How To Get A Girl To Like You – 25 Tips All Men Can Try

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Updated On: August 6, 2023
How to get a girl to like you

So, you are saying she seems interested but doesn’t text you back? Or are you afraid that you’ve been trapped in the infamous friend zone and can’t figure out how to get a girl to like you? You’ve binge-watched all her favorite TV shows, even bought a new shirt in her favorite color, and are now circling the idea of reading her favorite book to impress her – Clearly, you have been bitten by the love bug and there’s no denying it.

You’re serious about catching her full attention and are doing everything you possibly can. While you’re working your fingers to the bone figuring out how to woo a girl, the answer to that might actually be a little different. Memorizing every page of Girl, Woman, Other because she bought it recently might not necessarily make her like you the way that you want her to.

Sure, it’s an added advantage, but there are other aspects that you should consider polishing if you’re as serious about this girl as we think you are. And that involves understanding the psychology of female attraction. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to make a girl open up emotionally or how to be irresistible to your crush, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s answer all those questions bubbling away in your head.

25 Tips On How To Get A Girl To Like You Back

How to start talking to a girl and not sound too desperate? How to get in her head to make her think about you? How to show interest in a girl in a non-stalker way? Pretty simple, you have to master the tricks and trades of wooing a woman. Now that’s easier said than done. Plenty of men start pining for a woman and are then left clueless about the right thing to do.

If you’re trying to get a girl to like you in high school, you might just be thinking that those Snapchat streaks you send will get the job done. Spoiler alert: They absolutely will not. But the good news is, we’ve got a few tried and tested ways to make her want you that could potentially save you a lot of trouble. Here are 25 tips on how to make a girl like you: 

1. Carry yourself confidently 

And not in that way where you rev up your car engine outside her house or wink at the waitress in the restaurant. Your humble (and non-sexist) self needs to shine through. If you are a little nervous, don’t let that show too easily. It’s possible to subconsciously overcompensate for the lack of self-confidence by being too sassy or trying too hard to play it cool. She will be inclined to draw the curtains on this one since it’s one of the classic mistakes men make while trying to impress women.

  • So, if you’re trying to get a girl to like you without talking to her, the first step to take is to make sure you’re well-groomed and confident in your stride
  • The more you appear comfortable in your own skin, the more she might notice you
  • But you should tone down the arrogance. Take it from a woman, being smug will never work in your favor
  • Women like a man who can carry himself well, but overconfidence can just ruin the whole impression
  • Also, don’t let lack of self-esteem come in your way. We believe you have great qualities and potential that she would appreciate

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2. Use the right pickup lines 

Funny pickup lines or even the cheesy ones sometimes do the trick if you want to know how to grab a girl’s attention. But there’s a fine line between casual flirting and saying utterly wrong things that are either too cringey or too presumptuous. There are many invisible boundaries that men often overlook and are tempted to cross.

Something like “Roses are red, the grass is green, I love your legs and what’s in between” is sure to topple your dating game completely. More so if you’re trying to get a girl to like you over text, make sure that as one of the nice guys, you don’t creep her out with your attempts at flirting. Your primary concern should be to learn how to make a girl feel safe over text.

As a rule of thumb, don’t go overboard with sexual advancements immediately after matching on a dating app. Steer clear of the worst pickup lines and don’t pepper them in unsuitable social situations. If a girl is not interested in talking to you and you use a cringey pickup line, the only action you’re going to get is the bouncer throwing you out of the bar.

3. Maintaining eye contact is essential

Have you got dating anxiety jitters? We can understand. To make a girl pay attention to you can be nerve-racking as you are worried you’ll say or do the wrong thing. But looking away or staring at her hair instead of her face is only going to weaken the case you want to make. 

Women love men with strong personalities. Someone who would look into their eyes so deep that they almost feel read and understood. Eye contact has the power to develop intimacy and establish a deep connection even between two strangers. You know why? Because research shows eye-locking releases love/attraction hormones such as phenylethylamine and oxytocin.

  • So try to maintain eye contact when you’re with her, because this shows her that you’re being attentive and receptive to her
  • Soften your gaze, keep your face relaxed, and dilate your pupils to make yourself seem attractive
  • Practice on a plant beforehand if you think it’ll help
  • How to make it obvious you like her? Hold that gaze for 3-5 seconds and she will know your intentions
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4. How to get a girl to like you back Ask her about her interests 

This is an obvious one. It doesn’t matter how cute or successful you are, because the moment she realizes that you have no genuine interest in what she has to say, her initial attraction for you will just wear off. After all, where’s the fun in chatting with a self-centered person who is full of themselves?

