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Sexual myths that most men believe!

Even in the 21st century, most things about sex remain a myth in India, while science can now put an embryo through IVF for women to carry
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Everything about sex in India is a myth

When I asked my friend about what he believed about sex, that later turned out to be myths, he said, “Dude, everything in India about sex is a myth”. While most teenagers do get formal sex education in school, it is hardly any help to bust myths about sex that men believe in as they grow more mature. Porn does little to help; rather it creates fantasies that may not always be fulfilled, just adding to unhappier sex lives and the frustration associated with them. There is so much out there on the Internet, but ironically there are some very stupid myths about sex that men believe in. Here is a list of the top 5.

1. It has to be thick and long

Size has very little to do with giving pleasure to your woman. If men were to do a little research about the vagina, they’d learn that only the outer part of the vagina, which is about 2 inches in depth, has any sensation. The inner part of about 4 inches does not have any sensation. So, realistically speaking, a normal, erect penis of 2 inches is more than enough to satisfy your lady. It is a myth that the bigger the size of the penis, the better are the chances of her getting an orgasm. So all you men out there who are obsessed with increasing the size of your perfectly normal tool, here’s one myth busted for you.

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  1. Of course. We live in a country that has such an inkling for myths and when it comes to Sex, we better not begin the debate. The myths discussed above are strongly rooted even in the minds of urban men. And with such misconceptions in mind, one can never have a satisfying sex life. It’s high time you put some sense into your understanding and give an upboost to your sexual drives. Understand your body , acknowledge your partner’s body. Understand each others’ needs and urges and explore your own ways to have a gala time together.

  2. I will repeat it again that India is a country where you cannot kiss in public but can definitely piss in public. I do not know why is sex considered an taboo. Quite illogical. This myths are a result of that only.

  3. There seems to be an endless amount of myths when it comes to sex. We need to stop believing in such myths. These myths are actually big obstacles to understanding and healing and having a healthy sex life, so it’s really important to know just how wrong they are.

    Guys, stop believing all the myths about sex and enjoy your sex life without being conscious of anything.

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