50 Best Speed Dating Questions To Start A Conversation

speed dating questions

Before we discuss the best speed dating questions, let’s first dive into what speed dating really is and how different it is from regular or casual dating. Think of it this way – casual dating is more prolonged, relaxed and easy going. Speed dating, on the other hand, is the type of dating with a force and a purpose. 

Sounds confusing, we know, but hear us out. The difference isn’t all that big, really. The end goal is the same but the route in speed dating is just more rapid. When casual dating, one tries to ease into the dating world with one or two dates a week but with speed dating, one is sort of on a rapid-fire mode. Read on to understand more. 

50 Best Speed Dating Questions To Start A Conversation and Keep It Going

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A speed dating event is a formalized affair that is sort of a mix between a game of raffle and musical chairs. It is an event that you can sign up for beforehand. When you arrive at the speed dating soiree, you are introduced to and get to go on a mini date with everyone else who has also willingly signed up. 

There’s an array of tables laid out and one gets about three to eight minutes on each mini date to determine whether they are interested in the person or not. Once the buzzer rings, your date is over and it is time for you to move onto the next person. Think of it as swiping on Tinder but in real life. 

So, when the rules are so rigid and you only get a short span of time to talk to a woman who could potentially be the woman of your dreams, what kind of speed dating questions should you ask her? Since you need to make the best of the limited time that you have on your hands, you must come up with unique and insightful questions to take a closer look into the person you’re on a date with. Asking ‘What’s your favorite color?’ – umm no. You do not have time for a trivial question like that.

Here are the 50 best speed dating questions that you should have prepared and can mix and match, when you go on your speed dating rounds to try to find the perfect match for you! 

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1. Where did you grow up? 

This is an obviously good way to start off your speed dating questions. Before prying too much and asking if someone has weird kinks in bed, it is probably safer to keep it a little formal at first and ask them a little about their background and their heritage. 

2. Are you close to your family? 

One does not have to go deep into the trenches of one’s relationship with their parents or siblings but it is nice to understand what kind of family one comes from. Do they live alone or do they still live with their parents? Do they come from more of just a Thanksgiving dinner meet up kind of family or will you have to meet them every Saturday on fishing trips if you do end up dating them? 

speed dating questions icebreaker
Use this icebreaker to understand if they have a big family or not

3. Do you like animals? 

This is a great question to ask if you are a pet owner yourself or are really fond of animals in general. It can be nice to gauge if there is a potential possibility of you two adopting a furry friend one day! Couples with pets are way cuter, just saying.

4. What is one cause in the world that you want to support? 

This is one of the good speed dating questions to really understand what drives a person. There are issues that we all care about deeply but what is it that fires them up? It could be anything from political to personal. This question can tell you a lot about a person’s nature. 

5. What does your ideal date sound like? 

Now this is a fabulous way to understand how they like to spend time with people and get to know them. Are they into fun activities like hiking or horse riding or do they prefer talking over a cup of coffee? Either way, if you’re interested, now you know how to ask them out. 

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6. What are your political inclinations? 

One of the deep speed dating questions, if you are very politically active – it will be nice to get an outline of what your date thinks of the same things. Are they right oriented, centrist or do they support the left? 

7. Do you drink or smoke? 

For those of you who are teetotalers or have never picked up a cigarette in your life, this is the one for you. If you are the kind of person who might be uncomfortable with such a lifestyle, better to get this one out of the way first. 

8. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? 

Now this is a nice and roundabout way to get perspective around what goals this person has in their lives and what it is that they’re chasing. This will also speak volumes about your relationship goals together. Money, happiness, family, love – there could be lots. But what are their specific top 3?

9. What is the quickest way to your heart? 

If they say, ‘Dogs and eating cupcakes in a park’ – cuff them. Because how sweet is that? But seriously, this is a way of understanding what kind of affection and love they’re seeking. It will go a tremendously long way in helping you understand their nature in relationships. 

10. What kind of things do you geek out about? 

Are they real nerds about Harry Potter, video games, comics, anime or The Bachelor? Want to know if you have common interests? This is one of the perfect speed dating questions icebreakers to have something interesting to talk about on your mini date. If you will indeed be dating a gamer of sorts, you want to know beforehand.

11. What is the worst idea you’ve ever had? 

To keep it fun, use this question to find out if they have a naughty or spontaneous side to them. We are sure some really fun stories are going to bubble up, thanks to this one! 

