100 Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

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Updated On: December 26, 2023
100 topics to talk about with your crush
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When feeling attracted to someone special, you might find yourself at a loss for words when face to face with them. The moment you feel those butterflies in your stomach, your knees go weak and your words turn to mush. But don’t fret, we have all been there. Today, we’ll give you a list of 100 topics to talk about with your crush, that will save you any kind of embarrassment – and you might even end up impressing them. After all, finding the right words is critical when making the first move.

Initially, you may feel awkward trying to find things to talk about with your crush, but the best thing to do is to let go of your concerns, relax, and just try to be yourself. The suggestions in this article will assist you in overcoming the initial awkwardness. And who knows, you might find something in common and talk about it non-stop. Let’s go over some topics to discuss with your crush which will help you get to know them better.

Topics To Start A Conversation

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It feels like you’re in a daze when you run into your crush – it truly is the best feeling in the world, though. You can’t concentrate on anything else and spend all of your time daydreaming about them. You find yourself wanting to ask them a million questions in order to get to know them better.

In your brain, you actually have 100 things to talk about with your crush. You probably want to know how they spend their day, what their favorite band is, and whether they prefer gelato to ice cream. But when it comes to verbalizing these things in front of them, you seem to lose your memory.

It’s okay, because love can be like that. However, if you want to go over some easy topics to talk about with your crush to start a fun conversation, you have come to the right place today. Here is a list of 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush, giving you a wide range of options that you can try:

1. What does your crush enjoy doing on dates?

Before you ask your crush out for laser tag, it might be better to find out what they actually like to do on a date. Learn their favorite date activities, and you will find out how they like to connect to another person emotionally and romantically. Also, such activities can turn into pretty easy topics to talk about with your crush. This way, you can plan something extraordinary for the two of you.

2. Should you call or text them?

Is your crush a text-only communicator? Do they make good use of iMessage reactions? Do they prefer a phone call or video chat? Do they respond quickly to Instagram and Twitter direct messages but not at all to text messages?

Might be a good idea to know this stuff before you ask your crush out. This could lead to exchanging phone numbers which is always an exciting conversation starter.

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3. The traits they look for in a partner

If you have any relationship ambitions with this person, discuss the traits that appeal the most to both of you in prospective partners and the traits that are deal-breakers. Out of 100 things to talk about with your crush, this one is the simplest way to understand what they are looking for.

4. The city and country they want to visit the most, and why

What are the topics to talk with your crush who loves to travel? Their future travel plans, of course. Do they prioritize tourist destinations over off-road territories? Do they like to explore the place or mostly stay in the hotel? They can talk about what makes those places so appealing to them.

5. The environmental crisis

Things to talk about with your crush don’t always have to be goofy. When you have big, scary things on your mind, it helps to talk about them. Discuss the climate crisis. Indeed you should, because who wants to sleep with a climate change denier?

6. Their most irrational fear

I believe most people have a specific phobia that makes their skin crawl or causes them to puke. Looking at tiny, tightly clustered holes, they may feel a pulsing dread; or perhaps cotton balls may set them off. Whatever it is, naming it provides a fascinating insight into the strangest corners of a person’s mind.

7. The best book they’ve ever read

In addition to providing you with book recommendations and possibly revealing some exciting common ground, the answer to this question may reveal that your crush likes to read — undeniably a hot and essential box for any reader to tick in their ‘100 topics to talk about with your crush’ list.

8. Their most recent relationship

Discussing previous relationships, yours and theirs — may help you better understand what this person is ready for and whether it corresponds to your current mood, capacity, and needs. It is certainly a way to get to know them better.

9. Celebrity crushes they would hit on

These kinds of hypothetical questions are always fun. Does your crush have a celebrity crush, or more than one? Harry Styles, who are you? Megan Thee Stallion, a year-round Hot Girl? Manny Jacinto and his incredible jawline? If they had the chance, would they ask out Kendall or Kylie Jenner?

Does My Crush Like Me

10. Do they love or fear the sea?

Many readers will agree that the ocean is a joy to swim in and is home to countless wonders. However, many may argue that the ocean’s mysteries are too vast to unravel and that nobody of water that vast and deep can be trusted, primarily when it is believed that sea aliens live at the bottom. Which group does your crush belong to?

11. Their most vivid childhood recollection

This is one of the most interesting topics to talk about with your crush; you are going to have some fun with this one. When you like someone you meet as an adult, you have a burning desire to know what they were like as a child. Indulge your curiosity by asking them about their most vivid childhood memory.

