How To Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Through Text – 19 Examples

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how to win your ex girlfriend back through text

Have you recently broken up with your girlfriend and are looking for ways to win her back? These examples of how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text will help you revive the relationship. She has refused to meet you. She won’t pick up your calls either. Now, what’s left? Your only salvation lies in sending her sweet, reassuring, apologetic text messages that will let her know that you still want her in your life.

Relationships are complicated. When two people break up, one of them almost always has the intention of reconciliation. If that’s you, then you can make your ex-girlfriend fall in love with you again through text messages. Maybe you and your girlfriend aren’t on talking terms or you are getting a strange feeling that she might be falling out of love with you.

These are stressful and worrisome situations, which will get the better of you if you don’t handle them carefully. There are many funny things to say to your ex-girlfriend to get her back and attract her through text messages. Make her glad for giving the relationship one more chance.

19 Examples Of Texts To Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

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Before you make plans about winning her back, make sure she is single and not dating anyone. Find out from her friends if she is single. Once you have that information, it’s time to stop moping over her and up your texting game to win her back. Th e first rule is learn how to not be a dry texter. There are a few other things you need to know before you let your fingers do the magic and come up with those perfect text messages.

Firstly, there will be a lot of awkwardness when you interact with her after the breakup. That awkwardness is inevitable and inescapable. Secondly, you can’t act all friendly and pretend it all ended on a good note if it actually didn’t. If the breakup was nasty, the texting and confrontation will be even more uncomfortable and unpleasant. But once you get past that bitterness, all you will need is a good guide on how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text. 

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1. “Hi, Emma, how are you? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Hope everything is good with you.”

All you have to do is start small and be formal. If you want to text your ex-girlfriend to make her miss you, then this is where you begin. A lot of people don’t know where to start a text conversation. Why not keep it simple and formal? A plain text like this is effortless and won’t make you look desperate. Keep it uncomplicated by asking about her well-being.

It’s a message she can respond to in one sentence.  The message and its reply might sound dull, boring and even forgettable but the intention behind it is something entirely different. An easy question like ‘how are you’ warrants an easy answer, which she won’t hesitate to respond with. And if for some reason, she ignores your text and fails to reply, then don’t bombard her with messages. Let her take her time to reply. 

You can also elaborate the message a little and say, “Just dropping a text to see if you are okay. You can reach out to me if there’s anything you need. I am here for you, even if it’s just as a friend or a well-wisher. Please take care.” 

2. “Hey Emma. I’m just messaging to share some good news with you.”

The next step on how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text is by filling her in on all the events that have taken place in your life since her exit. Don’t be a clingy boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. Just drop her a text and update her about your life. Tell her about that job promotion you got at work. If you got a new pet, tell her about it. Maybe send a picture or two of that bundle of cuteness to melt her into a puddle. The goal here is to not let the conversation die. 

Inform her if any of your siblings got married or had a baby or graduated from college. That will let her know that despite being busy with wedding preparations or being busy at work, you still had the time to think about her. It is always about who misses you when they are busy rather than someone who misses you when they are lonely at 2am. 

You can throw in all the details you want. Make it less awkward by saying, “I know this is out of nowhere but I wanted to let you know that my sister just got married. Yeah, after 3 years of being engaged, they finally tied the knot. You know, it was such a special and momentous occasion. I wish you were there to celebrate with me. And BTW, I got a cat and guess what I named him? After my favorite thing on earth. No surprises there. I named him Donut.” 

3. “Hello, Emma. Hope you are well. Just wanted to check up on your mom.”

Be curious about the happenings in her life. But always know that there is a thin line between being curious and being nosey. Most people don’t know the difference. It will be beneficial for you to learn that distinction if you want to attract her through text.

Ask how things are going with her. If she told you she wanted to quit her job and wanted to start her own business, then enquire about that. Ask how her parents are doing. If you are looking for funny things to say to your ex-girlfriend to get her back, then the below text will definitely crack her up and will prompt her to reply to your text.

“How is your dog? I truly miss him. If you don’t mind, can I visit him sometime? Facebook updated me that your sister had a baby. Congratulations to the new mom and dad. Is the new mom doing okay? And, the baby is adorable. So, are you the new unofficial nanny of the house?”

4. “I was re-watching FRIENDS last night. The Lobster episode reminded me of us.” 

Remind her of the good times you shared. Every couple builds fond memories despite the length of the relationship. It doesn’t matter if you dated her for a short or long time. If you have strong memories with her, then this pointer will come handy when you text your ex-girlfriend to make her miss you. Make her reconnect and relive the relationship with such information.

It’s a two step process – a question to recall a certain incident followed by another question to see if she remembers it. Remind her of something special. Something silly and minor yet memorable. Below are some example messages you can send to invoke nostalgia.

“I went to the restaurant where we celebrated our first anniversary. The food was lip smacking. Do you remember that place? It’s so far from where we used to live.” Or tell her something like: “Remember when we went out ice-skating and I lost my balance and fell on the floor? When I had a horrible injury and couldn’t leave my bed for a month.” 

5. “Came across the newest edition of your favorite book today. Made me think of you.”

