20 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

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Updated On: May 6, 2024
signs your ex will never come back

A breakup can feel like the end of the world. No amount of Ben & Jerry’s can fill the human-shaped hole left in your heart. You pine for your ex, you miss them, you grieve the loss. To make all of this just a little bit less emotionally daunting, you grab onto the tiniest hope that you and your ex might rekindle the romance. But what if there are clear signs your ex will never come back? Turning a blind eye to them, won’t change the reality of the situation. And the false hope you’re clinging on to will only deepen the emotional wounds, making it harder for you to move on.

Often, when a woman is done with a relationship or a man loses that emotional connection with someone, they just don’t look back. Sitting around, waiting for your ex to “realize their mistake” or “come back to their senses” won’t do you any good. It’s time to remove your rose-tinted glasses because your ex certainly has. It’s essential to your journey of healing and moving on. The first step in this journey is acceptance. We hope that being able to relate to these signs your ex will never come back will help you accept the reality

20 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

Do exes ever come back? Yes, in some cases, exes may return to each other. In fact, a study found that 44% of Americans have gotten together with an ex after breaking up. But if you interpret the findings of this study from a different perspective, the subtext is that 56% of the participants did not get back together with an ex. Essentially, there is a roughly 50% chance of an ex coming back to you.

Once you pull the plug on a relationship, there is no way to know for sure how things will pan out. Your ex may move on easily, and so could you. Or they may be left pining for you, and so could you. Perhaps, you both end up realizing that the breakup was a mistake and find your way back to each other. However, in each of these scenarios, the post-breakup trajectory is different. And therein lie the clear indicators of whether or not there is any hope of reconciliation.

So, if you’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time mulling over questions like “How do you know if your ex still loves you?” or “What are the signs my ex still loves me?”, it’s time to pay attention to what their behavior is telling you. We hate to break it to you, but the chances of a reunion are slim to none if your ex’s behavior reflects these signs he will never come back or she is already over you:

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1. Your relationship ended on a bitter note

A messy breakup is often the final nail in the coffin of a relationship that has been standing on its last leg. If you both lived through a relationship phase where the signs of incompatibility were obvious and then you broke up on a bitter note, it’s time you stop wondering, “Will she come back?” or “Does he still love me?”

For instance, my college friends, Gary and Andrea, broke up over suspicions of infidelity and had a very public and very humiliating falling out. They both ended up saying things that were better left unsaid. So, it’s likely that neither of them would pour salt over their wounds by returning to each other.

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2. They avoid your texts and calls

In this day and age, when everyone is hooked to their phones, drunk dialing an ex or sending them 3 A.M. texts is par for the course in the post-breakup days. No matter how earnestly you want to adhere to the no-contact rule, slip-ups happen. However, forget drunk dialing or texting, if your ex doesn’t even respond to your texts and calls, it’s one of the clearest signs you lost him forever or she has moved on for good.

3. Your ex doesn’t want to meet you

No matter how much time passes, meeting an ex is always somewhat awkward. However, if an ex still has feelings for you and hopes for a reconciliation, they won’t shut the door on the possibility of meeting you. How do you know if your ex still loves you? They would look for excuses and avenues to be around you. On the other hand, if your ex just doesn’t want to meet you, turns down your requests to meet, and actively avoids being in places you’re likely to frequent, it’s a clear indication they have no intention of getting back together.

signs he will never come back
An ex who has no interest in reconciliation will avoid you at all costs

4. They are already in a committed relationship

If they are already in a serious relationship, it’s an obvious sign your ex is never coming back. Yes, it can be soul-crushing to see your ex commit to someone new, and perhaps, give them all you ever longed for but never got. However, that’s their choice to make and you have no choice but to accept it. It’s wiser to make peace with the fact that you are not meant to be and try to focus on new people.

5. They have returned all your belongings

When you still have strong feelings for someone who is no longer in your life, you cling to the memories you shared. You keep their belongings, listen to tunes that remind you of them, and stick to the rituals that were important to you as a couple. They’re basically imprinted in your existence. 

So, if your ex has returned all your stuff, they are trying to cut the cord of attachment. And this is one of the top signs you will never hear from your ex again. It’s better to let go of an ex who has moved on for good. Evidently, they want to get rid of any reminders of their relationship with you and are ready to start a new chapter in your life, as should you.

6. They’ve cut off contact with your mutual friends

Naturally, you and your ex would have mutual friends or people you hung out with as a couple. If your ex has not only snapped all contact with you but also all your mutual connections — in real life as well as on social media — it is one of the clearest signs he will never come back or she has already moved on.

