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How to seduce a married man

how to seduce married men

Married men are the forbidden fruit of relationships. The thrill of seducing a married man gives you a secret pleasure and makes you feel confident and sexy. Women love to get involved with married men as they are more matured and experienced in life. So they seek emotional support and attention from them. And men? Well, most men love to get seduced, they literally pray for it.
The principles of seducing a man, whether he is married or not, largely remain the same. Arousing the man, building the anticipation for great sex together, the build up of the tension and the play of emotions, well, seduction is an art. And while most women think ‘showing up’ is all that they need to seduce a man – it’s half true. While the physical excitement is important when seducing a man, the art of seducing goes much beyond it. And here are some tips and tricks on wooing a man who is, well, married and not yours.

7 tips to seduce a married man

  1. Smell great: Did you know that the way you smell can actually make you appear more attractive? A scent is so powerful that is affects the way we think about the other sex in our subconscious. To seduce a man, scent can go a long way. Use a fragrance that you like, but use it reasonably. Do not overdo – and apply perfume to your wrists, bend of elbows, behind your knees, and inside of the ankles. Everytime you walk past him, the scent to should register in his mind and will aid your success in seduction
  2. Flirt-text him: You do not have to be near him to seduce him, thanks to the technology-driven world we live in. ‘Sexting’, as it is popularly known can keep your man aroused all day long. A text with a subtle hint or a few suggestive words can make his imagination go vivid. He may start to have ideas, and may imagine stuff that you want him to
  3. Show a little skin, but hide more: Seduction is an art, and it surely does not involve showing off all your lady parts at once. Well, that may make a man drop his pants, but when we talk of seduction, it is about an heightened level of sensuousness and anticipation. Build that up by showing a little skin, but hiding more. There is always a sense of seduction in being mysterious
  4. Listen to him: So you want him, and want him more because he is unavailable. Right? So show a little interest in what he has to say, let him do some talking, lend him an ear when he has to share something and listen to him attentively. There, he is half yours already
  5. Give it with your body language: Womanly curves are nothing if not accentuated. Play with your hair casually, run your fingers through your tresses. Wet and bite your lips again and again, making it look natural. Face him directly, and if standing, lean forward now and then between a conversation. Caress objects that are within reach. These signs can not only be read by experienced men, but also the ones who are inexperienced
  6. Take a shot at erotic dancing: This is one of the most powerful ways to seduce a man – it is not only entertaining but also stimulates sexual thoughts and fantasies. Should you get a chance to hit the dancefloor, make sure you practise it. It won’t only lead to great sex, but also make you feel sexy and unstoppable
  7. Be super-confident: Men are impressed by confidence in a woman. Look stunning, and be a woman who knows what she wants, and also knows how to get it. Talk looking straight in the eye, watch your posture and do everything that makes you look and feel as confident as a supermodel. But remember, there is a thin line that divides confidence from arrogance – stay on that side of the line
woman in seductive clothes for man
Woman wears seductive clothes to woo man

Dating a married man

If you are dating a married man, the below tips can make it easy for you:

  1. A married man susceptibly falls for you if he is hassled, not happy with his family life. So to woo your desired married man, you have to give him what he is looking for
  2. Keep your relationship a hush-hush one. You have to be proficient enough to keep your secret relationship secret
  3. Be a fun person to hang out with, which all married men want in their extramarital affair
  4. Don’t force him to compare you with his spouse. It might piss him off
  5. Be a good listener. Lend your ears to his problems and frustrations. Your chances of attracting a married man increase if you listen to his problems with all your attention and lend your shoulder to cry upon
  6. Warm hugs are good and they are the perfect way to show affection, specially hugs from behind. It will make them feel special as well
  7. Bring the spice back into his life by wearing provocative dresses or having sensual conversations. This will turn him on and would make things easy for you.
  8. Keep him close every time you meet and know how to seduce a man with your body parts. But make sure that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable with that
  9. Be available on the phone but accommodate his timings. Do remember that he has secrecy to maintain. So if he doesn’t give you the proper response, then don’t get over him
  10. Try to revive the sleeping beast in him. Let him explore more in sex life
  11. Don’t get irritated with his family phone calls when he is with you. Give him space at times
  12. Try to do things that his wife fails to offer him. Make him laugh and try to bring him out of the troubles of daily life
  13. Finally, be his friend and know how to connect with a man on an emotional level
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