When my current boyfriend and I had broken up for a while, he found out the most cunning way to get the conversation going. Even though we didn’t have any common interests in the relationship, he knew all about my likes and dislikes. He would text me and say, “Hey, I heard John Green wrote a new book. I ordered the hardcover one for you. You don’t have to meet me but I’ll mail it to you. Your address is still the same, right?” I read that message and couldn’t believe how smooth and effortless it sounded. He was aware I am a heavy reader and knew I wouldn’t miss out on a book like that.

Similarly, if you are well aware of your girlfriend’s interests, then you can use that to your advantage and make your ex-girlfriend fall in love with you again through text. Engage her in a conversation that she wouldn’t want to miss. Excite her about the things she loves. That’s the answer to what is the fastest way to get your ex back over text. 

6. “I miss you and I can’t stop thinking about you. I think we can work this out.”

This is a bold move and requires a lot of courage. If you are genuinely looking for ways on how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text, then nothing will do you better than pouring your heart out. Romantic miss you messages are sure to tug at her heart strings and will make your ex-girlfriend fall in love with you again through text.  

You can share what’s in your heart sincerely by saying, “Em, I miss your beautiful smile and your voice. Everything reminds me of you. From the smell of freshly-brewed coffee to the T-shirt you left at my place. Let me know when you are free. Maybe we can have a quick phone call?”  

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7. “Are we going to end our relationship because of one stupid fight? 

Making her realize the relationship matters more than the fight is one of the answers to “What is the fastest way to get your ex back over text?”. When two people who love each other more than anything, they will find their way back to each other despite conflicts and arguments.

If neither of you cheated or did something drastic to hurt the other person, then definitely a genuine message for ex-girlfriend to come back will contribute to getting her back. If she sits back and ponders upon this question, then it’s one of the starting stages of getting back together. Ask her questions that will make her rethink her decision about the breakup.

8. “Emma, I am so sorry. I know I did some wrong things. Give me a chance to rectify those mistakes.” 

If you are the reason for the breakup, then it’s time you assure her your mistakes won’t be repeated, and if you want to know how to save the relationship, all you have to do is accept your mistake and promise her it won’t happen again. If you disrespected her or offended her, then a sincere apology message is the best text to send to an ex-girlfriend. Assure her you will do her right this time.

Tell her. “I promise I will be better this time. Just one last chance. If I don’t meet your expectations this time, you can throw me out of your life. I won’t bother you again after that. Please give me just one chance.”

“I am sorry” are some of the most magical words you can ever use. We are humans after all and none of us is perfect. Accepting your mistakes and owning up to them is what matters and makes you a better person. Taking responsibility for the breakup and promising her that you will be better this time is the answer to your question: what is the fastest way to get your ex back over text?

9. “This meme is so funny, it reminded me of you. That’s exactly how you behave with your dog.”

Memes have become an important aspect of our everyday life as Gen-Z uses memes to flirt, approach a person they like and even put a smile on a sad friend. From being an icebreaker to putting a smile on someone’s face to addressing an elephant in the room, they are being used by millennials for all kinds of situations.

Send her a plain message with a funny meme related to you, her or the situation. If you are looking for funny things to say to your ex-girlfriend to get her back, then crack a joke at your expense. Share a funny thing that happened at work. There’s no harm in being the butt of all jokes to make her laugh again. 

10. “Ran into your brother at a restaurant today. We had a nice conversation.”

Tell her about the time you met her family member or friend. If you and your partner have met each other’s family and friends, then this will be one of the most useful ways on how to win your ex back through text.

You can let her know how much you appreciate her family for being there for you by saying, “Your family and friends have always welcomed me with warmth and I feel so much gratitude toward you for introducing me to your special ones.” 

This isn’t something that will help your ex-girlfriend consider reconciliation but it’s one of the most meaningful ways to start a conversation. Once she replies to your text, ask her if she wants to grab lunch or have dinner with you. 

message for ex girlfriend to come back
“I miss you. Please come back.”

11. “Hey Emma. I don’t want to pressure you into making any decision right away.” 

If I’ve learnt anything from my past relationship, it’s that texting someone constantly will drive them away from you. You have to give them space to absorb everything that happened. Space in a relationship is important during and after the relationship. Space to heal and breathe till you figure out what you want to do. Give the relationship another chance or move on.

Tell her she can have all the time in the world to make her decision. “Take as much time as you need to clear your head. I am ready to wait because I genuinely want you back in my life.” 

Just send her the above message and let her know that she can take her time to decide the relationship’s fate. Sending a message like that is one of the most thoughtful ways of how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text. 

12. “I regret letting you go. I also have a lot of regrets about how I treated you in the relationship.”

Showing regret is one of the ways of how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text as regret is a very powerful tool and when used properly, it has the power to thaw even the most frozen hearts. Tell you regret hurting her and the way you treated her. You can also show your remorse by accepting and shouldering all the blame.

Once you show your regrets and fully acknowledge that you are guilty about what happened, she might consider giving the relationship one more chance. Tell her, “You deserve better and I am ready to give you that. I will be a better man for you. I will try my best.”