Ask the right questions to make a girl like you and let her know that you are fascinated by what she has to tell you. Even if she wants to talk about her rabbits for twenty minutes straight, it’s something you would ideally find adorable if you actually like her. To really nurture any mutual attraction signs you may have with her, you have to be a good listener, and a curious one for that matter.

The more you show interest and respect her for her opinions, the more she’ll feel comfortable opening up to you (provided you don’t ruin it with bad pickup lines). Plus, finding some common interests might actually help you build the foundation for a serious relationship given that you genuinely care about this woman.

5. Amp up your social media game

These days, our digital presence is just as important as the impression we make on somebody in person. Since we spend so much of our time online, that is the time you have to utilize to get to know your girl and eventually make her fall in love with you. Consider flirting over text, replying to her Instagram stories, or even asking her to play a game of chess with you online.

There are so many ways to form a deep connection or spend time with somebody online. And that sense of affinity actually helps you boost your self-confidence to ask her out on a real date. Plus, you get a good amount of time to sort out your thoughts beforehand and plan your next move accordingly. If you want to know how to flirt with a girl you already know, dropping by her inbox might be a great starting point.

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6. To get her to take notice of you, be presentable 

Casual slippers, unkempt hair, and tattered jeans don’t really scream babe magnet. You might as well get stood up for showing up on a date looking like that. The best way to get a girl to like you is to invest some time and energy into grooming and dressing. We aren’t asking you to meet the conventional definition of handsomeness or spend hundreds of dollars on branded apparel. But a good sense of personal hygiene and clean clothes aren’t too much to ask for, is it?

  • How to get a girl to like you without talking to her? A well-groomed hipster beard or sexy stubble is always irresistible. Maybe try a beard oil, hair cream, and a subtle cologne
  • Nothing attracts women like men who smell good. You better not skip on regular showers, flossing, and a musky perfume to create your signature scent
  • Don’t break the bank to purchase all kinds of new body products or clothes; just take a little time to get ready for her
  • Wear a decent pair of footwear. Wearing running shoes to a date or showing up in joggers is only a great idea if the date involves a physical activity or if she’s into casual wear too
how to get a girl to like you again
Take a little time to get ready for her

7. Compliment her often 

One thing that girls love is words of appreciation. You don’t need a dating coach to explain how to get a girl to like you back with genuine, nice compliments. Calling her beautiful is a surefire way to make her feel special but complimenting someone only on their looks or physical appearance might sound a bit superficial.

To really make a girl interested in you when she is not, you must make her see that you appreciate her on a deeper level. As per the situation, find ways to slip in subtle compliments about her personality, her career, or things that people overlook about her.

For instance, paying attention to the little details like her nicely organized desk or her excellent driving skill will set you apart from the rest of the suitors. If you’re dating an independent woman, tell her how amazed you are by her work-life balance. It will certainly open doors to conversations and attachment and eventually make her want you as more than just a friend.

8. Plan fun dates 

Texting “Hey, do you want to hang out? I’m free this afternoon, we can do anything you want” might seem like the right thing to say here, but it is really not. Do you realize you are giving her mixed signals? She would be all confused about whether you want to hang out as friends or you are actually asking her out.

Instead, say something like, “A new bowling alley just opened up next to the Starbucks around the corner from our office. Do you want to go out with me? I would love to meet you there this afternoon. I’ve heard they have crazy good mac ‘n’ cheese wedges too.” This could work wonders. So, how to get a girl to date you and make sure she shows up?

  • Be very clear about your proposition so that she knows it’s a date
  • “Should I offer to pick her up?” Absolutely! Plan the date well – The venue, the food, everything from picking her up to seeing her off at home
  • “I like her too much. Should I just tell her how I feel?” – We would hold back those 3 words to make a woman want you on a first date. This is where you get to know her better, and not focus on making future plans
  • You know what makes you look desperate to a girl? Begging her to go on a date with you. Don’t do that
  • There are different ways of pursuing a woman if she refuses the first time. Hopefully, you would choose a decent one and quit pestering her

9. Don’t chase after her if you want her to like you

In continuation of the last point, let’s figure out how to get a girl to like you again after she has declined you once. A girl is only attracted to a man who knows that he has better things to do than run after a girl all day. Sounds counter-productive but hear us out. If she knows you’re unmotivated in life or your primary purpose is to chase a relationship, she’s going to think that you need to work on yourself. Thus, she won’t take you too seriously. 

