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The holidays will soon be upon us and that means — it’s time to to go gift shopping! Christmas is a wonderful time of year to come together with your family and shower them with love and presents. Have you thought about your Christmas gifts for parents this year? Are you finding it difficult to come up with unique ideas on how to top the Christmas gifts you got your parents last year? Are you stuck with a budget and now need ideas on Christmas gifts for your parents that won’t burn a hole through your savings?

We’ve got your back — and an amazing Christmas gift list! This gift list is here to help you remind your parents how much you love them. We have curated some of the best ideas for their Christmas gifts. This list has a whole melting pot of ideas for your folks whether they be young at heart and adventurous or older and retired or just a fun-loving set of parents! Scroll through this list to find some interesting and novel ideas for gifts to get your parents this Christmas.

What To Get Your Parents For Christmas? Gift Ideas For Mom And Dad

Let’s look at some Christmas gift ideas for parents that are pretty neat and will also be of some actual use to them. There are so many cool gadgets, tools and home décor pieces out there that they may not even be aware of. All of these could make their daily life hassles just melt away. And if you opt for something like board games or a home theater, it may turn out to be a great bonding activity in the family.

On that note, here’s our pick of the top 32 Christmas presents for parents to earn you some brownie points at home. Take out your notebook and make a list of your favorites:

1. An instant film camera

christmas gift ideas for parents - instant camera
Mini Camera

Portable and charming cameras like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 (that come in a host of pretty, candy colors) can be a great idea for a gift for your parents, who are probably into taking shots and capturing moments.

Are your parents technologically challenged or maybe they just don’t like using their phones? Are you looking to give them a great Christmas gift that has a little vintage feel of the yesteryears – then this camera is it!

The instant film camera looks like a cute toy your parents can use – especially around the holidays. They can take quick snaps of evenings at home with their friends, decorations around their neighborhood, an impromptu trip…and then instantly print the polaroids to use as keepsakes on their fridge, soft board, workstations, or even to just share with family and friends.

2. A glorious moon lamp

best christmas gifts for parents - moon lamp
Moon Lamp

One of Amazon’s best-selling sponsored products is currently a 3D LED light Moon Lamp. This lunar beauty is made with eco-friendly material and acts as a great night light or a home décor light. Some versions of the lamp even have dual lighting. A moon lamp standing in the corner would look stunning. Because it’s LED it lasts for a long time.

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This is perfect to brighten up your parent’s room and give them a cozy vibe – especially during the Christmas holiday season. You are sure to remind your parents just how much you love them each time they go to bed and have this moon lamp light up their room, giving them a reason to think about you and make them smile.

3. Quirky novelty candles


One of the most charming gifts for parents around Christmas can be a set of calming and soothing fragrant home décor items in the form of…you guessed it — quirky, novelty candles!

Instead of going easy, go rogue and gift your parents these fun inexpensive candles which they can use during holiday evenings, creating a positive calming aura in their home whilst enjoying the fresh aroma.

What’s better if you can merge your gifts with one of their hobbies? If they are passionate gardeners or they have a crazy fondness for plants, these cute cacti and succulent, novelty candles would be the best Christmas presents for parents. Give it a go!

4. Make some Sushi

Sushi Making Kit

Do you want to gift your parents a Christmas present that takes them on a food trip to a different country? A sushi-making kit with a fun, comic-style, recipe book to guide your parents, are amazing gift ideas for parents. They can have a great time together figuring out how to make sushi. If they are an adventurous foodie couple then they will wrap out the best sushi rolls and invite you for dinner. That’s a win-win for you!

This adorable little hamper will teach you how to create a complete sushi meal and since it’s DIY, you and your parents can either master the art of sushi making or make a mess together. The set includes two pairs of chopsticks (color/style varies) and a bamboo rolling mat. This is also the perfect gift for your parents if they are huge fans of Japanese food.

5. The latest iPad

Are you looking to really pamper your parents? In that case, just get them the latest Apple product! It is one of the best choices available if you want to opt for luxury Christmas gifts for parents this year. The new iPad Pro 11 has an edge-to-edge liquid retina display with pro-motion, true tone display and p3 wide color.

You can’t go wrong with this product as your parents can enjoy absolutely anything – from catching the latest videos and movies to making calls and taking amazing photos. The Apple iPad Pro has some amazing deals on Amazon to choose from. So go on then, show some love to your parents this holiday season!

