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Updated On: March 18, 2024
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We see you’re looking for Upward dating app reviews to decide whether you should join the platform or not. In this article, we’re going to look at its different aspects and dig up a few crucial details like how much Upward costs and how to find matches on this swipe-style dating app.

How does the Upward dating app work differently from the other apps? More than just a matchmaking tool, Upward is a dating app designed for the Christian community where kindred spirits gather to explore the intricate realms of companionship, romance, and faith. Recognizing the challenges that modern Christians face in finding partners who resonate with their spiritual values and the shortage of quality Christian dating apps, Upward offers a safe and welcoming environment to interact, ensuring that faith remains the focal point of every conversation.

You don’t have to depend on church congregations anymore to find someone. Now, through detailed profiles that highlight the individual dedication to faith, interactive communication tools that facilitate genuine conversations, and an overall ethos that celebrates Christian values, Upward empowers users to forge connections that align with their deeply held convictions. We’re about to explore the different sides of the app through our Upward dating app reviews. Join us.

Who Can Sign Up On Upward?

The Upward dating app is a great platform for those who want to make a faith statement. Commitment to their partner is the utmost priority in their dating life. But is the Upward dating app legit? Yes, this is why it is only open to a niche community. Let’s take a look at who can sign up on this platform:

  • Anyone between the ages of 18 to 35
  • Must be a Christian. The app is open to all the Christian communities
  • Legally qualified to enter a binding contract with Upward and meet all their terms of use
  • Residence: United States or Canada

The Christian dating site is largely populated by members looking for serious and long-term relationships. Through the reviews on Upward dating app ahead and our experience on the app, we will give you a much better idea of whether this online dating tool is the right fit for you or not.

One Upward review said, ”Looking for authenticity can be difficult in our society, but Upward app provided an unexpected opportunity for love! Finding someone who loved Jesus and had a real relationship with him and could carry on a deep conversation was something new for me to experience.”

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How To Sign Up On Upward Dating App

The Upward dating app makes it incredibly simple to build a profile. Simply follow a few easy steps outlined below, and your Upward app account will be created in no time. The information requested in the various rounds of this procedure is intended to assist you in finding more compatible single Christians of similar interests and same faith, so do respond to the best of your abilities.

”It’s a great platform, great idea, the features that they have in the dating profile are excellent, concise to the point. Love that they have a bio and a spot to share about faith,” a user wrote about the app.

see who liked you on upward without paying
Sign up on Upward now!

Let’s now look at the different steps of the Upward app signup process:

  1. Mobile gateway: Begin with your phone number. That’s the key to this faith-centered dating app as it is designed exclusively for mobile platforms. You will receive a verification code on your mobile device to prove your authenticity
  2. Basic details: Share your name, gender, personal interests, and Christian denomination — the building blocks of your profile’s essence
  3. Upload a soulful portrait: Don’t just share an image. Let your profile picture reflect your spiritual presence too
  4. Add words of faith: Fill in the spaces meant for expressing your faith and individuality, letting your beliefs resonate with potential matches
  5. Define preferences: Define your preferences in a romantic partner to navigate meaningful relationships rooted in shared values and faith
  6. Start your journey: With preferences set, step into the realm of connections, where profiles aligned with your desires await
  7. Choice and exploration: Choose between Premium membership and free version, then delve into conversations and discovery

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How Does Upward Dating App Work?

The Upward dating app operates in a manner similar to many other mainstream dating apps, allowing users to connect with potential matches based on their preferences and interests. On this connect-based dating app, you’ll encounter profiles one by one. If you’re intrigued by someone, you can swipe right to express interest or swipe left to indicate you’re not interested. This simple gesture serves as the initial step in showing your attraction to potential matches. Upward also offers a Super Like as a Premium feature.

When someone whose profile you liked also swipes right on your profile, a match is formed. This mutual expression of interest unlocks the ability for both of you to engage in conversations through the app’s messaging platform. It’s an exciting moment indicating that the interest is mutual. Now you can have meaningful conversations, share more about yourselves, and explore whether there’s a genuine connection. This is where you move beyond profiles and begin to know each other better.

