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It’s hard to find a partner, especially when you are religious and are looking for someone who shares your beliefs. Christian Mingle is one of the most popular and successful platforms in this zone, and chances are high that you’ve already heard of it and are looking for Christian Mingle reviews. Unless two people meet through the church, it’s difficult to know whether the other person shares your values or not. Thankfully, there are dating sites devoted to bringing together people of Christian faiths like this one.

However, if you’re coming across Christian Mingle for the first time, don’t worry, because in this article, we’re going to provide you with every detail about this platform. With these Christian Mingle reviews, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision on whether to become a member of this site or not. We’re going to look at how Christian Mingle works, where it stands in comparison to its competitors, its pricing, and more. By the end of this article, you’ll know the answer to: ”Is Christian Mingle worth it?”

What Is Christian Mingle?

Founded in 2001, ChristianMingle com app has been on the scene for over 2 decades. A dating app based on faith, Christian Mingle has been exclusively built for Christian singles. No matter what your affiliation is, if you’re a Christian, you can become a member of this platform. With over 16 million active members, it’s easily one of the largest spaces for Christians to find a partner for themselves. ”On most other dating websites, it is hard to find people who share my religious interests, but not on Christian Mingle. I want to continue using it in the future to find friends and like-minded people too,” one member said. 

How To Sign Up On Christian Mingle

Becoming a member of the Christian Mingle dating site is fairly simple. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and the information gathered through the signup questions is used to match your profile to the relevant ones. You just have to follow these steps to become a member of the site in no time:

  1. Download the mobile application or go to the website. You can sign up via your Facebook or Apple ID details, or you can use your email address
  2. In the next few steps, you have to fill in some basic details such as your profile picture, your religion, marital status, your frequency of visiting the church, and your preferences regarding kids
  3. Once you’re done with the previous step, you have to create a bio for yourself (this can highly influence the first impression you make on others), choose your hobbies and interests, and select what your preferences are in terms of the partner and relationship that you seek
  4. Christian Mingle asks you to upgrade your account and purchase a premium membership, but you can keep that for later and skip it for now. Voila! Your account has been created

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Pros And Cons of Christian Mingle

In this section, we’re going to list all the primary pointers of this app, the good and the bad. Using these, you can decide if Christian Mingle is worth it or not. We’ve compiled this list using our own experience of using the app as well as the online reviews and testimonials. It includes factors such as the membership cost, the ease of finding relevant matches, the site interface, ChristianMingle reviews, and more.

The premium membership is affordable as compared to most platformsThere are too many contacting options from chats to emails to other platforms, which might get confusing
The platform has an active community that is regularly increasing every monthYou must pay to contact your matches
The last active status of members can help you avoid those who’ve been inactive for a long timeThe site design is not very user-friendly
The LookBook section shows one profile with high matching percentagesThere’s a lack of background checks that might allow fake profiles to creep in
Even outside the recommended matches, Christian Mingle gives access to its entire library of user profiles that you can navigate easilyThe platform is part of the Spark network that also owns other, non-Christian dating websites, which might be an issue for some Christians who prefer a Christian ownership

Quality Of Matches And Success Rate

At the end of the day, this is the most important question on one’s mind when searching for a dating platform: what is the quality of the matches? Will I find someone for me there? Is Christian Mingle legit? I’m going to lay down all the facts for you. Looking at the quantity of the members first, there are over 150,000 paying members on the platform. 

This means that no matter what your search criterion is, you’ll find a large enough list of singles to choose from. And it’s not just the quantity here that matters. The Christian Mingle profiles that show up are mostly active, real people who you want to interact with. And this is true across the different denominations of the Christian faith. One user said, ”I was very unsure about going on a dating app but I was very happy with Christian Mingle. This site was easy to sign up on and almost immediately, I got matches in my area.”

Coming to the success rate, while there’s no standard procedure to find a platform’s success rate, there are various data points provided by the platform itself. There are hundreds of success stories on the website itself that includes people across age groups and races. No wonder the website is receiving around 11 million members every month, about 1.8 million of them being first-time visitors.

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Features of Christian Mingle

The ChristianMingle com app has several features that help you find relevant matches. These features assist you in finding other people with similar beliefs and preferences as yours. If you are thinking, ”Is Christian Mingle worth it?”, you can make the decision through this section. Some of the features on this platform are:

christian mingle reviews
Best features of Christian Mingle

1. LookBook

LookBook is one of the most brilliant features of this platform, albeit paid, because it’s not usually a feature found in the more traditional, religious dating sites. Under this feature, the platform shows you one profile with their basic information and you can choose whether you like them or not. This is a great way to find new profiles, and it works just like the Tinder swipe feature.

