21 Romantic Texts To Prove To Your Girlfriend You Love Her

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Text messages are a delivery of love, wrapped in words that sometimes cannot be said out loud. For some people, it is easier to express one’s love in written words than to explain how you feel on a phone call or in person. But honestly, how to prove to your girlfriend that you love her over text?

Texts do come with a risk of being misinterpreted sometimes, but honestly, with the cuteness that the sweet little nothings evoke when you text them all day, this might be worth the risk to prove your love to your girlfriend indirectly. After all, texting does imply that they have been a constant thought throughout your day.

It is surely not easy to prove you love your girlfriend more than she loves you. Honestly, no girl would want to lose that battle but sometimes, it is for the better. Making your girl feel like she’s all you’ve ever wanted is the best feeling you can give her and expressing that in the written language of love makes it an extra special way of how you prove to your girlfriend that you love her over text.

21 Ways To Prove To Your Girlfriend That You Love Her Over Text

When Dash & Lily can choose to confess their love through cute love notes passed via a random library book, you surely can choose to tell a girl you love her for the first time over text because somehow, it is a lot more expressive and sweeter.

Sometimes, it might not be enough to simply write the three magical words to make a girl believe you love her over text, especially if you choose to prove you love your girlfriend more than she loves you. After all, a simple act of making someone realize you are thinking of them via text is a wholesome thing to do.

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It is not easy to prove love to your girlfriend but here are a few ways how to prove to your girlfriend that you love her over text or simply, as an alternative to “I love you”.

1. A simple good morning

Yes, if you’ve heard in the past that wishing someone good morning means they are your first thought in the morning, well then, you’ve heard it right. There’s nothing that can make a girl believe you love her over text than a sweet little good morning text popping up on her notification window.

2. A sweet good night text

If there’s something that is just as sweet as a good morning text, it’s a good night text amidst a busy work schedule. This is a tender expression of love when it has been a busy day and you haven’t talked much to her yet you choose to end your day with a sweet good night text to your girlfriend. It’s one of those things that will immediately tell a girl you love her on text indirectly.

3. A midnight text she’ll read in the morning

The most unexpected text messages are the ones that bring out the widest of smiles. The best is when your girlfriend decides to sleep early and in the wee hours of the night, you decide to drop her a sweet little note about everything that’s running through your mind. It can be about what you feel or how lucky you might be to have her. A little love note for her to read right when she wakes up in the morning is how to prove to your girlfriend that you love her over text.

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4. Compliment her without occasion

It is appreciable to know you like the pictures she sends when she’s all dolled up to go out somewhere, but on days when she doesn’t look her best, maybe because of a very badly placed zit or just a day when she doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror, compliment her. With every picture she shares with you, choose to find what’s best in her and compliment her for it, for there’s no other way to tell a girl you love her on text indirectly plus the other cute things you might say to her.

5. I’m proud of you

A girl often tends to express how proud she is of you with every achievement you share with her, be it a middle-of-the-day text or simply an office meeting going right. Hence, when a girl chooses to do that, reciprocate the same feeling and do it over text. Tell her, “I’m proud of you” for there’s nothing that will make her feel more elated than that text from you.

6. ‘Text me when you reach home’

The moment you part your ways after meeting, you silently send her a message, ‘Text me when you reach home.” It is a silent expression of your love for your girlfriend. You do not need grand gestures to prove your love to your girlfriend, the smallest of messages also hold a lot of meaning.

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7. Remind them you need them

A random text message saying “I wish you were here” or “I miss your touch” is surely the most adorable expression of how much you love your girlfriend. A call might seem like too much of investment sometimes to tell your girlfriend about the feelings of your heart. Choose the more low-key version: leave her your words in a text message, it will surely make a girl believe you love her over text.

8. Do not hesitate to text first

Be unafraid of being judged for the times when you tell a girl you love her for the first time, or to text first all. When you truly begin to love someone, such things shouldn’t really matter. Simply conveying your honest, unfiltered feelings is all you should care about with your girl. Check up on her by texting first on days she’s super busy, or on days when she has told you she doesn’t feel okay, for there’s nothing more beautiful than to be cared for at one’s lowest points without hesitating about how often should you text her at all.

9. Ask her about her day

At the end of the day, ask your girlfriend about her day and show interest in what she has to say. The undivided attention you have for the details of her life will act as an ultimate sign of how much you care for her. Share what your day was like, that will keep the conversation flowing effortlessly.