Upward offers additional features through subscription plans. For instance, you can’t see who liked you on Upward without paying. But it’s available on the paid site. Additionally, you might enjoy unlimited access to swiping, a more streamlined experience without ads, and a daily allotment of super likes, enhancing your chances of standing out.

Pros And Cons Of Upward Dating App

Let’s bring together the highs and lows of the Upward Christian dating app under one roof. By exploring the pros and cons, you’ll gain a clearer perspective on whether this platform aligns with your intentions. These insights are drawn from a collection of reviews on Upward dating app and our personal experience navigating this app.

Ideal for Christian men and women seeking a devoted relationship or new friendsIf you’re looking for something casual, it’s not really the go-to app for casual dating
The app UI is very similar to Tinder, making it simple for most users to utilizeThe swipe style of matching doesn’t utilize personality algorithms
It has an authentic user base as the profiles are verified by the platform Not available for desktop users. You can only sign up via your phone number
Welcomes all Christian affiliationsThis is not an app for faiths and belief systems beyond Christianity

Quality Of Profiles And Success Rate

If you’re curious about the types of profiles you’ll find on the Upward Christian dating app, this section offers valuable insights. Explore potential matches from the faith-based community through the match menu, where you can either express interest by ‘liking’ a profile or decide to ‘pass’ on it. For a more in-depth look, click on a profile picture to access additional information.

Each profile provides essential details like bios and religious affiliations, aiding you in making informed choices about finding the right person. Even though Upward is a fairly new app, its success rate has been stellar, with many stories of couples finding their perfect match available on the website. User feedback suggests it’s an excellent platform for selecting a life partner of shared beliefs. If you still have questions like “Is Upward dating app legit or not?”, you only need to read the user reviews.

”When we met on the app we pretty much hit it off right away and we had so much in common with our spiritual values and many of the same interests. God had his perfect timing to work it out between the two of us. Here we are today loving the life that God has provided us and I am so grateful that God put us together and that this app was very helpful in that aspect,” one user wrote.

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Upward Dating App’s Best Features

In this section, we’ll highlight the unique features of the Upward dating app. Understanding the app’s offerings as a whole will enable you to decide whether it is worthwhile and help you choose between Upward Premium vs. Elite. Investing in their paid plans is critical if you intend to seek a spouse or a long-term relationship on the Upward Christian dating platform. These features help you date online successfully to find your ideal partner.

Infographic on upward dating app best features
Upward dating app features

1. Super likes

Each day, Upward Christian dating platform’s Premium members receive five Super Likes. When you Super Like a profile, the recipient is instantly notified, and you’re also prominently featured in their potential matches. This significantly enhances your likelihood of scoring more matches that align with your preferences.

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2. Rewinds

It’s highly likely that you might accidentally reject a profile you’re interested in while quickly swiping through multiple profiles. However, on this great app, you get a second chance thanks to the rewind feature. This feature lets you retrieve a profile you almost lost due to a mistaken swipe. The best part is, you have an unlimited number of rewinds at your disposal!

3. Zero ads

Unlike most dating apps that continue to display ads even after you’ve subscribed to their Premium membership, the Upward app takes a different approach. Once you opt for one of their paid plans, you won’t encounter any ads on the whole app. This commitment guarantees a dating and browsing experience that’s free from distractions and interruptions as you look for your soulmate.

4. Unlimited likes

While free users are limited to using just five Super Likes daily, you have the freedom to ‘like’ an unlimited number of profiles. This approach ensures that your browsing experience on the dating site remains unhindered. Each day, you’re able to express interest in as many Upward dating profiles as you desire.

5. Profile boosting

Do you want your profile to appear toward the top of search results when other users search for matches in your area? You can accomplish this by boosting your profile. This implies that if you’re a possible match for the Christian men and women in your neighborhood, your profile will appear in the top search results on the Upward dating app. Every user has access to this functionality once a month, ensuring equal usage.

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6. Customer care

Getting in touch with Upward Dating’s customer care is a hassle-free process. You can reach out to them by navigating to the ‘Contact Us’ tab located within the settings menu. Alternatively, you have the option to forward your questions and feedback to their helpline email address. Upward customer service response time is typically swift and their solutions are efficient, ensuring a seamless experience on the platform. Additionally, the app’s FAQs section often proves helpful in resolving most of your inquiries.