12. What’s their favorite emoji?

Does your crush have a favorite obscure emoji? I’m sure they do; everyone has an odd, incomprehensible little icon that rules their Frequently Used section.

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13. How do they unwind?

How one goes about dealing with stress or a long day says a lot about who they are as people. This question may not seem to tell you a lot on the surface, but will give you a little detail about what your crush is like as a person.

easy topics to talk about with your crush
What do they do to relax?

14. What is their favorite band?

Music is a reflection of a person’s soul. Or at least that’s what we like to believe. Whether they like metal, alternative rock, or play only Taylor Swift on their commute — this is a fun little detail you have to get to know. This list of 100 topics to talk about with your crush can just be full of your mutual playlists if you both vibe to the same genres and artists. You might even want to look into gift ideas for music lovers, to impress them even more.

15. Favorite animal?

Are they a cat or dog person? Do they want to keep an iguana as a pet one day? Even though an iguana may not be on your list of favorite things, it may be on theirs. Better get to know their favorite animal first, rather than being surprised later.

16. Do they like working out?

One of the things to talk about with your crush is how they like to move. Do they take long walks after work, or go to the gym every morning? Perhaps they’re into swimming, which may be a good segue into you joining them on a morning swim on a weekend.

17. What is a meal they can never forget?

Out of the 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush, this is a pretty common one because it cannot really go wrong. Everyone loves food and everyone always remembers a meal that changed their life.

18. Do they volunteer anywhere?

Your crush may be gorgeous, fun, tall, and kind. But are they benevolent? If that is important to you, do ask your crush if they do any kind of social service or volunteer work.

19. When is their birthday?

One of the easy topics to talk about with your crush is simply asking them their birthday. Then, you two can trail off into a conversation around how you like to spend your birthdays. Is it spending time with friends or watching a movie with your parents?

20. What do most people assume wrongly about them?

Do people assume he is older than his age because he prefers to keep a beard? Or do people often think she is a stylist because she dresses so well? Ask your crush what misconceptions people usually have about them, making it a fun conversation.

21. Discuss your worst dates

Yes, worst dates, too, are one of the things to talk about with your crush. As awful as they may be, bad dates can actually make up for some great stories to discuss with other people.

22. What do they consider boring?

Out of the 100 things to talk about with your crush, this one is a top-tier discussion item. This way, you know what to steer clear of. For example, they don’t like romcoms. Now you know not to drag them to watch one.

23. Talk about first kisses

Wet, sloppy, awkward, or exciting — one rarely ever forgets their first kiss. This is one of the more interesting topics to talk about with your crush, that will make you two laugh, giggle, and get nostalgic.

24. The weather

“I hope it rains soon” or “What a lovely sunny day to go for a long walk” are some things you can say to avoid the occasional lull. Also, a good way to know what they like to do in the rain or about their favorite spots to visit when the sky is clear and welcoming.

25. Ask about their political views

To some people, politics matters just as much as anything else. And if you’re one of those, then you must get to know your crush’s political inclinations. If they, too, are passionate about the things that you support, it could lead to both of you exchanging phone numbers.

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Topics To Know Your Crush Better

From across the room, you notice your crush. You notice your face turning red and your heart racing. Suddenly, it feels like the air is thick and it gets harder to breathe. You need to think of something to say quickly.

But first. Relax, please. Breathe in, then exhale. Your crush is a human being just like you. We are all flawed in many ways. Instead of pressuring yourself to say something meaningful, here are some good things to talk about with your crush when you’re trying to keep it light and breezy.

26. The place that helps them relax

Out of the 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush, this is a relatively easy one to know them better. The answer could be “my living room” or some exotic location you’ve never visited. Whatever their response, it is certain to spark a conversation, and they may soon share which places are close to their heart.

27. Favorite members of their family

Family is what keeps us grounded while also driving us a little insane. When you want to talk to your crush, one of the safest bets is to talk about your own dysfunctional family. Ask about their family and share information about your own. Include a silly incident or show them photos of your folks.

28. Which sport do they follow?

A common topic of conversation that tends to bring people together is the kind of sport they are into. Do they just put on football while having dinner or do they actively follow tennis or F1?

Maybe you two can find an interest in watching MMA, wrestling, or a host of other things together. Add whatever they prefer watching to their list of favorite things, so you can plan a date night accordingly, if all goes well (fingers crossed).