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7. They aren’t envious of your romantic relationships

If your ex is considering getting back together, they would be curious about your hookups or relationships. Not saying they would turn into the next Joe Goldberg, but even your rebound relationships will unsettle them. This tinge of jealousy is often the answer to the question that has been keeping you up at night: how do you know if your ex still loves you?

On the other hand, if your ex shows an almost clinical disinterest in your romantic engagements, it is one of the signs your ex is never coming back. They are likely focusing on starting a new chapter of their life and have detached themselves from yours.

8. They hardly make an effort

Will she come back? Will he realize how much I still love him? What are signs my ex still loves me? Questions like these can weigh on your mind because, in the aftermath of a breakup, you can never be sure if your ex is playing hard to get or they’re plain uninterested. Unfortunately, the answer is no if they don’t make any effort to revive their connection with you even after some time has passed.

9. They ask you to move on

do exes ever come back
If your ex asks you to move on, it’s a sign you need to focus on healing and moving forward

It is honestly the cruelest form of torture to walk away from a relationship when you don’t want to. It’s even more arduous if your beloved tells you to move on. But in the words of poet Charles Bukowski, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” If your ex-partner tells you that you should move on, you don’t need to look for any more signs he will never come back or she is over you.

It’s clear as day that they are not looking to revive a romantic relationship with you. As brutal as it may sound, this is typically what happens when a woman is done with a relationship or a man falls out of love with his partner. The best you can do in a situation like this is to take heart in the fact that they’re being honest with you and focus on healing and moving forward.

10. They have blocked you on social media

When someone blocks you on social media platforms, it’s a sign that they don’t want to think about you or have any sort of connection with you anymore. They have chosen to let go of that part of their life. Star, a 31-year-old restaurant manager from Texas, shares with us, “If you’ve been blocked from everything, even email, they just want to forget your existence altogether. They definitely want to be left alone to focus on new opportunities or heal from the breakup in peace.” 

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11. They tell you they don’t love you anymore

The feeling of rejection is always overwhelming and hard to come to terms with. However, it can also be the nudge you need to stop clinging to the hope of reconciliation and focus on recovering from a breakup. So, if your ex tells you in no uncertain terms that they have fallen out of love with you, you don’t need to go looking for any more signs you lost him forever or signs she won’t come back.

Initially, it might be a bitter pill to swallow but things will start to look up, even if it’s a year from now. Exes eventually fade away but that’s how space gets created for a new partner. Sometimes, we are comfortable in a relationship but not in love anymore. This seemingly brutal blow from your ex will help you gain some perspective, and ultimately, become a catalyst to your healing.

12. The care and concern is missing

If you’re distraught by the breakup and often find yourself wondering, “Do exes ever come back?”, know that it only happens when positive feelings like care and concern for each other’s well-being, along with a deep sense of attachment, prevail even after the relationship is over. But if your distress and discomfort no longer tug at your former partner’s heartstrings, making them want to drop everything to be at your side, it’s one of the sure signs your ex will never come back.

13. The breakup doesn’t seem to affect them

If they seem unfazed by the breakup so much so that you’re left grappling with the hurtful realization, “My ex moved on like I was nothing“, it doesn’t bode well for your hopes for a reconciliation. In fact, it is one of the clear signs he will never come back or she has moved on for good. Watching your ex move on with their life while you’re stuck pining for them can be extremely painful and detrimental to your self-esteem. Trust that, with time, you will find a way to move away from these negative emotions and see the light at the end of what right now seems like an endless dark tunnel.

am i over my ex quiz

14. Flirting doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore

When they don’t flirt back with you or don’t respond to your romantic advances, it’s one of the signs your ex will never come back. Usually, when someone is still interested in you, they look for opportunities to compliment you, make sexual innuendos, and indulge in harmless flirting. If all these are lacking, chances are they are looking at the bright side of the breakup.

15. Their responses are curt and dismissive

Say, longing for your ex, you reach out to them. A phone call. A text. An “accidental” run-in. But they don’t respond with the warmth that was once integral to your interactions. Instead, your ex appears cold and detached, and their responses are curt and dismissive. As if they’re uncomfortable talking to you.