But when she knows that you have a stable job, other commitments that you like to take care of, hobbies that you enjoy spending time on, and people who love you, she will see you in a much better light. Wondering how to make a girl like you more than a friend? Then play hard to get every once in a while. 

10. Be conscious of your body language 

Hunched shoulders and crossing your arms are an absolute no-no. Your posture has to reflect your feelings and purpose. See, we get that you have genuine feelings in your heart for this woman. But you have to give her the time to see the nice guy that you are, the real you. Meanwhile, your body language and confidence matter. Here are some psychological tricks to get a girl to like you:

  • Sit up straight and keep your arms wide – Believe it or not, a good posture can make all the difference
  • Slightly raising your eyebrows and nodding along with a smile while talking to her shows that you are truly engaged in the conversation
  • Your body language signs need to make her feel welcomed and not pushed away
  • The more she subconsciously registers your openness and warmth, the more prone she will be to falling for you 

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11. How to make a girl think about you? Stay within easy reach 

It’s no secret that guys are a little clueless when it comes to picking up hints from women. Even after she made the first move, our guy would still wonder, “That girl put her number in my phone the other day. What does it mean if a girl gives you her number?” Well, Joe, it means she wants to keep in touch; she wants you to text or give her a call sometime.

To really become close to her and show her that you’re a dependable guy, you need to make her trust that she can lean on you in her times of need. That kind of comfort level can only be established through your actions. Even if you’re just friends, she needs to know that you are around and that you know how a woman wants to be treated.

If you are hoping to attract her back using female psychology and get out of the friend zone, you are in the right direction. Be it needing help because her car ran out of gas while she was out grocery shopping or looking for a plus-one to take to a wedding, you’ve got to work on being her first choice. Next time her tire needs immediate changing, keep that jack ready and handy!

12. Make her laugh often 

There’s nothing girls like more than a man who would crack them up every time they are together. In fact, “He makes me laugh” can be a valid reason to fall in love. However awkward you may feel you are, I’m sure you can come up with something better than knock-knock jokes to make her laugh out loud. It’s without question one of the best ways to attract a woman.

  • Just start with your own funny stories and you’ll find your way from there. Pretty soon you will have your own inside jokes
  • The key is to be amusing and never let a dull moment take over the conversation (Comfortable silences, though, are great)
  • Even if you two are texting back and forth, send her funny videos or memes so she knows you’ve got a great sense of humor
  • If you’re wondering how to get a girl to like you online, you could even consider upping the humor in your social media stories. She might just reply to some of them

Also, let’s reveal a secret to help you with the non-verbal cues we were talking about earlier. If she has a thing for you, she might even laugh at your lame jokes. So, don’t lose your nerve and look out for the hints she is dropping.

13. Bring up something that she has talked about before 

Here we have another one of the psychological tricks to make someone fall in love with you. To really show her that you’ve been listening, along with keeping track of all that she tells you, you have to bring these things up every once in a while. “I’ve heard of this great barn that’s about 50 miles from here. I know you rode horses while growing up and thought of you when I heard about it. I can take you there sometime” is sure to melt her heart.

In a way, it’s even better than telling a girl you have a crush on her because you have already made her feel special. And the chain of attraction is set in motion. The moment she knows you’re this considerate and are willing to remember the small details about her, there’d be no question in her mind about whether you’re boyfriend material or not. Show her that she’s on your mind a lot and she won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

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14. Push and pull 

Just like doors, using the push-and-pull technique with the girl you like can open a door to opportunities for you. Basically, you have to push her, which means showing her that you’re not too interested in her. And then pull her, by showing her that you really do like her. 

If you’re looking to get a girl to like you in high school, this technique might just end up intriguing her enough to talk to you a little more than usual. However, note that this is different from a push-pull relationship, which can actually have very dangerous consequences.

