How Masturbation Helps In Long-Distance Relationships

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
Mastrubation in long distance relationship

Relationships are not really easy. Ask any old couple and they’ll tell you that it takes a lot of effort to make them work. While cynics think of long-distance relationships as a farce, if you’ve ever been in one, you know that being physically glued to each other is not the only way love works. So, you’ve been snatched from your lover and transferred to the opposite end of the world, eh? While you’re probably aware that things aren’t going to be exactly the same, there is something you could do to make your lives easier. No, don’t squint your eyes just yet! Long-distance relationship and masturbation do go hand in hand. If you are thinking of how to satisfy yourself in a long-distance relationship then we have the answer.

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Long-distance Relationship And Masturbation

Let’s start by chucking all those rumours about touching oneself that we had been fed by the friends. Hear us out. Masturbating won’t take your eyesight away or fill your face with pimples – it will save your relationship instead.
The need for intimacy grows with the time you spend away from your partner, and while sex is only one expression of intimacy, you know how bad the craving is. Although distance and intimacy are the most common reasons why such relationships tend to fall apart, masturbating does not remain a mere means to pleasure yourself – it helps your relationship survive in a healthy way.

Here are some ways in which long-distance relationships and masturbation have their benefits. If you have been wondering how to satisfy yourself in a long-distance relationship then masturbation is the answer. We tell you why.

1. It cuts the stress

Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking – “How is that specific to long-distance relationships?” Stress in an LDR, my friend, is not the same as stress in any other relationship. If you don’t believe us, picture this: you’re going through an uncomfortable situation, and you’d like to call your partner – too bad she’s sleeping on the other end of the world! Now, you might’ve gone through that, but try spending a year or two like that.

Doesn’t sound like a walk in the park now, eh? Stress doesn’t have to be sexual, but if the means to cut stress can be, we see no reason why you shouldn’t reward yourself for dealing with difficulties.

LDR masturbation is a great way of dealing with the stress.

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Man derives pleasure through long distance relationship and masturbation
Man derives pleasure through long distance relationship and masturbation

2. It helps you snap out of it

Let’s be real here. Being in a monogamous relationship does not prevent you from having feelings for someone else. It simply means that you don’t act on it. Guess what happens when you haven’t had your share of canoodling for some time – the horny season kicks in and rational thinking becomes a myth. You start wondering what it would be like to have sex with that friend of yours and immediately try to shake such thoughts off!

Go easy on yourself, friend – that’s just your hormones talking. It’s normal for your body to crave sex, but when that’s not possible, masturbating comes to the rescue!

3. Sext the urges out

Sex chats for long-distance relationships are truly great. There are few things sexier than talking dirty to your partner. And with physical intimacy off the table, a lot of couples turn to sext to get it on. While taking some happy hours out for yourself is completely fine, having a sex chat or getting dirty on Skype is the closest you can get to be with each other. Pair that with masturbating and you’ll be hooked before you realize it. Long-distance relationship and couples masturbation do go hand in hand.

Try surprising each other with texts at intervals to make your partners pine for the secrecy of their bedrooms. And trust us when we say that you don’t necessarily need fancy words.

With so many relationships suffering from boring, uninspiring sex, what’s holding you back from working your tongue…we mean thumb? There is nothing wrong in satisfying yourself in a long-distance relationship.

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4. At your own time

After the distance, the time difference is your worst enemy when it comes to long-distance relationships. What do you do when it’s the middle of the night at your partner’s place and you’re horny as hell? You guessed it right! While sexting surely helps, the good news is that you don’t have to depend on it to get off. Long-distance relationship and masturbation do go together then. Granted that masturbation and sex are poles apart when it comes to the pleasure involved, but you get to treat yourself whenever you want.

Long-distance relationship and masturbation do have a connection. Besides, if you really want to take it a notch up, you could always use your past sex chats for…inspiration!

long distance relationship and masturbation
long distance relationship and masturbation

5. Issues with insecurity

The bane of LDRs all over the globe, insecurity is something that most of these couples deal with. And we can’t exactly blame them. With hectic schedules, unfavourable time differences, and poor engagement, couples tend to feel ignored by their partners. And sometimes that’s followed by the fear of being cheated on. Masturbating together lets these couples engage with each other and ditch paranoia! If you have been thinking how to satisfy yourself in a long-distance relationship then couples masturbation is your thing. Moreover, if phone sex is your thing, affirmative responses during climax can restore your faith in your partner’s fidelity.

The distance can be cruel when it comes to relationships. And while you can’t do much about it, you can always do something to yourself!

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