Owning an Apple iPad Pro can be a lot of fun. Elderly people probably wouldn’t invest in one because they may not know all the things they could do with it. But once you gift them one, you can be sure that they’ll be totally hooked and having the time of their life. They will tell you everything they are doing with it over video calls and you will be happy you made this choice.

6. DIY candle making kit

Candle Making Kit

Do your parents love to participate in new and interesting projects? Would you like to gift them something that doubles up as an activity?

One of the coolest Christmas gifts for mom and dad could be a DIY Candle making kit. If you want to gift your parents productive, quality time together, why not keep them busy for a few hours with a do-it-yourself candle-making kit? This kit allows for a relaxing, non-fussy candle-making experience.

You can even send your parents a little note asking them to take a video of them making the candles and send it to their friends, sharing this lovely Christmas activity they undertook! The kit comes equipped with mini essential oils, dried lavender, soy wax, cotton wicks, candle holders, a melting pot and more.

7. Unique and inspirational card decks

Card Deck

Remember when you were young and your parents always motivated you and helped you find your purpose each time you felt like life was not going your way? When was the last time you gave your parents an inspirational pep talk?

If you haven’t in a while, then the right time is now! For Christmas, gift your parents this unique and inspirational set of cards to help them feel fantastic about themselves.

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Older people love getting that nudge every now and then, about their abilities and their purpose in life. You can do the same for your parents by gifting them this pack of inspirational cards that promotes wellness and shows you different ways of how to love yourself.

8. Bath bombs

christmas gift ideas for parents - bath bombs
Bath Bomb

Is your Christmas budget slightly tight? Worry not – we’ve got some fun ideas on our list, such as a set of bath bombs! Bath bombs are one of the most effective as well as attractive accessories a person can have in their bathroom.

They come in different colors, shapes and sizes and are great for helping you to unwind. Chances are your parents may not yet know what bath bombs are. Introduce them to a new concept and they will love you for that.

Gift your parents a set of calming bath bombs that they can use to relax and rejuvenate. Bath bombs also have moisturizing and revitalizing benefits and will leave your parents feeling refreshed and having a happy life. You can pair the bath bombs up with a nice bottle of wine and gift it to your parents so they can enjoy a staycation in their own home during the holidays.

9. Kind-me package

best christmas gifts for parents - care package
Kind-Me Package

Wellbeing packages are all the rage – and one of the best presents to send your parents. This Kind-Me package includes little items that are bound to make your parents excited – whether they are into self-care or sweets; this box has got it all and is perfect for pampering. Send your parents this large box of snacks, beverages and wellness products to keep them occupied for days.

This box includes a whole lot of things that your parents can use even when people drop by to visit. From scented candles and a greetings card to a coffee mug, tea, nourishing cream and a pair of soft socks, this is a beautifully curated care package that is bound to make your parents feel touched and sentimental. They will love you for this.

10. Throw blanket for an indoor day


Do your parents love staying indoors, cozying up in front of the television and enjoying the holidays at home? Why not make this experience even better for them by gifting them a pack of warm throw blankets?

Amazon has a large selection of throw blankets to choose from – soft and warm fabrics, and wonderful prints. They can just laze on the couch with this throw and feel all cozy and happy,.

Gift your parents a wonderfully soft blanket they can use throughout the holidays as a wrap. This can be used in front of the television, on the couch, for curling up with a book or even while talking late into the night with each other.

11. For the forgetful parents

christmas gifts for mom and dad - tile sport
Tile Sport

Are your parents the forgetful kind who keep putting their phone, their keys, or other items here and there? Get them the Tile Sport! This is a wonderful gift to give your parents, especially when they constantly need help finding things around the house!

The Tile Sport is a durable tracking device that can also be linked to an Alexa or Google assistant. This device is connected through an app to your parent’s keys, their phones and other important items.

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It has a range of up to 200 feet and is linked via Bluetooth to a phone or a set of keys. You can easily tap the tile button to make an item ring (if it is kept within a 100-200 feet distance) and said item will then ring loudly until you find it. The Tile Sport also has an app and can easily help your parents locate items they may tend to lose easily.

12. Deluxe monopoly

christmas gift ideas for parents - monopoly game

Do your parents get super competitive while playing board games? Do they have people over during the holiday season a lot? Gift your parents something wonderful that they can enjoy with each other, as well as with their friends and relatives.