  • Now the right approach to push-pull is to use the two techniques one after the other or even in the same sentence
  • For example, if you say, “If I were into blondes, you’d be the first girl I’d call” is an interesting seduction technique for you are pushing her but pulling her in at the same time
  • In short, this is your answer to “How to make a girl think about you?” The moment you withdraw, she will crave your attention even more
  • Make sure you don’t start playing games with her once she starts talking to you on a regular basis; please be courteous and stop pushing her away

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15. Keep challenging her to get her to like you

Generally speaking, not every woman wants a guy with the IQ of a lemon who simply listens to everything that she has to say. An independent woman is going to love a guy who brings something new to the table for her to learn from. Isn’t that what a great relationship is all about? Helping each other to grow as a person?

Let’s say, you two have opposing views on having children biologically or through adoption, or even staying childfree by choice. Use this to have healthy discussions with her. Give her a thing or two to think about while you listen to her opinions seriously as well. As long as the discussion doesn’t turn into a hot and messy debate, you should be just fine.

However, make sure you don’t make it seem like you’re mansplaining. She’s never going to want to talk to you again. And if a girl is not interested in talking to you, she’ll make it pretty clear.

16. Show her a genuine side of you 

Do you know how to get a girl to fall in love with you? You have to build trust. And a girl will only trust you and fall for you when she knows you can break down your walls and feel that you trust her. Now, we don’t mean that you get to unleash the pent-up frustrations of all your past relationships or issues you had when growing up. But do give her a taste of who you are on the inside, especially if you two met on dating apps.

Even if it just means driving past the old house you grew up in and showing it to her, let her know that you treat her more than just a girl you want to impress over a cup of coffee. If you’re trying to make a girl interested in you when she is not, letting her see the intricacies of your personality might make her warm up to you. Isn’t it the best feeling when a girl likes you just the way you are? Raw and honest.

17. Create a good texting routine to make her feel special

If you’re big on texting, you’re probably looking for some healthy ‘make a girl miss you’ texts. The only way to get to that stage is by creating a texting routine with your crush. We’d advise against overdoing it because that puts you at a high risk of being ghosted. But texting her once every other day should not hurt.

Maybe start the day with a sweet good morning text or send her a pretty song at night before she crashes. Keep it recurring but not to the point of completely exhausting her. Figuring out how to get a girl to like you online isn’t really that hard; sometimes flirting with memes is all it takes. If you see that she is equally enthusiastic in her texts or you have a feeling you both want the same things, hit send to those special 3 words to make a woman want you. We’re talking about “I like you,” hold the thought on love for now.

18. Do drop some hints 

Being in the friend zone can feel really gloomy for it is a dark, dark place. Well, to see the light of day, you need to convey your feelings to her in tacit ways. It’s crucial to not be overbearing because then she might just freak out and lock you in the friend zone for a long while. 

So a little flirting every now and then doesn’t hurt to get out of the friend zone. Something like “You’re adorable, any guy would be lucky to have you” or “What would you say if I asked you to come over?” can be safe bets. This way, if she disapproves, you can run back to the friend zone you came from. Or, if fate is on your side, you might just become the ‘new boyfriend.’

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19. How to make a girl like you more than a friend? By using touch properly

Learning how to touch a woman to build attraction is a tricky business. Before you even consider touching her, the first thing you do is to make sure you’re close enough to her to warrant it. Also, if you’re trying to get a girl to like you if she has a boyfriend already, using physical touch is not advisable at all. If she’s a colleague or an acquaintance, don’t do it. Another thing: If she’s a best friend or someone extremely close to you, it’s always a good idea to ask for consent before you hug her.

It’s no surprise that people are sensitive to touch much more than they let on. The simple grazing of your leg against hers when you’re sitting next to each other and watching a movie might seem like a small, irrelevant thing. However, it is something a woman consciously takes note of. 

The way you touch her can make a massive difference if you want to attract a girl who doesn’t like you yet. Caressing her hair, holding her arm, or other types of kisses are all sweet ways to touch her … if she’s comfortable, of course. Groping or grabbing her arm out of the blue will never work out in your favor.

how to get a girl to like you again
Touch her in a safe way that she feels the spark

20. Tap into the familiarity effect

One of the psychological tricks to get a girl to like you is to use the familiarity effect to your advantage. We tend to gravitate toward those people we see daily, are routinely acquainted with, or are exposed to more. Nope, we are not suggesting you start stalking her tomorrow. 