12. What can you eat for the rest of your life? 

Whether you’re thinking of good speed dating questions or an actual first date conversation starter, you cannot go without talking about your favorite foods at least once. Foods really seem to bring people together, so use this one generously with all your dates! 

flirty speed dating questions
Now you know what to cook them when they come over

13. What’s a superpower you really want? 

A question like this can open up a can of worms about someone’s personalities and their proclivities. Do they want an invisibility cloak to sneak up on people or do they prefer time travel to go back to spending time with their mother as a child? A simple question like this can lead to some really interesting conversations. 

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14. Do you have any crazy fantasies? 

To keep things interesting while speed dating, pop a fun question like this every now and then. Because of the nature of this method, speed dating questions can quickly start feeling like aggressive interviews. Use some fun questions in the middle to keep it light. 

15. How do you spend your time after work? 

Or you can say, ‘How do you unwind at the end of a long day?’ to really understand what are the things that help them de-stress. Are they into working out, spending time with their dog, or simply putting on some music and dancing away the blues? 

16. Do you like children? 

If you are someone who is dating for marriage or is interested in having children with a long-term partner, best to make that intention clear on your date. That way, you can sift quickly and find someone who is willing to settle down soon and enjoys children as much as you do! 

17. Do you have any controversial opinions? 

This is a great way to gauge if there is something you might disagree on. For example, they are totally against something such as capital punishment, or they think the movie Parasite should not have won an Oscar. From intense to frivolous, this question can really go anywhere. 

deep speed dating questions
With these deep speed dating questions, uncover an interesting side of them

18. What is your greatest strength? 

Isn’t it important to date someone who is at least self-aware? Or you could even be dealing with a narcissist, but this is one of the speed dating questions that can make that clear for you. Are they proud and conscious of their abilities or borderline vain? 

19. What qualities do you admire most in people? 

Personally, I like to judge potential partners by how they see and treat other people. Do they like people for their drive and passion or for their kindness? Use this question to determine what it is that they find attractive and admirable. 

20. Which is your favorite spot for a getaway? 

Even the way a person spends their time indulging in some R&R is important, when you’re trying to ascertain whether you want to date them or not. Hawaii or the hills, bed and breakfasts or the Radisson, find out how they like to spend their time off. 

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21. What’s your favorite TV show? 

People bond over their favorite TV series like nothing else. Trust me, if I know a Game Of Thrones fan in the room, I can talk to them for hours. Discuss fan theories, unmissable moments and heart-breaking endings when you ask them about what shows they enjoy. 

22. How would your best friends describe you? 

This question might seem small but is a huge way to understand somebody’s personality and what they’re all about. Since their best friends know them most closely, find out how exactly their best buds think of them because that will indeed be the most accurate reflection of who they are. 

23. Are you into fitness?

If you’re a fitness nerd, do not forget to pop this question. Find out if they’re into exercising or eating healthy as much as you are. You do not want to plan a future cycling date for them that they might just end up hating completely! You’ll also know whether to expect any funny workout excuses from them or not.

24. What do you think makes a relationship good? 

What are the things they value most in relationships and want to work towards making better? Fantastic communication, spending quality time together or trust – which is it that they value the most? 

25. Are you a good texter or do you prefer calling? 

One of the speed dating questions icebreakers, find out beforehand if they’re going to be double texting you all day or would they rather just call you when you get off of work. Either way, it’s a nice way to understand somebody’s habits. 

speed dating questions funny
Find out if you will be spending more of your time texting or calling them

26. Tell me about your worst date

What a genius way of understanding their pet peeves or things that make them uncomfortable. Hopefully you can also share a few good laughs about this one! Ask them about their worst dates so you know what not to do wrong. 

27. What’s the con of dating you? 

This is a simple way of asking straight up what is one of the things that could be a potential area of concern in your relationship. There are pros and cons to dating everyone but it is nice to know it is coming from that person directly beforehand. Is it that they’re loud while fighting or that they hate ordering pizza for dinner? 

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28. Is there anything you’d never do again? 

‘Regret’ can be a heavy word to use among speed dating questions so this is a simpler way of putting across the same thing. Our regrets can determine a lot about who we are as people. So use such deep speed dating questions to find out more about who they are on the inside. 

29. What is a weird thing you find attractive? 

Kinks, fetishes, you catch my drift. This question encompasses everything from different types of kissing to something like finding someone’s voice attractive. What is it that really turns them on but is considered understated? 

30. Are you a good flirt? 

With this question, find out how confident they are in their abilities to woo and attract others. Are they the type to go after what they want or do they prefer to sit alone at the bar and wait to be chased? 

31. Do you get angry easily? 

Whether it’s full-fledged anger management issues or minor temper tantrums that can be placated with Ben and Jerry’s, it is good to know beforehand if they react impulsively to uncomfortable situations or not. 

