37 Funny Tinder Questions Your Matches Will Love

funny tinder questions
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Dating online is fun and you can do it from the comfort of your home. However, it comes with the unwritten caveat that there is not much of an impression you can make other than your opener. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? After all, no one wants to lose out on their match. Fear not, I am here to help you with my expertise in funny Tinder questions.

I have spent enough time on Tinder by now to know that it is difficult to strike up a conversation at times. In this day and age, Tinder is not just something lonely people use. The competition is tough and how things will proceed with your match all depends on the first impression you make.

37 Funny Tinder Questions Your Matches Will Love And Respond To

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Here’s what I think must have happened – a cutie hasn’t responded to you in a while and you just checked your DM a few seconds ago, still nothing. What is the next logical step? Fire up Google looking for funny Tinder opener questions and you stumbled upon this article.

Maybe you are new to the online dating space and that is why you are here. In that case, before we move to the actual questions, I have a suggestion in advance – do NOT open with a compliment because that can come off as superficial. Even if your match is dead-drop gorgeous, try to open with something amusing and witty and then drop compliments.

AH! wait…wait…one last tip – be subjective as well. You cannot start with a steak joke when your match is a vegan…so please do your due diligence with these and have fun with them. Personalize your openers by understanding what your match is into and don’t send a “Hey”. *sighs*

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1. What would it take for someone to take you off this app?

Ahhh, this clever question will give you an idea of what your match is trying to do on Tinder. Some people are there to simply have fun and meet people and don’t want anything too serious. Humor them by adding your personal touches to them in the follow-up conversation. One of the best funny Tinder questions to ask a girl in my opinion.

2. You want to approach a cute guy/girl but can only open with a terrible pickup line. What do you go with?

After having spent a substantial amount of time on Tinder, I’ve come across a lot of people who want the other person to strike up a fun conversation. Among this list of funny tinder opener questions, this specific one will make your match think. Chances are, this might lead them to tell you a funny story about terrible pick-up lines. 

3. The apocalypse starts an hour into our first date. What’s your best attribute that keeps us alive?

Thanks to the scenario of a life-threatening situation, this one will help you learn a lot of important things about your date. A light-hearted but useful funny Tinder opener question, you’ll thank me later because this will help you see why someone might not be as compatible as you would think.

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4. Do you think I could pull off being bald?

An even funnier question if you’re already bald. If you do have hair on your head just let the imagination lead the way here and don’t be so dead serious about life and your looks. Just have fun with it. Unless you want to be that guy on the call saying, “Bro I can’t think of any more funny tinder questions to ask a girl.”

5. What is your favorite thing to do after work/college?

We all have that one thing we like to do to unwind, right? An unusual hobby? Terrible reality show? Weird choice of comfort snack? This question is one of my favorites since it allows you to learn more about your match and what they like to do when they are by themselves.

6. Which hobby is a dead giveaway that someone is single?

Imagine going over to a date’s house and finding out that they collect rocks. Like hundreds of rare rock and mineral specimens? *gulps*. This one from our list of funny Tinder questions is about getting the giggles started as you relax and get to know each other better.

7. Help me solve this brain teaser: Are we going to a beach or a café?

Flirty and funny. A simple way to know if your match is the kind who likes the sound of the ocean during the sunset or someone who enjoys a date in a cozy café with an aesthetic ambiance. Honestly, it’s a question for the sake of it – you should totally be doing both. Who doesn’t want cute and fun first dates?

funny would you rather questions for tinder
You can never go wrong with a late evening cafe date

8. Besides being good-looking, what else do you do?

Because sometimes they are that good looking and it makes you wonder “That pretty face has to work for a living?”. And unless your match has a lot of family inheritance they have to work to make a living too. Starting with a compliment and following it up with a question will get your match to respond to you right away! Keep reading I have some funny ‘would you rather’ questions for Tinder up ahead that will get your matches to respond.

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9. Do you lick or bite soft ice cream?

There are two types of people in this world. What kind of monster bites their ice cream, right? Yes Daniel, it is weird and no, it is not normal. Can you even trust the people who bite into their ice cream? This will sound a little ‘out there’ but biting into your ice cream should be illegal. *disapproving noises*

10. Would you rather live through a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?

If I were to compile a list of funny ‘would you rather’ questions for Tinder, this one would top them all. And the world will agree with me when I say this – either option would be better than 2020! I am glad we’re slowly transitioning back to our pre-covid world. I mean we have to take our matches on a first date, and ask them some flirty first date questions too, right?

