23 Promising Signs A First Date Went Well

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Promising signs a first date went well

Ah, the first date. It can be nerve-wracking, exciting, and everything in between because you are on a constant hunt for signs a first date went well. The anticipation of meeting someone new and the hope of making a romantic connection can be overwhelming. So, how do you know if the date went well? Did they enjoy your company? Do they want to see you again?

In this article, we’re going to explore telltale signs that your first date went extremely well. Your partner may have strong feelings after first date already. From the classic signs of love at first sight to the powerful signals of body language and physical chemistry, we’ll cover all the bases to understand whether there is a chance of a second date here. So whether you’re a seasoned dater or a newbie on the dating scene, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the signs of a good first date.

23 Promising Signs A First Date Went Well

How should a first date feel? There is no guideline for that. Different people can have different experiences. While there is no rulebook you can turn to for interpreting your experience, there are some signs of a good first date that you can look out for to put your heart and mind at ease: 

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1. Shared laughter at the same jokes

Did the shared laughter leave you with a high? Well, this is a good sign for first dates! If you found yourself laughing at each other’s jokes or discovered that your sense of humor is similar, it’s one of the signs of chemistry on a first date. 

Here’s the thing: People are so nervous on first dates usually that cracking jokes just does not come easy. However, if you and your date settled into a comfortable rhythm of sharing wine over laughter (whether from witty banter or silly jokes), it is one of the definite signs of a successful first date.

But if your date’s humor was as dry as the Mojave Desert, it’s probably best to move on to the next one. It’s okay. Hopefully you’ll laugh plenty more at the next few first dates with someone who is just as quirky as you.

2. One of the major signs of their interest is that the conversation flowed naturally

The key here is to remember that a first date is all about trying to make a good impression on the other person. You wonder how to start an interesting conversation while also showcasing the strong aspects of your personality. Balancing the two can often stunt the conversation and lead to awkward silences, completely ruining the chance of developing a romantic interest.

However, if there were no awkward pauses or you didn’t have to force conversation, it’s a a telltale sign that your first date went extremely well. A Reddit user seems to second this philosophy. She says, “For me, it’s when I am not counting the seconds until I can escape and realize that it’s been 2 hours as opposed to 30 minutes that I had originally planned to stay on for. Also, not having to think of stupid questions to keep the conversation flowing and not looking at my phone constantly.”

3. They were genuinely interested in you

It’s one of the first date signs he likes you or that she is interested: When your date shows genuine, unhindered interest in getting to know you. It’s a clear indicator that even if things don’t necessarily go forward romantically, you two still had a great date. First dates, where they let you talk about yourself without interrupting mid-sentence and wandering off to a completely unrelated story about their life, are rare.

It is also a good sign when they ask lots of follow-up questions about a story or an incident you narrate. It will be obvious from the body language that they are interested because they will maintain eye contact while actively listening to you. Your date’s genuine interest would be hard to miss. But for those who are new to the dating world, here are some of the major signs to watch out for: 

  • They look at you constantly while you speak or narrate an incident (unless they are neurodivergent and listen better when they are not looking at you)
  • They ask questions to get to know you better 
  • They aren’t distracted by their phone 
  • They don’t cut you off mid-sentence 
  • They have positive body language and appear composed
  • There are no awkward pauses during your conversations

But if they spent the entire time talking about themselves, you might want to consider auditioning for a new audience. There seems to be no potential future plans here.

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4. You both had common interests

Isn’t dating just a process to find someone who matches your frequency? Well, a powerful signal of great first dates is when you found that frequency without even trying too hard.

So, if you both love the same TV series, books, or sports, it’s one of the first date positive signs. But, if your date’s passions involve deep sea diving and skydiving, and you can’t swim or have a fear of heights, in some cases, it might be best to admire their hobbies from a safe distance.

5. Your date didn’t use their phone

While not using your phone should be basic decency and not necessarily a sign of great first dates, sadly, that is not the case. In the digital world where most of us spend our time glued to the screens, consider yourself lucky if you two actually spoke to one another for a long time and your date did not hop onto their Instagram Reels section or other dating apps on their phone every chance they got.

If your date didn’t spend most of the time scrolling through Instagram or texting their friends, it’s one of the signs a first date went well because they were fully present and interested in you. It is basic first date etiquette which everyone should follow as thumb rule of dating (and sometimes, even with friends and family)! But if they took a long phone call during dinner, it’s probably best to call it a night, unless it was an emergency.