Of course, it’s not a very pleasant feeling, especially after a long-term relationship, but it is a clear sign that your ex has no intention of coming back to you. Preston, a 27-year-old mechanic from Chicago, shares with us, “I kept wondering for five months after we broke up. Will she come back? Will she understand that this was a mistake? But no, I can say it now. If she is straight-up dismissive, speaks badly, or shows no interest in engaging in a conversation, your ex is not playing ‘hard to get’ or ‘pining for attention.’ They simply want to be left alone.”

16. “I think we’re better off as friends”

When they ask you to stay “good friends” after the breakup, it is one of the most direct signs your ex is never coming back. It could be difficult to be friend-zoned by them. But it sends a clear message that you need to let go of the idea of reuniting with them and focus on getting over the breakup. You also need to assess your options and stay away from them if your mental health is in jeopardy.

Research points out that staying friends with exes out of suppressed feelings for them led to negative outcomes, whereas staying friends due to security and practical reasons led to more positive outcomes. So, the question of the hour is: Have you agreed to stay friends with your ex out of suppressed feelings for them or because you want to be civil and don’t want them to hold grudges against you?

17. It’s been a while since you called it quits

How long have you been apart from your ex-partner? The longer you are separated, the less likely you are to rekindle those long-lost feelings. You are unlikely to contact each other if it has been a long time since you last spoke or saw each other. If they meant to return, they would have tried to contact you and make an effort in that direction, or at the very least, reciprocated to any advances you made. If that hasn’t happened even after a considerable time has passed since you two broke up, you need to stop wondering, “What are the signs my ex still loves me?”

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18. Your relationship ended due to infidelity

If either of you was unfaithful, there is a slim chance of your relationship reigniting. You should know you can do ‘much’ better than dating a red flag. And if you were the one who cheated, then maybe you need to take a step back and assess if you can love your partner the way they deserve.

Research suggests that re-trusting a partner who has caused you emotional trauma — be it through infidelity, lying, dishonesty, or manipulation — requires openness, the intention to cooperate, sharing, and mutual support between partners. Being cheated on changes you and makes you more sensitive to betrayal and abandonment, and if your ex is showing zero intention to fix things, it’s better to walk away.

19. You’re not a topic of conversation

Have you contacted your mutual friends since splitting up with your ex? Does your ex keep referencing you, asking how you’ve been doing? If not, it is one of the signs your ex will never come back. You see when a woman is done with a relationship or a man falls out of love, s/he may become so detached from their ex that they go through life as if that person doesn’t even exist.

Perhaps, it’s for the best because research shows that cyclical partners (couples who break up and get back together multiple times) report lower relational quality— less love, need satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction. Maybe, this complete disengagement from their end is the nudge you need to give up the false hope of a reconciliation and look ahead in your life.

stories about breakup and loss

20. Your gut feeling tells you so

You are hoping against hope that your ex will find their way back to you. Perhaps, you have invested so much of yourself in the relationship, that you just can’t come to terms with the fact that it is over. But if you pay attention, there may be a tiny voice inside of you telling you that it is. The anxiety you experience before calling or texting your ex, the way your heart sinks when they don’t respond the way you’d hoped, the knot in the stomach you just can’t get rid of. All of these are the physical manifestations of what your intuition or gut instinct is trying to tell you — your ex is never coming back. Tune into your body and trust that instinct. It’s rarely wrong

Key Pointers

  • Holding on to hope of a reconciliation after a breakup is not unusual
  • However, this hope can become a hindrance your healing if it is one-sided and unfounded
  • That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the signs your ex will never come back
  • These include cutting off contact, being distant and cold, your ex being in a serious relationship, and a lack of reciprocation to any advances you make toward them

We have reached the end of this bittersweet guide on how to notice the signs your ex will never come back. We hope it has offered you some clarity on where you stand. There is nothing wrong with wanting to clear the air with your ex and even reconciling with them. However, not at the cost of your self-esteem and mental health. We hope that you see that and recognize your self-worth. If you’re struggling to make headway and are low-key obsessed with your ex’s life, seeking help from a mental health expert can help. For that, Bonobology’s counseling services are always at your disposal.


1. What are the signs he will come back?

If he is still in contact with you, talks to your friends, stalks you on social media, and has not jumped into a new relationship, there is hope that he wants to give the relationship another chance.

2. Why do men come back months later?

In many cases, he might come back months later because he needs some clarity. Or he might just want to talk to you about what happened and why so that he can finally get some closure.

3. Why do I have this strong gut feeling that he’s going to come back to me?

Maybe you still have feelings for him and are still clinging to false hopes. It can also be because he has friend-zoned you and is keeping you around for validation. However, remember one thing: it ended for a reason.

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