The monopoly deluxe edition is a wonderful item to give your parents for Christmas! This luxury version of the board game is a great way to glam up a small get-together. It comes with an elegant wooden cabinet and has decorative metal plaque pieces.

The path on the game is stamped and embossed in gold foil and the board has integrated storage drawers. The monopoly money, tokens, community chest cards, title and action cards, are all plated die-cast, giving the game an extremely rich and premium feel.

13. Metal wine rack

Metal Wine Rack

With room for stylishly storing up to 12 bottles of wine, this trendy metal wine rack is a wonderful present for your parents, especially during Christmas. The best part about the rack is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be drilled into a wall or used as a shelf – the metal wine rack has a free-standing display and can be put up anywhere. If your parents are into winning they would love this wine rack sitting in the corner of their room.

This rack boasts a clean and elegant design making it a wonderful display piece that can be placed in your parents’ living room, kitchen, or even their study space. The metal wine rack has been handcrafted from wrought iron and provides a long-lasting touch to your parents’ interior décor.

14. Pizza stone

Pizza Stone

The holiday season means spending plenty of time indoors, cooking up wonderful delights! We’ve found a useful item that can double up as a great Christmas gift to your parents and be a wonderful addition to their kitchen!

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? With this pizza stone, your parents can make wonderful, cheesy pizzas with a buttery, crispy crust! The stone base is made of Thermarite which absorbs all kinds of moisture and has superior heat retention qualities.

The stone is 14” in circumference and comes with a recipe book that your parents can refer to, to make a delicious pizza base. It is very durable made and can be used in ovens and on grills. This pizza stone is sure to be a Christmas hit. And you’ll be the beneficiary when they treat you to some yum pizza — that’s a win on all counts!

15. A strong espresso – for life!

christmas gift ideas for parents - coffee machine
Coffee Machine

Do your parents love waking up to the smell of strong, hot coffee? If yes, then the Nespresso Vertuo Plus will hit the ball right out of the park! Gift your parents this amazing coffee maker this Christmas and win their hearts for life. This single-serve coffee machine offers freshly brewed coffee as well as authentic espresso.

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The coffee machine is easy to use and has state-of-the-art technology into which Nespresso capsules can be inserted. The coffee machine can be put in your parents’ kitchen or even their study and is a wonderful way to serve good coffee and flaunt their serious coffee-making skills when guests come over. It’s a great gift – not just for Christmas morning, but every morning following it.

16. Exclusive wine glasses

christmas gifts for mom and dad - wine glass
Wine Glasses

Do your parents love their barware as much as they love their wine? This is the perfect gift to combine both these aspects! This set of beautifully crafted, unique, wine glasses makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s bar – especially your parents.

Gift your parents these breathtaking wine glasses which have a contemporary design and slender glass stem. These are perfect for any occasion.

Use these glasses for a quiet night to celebrate relationship milestones with a group of friends. Each glass is traditionally handcrafted and gives a niche touch to your home. The glasses come in elegant packaging and the fact that it already comes in a gift box makes this item even more appealing as a premium present. Pair the glasses up with a great-tasting wine and your parents will be mighty impressed.

17. Surround sound speakers

best christmas gifts for parents - sound box
Surround Sound Speakers

The Signa S-2 Ultra-slim TV Soundbar edition provides a cinematic experience to any household. Gift your parents this amazing addition to their living room this Christmas!

With its combination of the speakers and the subwoofer, this sound speaker will immerse their entire living room or bedroom with high quality music. The system supports 4K HD smart TVs which makes it really easy to enjoy the highest picture quality. This is one of the best luxurious Christmas gifts for parents you can find and it’s something that they will enjoy every day.

Now your parents can watch their favorite TV shows and stream music from apps like Netflix or Spotify via this sound system. The box comes equipped with a remote, wall mount brackets cables, and a quick start guide to help your mom and dad get down to work to easily set this up.

18. Deep relaxing massage

christmas presents for parents - massager
Handheld Massager

This percussion massager can be the answer to many of your parents’ problems. With access to a deep tissue massage on their body’s trigger points, they can enjoy a rejuvenating massage in the comfort of their own home.

Gift your parents this amazing handheld massager to give their back muscles some excellent and well-deserved relief. The massager has varied intensity options and is great for the back, shoulder, leg, neck, foot and hand.

