121 Flirty Jokes To Make Your Crush Blush

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Got a crush that’s been keeping you up at night, wondering how to catch their attention, make their heart skip a beat the same way that yours does at the mere sight of them, and take things to the next level? Humor could be the secret weapon that propels your romantic journey in the direction you want it to. Some flirty jokes can get the chemistry between you two sizzling. 

As always, we’re here to help with this rundown on the 121 flirty jokes that are sure to make your crush blush. Silly flirty jokes – check. Funny flirty jokes for texts – check. Subtle flirty jokes – check. Flirty dad jokes – check. Flirty knock-knock jokes – check. Whatever your brand of humor, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started, shall we? 

Flirty Knock-Knock Jokes For Your Crush

flirty knock-knock jokes
Flirty knock-knock jokes are bound to make them laugh!

Not everybody gets the humor and satire disguised within flirty knock-knock jokes. If you think your crush will appreciate these, make the most of these corny flirty jokes to get your crush to like you

1. Knock Knock! Who’s there? You’re! You’re who? You’re mine! 

2. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Aheard. Aheard who? Aheard you like guys who tell knock-knock jokes!

3. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Ilo. Ilo who? Ilo you! 

4. Knock Knock! Who’s there? S’more. S’more who? S’more of you, thank you! 

5. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Candice. Candice who? Candice be love I’m feeling? 

6. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Eyesore. Eyesore who? Eyesore do like you.

7. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Owl. Owl who? Owl be falling for you!

8. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Mysoul. Mysoul who? My soul was stolen by you.

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9. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Hugh. Hugh who? Hugh’re cute! 

10. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Ion. Ion who? I had my ion you.

11. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Norma Lee. Norma Lee who? Norma Lee I don’t talk to strangers but how’re you?

12. Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Police. Police who? Police tell me your type!

13.  Knock-Knock! Who’s there? So-da. So-da who? So-da-Licious you!

A good knock-knock joke can really help break the ice, provided the person at the other end appreciates the humor in them. So, use them wisely, use them well.

Flirty Jokes To Make Him Laugh

flirty jokes to make him laugh
Try these naughty jokes on him and be sure he will love your sense of humor

When you’re looking for flirty jokes to tell your crush, it can be a real quandary figuring out how far you can take the flirtatious game without coming on too strong. Fret not, we’ve got you covered with these flirty jokes to make him laugh:

14. Hey! I’ve been fighting the urge to make you the happiest man alive. Would you mind? 

15. Hey! I never believed in love at first sight until you passed me by today 

16. Can I put U and I together if they ever let me rearrange the letters?

17. I feel tired every time I look into your eyes…I always seem to get lost in them

18. I think you must be from Korea, you look like my Seoul mate.

19. Do you like Nintendo? Cause “Wii” look good together

20. Boy, I’m not a photographer but I can picture us together 

21. I’m no Dairy Queen, but I’ll treat you right!

22. On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?

23. Can I take your picture so I can let Santa know what I want for Christmas? 

24. Do you know what my shirt is made of? Girlfriend material!

25. Hey there! Do you still need me to complete this joke..?

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26. Hey boy, gopher! (Gopher what?) Gopher me, please! 

27. Were you talking to me? (No) Well then, please start!

28. Do I know you? You look an awful lot like the guy from my dreams

Does My Crush Like Me

29. Are you the square root of -1? Cause you can’t be real

30. It’s okay if you’re busy today! You could add me to your to-do list

31. Are you related to Willy Wonka? You sure look delicious! 

32. I bet you just smiled with my name on your notifications 

33. I’m researching important dates in history. Would you be mine?

These jokes can easily double as flirty pick-up lines, which is to say they’re pretty safe to use. Go ahead, spin them out without worrying about how they make you look. 

Flirty Jokes To Make Her Laugh

flirty jokes to tell your crush
Make her laugh, she will like you a little more every day

Making a girl laugh can open the pathway to her heart. Considering how humor can make or break a potential romantic connection, it’s important to play your cards right. You gotta mix it up and try your hand at flirty puns and hilarious jokes, peppered with the best dad jokes flirty. Sounds complicated? We assure you it’s not. For inspiration, look at these flirty jokes to make her laugh

 34. Hey! My name is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

 35. Are you in love yet, or should I pour some more vodka?

 36. I believe in following my dreams. Can I have your number? 

 37. Hello! You need to leave this party immediately. You make everyone else look bad.

 39. You’re cuter than a puppy, I’d just love to take you home!

 39. Why did the skeleton not ask out his crush? Because he didn’t have the guts!

 40. If you’d be Burger King, I’d be McDonald’s. You can have it your way and I’ll be lovin’ it!

 41. Girl, do you play soccer? You’re surely a keeper!

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 42. Girl, wanna dance? Cause you make my heart sing. 

 43. Your smile must be the black hole, nothing escapes its pull!

 44. My skin feels burnt when you touch me. (Why?) Cause you’re hot!

 45. Excuse me, could you let me know the time? Oh, I’m just making sure I don’t forget the time I met the person of my dreams

 46. (Sneeze in front of them.) Oh, that’s okay! God already blessed me by bringing you into my life 

 47. I’m writing a book, a phone book. Can you help me with your number?

 48. We must be subatomic particles because I feel a strong force between us! 

 49. What did the patient with a broken leg say? Doctor, I have a crutch on you!

50. Disneyland cannot be the happiest place on Earth. They’ve obviously never been next to you 

 51. If penguins mate forever, I’d gladly be a penguin for you

 52. Are you a virus? Because I’m infected by your love!

 53. So aside from taking my breath away, what else do you do for a living? 

 54. So I already know you’re good at dressing up but if you need any help, let me know!

 55. In my opinion there are three kinds of beauty and yet, they all have the same name. Yours!

 56. Hey, do you know how to give CPR? Cause girl, you’re taking my breath away!

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 57. Ma’am please step away from the bar…you’re melting all the ice here!

