5 sex positions that men love

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We all know sex is all about passion, intimacy and love. Yet the real take is on how various movements allow you to connect, bond and explore each other.

Men and women both have different tastes and preference for almost everything, even when it comes to sex.

So, here we bring you the positions that men will certainly love.

1.  Women on Top

Ladies, this sexy position put you in the driver seat making you the controller and this is what your man exactly wants. Men love it when you are doing this position as they don’t have to control the pace and they just get to watch you in your entire sexy and glorious look. Seriously, men go wild and horny in this position!

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2. 69

Men love this position as they please their women, they are being pleased too!

“69 can be amazing and my wife seems to feel less conscious about getting oral when I am down on her and at the same time she really lets herself loose and reciprocates the same.” Anonymous.

3. Missionary

This position lets the men be in the power position and the couple can set the pace together.

“I get to be in full control and can slide my hands under my wife’s butts and feel like I have her entire body in my hands. It feels amazing! 

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4. Cowgirl

Men find this position better than doggy-style because in this position the parts of their girls’ body bounce and men love to touch, feel and see every part of their girl’s body. They even get to see her reaction that makes them go crazy. Men also love this position because of the wonderful feeling with an amazing view.

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5. Spooning

This makes for great cuddling as well as one of the best sex positions. Men love spooning as it is one of the most intimate positions and a go-to when you are feeling lethargic and affectionate at the same time. The position gives men total access to their girl’s body. Also, girls, you can give yourself a hand at masturbating, a move that drives him wild!

So ladies which position do your men love the most? Wanna try any position tonight? Don’t think, just go for it! Have a good night

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