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This is a cordless holiday delight and can help anyone relax any soreness they may be feeling in their body. If your parents are suffering from muscle stiffness or tension, this is the perfect present to give them, this Christmas. They would love a relaxing massage with this machine and bless you for thinking of such a wonderful gift.

19. One for a cocktail party

christmas gifts for mom and dad - cocktail party
Bartesian Cocktail Machine

The Bartesian cocktail machine is a wonderful present to give your parents for Christmas! It will make an amazing statement piece in their home and is perfect for a quiet cocktail night with each other, or something to show off when their friends or relatives drop in for dinner.

Your parents can create their favorite cocktails at home without having to undergo the stress of measuring and pouring the perfect amounts. You don’t need to follow any hard and fast cocktail recipes.

All they need to do is add a cocktail capsule, select their preferred strength and then just press ‘mix’! Just like a coffee machine, the cocktail machine churns out masterful cocktails via the capsules that have been handcrafted by world-renowned mixologists. This cocktail machine is just a bartender short of a bar – but your parents will have that set right in no time!

20. Comfortable inside a comforter

gift ideas for parents - comforter
Comfy Comforter

If your parents want to spend the holiday season tucked up in bed, cozying away indoors, why not give their bedroom a wonderful makeover with a new comforter! This soft brushed fabric cover has extremely soft polyester filling and is reversible. The comforter is so gentle, it is known to provide an extremely comfortable sleeping experience. It is very easy to maintain and can be machine washed in cold water.

The comforter has box stitching and piped edges thereby ensuring that the bed does not undergo any shifting or clumping. It has eight corners and side tabs which can make you secure the duvet on the bed easily. It is breathable and guaranteed to keep your parents warm. The fluffiness of this comforter will make your parents want to stay in bed all day!

21. Tabletop succulents

Do your parents have a strong green thumb but are unable to keep plants around because of the maintenance they need? Do your parents love having greenery around their home for that lovely, natural vibe? If yes, the gifting question can be answered so easily — a succulent!

A splash of greenery is an absolute home essential. Simply put, succulents are small desk plants, mostly cactuses, that don’t require much care and give the work/home space a dash of natural greenery. What a great idea for your nature-loving parents!

Succulents are a great gift for someone who is heavily occupied with their daily lives, but at the same time wouldn’t mind having a little garden in their home to enjoy. Older people are known to love succulents because they give them a natural vibe within the confines of their homes. Target has a great collection of succulents which come in a variety of jars, vases, and pots.

22. Cheese board

Have your parents always been enthusiasts of gourmet cheese and good wine? This year, your Christmas gifts for parents should be a giant charcuterie board. This luxury serving board is made of top bamboo wood which is highly durable and water-resistant.

Other than the fine craftsmanship of this gorgeous smooth-edged board, you get a hidden drawer inside full of surprises. It includes cheese cutters, wine bottle opener, labeling slates and markers.

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Your parents can lay out this serving board in their next house party with crackers, cheese, fruits and nuts. Not only will their guests would be super impressed, but this Christmas present for parents can also be a great topic of conversation.

23. Tumbler set

We know how hard our parents work at the office and home to provide us with all the comforts we need. We forget sometimes they also need to stop and get reenergized. These pair of tumblers are perfect Christmas gifts for mom and dad to remind them, ‘You need to take care of yourself.’

It is important to stay hydrated. With these sweet tumblers, they can bring their smoothies, beverages or, at the very least, water to work or while going on a walk. As it says on the mugs, it’s fuel for mom and dad.

These pretty tumblers are made of food-grade quality, stainless steel with a copper-coated inner wall. The insulated double wall helps to maintain the temperature of a beverage for a long time.

24. Family tree picture frame

Is there anything more important than a close-knit family? Christmas is all about the sheer joy of spending quality time with your family. After 40 years of marriage, they have a lot of stories and moments to share. To tell them how much they mean to you, one of the best Christmas gifts for parents can be a family tree-style photo frame.

There are 10 picture pockets in the size of 2″ x 3″. The tree stands on a sturdy base, so you can safely place it on a tabletop or cabinet. If 10 pictures are not enough for your family, these frames are sold separately so that more can be added.

It would be just lovely if you look into old family albums and find pictures to fit in the frame before presenting it to them. When you buy Christmas gifts for parents such as these, they will be so touched!

25. Holiday snack basket

Holiday time is family time is meet-and-eat time is pack-on-a-few-extra-pounds time. And why not? Food is really something that brings everyone together. And so, during this time of the year, snacks baskets are great Christmas gift ideas for parents.

