How they turned lovers from being best friends

Tushar and Tanvi met as friends and quickly grew a fondness for each other. The relationship which started as friendship is now one of the purest links in humanity.

Tushar and Tanvi met in Nasik, in the year 2006. Graduated as engineers, the two of them are now pursuing vastly different careers. While Tushar works in sales with a real estate group, Tanvi is a freelance blogger and also a plus-size model. They believe that they studied in an engineering college just to meet each other. When they went from best friends to lovers, they felt they had a match engineered in heaven.

How did they fall in love with each other?

The couple maintains the fact that it wasn’t loved at first sight. Tushar liked Tanvi’s friend and wanted her number. Tanvi goes back in time and remembers how she wasn’t at all impressed by the clothes he wore. After some interviewing, though, she agreed to make a plan to introduce him to her friend in a dandiya night function.
On the dandiya night, all the friends had a gala time dancing together. But only Tushar and Tanvi were two of the last people on the dance floor. In days to come, Tushar claims that he gradually forgot about Tanvi’s friend whom he had first liked. And that, he only had Tanvi on his mind.

When best friends make perfect lovers

In their 2nd semester of college, Tanvi was looking for dancers to join her group, for the college fest. It was then that Tushar had called her, asking if he could be a part of the group and the two spent a lot of time travelling and talking. They are still great friends but have become lovers too.

It was Tushar who officially proposed Tanvi in a sweet and grand style. Though she did not shed tears, she admitted that her heart was surely weeping in happiness.

The two lived together ever since they began dating, ten years ago. Despite Tanvi being a South Indian girl and Tushar belonging to the Jain community, their parents were quite supportive of their alliance.

They believe that their love was a part of their destiny; all of it was written in the stars that were above the dandiya ground that night which brought them close.

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