Why Do Women Moan During Sex? 9 Reasons

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Updated On: March 18, 2024
why do women moan during sex

Some women may also shout and scream in bed, but you don’t have to worry about that like you usually would. Trust us, when we tell you that that’s her love language. Why do women moan during sex? It’s because they’re having an indescribable time that they can’t help but express it in different noises.

Isn’t it super hot, when women make noises during sex? The grunts, the moans, and sometimes even the screeches — all add so much spark to a sexual experience. When a man knows a woman is having fun, he starts having more fun in the whole process too. It’s hot, steamy, and super sexy. As encouraging as it is for the man, it is essentially a form of expression for the woman and a hint that she is completely enjoying her sexual experience.

But why else do women moan during sex sometimes? It’s not always about sexual excitement. Let’s look at the other reasons too.

Moaning During Sex — What’s Behind It?

Ever wondered why women make all those sounds of ‘aah and the ‘umms’ during sex? Is it pleasure? Is it pain? Or is it both? Gosh, there is actually a variety of reasons around why women moan during sex these days in a modern relationship.

While some men would say (or at least, like to say) that it is because they are such amazing lovers and moans indicate their sexual prowess, it is not always true. Women moan during sex for various reasons, which are broadly covered below. Women are incredibly dynamic beings which is why reading them, isn’t all that easy. Their act of moaning during sex can have many reasons behind it. It may, however, be noted here that girls scream during sex for different reasons. We might have missed one or two, so do add your own experience if something comes to your mind, in the comments section.

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Top 9 Reasons Why Women Make Noise During Sex

When having sex, we use so many of our senses to enjoy it. Touch is the most important one of course. But there’s also sight, smell, and taste that add so much pleasure to the whole experience. Well then as a man, why should your auditory senses go ignored then?

Moaning during sex gives a rhythm to the whole act, and if you have heard a woman moan and scream across the walls of your home, you would have been tempted to do it as well. Is noisy, raunchy sex better and hot? Does seeing a woman shout during sex mean that you have impeccable foreplay skills? Or is it an indication of something else entirely? What causes women to make noises in bed? Let’s dive right into it.

1. Women moan out of pleasure

The first, the foremost, and the most obvious reason behind why women moan during sex is this one. So if your wife is going crazy with the ‘Oohs’ and the ‘Aahs’, in most cases, it’s for this very reason. Women are different than men. And for women, intimacy and moaning go hand in hand. Just as you sigh at the sight of warmed-up food on the table when you are hungry or a soft bed awaiting you after an exhausting day, moaning is a natural response to the pleasure that a woman gets during sex. As she gets to climax and feels pleasure, she moans involuntarily in ecstasy. Go ahead, take it as a compliment!

Women moan out of pleasure
Girls scream during sex out of ecstasy

2. Moaning can turn him on instantly

Now that’s a trick out of the ‘Handbook of making men go crazy for you’ that sometimes women often try. It is not always the case that a woman starts moaning because she’s close to cumming. Perhaps, she is still just trying to set the mood and turn you on! Men are often turned on by the sounds their women make. If a man is taking time for the act and is not getting into the mood, a woman may moan just to get him there. This especially helps when someone is not in the mood for sex, but the other partner wants it desperately.

Men have confessed many times that the sounds that their women make during sex simply turn them on, even if they were not in the mood initially.

John Jagler is a reader from Iowa who told us that he often finds it hard to get in the mood when he gets back home from work. Due to his long hours, he gets home and feels the need to crash instantly. No matter what music she puts on or what lingerie she wears, John does not necessarily get turned on too easily. But his wife, Sydney, has cracked the code. “Sydney has been trying this new thing where she grabs me during a hug, places my hands around her, and softly starts moaning in my ears. That feeling honestly takes me to a whole new world”, he tells us.

3. Women make noise during sex as an involuntary response to pain

Sometimes women make noise during sex for reasons that you may actually want to stop for. At times when he is taking things rough and causing discomfort or pain down there, moaning can come in handy to express it fully. A moan with a painful sound can give him the message that the sex is just not working, that there’s not enough lubrication, or that something else is wrong. This way, without necessarily verbalizing it, a woman may tacitly request the man to become slow and careful.

But there is no reason why a woman should continue to endure pain during sex. After all, the act is all about experiencing pleasure and not pain (unless that’s your jam, we are nobody to judge). More often than not, pain during intercourse is caused by a lack of lubrication. This problem can be solved by simply keeping a bottle of lube handy. Keep that tip in mind.

