Cutest Things To Say When He Asks ‘Why Do I Love Him’

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Love, right? Butterflies in your stomach, constantly blushing, the incessant need to keep talking to them for hours on end, and a foggy head which won’t let you think about anything else except the person you are falling in love with. You’re in love with him, and all of a sudden he asks, “Why do you love me?” Now you are dumbfounded at a question like that, and start brainstorming answers for the question: Why do I love him indeed?

Although you might know why, it’s just that you can’t explain it in words or you have never written it down for coherence and transparency. Don’t worry about it. Your dear writer is here to help you out with questions like “Why do I love him so much?” I know love can be an overwhelming feeling yet it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s even more beautiful when that love is reciprocated. If you are asking “Why do I love him so deeply?”, you will find the answers below. 

20 Things To Say When He Asks Why You Love Him

Men like to be assured that they are truly loved and appreciated. There will be many instances where your boyfriend will ask you why you love him. You will need to keep some answers ready for the questions: Why do I love my boyfriend so much? Why am I so in love with him even though he is a complete dork? With the below answers, you can make your boyfriend happy and feel loved.

1. “Because I feel a spiritual connection with you” 

No relationship goes beyond the ‘getting to know’ stage without feeling a real connection with the other person. If you are asking “Why do I like him so much?” in the initial stages of the relationship, then it’s possible you are feeling an unfathomable connection with them. You feel an emotional connection that goes beyond the physical and sexual one. It’s one of the signs you have found your soulmate.

It’s the deeper soul connection, as if you’ve known this person your entire life even though you’ve only just met them. The two of you connect in a way that touches your mind, body, and soul. This unnameable connection runs deep. If your boyfriend is asking why you love him, this answer coupled with the explanation will surely move him to tears.

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2. “I feel safe with you”

Safety is a fundamental human need for everyone and we love it when we are considered safe and trustworthy by our partner. Men love being the knight in shining armor after all. If you are wondering, “Why am I so in love with him?”, then this could be the answer. You feel safe and secure with him and that’s what most peoplewomen crave in a relationship.

Safety is the feeling of assurance that your partner will always be there for you. It’s one of the examples of unconditional love. They won’t hurt or harm you intentionally. Be it physically, mentally, or even financially. If you feel safe with him, then that answers your question: Why do I love him so much?

3. Why do I love him so much? “Because you give me the respect I deserve”

A relationship cannot thrive or survive without respect. Both the parties deserve equal amounts of respect in the relationship. It’s not a one-way street. If he is always respectful toward you, then that could be one of the answers to “Why do I love my boyfriend so much?”

Relationships are tricky. If you are deliberating spending your life with someone, then one of the main things you need to contemplate is how they treat you and if they respect you completely. If he not only respects you, but your friends and family members too, then he is a gem of a person. It’s one of the qualities of a good man to look for to get married. You are right to love him. 

4. “I feel like I am seen and heard”

One of the greatest authors of all time, Ralph Nichols, said, “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood.” Everyone wants to feel heard and seen. It’s one thing to listen, but it’s entirely different to listen and comprehend what the other person is saying. If you are asking “Why do I love him so much?”, then maybe it’s because he listens to you intently.

If he is fully present when he is with you, actively listens to what you are saying, and offers his non-judgmental opinions, then maybe that’s the answer to “Why do I like him so much?” and that’s how you connect with your partner on a deeper level. My partner listens to all my worries and concerns without any judgment. He validates my feelings. That’s what matters the most. He would never downplay any of the issues I share. 

why do I love him so deeply
You love him because he gives you the respect you deserve

5. “You always make me laugh”

Sense of humor is a very attractive trait and it’s very important in any relationship. Being funny instantly makes someone desirable and charming. When I didn’t know why am I so in love with him, I found the answer in his way of making me laugh. He knows the fine line between funny and offensive. 

If you are also asking “Why do I love him so much?”, then his humor could be the answer. Do you know what makes a man sexually attractive? It’s the fact that he is making jokes and laughing with you and not at you. That should tell you a lot about his personality and nature. For some people, zero sense of humor is a big dealbreaker. If your boyfriend makes you laugh and knows the difference between being funny and being offensive, then keep him. 

6. “I don’t have to pretend when I am with you”

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve pretended to be someone I am not with my former partner. He always saw me as this perfect person that I am not. I am just another human with flaws which he failed to acknowledge and accept. I realized it’s not love when you pretend to be someone else. He was in love with the fake version of me. 

