 

That’s very healthy… and sweaty. Remember that episode of The Office where Jim cycles to work? He’s drenched in sweat, all huffy-puffy, and awkward about the exercise. Do you want to put your girlfriend in his shoes? You can push her to lead a healthier lifestyle with such dares. 

Clean and Dirty Truth or Dare questions
Is she willing to cycle to work every day?

27. Do you think you’re more intelligent than I am? 

Such questions should only be asked if you’re willing to deal with the answers without getting offended. And most people think they’re more intelligent than the others. If you’re a cool dude who’s going to be a sport, this is one of the best Truth or Dare questions for your girlfriend. 

28. Prank call your boss in an international accent

Her boss will be stumped to receive a call in an exaggerated accent. She can pretend she’s a British housekeeper, or a Spanish hotel manager perhaps? But you both better ensure that her identity is protected – opening a can of worms is the last thing you want to do.

29. What’s the one thing you’d like to do with me?

This is one of the finest romantic Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend over text. More often than not, I think about doing something interesting with my boyfriend (like a picnic maybe), and then, completely forget about bringing it up. Ask your girlfriend what’s the romantic date idea she’s been thinking of.

30. Flirty Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend – Take shots off my body 

This is dirty – literally and figuratively. Please ask one of your friends to take a boomerang or a video of her completing this dare. It’ll make for an excellent story someday. If your girl doesn’t drink, you can replace the alcohol with a tricky food to eat like donuts or cupcakes.

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31. If you were allowed one murder, who would you kill?

And no historical baddies, please. Be sure to ask about the background story to her answer. This question might bring forth a rant on an annoying colleague or snoopy neighbor. Let her vent through these clean and dirty Truth or Dare questions over text, she needs it.

32. Record a voice note of your sex noises and make it your ringtone

I actually laughed while writing this. Nothing, NOTHING beats this dare. Leave all the dirty truth questions aside and go for the kill with this one. And if your girlfriend comes through with it, salute her! Humor is a great relationship quality to have.

33. You’re most likely to get arrested for –

I think you can ask such Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend online. This is a peppy ask during the game – she’ll scratch her head over it too. I suggest you keep your own answer ready as well; she’ll want to know your response out of sheer curiosity.

34. Get a dragon tattooed on your buttock – Questions for dare for girlfriend

There’s a very slim chance of this happening. But like Dale Carnegie said, “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” You should keep in mind, however, that the favor will be returned when it’s her turn to dare you.

35. What’s a basic life skill that you acquired very late?  

The first thing that comes to mind is Ross Geller screaming, “Monica couldn’t tell time until she was 13!” What’s your girl’s guilty secret? It’ll be something you can tease her about. Find out with such creative Truth and Dare questions for girlfriend. 

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36. Give me access to your search history – Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend

This isn’t that extreme a dare. So if she’s hesitant about handing over her phone, something shady is going on. I’m just kidding. Her privacy is her prerogative, so don’t really push the matter. It’s supposed to be a fun dare, not the beginning of a relationship argument that spells doom

37. Have you ever held a conversation with someone you pretended to know? 

That’s got to be an awkward encounter. There’s a major reason behind my admiration for Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend – they make one recount the strangest of experiences. Old stories are retold over laughter and memories. Very wholesome indeed. 

38. Teach a sex-ed class for a few friends 

Just imagine – your girlfriend standing before your friends with a banana and a condom in hand, talking about the importance of safe sex. I’m sure this is a lesson all your friends are interested in taking.

39. When have you been the most tempted to cheat?

This falls into the category of deep truth questions because it demands a lot of honesty. Again, it isn’t a question which is suitable when you have company. Listen to the answer with an open mind and pass no judgment. 

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40. Spank yourself and pretend to comically orgasm

I bet you’re thinking of When Harry Met Sally too. Painfully funny and intelligently creative, this dare will win hearts at any party. Your girlfriend will also struggle to control her laughter as she executes this crazy dare. 

41. Kill, marry, hook-up: (insert the names of her friends) 

While I’m aware that this question is a little stale, old really is gold. Everyone in the group will be all ears to hear your girl’s answer. Who does she kill?? (Please don’t include your own name in the options, that’s a rookie mistake).

42. Call a restaurant with an absurd delivery request 

A burger with chocolate sauce, a pizza without cheese and sauce, or a taco without any filling. The restaurant executive will make the exact same face you’re making. If you want to have some extra fun, have your girl place the order and double dare her to actually eat it.

43. What’s your favorite sexual adventure? Dirty truth questions…

This is a ninja technique of getting to know her kinks and fantasies. Roleplay, BDSM, femdom, you name it. This can be the first step toward open communication on sexual compatibility. You don’t want to be a selfish lover, do you? 

44. Pretend you’re everyone’s mom for the next five rounds

How sweet! I’d like to credit my friend, Jamie, with the invention of this dare; he’s now got several versions of it where you pretend to be the grandma, grandpa, aunt, and so on. Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend have really gotten innovative with time.

45. What is your biggest fear about the relationship?

This is sensitive territory. Her relationship insecurities (if any) will come to light with the answer to this question. You both can talk about it later if you deem it necessary. Aren’t these questions the gateway to meaningful communication?

deep truth questions
What are her relationship insecurities?

46. Dial your dad and come clean about a childhood lie 

The swing you swear you didn’t break. Or the shirt you definitely didn’t spill Kool-Aid on… We’ve all lied to our parents about silly things. It’ll be equal parts funny and equal parts wholesome to have your girlfriend fess up to her dad.

47. Juicy truth questions – Your favorite masturbation fantasy?

You must have wondered about this at some point, might as well voice it out loud. Quell your curiosity about female masturbation once and for all with Truth and Dare questions for girlfriend. Encourage your girl to keep going if she stops in the middle. 

48. Do the cha-cha on a song of the group’s choosing

100% clean dare. This might turn out to be a mini dance party eventually. Let your girlfriend dance for a little bit, and join her to groove on a couple’s song. Being silly every now and then is good practice. 

49. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you go? Romantic Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend

This question is romantic in a poetic sense. It has a very wanderlusty vibe to it. I might be going a little overboard, but you can surprise your girlfriend with a vacation for two to this place on her birthday or your anniversary. 

50. Let someone pick your wardrobe for a week

This one is a daunting dare for certain. Everyone has a unique sense of style that reflects their identity; compromising this is not something that happens easily. If you’re the one who has to choose her wardrobe ultimately, put a lot of thought into it. Being someone’s stylist is a fun but loaded job.

51. Who would I be shocked to see on your Instagram search? 

A weird celeb? Or a friend she no longer talks to? Maybe an ex (*gasps*)? This is the showstopper of juicy truth questions – even I’m curious about what your girlfriend will say. 

Oh my, these clean and dirty Truth or Dare questions were a handful. You’ll have your girl laughing, blushing, and shocked in one go. But here’s a word of caution – make sure you don’t overdo it in the spirit of the game. Truth or Dare questions for girlfriend are fleeting, but the relationship lasts a lifetime. You’re the best judge of which question/dare will go with her personality, and I’m sure you’ll proceed wisely. I’d love to hear how the suggestions of this list fared for you. Be sure to tell me in the comments below.

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