Especially, if your parents are as big a foodie as mine, they are going to enjoy every last morsel. It contains pretty much everything starting from chocolate-covered cashews, caramel pretzels to peanut brittles and almond bark. It’s a treat for the entire family.

This gift basket comes in beautiful holiday packaging and you get a chance to add your personal message to the present. Gifting them this basket of chocolatey goodness will make the relationship even sweeter.

26. Sandwich maker

This Christmas, gift your parents something useful so that they can get the most out of it. Sandwich makers are perfect Christmas gifts for parents when you want to give them something to simplify their chores in the kitchen a bit.

There are 3 consecutive layers in this sandwich maker – two for the bread, cheese, and meat layers and a middle one for the egg. After you fill in all the dishes, just slide in the egg tray and voila — the most delicious and healthy sandwiches will be yours to enjoy within minutes!

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They can prepare a quick breakfast before work or make sandwiches with their favorite combination of meat and bread layers to pack for a picnic or outing.

27. Desk organizer

With old age comes the trouble of forgetfulness, right? Are your parents going through that phase where they always forget where they kept their reading glasses or they can never find a pen when they need one? A desk organizer can be an amazing Christmas present for parents dealing with absent-mindedness.

This eco-friendly item is made of ash tree wood with protective, non-toxic polishing and is super easy to assemble. Its functional design is helpful to keep cellphones on charge and glasses, watches, keys and stationeries in one place.

Just think how gorgeous this classy organizer would look on your father’s desk. Both your parents can benefit immensely from this thoughtful present.

28. Amazon gift card

If you are running out of Christmas gift ideas for parents, we have a great solution for you. Maybe your parents are hard to please or maybe they literally have everything. An Amazon gift is your only savior at a time like this.

These cards have no fee or expiry date. They are redeemable on a wide range of items available on Amazon.com. Your parents can scan the card via mobile or a tablet after logging in to the Amazon app and redeem the amount to purchase an item of their choice. Aren’t these the coolest Christmas gifts for parents?

This gift card comes in a cute holiday-themed gift box with the tree and bells and everything. Plus you can always add a sweet personalized message for your parents.

29. Wooden quote plaque

Here’s an idea for one of the best Christmas gifts for parents — a wooden plaque with a heart-warming quote dedicated to your parents. It has a rustic look and a rugged texture which looks very natural.

The handcrafted print is unquestionable, quality-wise, and it will never fade away. There’s a keyhole in the back to hang this plaque on a wall. Overall, it’s a heartwarming present for parents on Christmas or any other occasion for that matter.

Your parents would be so elated to display this delightful piece of art on their drawing-room wall. There’s nothing like a child’s love and appreciation in a parents’ life, is there?

30. Movie night popcorn set

When all the children gather around during the holiday season, a gathering of movie lovers at your parents’ place is a must-do. The whole family sits together under a cozy blanket on a chilly night and enjoys an all-time family favorite movie after a long time. I know I look forward to this all year.

Imagine how cool it will be if you bring an entire pack of popcorn in different flavors and with different seasonings! We have picked this popcorn kernel set for you with white cheddar, chilly lime, buttery caramel and other seasonings.

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These Christmas gifts for parents are often relished by the whole family. So, go ahead, spice up your Christmas movie night!

31. Password notebook

Do your parents often come to you asking to recover their email password? It’s a recurring problem among old parents. They can’t always keep track of so many passwords and ids.

This time, you can get a nice hard-bound notebook for them where they can write down all the passwords and never forget one again. This notebook has space to write the name and address of the site with their id and password or a hint.

There is room for 400 websites to be organized in alphabetical order. Plus, you get space to write down an updated password and personal notes as well.

32. Music box

Here’s a tiny little piece of art that’s absolutely ideal as a Christmas gift for parents — a music box. There’s no need for charging or batteries to keep this functional. All you have to do is crank the metal handle and it will play the sweet melody of Amazing Grace.

You can place this wooden box on your palm and give the small crank a turn. The sound has amazing clarity and the hymn has such a soothing, calming effect.

If your parents are religious and love hymns, they are going to love this cute music box. It will be their most precious possession this Christmas!

With that, we conclude our list of all the amazing Christmas gifts for parents that you can look into. Now the ball is in your court. Pick the ones you know will melt your mom and dad’s hearts, and wrap them up right away to give them a nice surprise. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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