When I met my current partner, I tried to fake it with him as well. But soon, he made me so comfortable in his presence that I stopped pretending. I am who I am and he loves me for it. So, why do I love him so much? Because I don’t have to fit into an ideal image to make him keep loving me. He loves me with my flaws and imperfections.

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7. “You complete me”

This is undoubtedly one of the most poetic answers to the question: Why do I love him so much? I am not talkative, I am an introvert, and I am a very confused person. When I met my current partner, I realized how he fills the gap by being the things I am not and by having the qualities which I don’t have.

He fits the missing puzzle. He brought in a lot of conversations into the relationship, and those conversations were never one-sided. He made me understand that it’s okay to open up and loosen up a little. He is always there to sit down and clear my haywire thoughts. This is one of the reasons you must date your polar opposite. If you are asking yourself, “Why am I so in love with him?”, then this could be the answer. He completes you. 

8. “You aren’t selfish when it comes to sex”

Sex is good but it’s even more pleasurable when it’s consensual and when we care about the other person’s needs and desires. There are some men who are oblivious to their partner’s needs. They only care about their climax and as soon as they’re done, they get up and leave. That’s supremely selfish.

Sexual intimacy is one of the types of intimacy which is significant in bringing two people together. It even heals conflicts and helps us move on from the hurt we inevitably cause the other in a relationship. So if you are wondering, “Why do I love him so much even though he hurts me sometimes?”, then the fact that he considers your orgasm to be as equal as his could be the obvious answer. 

9. “You always have and make time for me”

It’s nice when someone spends time with you. But it means so much more when they make time just to spend quality time with you. This is my answer to “Why do I love my boyfriend so much?” It’s because he makes sure we spend quality time every day. Yes, everyday. Sometimes we watch a movie together, sometimes we play board games together.

If nothing else, then we just have coffee together at least once a day. We set a time to sit together and enjoy each other’s presence. We don’t always have exciting things to talk about. Sometimes, we don’t even have anything new to talk about. We just sit and sip coffee in silence. We’ve been doing that for a while and it helped us in building a positive relationship. It has brought us even closer than before.

10. “You are there when I need your help”

One thing I really admire about my relationship with my partner is that we have shattered quite a few gender norms. We have blocked out many stereotypes and cultural conundrums that could get in the way of our relationship. If one person cooks, the other person does the dishes. If one person sets the table, the other has to clean it. If one person is busy with work, the other will make coffee.

In fact, this was never planned. We never spoke about dividing the work. We help each other out in everyday chores and activities out of the love we have for one another. I realized this is one of the qualities of a good relationship that make life peaceful. So why do I love him so much? Because he makes me feel like an equal and helping each other out is our love language. 

11. “Because you are unapologetically you”

From facial features to interests to habits and hobbies, we are all different from one another. Such individuality must be celebrated. If you try to be like your partner, then it might get boring in a few days. Many people think that being similar or same is a sign of compatibility. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Understanding that the person you love has an individuality of their own and that uniqueness shouldn’t be changed or tweaked just for the sake of being loved by you has to be one of the kindest human acts ever. You should celebrate individuality. So, whenever you find yourself asking a question like “Why do I love him so much?”, then this is your answer. He is himself in the relationship without any masks. 

12. “You don’t make it look difficult to love me”

This is one of the answers I give when people ask me why do I love him so deeply. Because he never once made me feel like I am difficult to love. My former partner always made me think that I am a difficult person to love. He would portray me as an unlovable person, and make it seem like he is throwing me a bone by loving me.

He was so vicious that he once said, “Nobody will ever love you because you are so difficult to deal with.” It shattered me. Take it from me, folks. Love should never make you feel that way. It should make you feel strong and confident about yourself. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you are difficult to love. You’re not a math problem to be called difficult. You should be loved and appreciated effortlessly.

13. “You support my dreams”

I personally know many people who had to let go of their dreams because their loved ones couldn’t understand their passion and ambition. What isn’t understood by society is deemed ridiculous. Why do I love him so much when he doesn’t expect me to? It’s because he gave me the confidence to tell him openly that I want to be a writer.

Before I met him, I was too scared to let people know about my profession. He gave me the push I deserved. Today, I am so proud of what I do. All because one person believed in my dreams and told me I could do it. This is one of the ways to be a better partner for a better relationship. If you are asking a question like “Why do I love him so deeply?”, then this could be your answer. He supports you wholeheartedly. 

14. “You are my best friend”

Another answer to “Why do I love him so much when he doesn’t expect me to?” is that he’s your best friend. When your partner becomes your best friend, he knows all your bad qualities and doesn’t judge you for having them. He knows all about your past traumas and never uses them against you.

