10 reasons why guys love to go down on their women

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Men like to go down on their women

Oral is a halftime champagne-popping break. While some men do not like the taste and smell there, there are the other half of men who love the vagina like they are meant to. Crass as that might sound, men are obsessed with vaginas – not just sticking in them but eating them out as well. That’s why they love to go down on their women and give them pleasure.

Men find it pleasurable to go down on their women

Going down on a woman is building up the anticipation. There are marvellous ways in which a man can work around a vagina. Also, giving a good oral makes them feel like a sex god, shooting off orgasms straight through the vagina to the mind. There is a sense of achievement for men if they can successfully make you lose your mind with good oral sex. More than anything, these are the reasons why men like going down on you:

1. Can figure out what you like

Every reaction and tug of the hair let your man know what you like. It is a great way to learn what you enjoy and what you don’t. When you writhe in pleasure and press your thighs against his face, he knows you are liking what he is doing. He then wants to become a master of cunnilingus.

2. Going down is as intimate as it can get

It is like kissing. Only so much better. You are showing the part that is very precious to you and your man will intimately take care of you. This is precisely the reason why men want to go down on their women.

3. The noises give the guy the satisfaction he’s looking for

Half of the sex experience is moans, groans and grunts.

When your man goes down on you, the noises are too good and it’s like music to his ears.

4. Everything is delicious down there

A lot for men complain about the taste, feel smell and texture of the vagina. The rest love it. The smell and the taste drive your man crazy. It is the most sexual part of the body and there is nothing more sensuous than getting up close and personal with your lady bits.

Men love to go down on their women for the ultimate pleasure

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5. Uh…hello, karma?

You get what you receive – and the men are quite familiar with the notion. Your man loves to go down on you, he knows he will get great head when it’s your turn to treat him good. Women are generous and once you have been pleased to the brim, you are willing to show him what your hands, tongue and mouth can do and your guy loves you for that. It’s a different feeling altogether. Men savour it when they go down on their women.

6. All other areas are accessible

There is the vaginal view right in front when a man goes down on you. Just above his eye level, the two beautiful mounds of flesh and the sight of your face. His hands can roam about and explore all significant parts of your body. It is a pleasure for you and him; I mean who doesn’t like spanking the butt or playing with your boobs whilst also sucking at your clit?

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7. Getting prepared for the big finish

Lubrication. Nothing gets a woman worked on better than oral. You get all wet and even after the orgasm, the wetness lingers which helps in the next part of sex. Everything glides in easily and no extra lubrication is needed. So there is a positive side when men go down on their women.

Go down on their women is what men enjoy the most

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8. Guaranteed orgasm

So penetration sex, statistically speaking, does not reap the rewards for women as much as it does for men. The big orgasm does not come so naturally to women during penetration sex.

Oral is a long road to pleasure town and orgasm is guaranteed after you man goes down on you.

9. Going down on their women is a major turn on for the guys

You get all wet and groovy, with the hair-pulling and noises, with the view of the glorious breasts and the face – everything adds up to a major turn on for the guy going down on you.

10. The tongue makes you lose control

And that is super sexy. You might be a control freak outside in the world, but with the right flicks of a tongue and a lot of fingering, you let go of all inhibitions which are incredibly sexy. Every man likes their woman getting a little wild in bed and he knows, going down makes you wild.

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Gopi raj June 2, 2019 - 1:24 am

White hai

Natasha Suri
Natasha Suri July 19, 2018 - 11:21 am

This is a cent percent true! As a woman, I enjoy this more than he next phase of sex. My partner and I enjoy this completely.

Saurabh July 18, 2018 - 11:50 pm

It’s true and 100 percent guaranteed we as couple love it. Initially I had to convince my partner for this but once done its her need. I simply love to o that.

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