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8 reasons you should date a doctor at least once

Doctors are a complete package in themselves.
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Selecting a partner to date can be daunting, because you want someone who is there for you and understands you inside and out. One criterion for the selection can be the profession of the person, as it is a very important aspect which cannot be overlooked. In terms of profession, doctors can turn out to be attractive and perfect partners for their significant others. Read on to know why.

Challenges of dating a doctor

When one pictures a doctor, it is a person wearing a lab coat who has acquired the skill of saving the lives of people after years and years of hard work. A doctor’s knowledge, intelligence and sheer confidence is something that makes him/her desirable. However, life when dating a doctor is not free from challenges and one should enter into a relationship with a doctor only after understanding them –

  1. Preference of doctors A majority of the doctors prefer dating fellow doctors because the wavelengths would match and things in the relationship would be much smoother. Due to this, people belonging to other professions may not be preferred by doctors and this can create issues in their relationships in the future as well
  2. Time constraints of a doctor A doctor hardly has time for family and friends. So it seems impossible that he/she will be able to take time out for dating. Even if you start dating a doctor, you will notice that managing time would become a big hurdle. There are high chances of plans getting cancelled last minute or your doctor partner not meeting you for days
  3. You make all the plans You might always have to initiate plans and the burden to keep the relationship moving forward might fall mostly on you, since your partner is most of the time busy with his/her professional life. This might become exhausting and frustrating for you in the long run
  4. Your doctor partner is tired most of the time Even if you succeed in making plans with your partner, you will notice that he/she is too tired to enjoy the time spent with you. This is obvious, because as a doctor, his/her life is hectic and takes up a lot of energy

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  5. A doctor’s profession is always his/her priority A doctor is pretty much committed to his/her work and professional ethic, due to which you might not be the top priority in his/her life. But that does not mean that he/she does not love you; it is just that saving the lives of other people is his/her top priority
  6. His/her area of specialisation may bother you If he/she is someone who examines private body parts of male/female patients, then it might bother you, since you are only human. However, it is your partner’s career, so you must be understanding
  7. Sexually attracting a doctor is a task A doctor is someone who is dealing with human bodies on a daily basis, so it is definitely a challenge to come up with out-of-the-box and innovative ways to catch the attention and sexually attract your doctor partner
  8. Beware of mood swings A doctor deals with different kinds of people and has to face weird situations, due to which his/her mood also keeps fluctuating. So you have to deal with the mood swings as well

No doubt there are problems when dating a doctor, but this should not deter you from dating a doctor who is genuinely interested in you. As partners, you both can create such a level of understanding that your dating life becomes fun and smooth. Ultimately, the success of the relationship depends on you two.

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8 reasons you should date a doctor in your lifetime

A majority of people are of the opinion that dating a doctor is hard because of his/her unpredictable, busy schedule and taxing professional life. But on the other hand, there are others who prefer dating a doctor. Here are 8 reasons which should convince you to date a doctor in your lifetime.

1. A doctor is an extremely good listener

A doctor has the patience to listen to what you have to say and will always give you the chance to put forward your opinion. This is actually because a doctor is trained that way in life and it is only after listening to you that he/she puts forth any opinion.

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2. Your health is his/her priority

The plus point of dating a doctor is that you do not have to worry about your health, because he/she has got your back and he/she understands the true value of life in general. Thus, any health issues will be dealt by him/her or his/her trusted doctor colleagues diligently and swiftly.

3. Financially a doctor is highly stable

A well-established doctor enjoys financial stability in life, which means that as his/her partner you do not have to worry about making ends meet. Financial stability will ensure that financial issues that generally crop up in the life of other couples will have low chances of ruining your relationship.

4. Your life becomes interesting due to his/her presence

As a doctor’s partner, you are bound to know about fascinating medical discoveries, unique illnesses and shocking miracles that he/she might have experienced in life. This means that your life will become interesting whenever he/she shares such medical information with you and your knowledge will also increase.