When he is your best friend, you can be completely real and honest with each other. You connect on a deeper level which helps in strengthening the relationship. But be wary of a situation that my friend was in. She considered her partner her best friend while he didn’t even treat her well. She was left wondering: Why do I love him so much even though he hurts me? There are many ways to become best friends with spouse. Always ensure that your feelings are reciprocated and that you give the label of ‘best friend’ to someone who truly deserves it.

15. “You aren’t afraid to rely and depend on me”

You don’t have to think of yourself as clingy or helpless if you find yourself wanting to depend on your partner. Healthy dependency requires vulnerability, and vulnerability cultivates a strong emotional intimacy. It helps in fostering trust and security in the relationship. The fact that he isn’t afraid to be dependent on you can be your answer to: Why do I love him so much?

There’s a conditioning that women have to rely and be dependent on a man. Find out tips to develop emotional intimacy and see how your relationship flourishes. When my partner broke that stigma by placing healthy emotional dependency on me, that’s when I knew the answer to: Why am I so in love with him? His need to rely on me affirmed his love for me and he showed that even men can be soft and tender. 

16. “I get lost in your beautiful eyes”

It’s always the eyes, isn’t it? I love poetry and this is my favorite answer to the question: Why do I love him so much? This is a beautiful way of conveying your love without actually using the words “I love you”. This will let your partner know that you notice everything about him. 

I’ve always told my partner that words are the only thing I can offer. That’s my way of showing him my love. I will write poems and shower him with words of affirmation. The first time he asked me what I liked about him, “your eyes” was my answer. Sorry about the TMI, but it’s true. He does have very pretty eyes. 

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17. “My problems seem small with you around”

Everybody has countless problems in life. You need to find someone who won’t add to those problems. You don’t even need someone to subtract them because you are smart enough to solve them on your own. You just need a partner who will understand those issues and encourage you in tackling them.

I’ll tell you when and how I found out my answer to “Why am I so in love with him?” It’s when the world seemed so much better with my partner holding my hand through all the difficult times. I am not saying that he solved my problems. All I am saying is, now there’s someone in my life who refuses to let go of my hand despite all the troubles and difficulties.

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18. “You make me want to be a better person”

Why do I love him so much? It’s because not a day goes by where I don’t learn anything from my partner and vice versa. We teach each other empathy, kindness, and tenderness. I am not making up stories here. I have learned to value my parents after seeing him go through the loss of his.

He shows so much kindness toward my parents that I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Kindness is one of the biggest priorities in a relationship. He makes me want to be a better and a kinder person every day. It’s his altruism that makes me want to love him even more.

19. “You are my sunshine”

Here is another poetic answer to the question: Why do I love him so much? This is such a deep answer. It means your partner brings light into your life. He is there for you in your dark times. The following are some other poetic responses to the question “Why am I so in love with him?” which you can use as small romantic gestures for him which will reassure your partner of your love:

You are the light of my life. You bring color to my life. You and me, we’re just perfect together. You are my source of inspiration. You know me inside out. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me – I tried the last one and believe me, it did wonders. 

20. “My secrets are safe with you”

It’s important to stimulate vulnerability in a relationship. When you are vulnerable with someone, you share all your weaknesses and secrets with them. It’s a scary thing to give that kind of power to someone. What if they use it against you? What if they take advantage of those weaknesses and control you? So many thoughts come into play before you trust someone with your secrets. 

If your partner knows all your secrets and has never used them in their favor, then there is the answer to your question: Why do I love him so much? It’s because he has never used your vulnerability as a weapon to hurt you or disarm you. 

Love makes the world a better place. The above responses and explanations will be very useful the next time he asks you why you love him or if you find yourself questioning “Why do I like him so much?” or “Why do I love him so much when he doesn’t expect me to?”


1. How to explain why you love someone?

You can elaborate on how much they mean to you. You can explain why you love them by showing their worth in your life, and how they have changed it for the better. Tell them you value their presence and that you feel safe with them.

2. How do you answer ‘how much do you love me’?

There are many ways to answer that question. You can tell them you love them to the moon and back or to infinity and beyond. Some other answers are “I love you more than the stars in the sky” or “My love for you is immeasurable”.

3. Why do I love him so deeply?

It could be because he respects you, cherishes you, and adores you. Maybe you love him because he makes you feel seen and heard. He makes you feel like you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. Maybe you love him so deeply because you know he will be there for you through thick and thin. 

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