 58. Hello ma’am, is your dad a boxer? Cause you’re a knockout!

Funny Flirty Jokes For Texts

funny flirty jokes for text
Take your texting game to the next level with these funny jokes

Your text conversations with your crush hold the key to the future of your connection. If you spend an inordinate amount of time texting back and forth throughout the day, it’s safe to assume that your crush, too, has feelings for you. Why not push the envelope and test the waters with these funny flirty jokes for text: 

59. Hello! Are you Wi-Fi? Cuz I feel a connection

60. Are you a blessing? Because you seem to be the answer to all my prayers!

61. Oh no! If you’re here, who’s up there running Heaven?

62. Are you Google? You have everything I look for!

63. What does it feel like to be the most gorgeous girl you know?

64. Wanna make a bet? If I win, you take me out. If you do, I’d take you home. What do you say?

65. I removed my space bar. I just wanted to be closer to you 

66. How could you not be tired? You’ve been running across my mind all-day 

67. Are you Siri? Because you autocomplete me 

68. Want to hear a joke about you, me, and a pizza? Never mind, it’s too cheesy!

69. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple! (insert pineapple emoji)

70. You must have gone to bed early last night. Your beauty sleep speaks for itself

71. Do you believe in love at first swipe or should we match again?

72. Is your license not suspended? You’ve obviously driven me crazy!

73. If you were a keyboard, you’d be just my type

74. Greetings and salivations! 


75. If I’m a phone, you’re my charger, ‘cause I’d literally die without you!

76. How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a ring

77. I might need a GPS to get out of those eyes of yours

78. Kiss me the next time I see you if I’m wrong, but the Sun revolves around the Earth. No?

79. Me without you is like a geek without spectacles 

80. Since there is only one of you, does that make you limited edition?

81. Hey! You must be an exception. I did not know angels could walk the earth

82. What did the paper clip say to the magnet? You’re too attractive 

83. You must be from Prague because I can’t help but Czech you out!

These flirtatious jokes may not be ha-ha funny, but they will make your crush chuckle and blush – and that’s hitting the nail on its head. 

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Cute Flirty Jokes 

flirty jokes to make her laugh
Try some flirty jokes that are as cute as your crush!

Flirty jokes to tell your crush become even more effective when you stir in an element of cuteness to them. Especially if it’s a cute girl or guy who has caught your fancy. Go ahead, give these cute flirty jokes a try:

84. I’d say God bless you but looks like he already did!

85. Yes, I have an unlit cigarette. Seems like I just found my match!

86. I’m great at mathematics! Give me your number and watch what I can do

87. Is there a magnet hidden in you because I keep feeling attracted to you

88. Are you a parking ticket? You’ve got fine written all over

89. Excuse me, could you grab my arm for a bit? I’d like to tell my friends that an angel just touched me!

90. I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, that’s just a twinkle!

91. If kissing spreads germs, how about we start an epidemic

92. I seem to have lost all my raisins. Never mind, what about you? How about a date?

93. Can I follow you home? I like to follow my dreams 

94. I’m new in town. Help me with the directions to your apartment?

95. Are you Hurricane Katrina? Cause you’re blowing me away

96. This Valentine’s Day, me-n-u would make a great menu

97. You’re not Netflix, but I could binge on your forever

98. Hey I would need your number for insurance purposes. I was just blinded by your beauty 

99. You’re pretty and I’m cute. Together, we’d be pretty cute 

100. If I had a garden, I’d put your tulips and my tulips together 

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101. Whenever I’m around you, I know how hydrogen feels around oxygen

102. Can I have your number? The “LOML” contact in my phone is currently empty 

103. You must be a full moon because every time I’m around you, I turn into a beast

104. You are so beautiful that I think I just forgot my own pickup line

105. I used to think love was a feeling, then you walked in.

106. I thought Happiness started with an H. But mine starts with U!

107. Do you have a cruise boat? Cuz I’m ready to be your Captain 

108. If you were a ‘transformer’, you’d be ‘Optimus Fine.’

109. If your eyes were an ocean, I’d be wet all day!

110. You’re like a campfire – hot and leave me wanting for s’more

111. Sorry, I’m a little short on cash. Mind if we shared a cab home?

112. My mom told me strangers could be dangerous! Looking at you, I understand what she meant

113. You must be peanut butter cuz you turn me into jelly 

114. Can I borrow a quarter? I need to call home to tell my mother I’ve met the man of my dreams!

115. If you were a web browser, I’d call you FireFoxy

116. I think I’m looking at the reason for global warming

117. I want to exchange places with your handbag so I never have to leave your side

119. Hey, I’ve been dying to ask! How was heaven when you left?

120. Do you know how much polar bears weigh? Just enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m (insert name)

121. Hello, do you have a bandage? I think I might have accidentally scraped my knee, falling for you

With these 121 cute flirty jokes to make your crush blush, you are all locked and loaded to impress. Do not choose light or subtle flirty jokes if you think the moment asks for you to bring the big guns out. Be careful when you use humor and make sure you never hurt your sweetheart’s emotions. Allow these funny flirty jokes to become a part of your everyday conversations and watch the magic of laughter unfold. We wish you luck as you woo your love! 

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