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6 reasons why guys are obsessed with going down on you

Here are some reasons why men like going down on their woman.
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Going down is pleasurable for men

Oral is a halftime champagne-popping break. While some men do not like the taste and smell there, there are the other half of men who absolutely love the vagina like they are meant to. Crass as that might sound, men are obsessed with vaginas – not just sticking in them but eating them out as well.

Going down on a woman is building up the anticipation. There are marvellous ways in which a man can work around a vagina. Also, giving a good oral makes them feel like a sex god, shooting off orgasms straight through the vagina to the mind. There is a sense of achievement for men if they can successfully make you lose your mind with good oral sex. More than anything, these are the reasons why men like going down on you:

1. Can figure out what you really like

Every reaction and tug of the hair let your man know what you really like. It is a great way to learn what you enjoy and what you don’t. When you writhe in pleasure and press your thighs against his face, he knows you are liking what he is doing.

2. Going down is as intimate as it can get

It is like kissing. Only so much better. You are showing the part that is very precious to you and your man will intimately take care of you.

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  1. This is a cent percent true! As a woman, I enjoy this more than he next phase of sex. My partner and I enjoy this completely.

  2. It’s true and 100 percent guaranteed we as couple love it. Initially I had to convince my partner for this but once done its her need. I simply love to o that.

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