5 Tips For Women To Prepare For Oral Sex

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Updated On: February 15, 2024

Not every woman is calm and confident about getting an oral; no matter how hygienic and clean they keep themselves. Oral sex is as nerve-wracking as it is sexually pleasurable. There are a lot of things on a woman’s mind when a man goes down on her.  Does it smell weird? Does it taste good? Would he be grossed out?

How To Get Ready For Oral Sex

Well, if you are preparing for oral sex with your partner, first time or not, there are few things you can do to ease yourself and assure yourself your vagina is as good as your man finds it to be and let your hair down and enjoy the joyous ride.

1. Go commando after shower

After shower, it is anyway approved of not wearing underwear to let the area dry and let the air get better circulated. The smell and the taste gets better the longer you air it out. Though vaginas are vaginas and will have a distinct smell and taste of its own, make sure before you go for oral sex, you have cleaned and showered.

Go commando after shower
Go without inner wear

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2. Trim, epilate, no douching

Tame the bush. No, it isn’t about your man feeling dirty about going down on you with your bush. We are not asking you to go for a bikini wax, just a little trimming will do. Reduction of hair down there prohibits the growth of foul odour and taste. If you are an all-clean kind of a person, shave it all off. The less hair there, the better. If you are preparing for oral sex trimming is a must.

Also, take care while trimming cause the skin down there is super sensitive. Don’t hurt yourself in any way. And by all means, don’t douche.

3. Cut down on the nicotine, caffeine, alcohol

If you are preparing for oral sex, it is better to cut down on caffeine and alcohol. If staying away from them is not possible, it’s understandable. A large quantity of caffeine, alcohol and also, nicotine, can make your natural juices turn sour. While on the other hand, cinnamon and yogurt are responsible to make you taste sweeter. Try these before spreading your legs to be pleasured.

Cut down on the nicotine, caffeine, alcohol
It is better to cut down on caffeine and alcohol if you are planning for oral sex

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4. Wash with mild soap

This is important. There are tons of vaginal wash available in the market. Don’t use your body wash in the area. Harsh soaps can ruin the pH balance of your vagina and leave it with a sour taste and smell. Using a vaginal wash gets rid of any bacteria and leaves your vagina smelling like it should. A pH-balanced wash with no perfume is the ideal for keeping your intimate area clean and preparing for oral sex.

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Wash with mild soap
Using a vaginal wash gets rid of any bacteria and leaves your vagina smelling like it should.

5. Check your cycle

Needless to say, before you let your man go down on you, mentally track your cycle. The smell and taste of the vagina also change during ovulation. If you are close to your starting date, let your partner know. If he is cool with your impending date and is willing to taste a little blood (and if you are comfortable with it), then go for it.

Word is if you are in the moment and feeling too passionate to care, don’t overthink it and just get to the act. You won’t regret it. You have taken enough preparation for oral sex now let passion take over.

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