5 Messages To Get Your Man In The Mood!

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Updated On: September 25, 2023
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It can be sometimes extremely awkward to initiate the sex talk with him when you are unaware of his mood. Women are blessed with skills that can instantly turn their man on in bed. These few texts can come handy when you want to seduce him and not sound desperate. The ability to turn your man on through texts and revealing your secret fantasies is a form of art which can be enhanced and mastered with some practice and passion. Here are a few lines that you can start with if you are just a beginner in this field of seducing through texts:

1. I am waiting to see you tonight

This is a very tricky line, as it has dual-tone to it and also, safe to go with if you aren’t confident enough. This can imply that either you had a hectic day at work and want to meet him or it can also mean that you want to ‘see’ him tonight. Get the pun?

2. A sexy yet innocent photo

Take a photo of yourself with minimal cleavage or a revealing top. Send it over to him and ask him how you look. There are chances that he may just compliment you but for sure he has noticed what you want him to.

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3. Is it hot or do your thoughts take the temperature a notch higher?

Let him know that you are thinking about him and it is the kinky kind of thought. This text will not only boost his ego but also gently push him to perform better on the bed. That is what you want, right?

Ways to get your woman in mood
Share some kinky thoughts

4. What are you wearing underneath?

This is a classic, old yet evergreen line which always works. This has an impact at different levels; he may revert to you asking about your clothes which will lead to a sexting session. He will know that you are thinking about him in clothes or without clothes. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

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5. You feel so good inside me:

Ladies, when you feel a bit a bold, send this message to give him goose bumps and yes, it won’t stop with just goose bumps! This will also make him feel a bit more confident about himself and he will love you for such a huge push. Last but not the least, you can gather some courage and send him an early morning or late night text telling, “Just out of the shower and dripping wet thinking about you.”

Oh, he’ll get in the mood all right. And you won’t even have to wait for him to come home. Chances are he’ll drop everything to have a live sex chat with you right then and there.

Sexting works

These are a few texts that can rekindle the lost lust or kick off your dormant sex life. Try these and let us know in the comments section below how it has worked out for you! All the best!

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