How To Flirt With Guys Over Text? 17 Tips To Do It Right

how to flirt with guys over text

How to flirt with guys over text is not some complicated maze that you have to navigate but rather a simple process. In fact, to flirt with guys over text is way simpler than doing it in person. Wouldn’t you much rather have a bunch of time to think about what you want to say next instead of having to come up with it while you’re face to face with him? With a few simple steps and tricks, you can master this game. 

With an arsenal of emojis, Gifs, memes, and now even Instagram Reels at your disposal, it’s become more interesting to flirt over text without coming on too strong. The key is to be creatively surprising without scaring him off. So, instead of pondering over, “How to flirt with guys over text?” and never actually giving it a go, read on to find out all the tips you need to know.

How To Flirt With Guys Over Text – 17 Tips To Do It Right 

Cute flirty text messages are the way to go but originality is key. How to flirt with guys over text is not just about using the right words, but using them in the right situation and making sure it reflects a part of you. You don’t want to oversell yourself and be all sizzle and no steak. Keeping it real is just as essential.

To make him go gaga over you and ensure that you finally get your hot date, sending flirty texts to make him laugh and smile is the right way to start. But there is also a lot more that you can do. Confused? Well, we’ve got your back on this one. Here are 17 tips to amp up your game if you are unsure about how to flirt with guys over text:

1. Read the chat room before you dive into how to flirt with guys over text

To decide whether or not you should begin flirting at all depends on how the conversation has been going so far. You just have to be able to read a room. That’s why its’ equally important to know how to subtly flirt with a guy over text and pick up on his cues before you go all in. Is he sending you lots of emojis? Or is he laughing at the things you say? 

You must take note of these things before you flirt with guys over text at all. You need to know if they are even into the conversation. If they are interested in talking to you and are responding sweetly enough, treat it as your go signal.  Try texting conversation starters and analyzing how interested he is in his responses. You can try sending:

  • “How’s your job going? Is it all you’d hope for?”
  • “I’m so bored! How do you pass the time? Any suggestions?”
  • “What did you do last weekend?”

2. Start slow 

Jumping in with “Your eyes are so beautiful, I could just drown in them” is probably not going to work in your favor if you’re thinking about trying flirty texts for him at night. You need to spend some time gauging how you can flirt with him. Once you’ve done that, you will have mastered the art of how to flirt over text without coming on too strong.

Start with a simple and short “Aww, you’re just too funny!” or a “Thanks, cutie” initially. These are important flirting tips for beginners and it’s how to flirt with a guy on text. See, no rocket science, right? If he responds well to these, you know you can dive into deeper waters and get your flirting game going! To start slow, you can text:

  • “So, what does your ideal date look like?”
  • “Hey good looking. What do you suggest I do for fun this weekend?”
  • “Goodnight sweetie. Talk to you tomorrow.”

3. Say his name a lot 

You know this works because as a girl, you fall for this one too. Girls and guys both find it extremely adorable when someone from the opposite sex calls them by their name. It is such a small simple thing but if done correctly, it can be an immediate turn-on. Tr

“Oh Nick, you’ve got to stop it!” has much more of a flirty vibe going than “Oh, stop it!” See the difference?

flirt with him over text
How to flirt with guys over text? Say his name often over text to turn him on

4. Pepper the conversation with some compliments 

Guys love compliments just as much as girls do – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. How to compliment a guy through text is really no biggie. Just be honest and tell him the things you like about him. That is indeed the perfect way to start a flirty conversation. “That shirt looks so hot on you”, or “Omg! I love your new haircut” are just some ways to do that. He’ll start blushing before you know it. 

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5. Tell him you were thinking of him to flirt over text during quarantine

This one takes a little more guts but is super romantic and will leave your guy gushing. Under lockdown and can’t go out to meet your crush? Then you’re probably looking for ways to flirt over text during quarantine. If you haven’t texted or called him in a while, text him randomly in the middle of the day and say this to him. This is definitely not one of those flirting signs that guys miss.

“I’ve been missing you” or “I was thinking about you this morning” are some really sweet ways to let him know you like him. Not only will he appreciate it but will also reciprocate if you are kind to him in this way. 

6. Send cute GIFs to start a flirty conversation

Sending cute flirty text messages is one thing but sending GIFs can take your game to a whole other level. A friend of mine always used to send romantic GIFs of a couple cuddling to the guy she was talking to every time she missed him. She said it worked like a charm. 

How to subtly flirt with a guy over text? Send him a not-so-obvious GIF but one that is clear enough to make him know that something is definitely cooking.

7. Tease a little 

Going slightly back and forth while flirting is a good tactic to keep someone hooked and interested. The same rule goes when you’re figuring out how to flirt with a guy over text. To learn how to subtly flirt with a guy is important but it is also equally important to learn how to pull back at the right moment. 