2. Spotlight

Under this feature, you can spotlight your profile or see other spotlighted profiles. For spotlighting your profile, you need to be a paid member. However, even the free profiles can see the spotlighted profiles.

3. Conversation starters

There are some interesting features in the Christian Mingle dating site, such as sending smiles or telling someone that you’re their secret admirer. These features work as great conversation starters. They help you get talking with members you might want to chat with but don’t know how to. 

4. Search options

On the browse page, there are scores of potential matches that you can interact with. Christian Mingle provides you with many options that you can use to navigate the site easily. You can search for members based on different parameters such as online activity, match percentage, and distance. As per one user, ”The match criteria and quality of matches has been spot on. I like the way I can customize my profile so easily, so that it stands out when someone looks at it.”

5. Customer support

The customer support system is quite extensive. They have an exhaustive FAQs section that largely answers any queries one might have. If that doesn’t help, you can contact their email support or use the live chat feature. Not just that, you can also call their customer service team in case you prefer in-call resolutions. The customer support is helpful and friendly and ensures you have a smooth experience on the platform.

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The platform offers only one type of membership for three different time durations. If you want to get a better idea of the premium package, but aren’t fully sold on the platform, you can try the 1-month membership. However, if you want to find a partner for yourself in a committed manner, longer memberships are lighter on your pocket. Below are the different packages and their prices:

1-month premium membership$29.99
3-month premium membership$59.97 (comes to $19.99 per month)
6-month premium membership$89.96 (comes to $14.99 per month)

Is There An App Or Website For Christian Mingle?

There are different platforms through which you can access the Christian Mingle dating platform. First, there’s the website that you can access through any web browser, be it in a desktop setting or on a smartphone. If you want to access it through a smartphone app, you have that option as well. The Christian Mingle app has been developed for both the iOS and Android systems. Using these options, you can navigate the platform and find a partner for yourself.

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Our Verdict

To sum up our Christian Mingle Reviews, it’s a great platform for Christian singles to find a partner who shares their beliefs. It has some great search filters that help you explore a large number of potential matches as per your preferences. The community of the platform is only increasing with time, which means that you’ll always have new people to meet and interact with. 

The premium membership pricing here is easily one of the best, and there are multiple conversation starter features to get you going. Not just that, you can also view the last active status of accounts and save your time by avoiding profiles that have been inactive for long. One user said, ”It’s simple to make a page for yourself. Easy to navigate and find matches in your area (or more distance if you prefer). I set my search within 100 miles and I found the guy whom I am still married to today!”

You have the LookBook feature which works like the Tinder swipe feature, where you can say yes or no to an account. You can also browse through the list of profiles as per your time and convenience with the Christian Mingle ‘search for free’ feature. However, the number of profiles might get overwhelming for you, and the site design could do with more user-friendliness.

All in all, to sum up this Christian Mingle Reviews piece, the dating site offers a lot for Christian singles looking for a serious relationship. This holds truer than ever when you consider the cost. So, to answer your question, ”Is Christian Mingle legit?”, it very much is. 

Final Score: 9/10


1. Is eharmony or Christian Mingle better?

While the eharmony app doesn’t offer many features in its free version, isn’t exclusively for Christians, and has a much higher subscription cost, it’s worth it in the end. Not only do they have a large number of active members that is much higher than Christian Mingle, they also have a descriptive signup process that ensures great matches later. They also have a modern ID verification system in place that makes sure all the profiles are verified and real. Their success rate is also higher than Christian Mingle, thanks to its long questionnaire. All in all, if you’re looking to create meaningful long-term relationships, eharmony is a better option.

2. Can you message for free on Christian Mingle?

No, you can only receive emails if and when you get matches on your free account. To send or reply to messages, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium membership. 

3. Should I get Christian Mingle?

Based on the various Christian Mingle dating site reviews, there is a good chance of you finding a partner who shares similar Christian beliefs as yours. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, then yes, you should get a Christian Mingle subscription.

4. Does Christian Mingle have fake profiles?

While there might be some fake profiles, the profiles are checked thoroughly to ensure that they are safe and trustworthy. So, there are low chances of running into a scammer on this platform.

5. Does Christian Mingle really work?

With pages after pages of success stories and a large base of active users, the platform does seem to work. The numerous Christian Mingle reviews only serve to prove that further. It’s a great dating website for all the Christian singles looking for the love of their lives.

6. Does Christian Mingle have an app?

Yes, the Christian Mingle app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. The website can be accessed via any internet browser too.

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