11. Would you rather give up coffee or give up sleep?

Behold the ultimate ‘would you rather’ question! Women love coffee and this one will make them think. It has been over a year since we matched and to this day my girlfriend has not made up her mind about this question. You can’t give up coffee because that will make you sleepy. However, if you give up sleep then you lose out on the experience of waking up to coffee.

12. Would you rather be married to a 10 with a bad personality or a 6 with an amazing personality?

Preferences. Preferences. Preferences. You can’t be just as funny as you’re hot and the other way around. Some people prioritize looks; others want a strong personality. You know I’m looking out for you, right, because I am simply helping you see things for what they are with the person you’ve matched with.

13. You just won a free flight for two to anywhere in the world. Where are you taking me?

Of course, your match is taking you. Why wouldn’t they? You’re great! The question is, do you both share the same taste in travel destinations? Because if all goes well you might need tips on travel for two. You see women love traveling and I am handing you over the best one from my stash of ‘best Tinder questions to ask a girl’.

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14. Ever wonder why it’s called ‘after dark’ when it’s really after light?

This one realllly makes you think, doesn’t it? Language has a notorious way of making sense logically but at times when it doesn’t, it throws the mind in a frenzy. You should try using this as your Tinder bio, more so because I retrieved it from the section of my mind labeled ‘funny questions to ask in Tinder bio’, just for you.

15. Titanic. Done. That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?

Sometimes we just run out of funny things to say. Maybe you are unsure if it will be relatable to your match, or it is one of those swipes where you didn’t intend to swipe right but oops? Since you are here looking for funny icebreaker questions for Tinder, it is my responsibility to encourage you to strike up a conversation any which way.

16. Using only emojis, explain what you’d like to do on our first date

Have you been talking to your match for a few days and want to ask them out on a date but aren’t sure how to go about it? This one should take care of it for you. My brother brought this up with me a few weeks ago asking me for ‘the best Tinder questions to ask a girl’ and said it was for a ‘friend’. It wasn’t of course, but I must tell you it has worked in his favor. 

funny icebreaker questions for tinder
Emoji’s and GIF’s are great for ice-breaking

17. So does this mean we are a couple now?

I want you to ask this funny Tinder question as a reply to something cute that only a girlfriend would say and subtly point out the fact that the lines are blurring. Maybe she’s upset about you eating your lunch late, or you had your first fight. I have been insisting since the start of this blog for you to personalize your responses. A lot of funny icebreaker questions for Tinder are commonly known by now, so you why not ask cute questions to your crush instead. With this one, you are keeping the right amount of risqué to be smooth and sweet. 

18. I was waiting for you to text me, but I guess I’ll take this for the team.

You ever like someone a lot and swipe hoping that they swipe you back? And they do but no one’s made a move and it’s been 5 days? I can relate because that is exactly how I matched with my girlfriend on Tinder. And yes, I used the same icebreaker which is why I know it works. As a matter of fact, I am currently working on volume II of ‘Funny Icebreaker Questions For Tinder’.

19. Important question: Can you wiggle your ears?

Do you know how rare this is? I once matched with a girl who had this in her bio. Yes her bio! We are best friends now. To this day, at the most random times, she will go around wiggling her ear and I flip every. single. time. Because sometimes funny questions to ask in a Tinder bio will lead you to wholesome friendships. I have to credit our friendship to her skill of making an effective online dating profile.

20. Your bucket list can only have 3 things, what are the other two?

Confidence is key when interacting with a potential date. Don’t be too cocky when you ask her this question from our list of best Tinder questions to ask a girl; be smooth and don’t push it any further if the response is like a ‘Lol’. Work your way up from the basics.

 21. Which is worse Harry being born to Voldemort or Voldemort killing the trio?

If you are tired of asking funny Tinder questions to your matches, this one can be a good change of pace. Nothing can go wrong with a Harry Potter question or in this case an alternate storyline of Harry Potter. This way you get to see their nerdy side – how cute is that? And for all my nerds struggling to find a tasteful match on Tinder, did you know there are dating sites for nerds too?

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22. What sport would be the funniest to add a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

I think it would be dodgeball. This is one of those funny tinder questions which does not have the right answer to it because the possibilities are endless. It will lead you from one interesting conversation to another, and you might get some fun games ideas for when you are with your friends.

23. What was the weirdest conversation you have overheard?

Are you telling me you have never accidentally overheard two people talking about the most random or strangest thing ever? I am sure we’ve all been there. The weirdest one I have heard so far was between two women talking and apparently, the couple had to fire the nanny because her husband found the nanny on an escort site.