“I actually will go to the bathroom to text my friends about twenty minutes into the date just to say if I’m okay or not. Other than that… the phone stays away unless they stop putting effort into the date. If they ruin it in whatever way, me pulling out my phone is how I silently cue there’s no second date because I’m not entertained enough to be finishing this one. It’s a non-verbal ‘You can stop now. We can leave. This isn’t going anywhere’,” says a Reddit user

6. A good hygiene on the other end is one of the underrated signs of a good date

Grooming and personal hygiene are integral parts of good first-date etiquette, and if your partner made the effort to be presentable, do consider it one of the signs of a good date. It shows that the person made an effort to look good for you (also, cuddle-ready if things go well).

If your date was clean and smelled good, it’s not only a great sign that they take care of themselves but also a powerful signal to show that the person was genuinely trying to impress and engage you on the first date. So bonus points for them in this regard. Here are some other signs that show that your date is well-groomed: 

  • They smell good 
  • They don’t have bad breath 
  • Their clothes are ironed and they look put together 
  • Their hair is properly styled 
  • They don’t have food between their teeth 
  • Their hands and nails are clean 

But if they smelled like they had been on a hike through the Amazon rainforest without a shower for a week, it’s probably best to excuse yourself to the restroom and never return. No preemptive excuses are allowed to get them out of this one and no amount of good vibes on the date can make up for the fact that they couldn’t shower before coming.

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7. Your date paid attention to detail

What are the telltale signs that your first date went extremely well, you ask? Well, if your date remembered something you said earlier and brought it up later, it’s a great sign that they were paying attention to what you were saying. This shows effort and a keenness to listen. This makes the conversation flow well because they participated equally in talking to you and made a conscious effort to keep the ball rolling.

A Reddit user shares, “I knew she was the one on the first date. My SO is significantly older than I am so I was very wary about going on our first date but it ended up being the best date of my life. First, we drove down to the beach and the bars were unusually dead so we bought a bottle of champagne and headed to the sand instead. On the beach, under the moonlight, we shared the bottle and just talked, we also saw a shooting star. The date was simple and perfect.”

Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it? However, if they forgot your name or where you were meeting, and can only conduct boring small talk with you, then it’s probably best to stick a nametag on your shirt and move on.

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8. Your date was respectful

Have you ever been on a date with one of those people who use sounds or snaps to call the waiter or those who show up an hour later without an ounce of guilt on their faces? Yeah, you need to run.

If your date was respectful and kind to you and those around you, it means they are a good person. If they showed chivalry, were not crossing boundaries, and were not rude to people around them, it is one of the first date positive signs. In fact, you may even consider a second one with them, as this is a trait you look for in a partner if you want a healthy relationship.

But if they were rude to the waiter or made an unsolicited comment on your body, it’s probably best to show them the door. If someone does not have basic decency for those around them, they will probably also never have it for you too. Such signs of disrespect are usually good indicators that this person is not meant for you.

9. You felt comfortable around them: A psychological sign of a safe first date

One of the clear signs of chemistry on a first date is when you and your body felt comfortable around that person. We often put up a wall or pretend to be someone else to make the best first impression on someone. But if the entire thing feels like it was straight out of a movie, easy and real, then consider it a sign of a great date.

If you felt that you can snort while laughing or crack the silliest jokes with them, know that you should consider seeing a potential future with this person. Feeling at ease and not judged in each other’s presence is a rare feeling for first dates, so treasure this one. Relationships experience all kinds of trouble, but feeling comfortable around each other is definitely a good foundation to aspire to.

But on the other hand, if you felt like you had to pretend to be someone you’re not to keep them interested in you, it’s probably best to take off the mask and be honest. It is okay to catch each other’s differences and not feel a deep connection on a first date. Just don’t try to change yourself to feel some kind of rush.

10. They were mirroring your actions 

People tend to imitate the behaviors of those they find appealing. You can sense that your date likes you or thought you were attractive if they subconsciously mirrored your actions like smiling, reclining in their char, or resting their face on their hand – Just the way you are. So pay attention to a person’s face and how it changes, a person’s body language and how their physical actions respond to you. If you noticed your date copying you in a way, it is one of the signs a first date went well. 

11. Your date made a lot of eye contact 

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. No wonder philosophers, poets, and authors have time and again reinforced the importance of eye contact for attraction. So ask yourself this. Were you two looking into each other’s eyes closely? If so, it is one of the signs the first date went well. 