Stories about online dating

How Much Does Upward Cost?

After reading the Upward app reviews, we’ll now look at the various pricing options accessible on the Upward dating app. This will help you decide whether or not to proceed with the paid membership alternatives. The Upward dating app offers two paid membership options: Premium and Elite.

As you can’t see who liked you on Upward without paying, going for the Premium package will let you know who has shown interest in your profile, allowing you to reciprocate if you wish. For a more comprehensive experience with a range of appealing features, the Elite membership is recommended. This membership provides you with unlimited swipes and likes, a complete absence of ads, and a daily quota of Super Likes. Additionally, you’ll benefit from unlimited rewinds and receive a free profile boost each month.

Notably, the pricing options for these memberships are reasonable as compared to other dating sites. So, Upward Premium vs. Elite — What’s your pick?

Upward Package Plans

1-month Premium membership$14.99
1-month Elite membership$29.99
3-month Premium membership$22.49 (comes to $7.49 per month)
3-month Elite membership$44.99 (comes to $14.99 per month)
6-month Premium membership$35.99 (comes to $5.99 per month)
6-month Elite membership$71.99 (comes to $11.99 per month)

Upward vs. Other Apps

PackagePrice of UpwardPrice of Mingle Price of Match.com
1-month Premium membership$14.99$42.99$50.71
3-month Premium membership$22.49 (comes to $7.49 per month)$74.99 (comes to $24.99 per month)$104.97 (comes to $34.99 per month)
6-month Premium membership$71.99 (comes to $11.99 per month)$119.99(comes to $19.99 per month)$149.94 (comes to $24.99 per month)

Safety and Security of Upward Users

Take note that Upward collects your personal information in order to assist you in finding your special someone. Your phone’s location, images, videos, personal information, messages, financial information, device IDs, app activity, and performance information are among the personal data collected. But the Upward dating app takes your security and safety seriously to protect you from the dangers of online dating.

  • The site encrypts all data in transit, and your data gets transmitted through a secure connection to prevent access by unauthorized third parties
  • The app developers also allow you to delete your data when you leave the platform as part of the safety measures to ensure it doesn’t linger on access points where third parties may acquire it
  • Furthermore, Upward customer service is hassle-free and will help solve all queries. You can report any concerns about suspicious behavior from apparent fake accounts or messaging window through the app or write an email
reviews on upward dating app
The best app to be at if you’re looking for a modern Christian partner

Our Verdict On Upward Dating App

If you’re looking for a Christian dating platform that’s also easy to use, the Upward dating app is a great option. There are members from various Christian denominations on the app that make sure you find a compatible partner as per your preferences. So here are the best features of Upward and our rating for the same:

FeaturesOur Rating
1. Simple signup process yet very detailed, genuine profiles8/10
2. Simplicity and sophistication are combined to build a user-friendly interface 7.5/10
3. The ad-free environment ensures an undistracted dating experience7.5/10
4. Profile boosting propels your profile into prime visibility 9/10
5. Features like Rewind and Super Likes increase chances of meeting more potential matches8/10
6. Customer service options are impeccable7/10
7. Premium memberships are comparatively cheaper than similar apps8/10

Final rating: 8.5/10

With Upward, you’re not just navigating a dating app, but embarking on a journey where compatibility and convenience intersect. One of the Upward app reviews states, ”If you’re the kind of guy who’s struggling to get attention on other apps like Tinder or Bumble, and you’re also a Christian, this one might be a little better for you.”


1. Is Upward a good dating app?

Yes, Upward is a great dating app for Christian singles looking for a meaningful relationship within their faith. With its affordable membership options and simple interface, it ensures a great dating experience. 

2. Is Upward a free dating site?

You can talk to other members via the free membership option on the platform. But if you are serious about dating and want to access most of the features, taking a Premium membership is recommended. With these features, you have a better chance of finding a partner on Upward.

3. What does the green star mean on the Upward dating app?

The green star appears when someone uses the Super Like feature on the Upward app. It helps them boost their profile to the top for the profiles they’ve liked, and provides a better chance of matching.

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