15 Unmistakable Signs A Married Woman Wants You To Make A Move

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Updated On: January 18, 2024
signs a married woman wants you to make a move

Receiving love signals from a married woman? How scandalous! But you’re scared to do anything about it because you aren’t sure about the signs a married woman wants you to make a move. That’s why we are here to tell you how to pick up all the hints. These signs can be either indirect and subtle or direct and obvious.   

Did she just graze your thigh or wink at you when nobody was looking or did she outright kiss you and leave you speechless? Whatever the scenario was, it has left you puzzled. The good news is, a study suggests that “women aren’t attracted to men that seem easy to manipulate or deceive.” So, rest assured, she is probably just looking to have some fun. And if you are down for it as well, then don’t miss out on these signs, and approach her before it’s too late. 

15 Unmistakable Signs A Married Woman Wants You To Make A Move

Before we get into the luscious details of a married woman wanting you, ask yourself if you are up for it first. Getting involved with a married woman isn’t going to be a cakewalk. There could be a lot of problems and you could even be the reason for wrecking someone’s marriage. Now, if you are still open to the idea of wanting to know the signs a married woman is attracted to you, read on and clear all your confusion.

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1. She stares at you openly 

The gaze game has to be one of the most sensual signs she wants you to make a move. The two of you are sitting in a public setting and you catch her staring at you. She is flirting with her eyes and doesn’t turn her gaze away. She rarely breaks eye contact with you and you can sense that this isn’t any ordinary eye contact. This is the look of a woman who wants you. 

Jonah, a 28-year-old software engineer from Massachusetts, writes to Bonobology, “I recently went on a date with a married woman. It all began when we met at my sister’s graduation party. She said she was immediately attracted to me and that’s why she couldn’t stop staring at me. We’ve been dating for two months now and it’s going well.”

2. She asks you for help 

Contrary to what most people think, asking for help or advice makes a good impression. Research supports this theory and says it’s important to seek advice when you are trying to impress someone because when you ask for advice, people do not think less of you, they actually think you’re smarter. 

The next time a married woman asks for your help regularly, there’s a chance she likes you. Even though she has a husband and other people in her life who would help her out when she is stuck in a difficult situation, she keeps reaching out to you in times of need. This is one of the glaring signs she wants you to make a move. She is using these difficult situations as excuses to meet you and come closer to you. Once you help her out, she will praise you excessively and will tell you how grateful she is. 

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3. She gets uncomfortable when she sees you with another woman 

Jealousy is a clear indication that a woman is interested in you. She will get uncomfortable and jealous when she sees you talking to other women. If she isn’t interested in you, she wouldn’t mind you hanging out with other girls. However, if she acts hostile, then it’s a clear sign a married woman is attracted to you.

When asked on Reddit if jealousy is a sign of love, a user replied, “It’s a natural instinct to feel jealous when you like someone but they seem to be spending their time with someone else. If you’re just friends and you get jealous when someone is with them, you’re probably definitely infatuated and are hoping for more.” 

4. She laughs at all your jokes

Let’s say you actually have a good sense of humor and people laugh at all your jokes. But that doesn’t mean all your jokes have a great landing. Some can crash and burn. You just can’t be funny all the time. If she laughs at all your jokes, it’s one of the signs a married woman likes you and is interested in you.

Suzanne, a 42-year-old woman from Hawaii, says, “I really wanted to hook up with this man I met at a conference. He wasn’t even funny but that didn’t stop him from cracking jokes. I had to laugh at his lame jokes for an hour. After we were done making out, I said to his face that he isn’t funny and walked away.” 

5. She invites you to be a part of her circle 

Why would a married woman invite you to be a part of her world if she didn’t like you? It’s one of the obvious signs she is interested in you and wants to hang out with you as much as she can. She will invite you for coffee or dinner with her friends. It’s her subtle way of introducing you to her friends and perhaps even a way of showing you off as a trophy. 

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6. She shares the intimate details of her life with you 

While attempting to get closer to you, a married woman will open up and share everything with you. She will tell you about her friends, the gossip at work, and go to the extent of sharing her vulnerabilities if she wants more than just sex from you. She will even share her marital problems with you and will make you feel like you are better than her husband. While she is pouring her heart out, she will use phrases that make it evident that she wants more than just friendship from you

  • “I wish my husband was as understanding as you”
  • “Where were you when I was single?”
  • “If only I could go back in time and meet you before I met my husband” 

7. She says she is unhappy in her marriage 

From confessing her marital issues to expressing her resentment toward her husband, she will let you in on the juicy details of her boring and loveless marriage. She will even lie to her husband about meeting you. By talking about her unhappiness and saying that she is depressed in her marriage, she is trying to gain your sympathy. If you don’t want to disrupt a marriage, it’s best to be vocal about it. Tell her you’re not interested and block her number.  

