15 Simple Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants You Back

Angelina Gupta
Ex-Boyfriend Wants You

It is not hard to fathom if your ex-boyfriend wants you back.

A relationship can come to an end, but the remnants of love may still linger on. Do all exes eventually come back? If the relationship ended on a bitter note, there can be no second thoughts about it. However, there is always a possibility of rekindling an old flame. Sometimes, the signs can be confusing and misleading.

How can one certainly know if their ex still misses them?

If you are able to relate to more than 3 of these simple signs, there is a pretty good chance your ex-boyfriend wants you back.

15 Simple Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants You Back

The signs are always there. He could be calling you by mistake or making excuses to talk to you. You will know your ex is missing you if he is doing any of the following things.

1. He often calls you “by mistake”

Once is normal. Twice is understandable. More than twice makes it very obvious that he still thinks about you. Has your ex-boyfriend messaged you or called you by mistake very frequently? Does he give reasons like he was trying to call someone else, but he dialled your number? Or he was trying to text another person with the same name as yours? All these reasons are fake.

He calls you often

He calls you often Image Source

If you and your boyfriend ended on bad terms, he most certainly cannot text you with a “hey”. His only source to start a conversation with you is by telling you that he meant to talk to someone else. Here, your response to “oh, sorry” decides how the conversation is going to follow.

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2. He finds excuses to talk to you

He wants to talk to you, but he doesn’t know how to. He knows you might not reply to general questions like ‘how are you’, which is why he needs new ways to have a conversation with you. He will ask you the name of the restaurant you both once went to, or he will talk about your favourite book for an invented ‘assignment’, or he will randomly wish you even on the less important festivals that has nothing to do with you.

If you see that he is grappling to hold on to a conversation, but is still not giving up, he definitely wants to get back with you. You can choose to act indifferent or deeply interested based on your interest in him.

3. He swiftly responds to your texts

He responds fast

He responds fast Image Source

Ahh! Everything about dating-texting! If, for some reason you are the one who has to text him, he takes no more than just a few minutes to reply to your texts. It is almost as if he was waiting with your chat box open to check your messages.

Generally, nobody is that unoccupied as to immediately respond to texts. However, if your ex-boyfriend is somehow always free to chat with you, he definitely is hoping for a long conversation that would lead to the two of you getting back together.

4. He is always updated about your relationship status

Your ex-boyfriend could still be living with a hope that you’re willing to revisit your old relationship with him. This is why, every couple of weeks, he asks you about your relationship status. Ex-boyfriends also tend to respond to your social media pictures with other guys. If your ex does the same, he is still thinking about you.

Interestingly, he may not be in touch with you, but he still knows whether you’re single or in a relationship with someone else. He definitely stalks you. Somehow, your previous boyfriend is always updated about your love interests. Chances are he is still crazy about you and wants you back.

5. He can’t look into your eyes

The mannerisms of your ex around you can tell you a lot about what he feels about you. When a person is still in love, they avoid eye contact in order to avoid a mental conflict about their feelings for you.

He avoids eye-contact

He avoids eye-contact Image Source

Your ex-boyfriend will rarely look into your eyes and when he does, he will look too deeply, as if he’s lost a very precious thing. If your ex-lover behaves in this way, he is probably regretting your break up and looking for another chance.

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6. You bump into him surprisingly frequently

Unless you’re in the same college/workplace as your ex-boyfriend, it is unlikely that you would bump into him very regularly. There is a fair possibility that your ex-boyfriend checks in with your friends if you still go to your regular stall for tea, or he follows the events you’re going to attend on Facebook where you magically find him sitting in the audience.

If you cross paths with him very often, it is evident that he misses you and still feels strongly about you, which means he would like to get back together with you.

7. He’s not his normal self around you

Have you noticed your ex-boyfriend to be weird around you? Or does he talk less than what he normally used to? Are his legs always shaking? Or is he constantly fidgeting with something in his hands? All these are signs of nervousness. A person who is not in love anymore would act casually around their previous partners.

A sense of anxiety and different kind of body language equals to conflict and hope that you still feel the same way for him. If you do, talk about it with him.

8. Jealousy is evident in his behaviour

He feels jealous

He feels jealous Image Source

Some emotions are difficult to hide, and jealousy is one of them. Your ex-boyfriend wants you back if he turns into a green-eyed monster every time you dress up, go out with your friends, hang out with another guy, or upload pictures with other men.

A lot of the times, he will try his best to show his jealousy to you, for that is the only way he can show you that he still cares and would like another chance to be with you.

9. He is always trying to make you jealous

You know your ex-boyfriend. You know he is not the kind of guy who talks to a lot of women or flirts with them. Yet, lately you’ve been noticing his social media and every picture he uploads is with a new woman.

An ex-boyfriend who wants you back would go out of his way to show that he has moved on, and would try his best to make sure you see how he has moved out. Most of the times, this is simply an attempt to cover how they really feel, because they cannot express the pain of being away from you.

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10. He tries to stay in touch with your friends

He still talks to your friends

He still talks to your friends Image Source

Talking to you could be difficult, but talking to your friends is easy. Your ex-boyfriend periodically messages a few of your close friends to “chat randomly”, casually slipping in a topic about you. If your friends repeatedly tell you about your past lover messaging them or bumping into them for a conversation, he is doing it on purpose for you to realise he wants to know all about you.

11. He talks about your relationship a lot

If walks down the memory lane are pretty frequent in the conversations with your ex-boyfriend, it clearly shows that he is nostalgic about the beautiful moments you spent together, hoping that it might rekindle the dead spark between the two of you.

There are times when your ex might even ask you to discuss where your relationship went wrong. This probably indicates that he is hoping to make things right and have you back in his life.

12. He apologises a little too much

Exes generally don’t take responsibility for their actions. An ex-partner would either blame you for everything that went wrong, or be indifferent to your past if they don’t love you anymore. But if your ex-boyfriend regularly talks about his wrongdoings and how he feels guilty about it, all he is looking for is an opportunity to mend his ways and get you back together with him.

13. You’re the first person he drunk-dials

You are on his drunk-dial list

You are on his drunk-dial list Image Source

It is easy to control the desire to contact someone if a person is sober, but they tend to lose the impulse once they’re drunk. Your ex-boyfriend drunk texting you or drunk calling you is one of the simplest signs that he is miserable without you and wants you back in his life.

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14. His friends contact you often

It is understandable if your ex-boyfriend tries to contact you, but why are his friends trying to talk to you?

Your ex-boyfriend is certain that you will not respond to his messages and you will walk past him on the street. Getting his friends to talk to you is the only way he can still know about your well-being and about your life. If your ex’s friends contact you time and again, take it as a hint that he is willing to make things work again.

15. He is suddenly neck deep in self-improvement

A guy working hard to mend his flaws is a guy seeking to make a change in his life, hoping you would notice his efforts and have him back. Generally, post break-up, people do crazy things for a change. Men commonly go to the gym and gulp protein shakes for a fitter body.

A sure-shot change is when your ex-boyfriend tries to fix the things you used to complain about when you were with him. Impulsive alterations in your ex-boyfriends routine is backed by a desire to impress you with the results, so that you would take notice of the change and get back together with him.

There is no limit to what an ex-boyfriend can do when he wants you back. Chances are you might be overwhelmed with these signs and make a wrong decision. It is wise to ponder over the reasons for your break up, and identify if getting back together with your ex is a sensible decision. Ignore all advances if you absolutely cannot see yourself with your ex-boyfriend again, but also know that if you do wish to give it another chance, that is okay too. All you need to make sure is to not conclude anything in a haste.

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