Clumsy! Sexy! Seductive! What Kind of a Dance Partner Do You Have?

having a dance partner for life
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With a coffee mug in hand and my mind sifting through old movies and many wedding party invitations, I realized that dance is the hidden language of the soul that expresses all emotions perfectly, be it happiness, excitement or even pain. So if you have a soul mate or a dance partner to share those emotions with, you go right ahead and dance. In case the partner’s not very good at expressing emotions, just change the music… And dance!

What kind of a dance partner you have?

If you love to dance then there can be nothing better in this world that your dance partner matches their steps with you, to the hilt. If they can then its an exhilarating experience and if they can’t then also be ready for some fun, weird, hilarious and embarrassing moments that can make you the dance-floor legend. So here is a look at how your dance partner could be.
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1. Shy dancer

If your partner is the shy one, you need to be the inspiration. Close your eyes for a minute there and remember Anushka Sharma dancing to the beats of Swing in Dil Dhakdne Do and voila you have the music, the energy and the mood to set off a great evening because life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s all about learning to dance in the rain.

2. Clumsy dancer

Ahha, now that’s two left feet in front of you. It won’t be an easy task but if you still want to pull them close and dance together, here’s my advice. Put on some music that has disco beats or Honey Singh’s Hip-Hop songs. Dim the lights slightly and move the furniture safely out of the path of collision. Now pull your partner around and start dancing. With every wrong step, just remember: If you stumble, make it part of your dance.

3. Attention-grabbing dancer

With a partner like that you can either be as good as them or probably … just be a spectator and enjoy their dance. Whatever you choose, believe in the fact that when you are dancing, you are not vying for your space but you are dancing to enjoy the moment. If you can dance and be free and not embarrassed, you can rule the world.

4. Uninterested dancer

You do need to visit the Bollywood archives to look up the song ‘mein kya karun ram mujha buddha mil gaya’ song from Raj Kapoor and Vyajantimala’s old hit Sangam. It sure turns the most disinterested dancer to move to a new rhythm that’s all yours. To turn an uninterested dance partner round, you need to really dance like nobody’s watching. Completely uninhabited. Just Dance.

5. Selfie dancer

Frenzied social media connects often cause every moment to be captured, locked in pixels and stored on the net. Even while dancing. So if your partner is one who expects a selfie every ten seconds while dancing, do pout your lips and smile, but make sure you don’t get jostled by the couple behind you or you’ll end up being, only in the frame… but never in the moment.

6. Spiritual dancer

These are the ones who can find god even in dancing. They might be dancing with their arms around you, but they are not relating to you on a mere physical plane rather they connect on much higher energy strata to fulfill some basic need. For such people, every dance has a purpose and every dancer has a destiny.

7. Seductive dancer

If your dance partner is seducing you with some classy moves, who’s stopping you from enjoying the moment, though it’s best if such moments are away from prying public eyes. Such dancers truly go by the saying that dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.

So whatever category your partner falls into, just make sure you make every moment of life special by dancing to the music… together. Like they always say, “We dance to fall in love ourselves. When we dance with another, we manifest the very thing we love about our self so that they may see it and love us too.”

Happy dancing !!

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