32. Nightclub or Netflix? 

This is a creative way of asking whether they like a night out or prefer a night in. Everyone often has phases and enjoys both every now and then but this is a good way of understanding how you might be spending most of your nights together. 

virtual speed dating questions
Know if you will be spending your time watching Netflix or going out more

33. What’s the first thing you’d do as President of the country? 

Legalize marijuana in all 50 states, create a simpler healthcare system or make beer free all over the country – use this funny speed dating question to have a great laugh! Such hypothetical questions are always great to enjoy!

34. Which artist’s music resonates with you? 

If it’s Taylor Swift, wow, she’s super passionate about love! The kind of music we listen to can be a reflection of who we are, whether you like it or not. Enjoying hip hop is one thing but listening to The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights on repeat can tell a whole different story about you. 

35. How long have you been speed dating? 

One of the perfect speed dating questions is to find out how committed they are to this game! It’s always helpful to know whether they’re a veteran or a newbie so you can perhaps show them the ropes or let them take over the controls. 

36. What topic are you always willing to debate? 

This is basically a paraphrased version of ‘What are you most passionate about?’. I personally am most passionate about debating whether one should break spaghetti before boiling it or not but there’s a whole array of other things that you will hopefully get to talk about. Get into some controversial questions with this one.

37. What makes you laugh really hard? 

This trick question is for you to know how to impress them! Use this as one of your flirty speed dating questions by following up with exactly what would make them laugh. SInce you know what makes them giggle happily, you can use the same to charm them away! 

good speed dating questions
This way, you’ll know how to make them laugh on your next date

38. Would you be doing your job if you did not need money? 

What a crazy way to find out if someone is satisfied with their work or not! Really look into them with this one and you’ll know if they are following their passions in life or not. 

39. What is your favorite sex position? 

If you’re looking for flirty speed dating questions, this is one. But we have a tip. Tread cautiously with this one and only put it out there if you’ve established a rapport with them already. You don’t want to spring any uncomfortable questions because that will immediately make your date go downhill.

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40. What do you fear the most? 

Is it snakes or do they have a fear of abandonment? What we are scared of can give away a lot about us as people. Ask such deep speed dating questions to let them know that you’re really putting an effort into understanding them emotionally. 

41. What do you think of PDA? 

Since you might potentially go out with this person in the future, use your speed dating questions time wisely to understand how you should present yourself on a date. Will kissing him on the cheek freak him out or make him pull you in? Now you’ll know if he is willing to indulge in PDA or not.

42. What do you enjoy most about being single? 

Are they into the hooking up, the independence or the having time to yourself every single night? Whatever it is, you can know when you ask them this question. 

43. Are you a risk taker? 

Whether one is cautious or spontaneous can give away a lot about the kind of decision-making skills they use in their life. If you are serious about finding somebody long term and want to ensure they are on the same wavelength about things, this question is your go-to. 

On Dating Tips

44. What do you see in an ideal partner? 

This is the one of the perfect virtual speed dating questions to get a glimpse into what they might be expecting from you. Sort of like a clear checklist that they will be evaluating you against. Use this cheat sheet to determine where your connection might or might not go.

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45. Which is your favorite spot around town? 

With such questions, you can gain an insight into how they like to spend their time. They might prefer to hit the local Starbucks every day, or feed the ducks by the river in the evenings. In this simple way, you can know what their day looks like. 

46. Do you have any dorky habits? 

A list of funny speed dating questions helps keep it humorous, and this one certainly tops the list. Do they eat ketchup with their pizza or religiously wear socks to sleep? These cute quirks, no matter how silly they seem, are actually the real reasons we fall for people. So, ask away!  

47. Do you believe in ghosts? 

This appears to be one of the deep speed dating questions, but really, it can go either way. You might end up talking spirituality and God or end up discussing which of the Paranormal Activity movies you two should watch together. 

48. Are you religious? 

If you are somebody with a strong faith and belief system, it will not hurt to throw that out there and use this as a follow up question. These deep speed dating questions are necessary to gauge what might be the possible differences between you two. 

49. How would your ex describe you? 

The nature of one’s past relationships can definitely throw light on how that has shaped and changed them in the present. Try to be a little open minded with this one because you may not always hear the best things – just know that their history does not necessarily define everything about them. 

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50. If you had to take me out for dessert, where would we go? 

Just like ending this post, consider ending your speed dating round with such flirty speed dating questions to know whether they’d be interested in going on a date or not. The point here is to not find out their favorite dessert, but to figure out if they’re interested!

Does this solve your speed dating questions dilemma now? If you have just been getting into the speed dating game, you should try your hand at a few of these questions to impress your date and keep them hooked. This experience can be exhilarating but only if you do it right. Good luck! 

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