The Best Dialogues Delivered By Ranveer Singh From His Movies

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Updated On: August 17, 2023

The edgy, loud and enthusiastic Ranveer Singh is a phenomenon in Bollywood. All the Singh fans out there know Ranveer Singh has emboldened the dress code for men. I mean who else dares to wear a skirt and pose for the cameras? Ranveer has been fan-followed and unlike other members of Bollywood, he does not have a black*ahem*case against him or has been accused by anyone for being abusive. He is always excited to meet fans and does not shirk away from a kiss-in-the-cheek selfie (sometimes, he is the one to kiss the fans cheek).

Edgy, loud, enthusiastic are the words that describe him perfectly. Who else loves the fact that Ranveer Singh cannot help but be absolute mush when it comes to Deepika? His personal matters are never denied, or kept under the wraps – it is what it is and he will make no effort in hiding the real him. And that is what we love about him.

Moving away from his personal humanness, in his career he is sure a Lootera of our hearts and minds. The absolute boy-next-door image in Band Baaja Baarat is changed to the well-behaved, good boy image in Lootera. Even when he did wrong (against his will) to the woman who loved him, robbed her family and was hunted by the police, we feel our heart crunch the minute he steps into the screen. The low-voiced dialogues in the movie are not only to bring out the guilt in him but is enough to prove deep, deep down that he is forced to bend against his will. Ranveer has chosen very off-beat roles and excelled in those as well.

His out-of-the-box roles not only got his fans swooning but also set the cash registers jingling at the box office. With his brute strength and kohl-smoked eyes, Ranveer brought Alauddin Khilji’s cold-bloodedness in Padmavaat to life which is not a thing we see every day. And do you notice the way he adds a little tweak in his voice every time he delivers a dialogue to add that signature to it. Even the corniest ones like “Meri mardangi ke bare mein aap gaon ki kisi bhi ladki se pooch sakte ho … report achchi milegi” allures to such chokra sass you cannot help but admire this man.

The Best Dialogues Delivered By Ranveer Singh From His Movies

Ranveer is in a different league altogether and within a very short time, he has done an impressive gamut of work. That means he’s mouthed a variety of dialogues in a variety of films that we can hear on the repeat mode. To make him even more loved than he could possibly be, here is a dedication to all the corniest, romantic lines by him.

1. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Meri mardangi ke bare mein aap gaon ki kisi bhi ladki se pooch sakte ho … report achchi milegi –  Ram-Leela, Ranveer’s character says any question about his manhood can be appropriately clarified by any woman in the village. Very confident, very asserting. Extremely corny as well bordering on the crass but unforgettable indeed. When he mouthed this dialogue on the big screen the whistles didn’t stop. Yeah! That’s right this is one of Ranveer Singh’s most famous dialogue.

2. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Band Baaja Baraat

Business ka first rule … jiske saath vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyar karo”– Band Baaja Baraat created quite some buzz with its new-age acting albeit an old form storyline. The duo of Ranveer and Anushka was the talk of the town. This line surely uphold the belief that business and pleasure do not mix and match; and even though Bitoo (Ranveer’s character) is a charming character, he sure is opinionated. And he ultimately does not follow the rule in the film in life as well. He falls for Anushka in the film and beyond it, there was supposedly a brief affair with the actress. Ah! Well, he makes the rules he doesn’t follow himself.

3. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Dil Dhadakne Do

Agar Shah Jahan practical hota toh Taj Mahal kaun banata?”Dil Dhadakne Do did not do so well. Not every family drama will elicit tears and reaction like KKKG, but Ranveer’s Taj Mahal joke is on point. Love is not always practical. And we indeed loved his character and his dialogue in this film. And the climax we stayed on the edge as papa dear took him a boat to chase his lady love. Wah! Bhai! Wah! Film hoh to aisi.

dil dhadakne do
Agar Shah Jahan practical hota toh Taj Mahal kaun banata

4. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Bajirao Mastani

“Hamare dil ek saath dhadakte hai…aur ek saath rukte bhi hai”- Bajirao Mastani was the best grossing film and one of the best movies made in Bollywood. This dialogue said with the intensity, looking into the eyes of your lover- cannot be far away from the reality of true war. Ranveer was a magnificent as the lover in the film and his chemistry with Deepika was unbelievable.

5. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Befikre

“Break-up ke dardiley dank se bachne ka ek hi upaai hai … kabhi love ke jhoothe jaal mein padho hi mat…if you won’t hook-up, you won’t break-up” –Befikre. In the age of break-up and hook-ups, he offers absolute advice we would say. But in every film of his, he did fall in love. Didn’t he?

6. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Lootera

“Meri zindagi mein sab ne mera istamaal kiya … Pyar sirf tumne kiya” – Lootera

Lootera was a beautiful movie. Everything was vivid and captivating, making you remember the tracks, the scenery, the change of emotions in a heightened way and this heartfelt dialogue can truly capture the true essence of the movie.

Meri zindagi mein sab ne mera istamaal kiya … Pyar sirf tumne kiya

7. From Bajirao Mastani again

“Bajirao ne Mastani se mohabbat ki hai … ayyashi nahi”– Bajirao Mastani. There is not much to be said about this. Love. True love. Love knows no gender, rules or status. When it’s love, it’s love; don’t fight it.

8. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela yet again

“Apni saans vapas lene aya hoon. Atak ke reh gayi hain tere paas“- Ram-Leela .You see someone, you stop breathing and see life in a new motion altogether? Oooooh! What a dialogue. Any woman would go gaga if a man utters these words in front of her.

9. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Befikre again

Love na ek bungee jump hai… dum hai toh kood pado …safe landing ki koi guarantee nahi hai, toh safety ka socho hi mat… jisne socha woh sochta hi reh gaya…aur joh kooda woh udta hi raha”- Befikre

The beauty of love summarised in one breath. And in one beautiful metaphor. We just love this famous dialogue of Ranveer Singh.

Love na ek bungee jump hai… dum hai toh kood pado …safe landing ki koi guarantee nahi hai, toh safety ka socho hi mat… jisne socha woh sochta hi reh gaya…aur joh kooda woh udta hi raha

10. Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from Band Baaja Baraat yet again

Tere bina kisi cheez mein mauj nahi … na ladkiyan taadne mein, na chai mein, na chowmein meinBand Baaja Baraat. There is no fun in doing anything when your love is not there beside you – girls become meh, food is no longer appetising.

So hate him or love him but you just cannot get enough of him! Ranveer Singh’s famous dialogues are to die for.

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  1. Ashutosh Singh

    Amongst all the leading actors of Bollywood, the future lies only with Ranveer Singh and yes of course, all the dialogues mentioned here and they all are just going to boost his fan base. All these dialogues have nothing against em which is so rare these days in bollywood. This article clearly depicted how Ranveer is ruling the hearts through his all time hit dialogs.

  2. Ranveer Singh is a powerhouse of energy. His effort for the movies is just amazing! I loved him in all the movies but favourites are Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani, The dialogue delivery was superb! And yes, it was fun watching him in Dil Dhadakne Do, I could watch this movie just because of Ranveer Singh.

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