4. To get things done quickly

When women shout during sex, you’re perhaps assuming that you’re doing a fantastic job and you might try to go even slower so that she can enjoy it better. But is that always the case? Sadly, it’s not. Why do women moan during sex if they don’t want it? Well, it goes a little bit like this.

Not in the mood today, but your man wants sex? Then moan away! Moaning excites men and makes them orgasm early on. Some women also try to cry if the sex is getting too exhausting and they want to end it soon or may even pretend to have an intense, fake orgasm. Do not worry too much though, you’re not necessarily breaking her if she cries. It’s an act of expression but if she does cry profusely, then stop and ask her if everything is okay.

Women make noise during sex to arouse their men faster and get things done quickly. Whether she left the milk on the stove or the baby is crying or she’s simply too late for her episode of the Kardashians, there could be many reasons why she wants to be done soon. Many women have used crying to get sex done promptly, and it is all fine until the man knows the women are faking it. That could be quite painful and pinches men sharply.

5. To slow things down

When a man hears soft moans of pleasure, he gets the idea that the woman is enjoying what he is doing and that he knows a thing or two about the woman’s body. The sounds of a woman’s moans that a woman gives him, make him interpret that perhaps the woman needs a little more time in bed and that the guy should not worry. This helps women extend the act longer if they anticipate the man is going to have an orgasm soon.

It is the tone of the moans that set the rhythm of sex. If a man can correctly read through the sounds a woman makes, the couple can have better and more enjoyable sex, without a doubt.

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6. To turn off their brains and focus on the fun!

Women have hectic lives, and sometimes they are just not turned on enough one night. With a thousand different things running through their minds, it may be hard for some women to focus on the act itself. They may be feeling horny and even initiate sex, but it’s possible that during sex, they might just snap out of it and start worrying about a fight with a coworker that she had earlier. With a grocery list running on your account or a presentation layout taking shape, it can be impossible to enjoy the pleasure of being laid.

So then why do women moan during sex? Moaning helps them get their brain where their bodies are. The act of making that noise physically, helps them be more present, enjoy the act more wholeheartedly, and have more fun sex.

7. Why do women moan during sex? To change the rhythm of sex

Ladies, do you like what your man is doing? Then moan softly in his ears to show him that you appreciate it. But what if you don’t like what he is doing down there? Well, then, moan hard!

That’s it, that’s the key to changing up the sex routine that might not be working out for you. Moaning helps women change the rhythm in bed. If you moan softly at something he is doing, your man will continue to do the same thing because he knows you like it. Similarly, he will also get the idea of something you are not enjoying when you moan in a higher pitch. It is as simple as that!


8. Silent sex? Arghh!

What would sex be like if no one was making any sound? Since women are more expressive than men, they have taken the lead on this one, too. Their moans and sounds and screams make sex more enjoyable for both the partners involved. Silently getting to climax would be such a mood killer! When a woman moans in pleasure, there can be nothing better than that.

How to get in the mood for my husband?“, you asked? Or as a man, are you wondering, “She never moans during sex, am I doing something wrong?”

Think about this then. Is the silent sex routine dampening your experience in the bedroom? One of the reasons why a woman may not be letting out those soft moans or loud screams during sex is because her partner isn’t able to pleasure her the right way. In that case, sex toys such as vibrators or rings for clitoris stimulation can really help you shift gears and heighten the pleasure of the act. If she is truly experiencing the zeniths of sexual pleasures, there is no way she’ll be able to keep at that ecstatic energy.

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9. They do it to please their men

Girls scream during sex for a variety of reasons and this is one of the more important ones. Sometimes, their moaning and their screeches are not necessarily about how they are feeling. It could just be about how they want to make their men feel. Women also moan to make their men feel happy and pleased.

A man feels masculine and strong when he can get his woman to feel pleasure under his embrace. Soft moans of pleasure give him the idea that the woman is enjoying what he is doing and that pleases him greatly. To elevate his self-esteem, help him let go of sexual performance anxiety and make him happier, a woman may let out soft moans to indicate that he’s doing a good job. Call it a woman’s way of saying, “Keep up the good work, you’re doing great!” in the language of sex.

Now now, don’t take this the wrong way. She doesn’t always do it when she’s trying to fake it. Perhaps, she is actually having a lot of fun and a good time. To indicate the same to her boyfriend and to make him feel better about it, she will deliberately moan to let that be known to him.

Sex becomes more exhilarating for men when their women moan with pleasure. Moaning is considered to be a sign of good sex, but do not confuse the painful sounds of your woman as signs of happiness.

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