10. Never escape with a ‘hmm’

‘Hmm’ is surely a dead-end conversation killer for anyone, making her feel like you are not really interested in what she has to say. Using a lot of ‘hmm’ is likely to cause you two to drift apart. Hence, keeping its usage to a minimum in your textual conversations is how you prove you love your girlfriend more than she loves you, by simply being active in the conversation.

11. Check up on her

It is a busy day at the office with back-to-back meetings, a day that won’t allow you to call your girlfriend. On such a day, the least you can do is check up on her by texting her, “How is your day so far?” or “I can’t wait to see you in the evening and know all about your day, mine is pretty exhausting”. The most generic text from you at the right time is a very good answer to the question: how to prove to your girlfriend you love her over text.

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12. The texts that resolve fights

Sometimes, it is impossible to convey your feelings amidst a fight, specifically when you’re on a call or in person. Do not box up these feelings. The best resolution to such fights is expressing everything you wish to say over a text or multiple texts. That way, she will at least get to know what you feel about the situation rather than making assumptions about it.

Fights should never be the reason you fall apart. Expressing what you feel would only resolve things for the better, hence, prove your love to your girlfriend by choosing to resolve fights by whatever means you find possible, even if that means a text message or a series of text messages or any other way that helps you reconnect after a big fight.

13. Random lyrics to a song you relate to

‘Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet; I never knew you were someone waiting for me – I was just listening to this song and somehow, it feels like it is made for us.’ Text her out of blue about this song or any other song that feels perfect just for you. It’ll make a girl believe you love her over text for there are few things more romantic than sharing song lyrics that mirror your emotions.

14. An insightful question on your journey

“Don’t you think we’ve come a long way?” or “Do you remember that time when we met for the first time and it was raining just like today?” – A few words of remembrance, or simply asking her about what she feels about something only you share with her will surely be an expression of how to prove to your girlfriend you love her over text.

15. Pay attention to the details

Your girlfriend spots a dress on her window shopping spree and sends you a picture of it for your opinion or she tells you about a specific restaurant that she wishes to try: pay attention to such details from your girl and go back to them when you can in your conversations. It will remind them of the extra care you hold for them. All you need to do is know when to text your girl about it and tell a girl you love her over text indirectly.

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16. Ask for her advice

From your everyday beard look to what you plan to wear to your best friend’s birthday, rope her in for a piece of advice. When it comes to how a guy should look, girls always have an opinion and when you choose to follow through with what she suggests after you’ve exchanged a million looks on text, or when you choose to open up about any other thing that’s bothering you, she’ll surely feel the luckiest and that’s how to prove to your girlfriend you love her over text.

17. Randomly text memory of her you cherish

You visit the corner of the city you met her for the first time or the cafe where she completely embarrassed herself after spilling coffee or let’s just say the song she sang to you at the top of her voice after getting drunk on that silent street next to your house, text her about these moments you love her for. Prove your love to your girlfriend by simply reminding her of how well you remember things about her; she’ll surely adore it or alas, would begin to love you more.

18. Be open and expressive about yourself in texts

For some people, it is difficult to be expressive about things, especially about how they feel about you. Choose to express yourself via texts. Yes, long paragraphs are welcome because somehow, most women do love reading how their man feels. It adds an emotional edge to how they want their life to be and that is all they need to feel loved over text.

19. Sleep texting

You live with your family and she lives with hers, it is not exactly possible to have privacy on a phone call all the time, specifically at night. So, you choose to text to a point where you are very sleepy yet you do not want to end the conversation. Do that because she will appreciate a beautiful good morning text that says, “Sorry baby, I slept off last night while talking to you.” This is how to prove to your girlfriend you love her over text for you do not want to give up on the slightest chance of being in touch with her.

20. The classic mushy texts

A little cribbing about how much you miss seeing her, the uncalled for “I love you” you send her way, or simple asks like enquiring if they had food on time: yes, these messages are not banned. You can surely express your love however you feel like, all you need to do is make her feel loved and happy even if you tell a girl you love her over Whatsapp.

21. If you’re busy, stay in touch

You cannot always be available for a call, specifically not amidst the hectic schedules of your day but text messages offer you a possibility of staying in touch. Grab that chance to do that. Make a girl believe you love her over text with the simplest of gestures. Your love language cannot always be put together in a whole lot of conversations all the time, it’s also about being there and being available at the right time.

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It’s not very difficult to come up with ways how to prove to your girlfriend you love her over text, for the smallest of things feels like the grandest of gestures if they are made from the bottom of your heart. Love doesn’t require fancy dates, parties, and a grand proposal, it just requires you and her and the truest of the feelings you share for each other.

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