If you are looking for the best text to send to an ex-girlfriend, then a message that shows how sorry you are will do the trick of winning her back. If she also has unresolved feelings for you, then that will act as a catalyst in bringing her back into your life.

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13. “Do you ever wonder how things would have been if we were still together?” 

There is more than one cute text to get your ex back. You can ask open-ended questions to get to know what’s happening in her life. Ask her about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘could have been’ situations regarding your relationship. Some of the questions you can ask her are:

“Do you think we would’ve gotten married?”, “I am sure we would’ve taken that trip to Greece.”, “Do you think we can give our relationship another try?”

The purpose of a question like that is to open up a space for your ex to share their views on why the two of you are better off apart or together. When she shares her perspective, it will be clear whether or not she wants to come back to you. Be prepared for her answers. If she says something that doesn’t help in sustaining the relationship, don’t feel dejected. There are other ways of how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text. 

14. “I take responsibility for my part that caused the breakup. I want you back in my life.”

This is one of the most gentlemanly things you can do to attract her through text. Give her the freedom of choice. Let her know that she is under no pressure to respond to your texts or pleas of wanting her back. Tell her that the final decision of being together or apart will be hers and whatever conclusion she comes up with, you will respect that decision and accept it. This is one of the steps to win a girl.

Type her a text like this, “Please know that you have all the freedom of choice that you can imagine. Whatever decision you make, I will respect and honor it. If you give this relationship one more chance, then I will be a better boyfriend than I was before. If you decide to move on, I will accept that and I will respectfully move away from your side.”

15. “Hey. I was wondering if you would help me with my research.”

Some men find it demeaning to ask for help from women. If you are one such guy, then you need to reevaluate your priorities before you ask a girl to come back. Women love to be needed and asking for a favor is the right way to go about it. Be hopeful that a favor will lead to a meetup. That’s one of the ways on how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text.

16. “Hey. I know you are angry with me and you are not wrong. I am glad you didn’t block me.” 

If your girlfriend is angry with you, then try calming her down with a sweet message. A message like this will make her go weak in the knees.

“Considering the way I treated you, I deserve your wrath. I have been working on myself and you will be surprised to see how much I’ve changed over the last three months. If you are down for it, we can meet up for coffee whenever you are free.” This is one of the sweet things to say to her which she will definitely appreciate.

This will let her know that you have become more responsible, sensible and mature than you used to be. If you want to text your ex-girlfriend to make her miss you, that’s the way to do it.

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17. “I miss you and I want you back. I haven’t been myself since we parted ways.” 

If none of the above things worked, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Try using requests and pleas. Tell her you regret breaking up and ask her to give another chance. It won’t make your ex-girlfriend fall in love with you again through text, but you will get another chance to prove your love for her. 

“I tried to go on a few dates but all in vain as I am still in love with you. Nobody comes close to making me happy as much as you did.”

Text your girlfriend to make her miss you and send her the above message. That will make her feel that things are not over between you two and she might say yes to meeting you.

18. “Can we give our relationship a fresh start?” 

There is a reason why phrases like ‘forgive and forget’, ‘let bygones be bygones’ and ‘hold out an olive branch’ exist. It’s for people to have a fresh start and make peace with one another. One of the answers to how to win your ex-girlfriend back through text is by assuring her that you will not repeat your mistakes and that you will build a harmonious relationship this time.

“Let’s forget about all the mistakes we made or rather I made. Whatever it is, I am ready to fix it. We can make it work. I am sure we can.”

That message for his ex-girlfriend to come back will get her thinking about her decision to move on. There is nothing wrong with starting anew with a former lover. Don’t be under the false impression that just because it didn’t work out the first time, it won’t be any good this time either. You will be surprised at how many relationships have become stronger with a fresh start. 

19. “I love you and I still care about you.” 

The above-mentioned points are all indirect ways of conveying your love and getting back together with your ex. But if you still love her, then just a direct message for ex-girlfriend to come back won’t help you out. You need to tell her you are still madly in love with her. 

“I am sorry for whatever happened. I don’t think I’ve loved anybody like I’ve loved you. All I want is for us to get back together. You are everything I dream of, Emma. Just drop a text if you want to meet me.”

There is nothing wrong in openly admitting and expressing your feelings. What if she was waiting for this love admission of yours? If you want to text your ex-girlfriend to make her miss you, then make it worthwhile by sending something heartwarming.

It’s difficult to go through breakup blues and deal with loneliness. Don’t think you are alone and have to deal with this all by yourself. Talk to your ex-girlfriend about this and tell her you are finding it difficult to move on. It doesn’t matter what you text to get her back as long as your intentions are honest and genuine. If she receives your signals as truthful, then she might agree to reconciling with you.


1. How can I win my ex back?

You can win your ex back by showing them that you have changed. Give them space and respect their boundaries. Show your ex that you will be a better partner than before. Don’t screw up your chances by acting needy, clingy and desperate.

2. How long should I wait for my ex to come back?

Do not go running after them right after the breakup. Give your ex at least a week’s space before asking them for a reconciliation. If they say no, then wait for at least 3-6 months for them to come back depending upon the conditions the two of you broke up in. 

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