5. A doctor is definitely not afraid to commit

If you are someone who is looking for a long-term relationship, then you should obviously think about dating a doctor. Since he/she has put in so much effort and commitment to achieve his/her dream, it shows that he/she does not take things lightly but understands the value of dedication. So a doctor will remain committed to the relationship and not fool around with you.

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6. A doctor is experienced in solving issues

You can completely depend on your doctor partner to solve problems, because he/she is an expert at resolving difficult issues. He/she is someone who is practical and has a realistic outlook, which helps solve problems efficiently.

7. You tend to become a better person

While dating a doctor, you tend to become a better person, because you start adopting good traits like patience, hard work, listening to someone genuinely, thinking smart, etc., from your partner. Your character development takes place thanks to the association with a doctor.

8. A doctor is low maintenance

In order to make your doctor partner happy, you do not necessarily have to prepare something lavish or spend too much of your money or time. All you have to be is sincere in your efforts and even the smallest gesture of love is enough to sweep your partner off his/her feet.

The respect and dignity that your doctor partner is able to garner from the society is something that you should be proud of and you must do all it takes to make your relationship prosperous.

8 tips to date a doctor successfully

It is not only those who belong to the doctor community who understand the nitty-gritty of hospital life. Their partners also know what hospital life entails and thus are able to handle their relationship accordingly. If you are falling for a doctor and do not know what to do, then we list certain dating a doctor tips especially for you so that you can deal with the situation better.

1. Learn to be as flexible as possible

First of all, you have to be flexible with your time and plans. Your doctor partner might not always have time, so you have to be okay if plans get cancelled last minute or get postponed for a few hours. Always make backup plans so that you both can spend time with each other as and when possible. Do not stick to strict routine when it comes to fixing dates and plans with your partner.

2. Do not annoy your partner with continuous calls/texts

As a doctor, your partner will be busy treating his/her patients or conducting surgeries on the patients all day long. So instead of continuously calling or texting him/her, what you can do is give him/her space. Wait for him/her to call and text you during his/her free time.

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3. Always be there for your partner

A life of a doctor is immensely stressful. Therefore, there will be lots of occasions in which he/she will need your support. As his/her partner, you have to make sure you are always there for him/her and lend a helping hand as and when required.

4. Avoid any kind of intellectual conflict with your partner

You might belong to another professional community and you might end up challenging the intellect of your partner time and again due to this. Healthy discussion with your partner is a good sign, but whenever the discussion takes the form of an argument or conflict, you must avoid it. Do not challenge your partner’s passion and commitment to his/her profession uselessly.

5. Learn to be happy even if you are alone

Being in a relationship with a doctor means you will have to be okay with the idea of being alone most of the time. Loneliness is something that will become a part and parcel of your life when you opt to date a doctor. But remembering the fact that while you are alone, your doctor partner is saving other lives can actually help you cope with the loneliness better.

6. Try to find happiness in small moments

You definitely do not have the luxury of spending your time lavishly and leisurely when dating a doctor. So what you can do is go shopping together, have your meals together or work out together. These small moments that you spend with him/her should be enough to make your relationship stable and stronger.

7. Avoid showing up at the hospital without notice

Once or twice you can surprise him/her by visiting the hospital without notice. But do not make this a habit, because a hospital is his/her workplace and he/she has to concentrate on the patients, as it is important. Your visit might distract your partner or you might get disheartened if he/she fails to give you time.

8. Do not get bothered by your partner’s specialty

Whether your partner is a general physicist who has family-friendly working hours, a gynaecologist dealing with sensitive female body parts or an anaesthesiologist, this should not bother you at all. Respecting and valuing his/her specialty is extremely important.

Do not start a relationship with a doctor if you are just interested in his/her prestige or pay cheque. You have to be committed to the relationship genuinely, because without it the relationship will not remain afloat. As his/her partner, you have to make sacrifices, adjustments and understand him/her so that hospital life becomes bearable for him/her.

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