24. They say good things come to those who wait but you’ve not replied yet, is it because the early bird got the worm?

Tell me if this sounds familiar you’ve used the best among the funny Tinder questions you could find but the ice isn’t broken yet? Want to text them once again without looking desperate? Use this question if you’re willing to give it one last try because your gut says that it’s worth it. If your match doesn’t reply to this one either, don’t worry there are a lot of worms in the sea.

26. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

We all have a list of things we wish to try and experience. Now that you have matched with someone, wouldn’t you like to know whether the person you’re talking to is open to new experiences or if they just prefer a calm and routine life? You’re in for some unusual and hilarious stories with this one if you’ve matched with an Aries woman.

27. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while you were drunk?

These are SO entertaining! You can’t go around asking funny Tinder questions and not include this. You’ll see how the conversation gets going with the two of you sharing the best and most embarrassing stories you’ve got from the time you were wasted. This also includes messages we send to our ex when drunk. *clears throat*

unny online dating questions to ask him
It all begins with the intention of getting tipsy

28. Ever been in a situation where a friend accidentally turned you on?

We’re all adults here and a lot of us have experienced this at least once. These are almost never intentional and I speak from personal experience. My close friend ruffled my hair playfully one time in class, which should not have been a huge deal because she and I were always playful with each other, but it did something to me at that moment, and I still think about it at times.

25. What is something that should be done more often but most people only do it occasionally?

I think it’s taking a shower every day. I’m guilty as charged, your honor, especially as winter approaches, however on most days I do shower regularly to keep myself (and those around me) feeling fresh, as should your Tinder match. Ask them this question to learn about their personal habits and the occasional slippages in them. There are some relationship deal breakers that can be avoided easily with questions like these.

29. Which movie resembles your life story so far?

You’re probably hoping the answer from on the other end isn’t The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Not that there is anything wrong with that. And just between you and me, but Crazy Rich Asians resembles my life quite well on many levels.

30. You ever repair something on your own to save money and ended up spending more because you made it worse?

I once tried to fix my iPhone home button which had somehow recessed into the slot using a pry tool and damaged the touch ID. Let’s just say the Apple Genius had a good story to tell at dinner time. Yes, men like to fix things up on their own. For the ladies looking for funny online dating questions to ask him, this one’s for you.

 31. Have you ever gone an entire day outdoors without wearing underwear?

I’m sure that almost everyone has gone “commando” at least once in their life, either by design or by accident. Before you ask your match this question, read the room well because not everyone will be comfortable with you asking this question. I suggest you avoid using this as an icebreaker and wait till you know a little more about them. And as I am typing this I just realized that these truth or dare questions can be of good use to you as well.

32. Which is a thing that is morally okay but illegal to do?

Some funny Tinder questions begin and end in the gray area. To our good luck Tinder is well encrypted. But you’re going to have to think of something yourself in the event of your match asking you the same question.

33. Who tests the dog food when they say that it has a new and improved flavor?

Haha! Not a lot of people know this or have thought about this before. Among this list of funny Tinder questions, this is the one you should use if your match has a pet or is into animals. Oh, and the answer to this question is a professional pet food tester.

34. Why do some couples go to the gym?

The answer is a no-brainer; it’s because they want their relationship to work out. Haha! Get it? Towards the end of this list, I’ve added a few ‘Dad jokes’ which will double up as funny Tinder questions. There are a lot of funny ways to start a conversation and get responses if you look in the right places.

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35. If you were a fruit, what kind would you be?

Your Tinder match’s response is of little relevance because it’s what you’re going to say that matters… No matter what their reply, you have to follow it up with a, “Well I think you’re a fineapple.” Come on, you know you smiled at that!

36. If you were to feel my shirt, you’d be surprised to find out what it’s made from.

It’s ‘boyfriend material’. If nothing else comes from this, you’ll get a good laugh at the very least. And you are not allowed to cringe at any of this because you were the one looking for ‘funny Tinder questions to ask a girl’. Ask and you shall receive!

37. Are you from Korea? Because I think you’re my Seoul mate.

What did I just say about not cringing? As cheesy as this is, you will get your match to smile with this one. I personally find it very wholesome when I can brighten up someone’s day. If your Tinder match is into cheesy one-liners like you, this one will come in handy with this person you have been swooning over!

Phew! You’ve made it to the end, and I hope this list of funny Tinder questions fetches you better and more consistent responses from your matches, while also keeping the conversations entertaining. If there is a friend who you think can make use of these questions, then send this article their way. Happy swiping!

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