Unless they are autistic (and sometimes not even then), direct eye contact is a sign that someone is interested in you. On the other hand, their lack of attention to you and their eyes wandering in all directions indicate boredom and a lack of interest in what you have to say. If your date is interested in you, you will see clear body language signs of attraction such as leaning in to hear you better or making physical contact such as placing a hand on your shoulder. It may even indicate a budding sexual tension.

12. Making plans for a second date is the surest indicator of their interest in you

How do you know your date went well? One of the best signs and the most undeniable one is that you came home with decided plans of seeing them again! Planning more dates makes it pretty clear that this person is interested in you.

“Personally, if I have a first date that goes well, I don’t waste any time planning the next one. Either at the end of the first date or in the day or two after. Assuming the guy doesn’t work a super busy job (e.g., a doctor), you should take his excitement for a second date to be a gauge of his interest. Guys who are interested will offer plans (even if they don’t work out with your schedule). The ones who are noncommittal about such plans are probably trying to send a signal,” says a Reddit user

Just think about it. If it was a bad date, would they really bother seeing you again? In case you aren’t someone who picks up on hints, here are some examples of what your date might say to make plans for a second date: 

  • Using mutual interests: Hey, you mentioned your favorite artist. Their exhibition is coming to town, I would love to go with you
  • Plans for the next day: This was fun. Maybe we can catch a movie tomorrow? 
  • Making a recommendation: I know this lovely place downtown which serves the best coffee. Would you join me for a cup this weekend?
  • Inviting you over: Man, that pizza was a disappointment. Why don’t you come over for dinner at my place and I will cook you a dinner you won’t forget! 

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13. Your date complimented you

Did they love the way you wore your hair? Or did they mention you smell amazing? Or did they talk about your work and mentioned how brilliant of a content writer you are and that they can’t stop reading the stuff you’ve written? Well, paying compliments is a sign that a person is trying to flatter and impress you. You’ve certainly made a good first impression on them if they genuinely pay you a compliment.

It also means that they want you to like them. After all, compliments make everyone happy! If there were a lot of compliments showered during the night (or day), it is one of the signs a first date went well.

14. You had good physical chemistry

Not just deep conversations, it is also the physical tension between two people that decides whether a date was good or not. It’s all about how you felt in each other’s presence. Physical chemistry can be a sign that the first date went well as it suggests there is mutual attraction and interest. When there is strong physical chemistry, it typically means that both individuals feel comfortable and are having an enjoyable time with each other in an intimate way.

Signs of chemistry on a first date are hard to miss. Dilated pupils, touching each other’s arms, licking lips, etc. are subtle body language signs of physical attraction and send a message that the other person is interested in you. 

Here are some other signs of physical chemistry and physical touch on a first date to look out for: 

  • Intense eye contact is one of the subtle signs the date is going well
  • Constant blushing and smiling 
  • Sense of nervousness 
  • Searching for excuses to make physical contact 
  • Feeling comfortable in their presence 

15. Extending first date till the odd hours of night? Say no more

Ah. Your date lasted longer than expected. You may have imagined the date would last an hour or two when you initially planned meeting this person. Suddenly, your date is somehow longer than a Master’s degree — but more fun and no stress. Three hours have passed, and you two are still joking and chatting. You have shared funny jokes and stories, talked about every current President in this world you could think of, and even talked at length about your own feelings about life and its experiences. The fun and intimate sharing has gone on longer than expected and you still feel like it could go on forever.

Extending first date is encouraging and, honestly, a big deal. No need for a certified relationship coach to tell you this, it is obvious enough. You have found yourself feeling extremely comfortable with this new person. When a date goes poorly, one or both parties may try to arrange an early exit before the end of the night. However, if you two couldn’t stop talking to one another, it is one of the great signs the first date went well.

16. They showed vulnerability

People, typically, don’t reveal a lot about themselves on a first date during a flowing conversation. However, it can be a positive sign if your date felt at ease discussing their family and other areas of their personal life. They might even have shared their past relationships experience with you because they feel safe around you.

