7 amazing first date ideas

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Dare to be different for your first date

The classic wine and dine a bit too regular for you? Do you always have your first dates in your favourite pub? The classy, slutty clichés getting a bit too regular for you? The loud music, the booze and the movie dialogues taking all the time and fun out of it?

Doing the same song and dance and following the endless circle of revisiting the same places gets a tad bit monotonous. Dates are meant to be exciting. First dates, even more.

Try something different this time. Get out of your comfort zone, explore newer date venues with your beau. Here we have a list of ideas for you to try.

1. A rooftop rendezvous

Ditch the whole going out for dinner altogether. You might, or someone you know, might have access to the rooftop. If a classy first date is what you are into, this is a perfect idea for you. Set it up at night. A little breeze, preferably starry and the city view from the terrace. Light up the place with little rice lights, some music and possibly, self-cooked dinner.

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2. Enjoy a ride

Theme parks are all on the rise. A date in a theme park is a sure-shot success. What’s better than going on rollercoasters, shrieking like twelve year olds, holding hands (possibly) and splashing about in water at the end of a water ride? It guarantees a crazy fun-filled day.

3. Go Bowling

Even if you suck at it. Plan a date in the bowling arena. If you are trying to open up to someone, or the other way round, mixing conversation with a fun activity takes the pressure off from trying to keep the conversation going. Imagine the sound of dropping of the pins, with music, maybe beer, lots of snacks and a friendly bet on who can score more. Pretty romantic right? Well, okay. Maybe not romantic in a traditional way but a bowling date sounds like a fun date.

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4. Breakfast for dinner

There is something very fulfilling about the first meal in the morning. Waffles and maple syrup, sunny side up eggs and brown bread with pineapple jam. Instead of meeting up for dinner or lunch, how about planning a breakfast date? The best part is if you two hit it off, you can plan the entire day while eating your eggs and coffee.

5. Why not karaoke it?

Karaoke is a great way to prove you are a gutsy, outgoing person. And who doesn’t like a memorable night where you get to bring out the Beyoncé in you? Be it cheesy Bollywood track, or Indie-blues, or some track you have just heard. A karaoke date night will surely make your first date an amazing one. Plus, if you are a good singer, you can woo your date with your amazing talent.

6. Haunted mansion

No one wants a screaming first date. But remember the zombie flicks where a boy and a girl escape the apocalypse, holding hands and being there for each other? Well, your first date in a haunted mansion will be something like that. Useful tip: If you are both brave hearted people, find a dark corner in the middle of it and share a deep, long kiss and watch people disguised as ghost either boo you or try harder to scare you. But be careful to not be kicked out for indecent public behaviour.

7. Open-air theatre

Are you both movie buffs? Both of you love Casablanca and other black and white movies from the 1960’s? Then this is a perfect date for you. You need a backyard, a hired projector and a screen and you are good to go. Get wine and pizza, a mat to sit on and have an amazing first date. It gives you the privacy you need and if things get heated up, you can easily shift the action from the screen to the bedroom.

Decide on the kind of date you want and the interests you have in common. If you are both adventurous, go rock climbing. You will be sweaty but you will be sexy. Work on your common interests and you can come up with brilliant ideas on your own. If you need help, do give this list a try.

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