Show him what he’s missing and that he can’t have you as easily as he would like. Saying “Oh no, you’ll have to work a little harder than that to take me out” jokingly with a laughing emoji is one way to do it.

art of wooing

8. Don’t be repetitive 

Cute flirty text messages do work in most cases but not if they are overused. The same phrases or the same repetitive style of talking can cancel out all the initial charm that helped you catch his fancy. You want to be dynamic and interesting to make a guy really like you. 

Flirting constantly is also not something worth recommending. You don’t need to throw in a punchline every hour because that might make you appear a tad desperate. Keep it lighthearted and focus on non-flirty parts of the conversation. 

9. Keep it classy 

Too many dirty texts are a strict no-no. While dirty texting has its allure, do not mix the two too much. One or two texts showing him that you’re turned on by him are healthy but by doing it over and over, you risk losing the guy. 

To flirt over text without coming on too strong, keep it a little cool. Going overboard with the sexual innuendos is nobody’s dream of being wooed. It makes you come across as someone with a one-track mind. 

10. Discuss scenarios with him

Let’s give you some how to flirt over text with a guy examples to show you what you could be saying. “I think we’d have a lot of fun ice skating” or “You have to try that burger with me!” are some ways to grab his attention and flirt with him in a sly way. In this way, he will know that you are actually interested in talking to him and not just doing it because you have nothing better to occupy yourself with.  

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11. Emojis are important 

But not too many, please. Since texting is different from actually talking in person, a lot of emotions or feelings are not clearly expressed through this medium. If you think hard enough, sometimes the right emoji in the right place can make all the difference about what you want to convey. 

cute flirty text messages
Send cute emojis to him in the middle of your day for starting a flirty conversation

12. Crack jokes 

Some of the best flirty texts to send a guy are funny ones. Everyone appreciates a good sense of humor and guys are definitely impressed when a woman can send flirty texts to make him laugh. There are also many funny online dating questions that you can try.

This doesn’t mean sending memes all day long. While he will scroll through those gleefully, he won’t be impressed. It means bringing your A-Game at cracking jokes about the things he tells you or telling him funny stories yourself. 

13. Night time talking to flirt over text during quarantine

Maybe you’re trying to flirt over text during quarantine when the whole world is at home and the texting game is at an all-time high. Since his sleep schedule is probably as wack as yours during a period like this, consider texting him more at night. Talking at night especially after midnight can take your flirting game to a different plane.

There are many flirty texts for him at night that will make him ponder how he feels about you and respond to you. “Wish we could snuggle tonight” or “My blanket feels empty without you” are some texts that you can try to spark up a conversation post-bedtime. 

14. Change up your greetings 

Make note of these how to flirt with a guy over text examples. Using “Hey mister” or “Hey cute stuff” can only last so long. You cannot start every conversation with the same old message. How to flirt with guys over text is about keeping the conversation engaging. There are many cute texts that you can send your man instead.

A monotonous tone or a dull “Hey, what’s up?” is boring. That stuff doesn’t work anymore. We’re all too busy to keep up with boring greetings. You can start with something like “I can’t stop staring at your profile picture today” or “What do you think I should order for dinner tonight?”

15. How to flirt with guys over text starts in the Insta DMs

Slipping into DMs – everyone does it all day, every day on Instagram. For good reason. It actually works! Reply to their stories and shoot your shot. Since people do it so often, it is easy to get lost in the DMs of the person you are trying to hit on. You must say something relevant and catchy to make your DM notification truly stand out. 

For example, he uploaded a picture of a pizza. You can reply to his story by saying, “That looks delish, I guess I will have to get my food recommendations from you now” and you are set. 

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16. Send cute snaps 

If you’re a Snapchat aficionado, sending a few snaps is key to flirting. This approach holds for Instagram and any other texting app too. Keeping it visual makes a person look forward to a conversation. To flirt with guys over text is double fun when you have snaps, filters and funny stickers to work with. 

17. Understand texting etiquette before starting a flirty conversation

The double texting, the waiting for a response before jumping in to reply – all fall under this umbrella term. You need to pick up on hints and know how much you should be investing in a conversation. It can be counterproductive to go all the way and ask three back-to-back questions with a wink emoji. 

Don’t let the conversation fall apart but know when to space out your responses. It is a skill to bring the spark back up when you need to when thinking about how to subtly flirt with a guy. 

How to flirt with guys over text can be more fun than intimidating. Remember, some of the best flirty texts to send a guy are not the ones you plan, but the ones you feel. You do not have that much to lose online because you can always try again and get back on your feet. 

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