Consider it an important sign for a good date with someone. What this tells us is that they are interested in moving things along because they were honest with you and shared intimate facts about their life. Here are some signs of vulnerability to watch out for:

  • There is no pretentiousness 
  • They are comfortable enough to show their soft side 
  • They shared an intimate detail about their life 
  • They listened to your concerns and troubles with attention
  • They were thoughtful toward other people and your surroundings 

“I think honesty and vulnerability are incredibly important, especially on the first date. And if she doesn’t like who you are, or doesn’t accept or judge your vulnerabilities, it’s probably a bullet dodged,” says a Reddit user

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17. Your date is respectful of your boundaries

If your date respects your boundaries and doesn’t pressure you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, it’s a great sign that they’re a respectful and considerate person. Respect for boundaries can look like

  • Not pressing for physical touch multiple times, such as a kiss or a hug, if you’re not comfortable with it
  • Not prying into issues you’re not okay talking about
  • Seeking your consent instead of making assumptions
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18. They like you a lot if they took you home 

One of the signs of chemistry on a first date is an instant feeling of complete connection. It’s possible that the entire night turned into a protracted game of foreplay with cunning touches and gentle kicks. You went to their place for the first time (or vice versa) for a nightcap because you didn’t want the evening to finish. It obviously went a little too well.

Even though social conventions say you shouldn’t sleep with someone on a first date, you should truly do whatever feels right to you. There is no stigma associated with having slept with someone on a first date if you both gave your consent, and no reason to feel like it is awkward. If you two want the same things, have fun and be safe. This magnetic attraction between the two people simply cannot be denied.

19. You’re following one another on social media already

Social media has become an integral part of the dating scene these days and people are very protective of their profiles of late. So it’s not surprising that one of the subtle signs a first date went well is when they add you on social media. This does mean that you can expect to go on future dates with this person.

Because in all honesty, people won’t bother connecting on social media if a date didn’t go well. Did your date make any attempts to friend or follow you after the date? If so, they are undoubtedly eager to learn more about you, and want you to know a little bit more about their own life too.

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20. You feel happy and energized after the date

Are you feeling high after date number one? Well, it only means that you are certainly going on a date number two soon. Expect a follow-up text any time now.

And no, we are not talking about indulging in too much alcohol. We mean the high that comes from within. Social engagements, especially with a stranger, can be mentally exhausting and emotionally demanding. However, if you came back from your date feeling refreshed and happy, it is definitely a sign that your date went really well. There is a very good chance they feel like the same way, and that you two definitely had no problem finding common ground that can take your connection further.

21. Strong feelings after a first date means you’re both on to something

We are all romantics here so we have to tell you that love at first sight is no myth. You might have found your soulmate. Sometimes, you just feel an inexplicable surge of emotions upon meeting someone new and have a great time with them. Did you both fall head over heels in love? Did you come back home only to find them waiting for your call? Have you been texting all night and feeling the butterflies? Well, need we say more? It is definitely a sign that your date went exceptionally well.

22. The awkward moments didn’t feel all that awkward

One of the best things about a very good first date is not necessarily finding things in common, feeling a strong sexual tension, or sharing funny stories with them. It’s the fact that you feel so at ease with this person, that even the awkward moments feel really comfortable and don’t make you feel like you were embarrassed at all.

Say, you dropped some ramen on your shirt in an extremely unattractive way. But instead of feeling coy, you laugh it off and so does your date. Or your date accidentally knocks over a glass but instead of considering it clumsy, you two are barely bothered by it. When you two are with one another, you don’t feel a sense of judgment in the room and that’s how you know for sure that you’re definitely going on date number two with this person.

23. The follow-up text will tell you what you need to hear

Even though there is no way to predict that there will be a second date for sure, this comes as a pretty close hint. Sadly, in the world of dating apps and ghosting, it is pretty common to never text someone again after the first date. Remember, ghosting says a lot about you when you’re the one doing it to someone — So, it’s not your fault if you’re at the receiving end. You can judge if there will be a next date based on how they talk to you.

After the date, notice what they say to you. Do they pay you a compliment and say they had a great time? Or do they close the conversation with a mere “thank you”? Trust us, the text they send you after makes all the difference in telling you how good the date went. Consider it a hidden review that tells you if they want to see you again or not.

Key Pointers

  • Genuine interest, respect, and attentiveness are some of the signs a first date went well
  • You can tell a date is going well when you can talk to them with ease
  • You don’t have to fall in love instantly but if there is strong chemistry, it is a positive sign on a first date
  • If your date is excited to see you again or has already asked you out on a second date, you know the date went well

And there you have it — 23 promising signs that your first date went well. From the classic signs such as good conversation and laughter to the subtle signals of physical chemistry, from similar values to similar interests, these indicators can give you the assurance and confidence that you need in order to know if there’s potential for a future relationship.

Quick tip to remember: Of course, not every date will have all of these signs, and that’s okay. The most important thing is to trust your instincts and listen to your gut feeling. If you feel anxious after the date, it was probably a waste of your free time and there is no reason to waste it any more with this person. But if you had a good time and feel a connection, then that’s a great sign that your first date went well.

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