8. She flirts with you 

There’s only a thin line between being friendly and being flirty because women aren’t as vocal as men when it comes to making the first move. They will show their interest by flirting with you. Here are some obvious signs a married woman likes you and some signs she is trying to flirt with you:

  • She always smiles when you are around
  • She sends you kisses and heart emojis 
  • She sits close to you 
  • Her sexual energy is palpable
  • She is curious about you and asks a lot of questions in an attempt to keep your attention 

9. Her body language gives it away 

When a woman is attracted to someone, this attraction will be visible in the way she carries herself. Her body language is a dead giveaway that she likes you and wants to get to know you more. Listed below are some female body language signs of attraction from a married woman:

  • She blushes every time she sees you
  • She doesn’t mind when you touch her
  • She will touch your arms and thighs
  • She leans in closer to you and angles her body toward you 
  • She mirrors your actions and gestures
  • She plays with her hair and jewelry 
  • She touches her neck sensually 
  • She gives you a tight hug 
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10. She doesn’t shy away from intimate conversations 

From flirting to dirty talk and sexting, she doesn’t shy away from anything. That’s when it becomes apparent that a married woman is captivated by you and wants you to make a move over text and in person. She will send you messages to make you obsess over her. She will text you at odd hours and won’t hesitate to open up about her sex life. She will even crack some dirty “That’s what she said” jokes to get your attention.

All these things are done and said to see your reaction. If you are game for it, then nothing should stop you from pursuing her. However, if you don’t like the fact that a married woman is hitting on you, then you can politely decline her offer or cut all ties with her.

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11. She tries to seduce you

She will entice you with her body. She will tantalize you by touching her neck and cleavage in front of you. Some cues she is trying to seduce you include:

  • Complimenting your body or appearance often
  • She will treat you a lot more favorably than others, and that difference will be apparent 
  • She will bring up sexual topics and will ask you a lot of questions related to love and sex

A Reddit user shares their story of being seduced by a married woman, “She had been slowly trying to seduce me every time we hung out by having increasingly sexual conversations with me, and yesterday she straight up told me that she wanted me. She’s not in a happy or emotionally fulfilling or physically fulfilling relationship. Neither of us wants to have a relationship, she just wants to have a good physical time.” 

12. She insists on spending one-on-one time with you

She will be extra caring toward you and will make it a point to create situations where it’s always just you and her. It doesn’t matter what kind of conversations take place when she is alone with you because all she wants is your complete attention. When you are spending time with her, she will make you feel seen and heard. She will validate your feelings by practicing emotional attunement and she will make you feel like you are the best man she has ever met. This is one of the clear signs a married woman is attracted to you. 

13. She notices little things about you 

Did you wear a new perfume? Oh, you did your hair differently today? From noticing how broad your shoulders are to what you like to eat for dessert, she will notice every little thing about you. She will even remember your Starbucks order. This is one of the ways to tell if she has a crush on you.

14. She whispers in your ear

Another seductive way to get your attention. Whispering in someone’s ear is a clear sign of physical attraction. She will lean closer to you and will whisper in your ears. It can start from innocent observations about your surroundings and lead up to naughty, intimate conversations that can end up in building intimacy between partners.

15. She kisses you 

A Reddit user shares their story of being kissed by a married woman, “We have grown close over the past couple of months, texting a lot outside of work. We are very similar people, have good chemistry, and conversations are just free-flowing and would last for hours. We kissed the other night and I kind of liked it. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but I am just living in the moment.”

This is one of the direct ways a married woman will express her desires. She will outright kiss you on the cheek or on your lips to let you know that she is interested in you and wants to take matters further. After all, according to this study, “Women are interested in men that seem interested in them. Looking ‘easy’ isn’t sexy, reciprocating her interest is.” So, ask yourself, do you wish to reciprocate her desire? 

How To Decide Whether To Make A Move Or Back Off

Is it a good idea to date a married woman? The simple answer will always be ‘no’ because it can get complicated very soon. It doesn’t matter whether she is still in love with her husband or not. What matters is that she is still legally married to him and this can reflect very poorly on you. So many things can go wrong when you date a married woman, like:

  • You may fall in love with her but she may just want a physical relationship with you or vice versa
  • Her husband could find out about this and it could get very ugly in no time
  • This may eventually result in heartbreak, unless she decides to divorce her husband 
  • In case they decide to resolve their marital issues, you will end up feeling like a doormat

Key Pointers

  • A married woman has a crush on you when she goes out of her way to see you and notices every little thing about you
  • When she shares her personal problems with you and tries to stay close to you, these are the signs a married woman wants you to make a move
  • If you don’t want to proceed with her advances, then be clear about it

Things can definitely get complicated once you make a move and take things further. There is fear of her husband finding out about your rendezvous, fear of what your loved ones will think about you, and fear of your own conscience. Keep all this in mind before you accept her flirtation and make a move on her.

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