But if she does see you often in her social circle, run into you at the grocery store, or perhaps you join the same yoga class together, this is an advantage that cannot be dismissed. Also, if you’re trying to get a girl to like you if she has a boyfriend who mistreats her, this might be a great way to get started. Spend some time with her, get familiar, treat her well, and get noticed.

21. Tease her 

We know it may seem that doing anything that might aggravate her may not be the answer to how to attract a girl, but this really works! To form a connection, you have to shed any feelings of formality and dive into the arena of comfort and ease. Playful bantering is an easy way to do that. 

  • Give her a funny and cute nickname or point out one of her nerdy habits, but all without insulting her
  • Teasing will not only make her laugh, but it will also elicit intense emotions and all sorts of chemical reactions
  • However, make sure you’re not mean about it. Or else it will have the opposite effect and she might shun you completely
  • If you’re trying to get a girl to like you over text, maybe send her a funny meme that pokes fun at something she does
  • If you’re doing it in person, try to not make fun of personal topics. Keep it lighthearted and funny, and you’re bound to make her laugh

22. Go out of your way to do something special for her

Serious about trying to attract a girl who doesn’t like you yet? Then show her that you are willing to go the extra mile for her by showing affection. Everyone can crack fun jokes, show up well-dressed to a date, and say flirty things. But to really show her that you are the best man for her, you need something extra. 

Bring her lunch to work or send ice cream to her place when she’s down. If she’s sick or busy, then run an errand for her to help her out. As small and simple as it may be, a thoughtful gesture will go a long way in showing her that you’re a keeper. However, it makes sense if you already have an established rapport with her. Picking up dry cleaning for someone you just met may come off as incredibly creepy.

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23. Ask her for a favor

Psychologists have come up with something called the Benjamin Franklin effect. According to this, when someone does you an act of kindness, they are inclined to do another. No, your motive here isn’t to get in a flurry of favors but to make her feel like you do rely and depend on her.

When she knows that you think of her as a close friend, she will want to think of you the same way. So if you’re trying to figure out how to get a girl to like you in high school, you can always ask her for help with homework and help her out when she asks for it too. It’d be a great ice-breaker too. You could even start with a compliment by saying, “You’re so good at math, can you please help me out a bit?”

24. How to make a girl like you? Cook for her

In case you didn’t know, women have a thing for men who cook. Well, men who cook for her to be specific. For one thing, it breaks down the traditional gender role which is a major turn-on. Plus, after a thoughtful gesture like this, a girl can’t help but fall for you a little although she may not express her feelings immediately.

If this person is a colleague or goes to the same school, you could bring her a homemade lunch or perhaps surprise her with a picnic basket. Even better if you ask her out on a date and arrange a romantic candle-lit dinner, all made by you from scratch. It’s hard to neglect such a romantic gesture even for a girl who apparently is not that into you. We would say this is also the best thing to do to make up for any setback or conflict if you need to know how to get a girl to like you again.

25. Accept her for who she is

Every woman is unique in her own way. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to make her fall for you other than accepting her just the way she is – kind and adorable, always hungry, a little eccentric perhaps. Isn’t that the whole point of loving someone? You can’t just welcome her beauty and expect her to take off the commitment issues at the door while entering into a relationship with you. Once she sees how well you deal with her shortcomings and do not treat her with contempt, she will naturally feel more drawn to you.

Key Pointers

  • Be confident, presentable, and conscious about your body language to attract a woman
  • Show her you depend on her and that she can do the same
  • Do things to make her feel special, like planning a fun date or complimenting her
  • Be your most authentic self in front of her; be vulnerable and open up
  • Tease her, make her laugh, give her funny nicknames – Sooner or later, she will fall for you

These 25 tips may seem too much, but the journey of how to get a girl to like you is worth it. With the right approach, good intentions, and absolute honesty, making a girl think about you and want you becomes far less challenging than it seems. Eventually, she might try to look up your relationship status via mutual friends.

When that happens, don’t waste your time thinking “Why would a girl ask if you have a girlfriend?” or “What does it mean when a girl always looks at you?” It means all your efforts have finally paid off and it’s your turn to savor some couple times with the woman of your dreams. Keep it real, keep it cool, and definitely ask her out soon.

This article has been updated in July 2023. 

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