29. Get to know your mutual acquaintances

Oh, this is certainly one of the more exciting conversation starters that may reveal how close you two actually might be. Mutual friends are usually helpful in starting a conversation. Begin by asking your crush about a specific friend, and before you know it, you’ll be talking about all your long-forgotten friends and contacts. Who knows, maybe you met before you knew each other.

30. Do they enjoy cooking?

Out of the 100 things to talk about with your crush, this one might score you a date sooner than the others. The saying goes that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. If he is a man who cooks, then brownie points for him. If your crush enjoys cooking, you can pick up some new recipes from them. You could also plan a date where you cook together.

100 things to talk about with your crush
You may just be able to ask them out on a cooking date

31. Their closest companion

Best friends are an inevitable part of life. You can inquire about your crush’s best friend and converse about your own. You’d learn about the important people in each other’s lives, as well as how much they value friendship and the role their best friend plays in their overall well-being.

32. What is their favorite karaoke song?

Are you secretly hoping it’s Abba’s Dancing Queen? This is a fun question to ask, even though it may not help you get to know this person on a deeper level. It definitely helps you know what kind of music they absolutely love jamming to.

33. As a kid, what did they want to be when they got older?

Most of us wanted to be astronauts or doctors until we realized what an ordeal those professions can be. This sweet and simple question will give you a glimpse into what your crush was like as a child.

34. Did they have a pet growing up?

In more ways than one, a pet can actually affect one’s dating life, from being a conversation starter to telling someone more about one’s personality. A pet is like a sibling, and this question can help you understand if they had an important companion while growing up. This is one of the easier topics to talk about with your crush, but be careful, because it can make them a bit teary-eyed.

35. What is their guilty pleasure?

Is it playing too much golf? Is it baking? Is it watching a badly made series that helps them zone out? Or is it buying expensive shoes as soon as their salary comes in?

36. On their lists of favorite things, what is their most prized possession?

If your crush is an artist, it could be their canvas or their palette. If they are a musician, it is probably their instrument. So find out, what is the one thing in their room or life that they absolutely cannot live without?

37. Are they a mountain or a beach person?

While this may be a common question, there’s a reason people ask it so much. Because it is one of the more exciting conversation starters that opens up the scope to talk about much more.

38. Which has been their favorite concert so far?

Concert stories usually give two people a lot to discuss. Out of the 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush, this is one of the more fun ones that can lead to them showing you photos and videos excitedly.

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39. What does their regular day look like?

Simple and straightforward — ask this question to understand how your crush likes to spend their day. Do they cook or work out regularly? Do they have a coffee shop they love visiting? These are all little clues to know them better.

40. Comment on something they’re wearing

Speaking about someone’s clothes or accessories may appear shallow, but it doesn’t have to be. You could say, “That’s a lovely necklace. Does it have any special significance for you?” Or “I love your St. Louis Zoo shirt. Which animal is your favorite there?”

41. Ask about their pet peeves

What are the topics to talk with your crush when you are finding ways to woo them? Well, if you seriously want to impress them, you should know what they absolutely do not like. Get to know their turn-offs, and then don’t do those things if you can help it.

42. What was their first job?

Out of 100 things to talk about with your crush, try not to miss this one. This question is actually an integral part of getting to know someone else, and understanding what made them an adult. Besides, it might give them a chance to tell you many stories of innocence, struggles, or sheer joy at their first workplace.

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43. What is their zodiac sign?

No, this is not necessarily to check their compatibility with you, unless you really want to. Discussing astrology is a fun way to talk about personalities, likes, and dislikes. Some people take astrology very seriously and some just have a good laugh about it.

44. Which radio station do they listen to in the car?

When flirting with guys over text, why not ask them what they like to listen to in their cars? Yes, don’t be surprised that people still tune into the radio. Is there a specific radio show or radio jockey that your crush loves?

45. Their favorite comic

You can tell a lot about a person based on what they laugh at. Do they like Kevin Hart, or prefer something more underrated and deadpan like Bo Burnham’s work, or can’t get enough of Mae Martin?

46. Ask their nickname

This is a great way to get them to talk about their childhood. By asking their nickname, you can get to know more about who gave it to them, and how they are treated in the family.

47. Are they a morning or night person?

Do they like to play videogames or work into the wee hours of the night? Or do they prefer waking up early to meditate or go for a run?

48. Have they ever done something illegal?

Stolen drinks at a club? Gone way over the speed limit? Try to bring out all the crazy stories from their life. But be careful, because you might have to reveal some of yours too.

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49. What is their favorite cuisine?

Now you know whether to take them out for just cheeseburgers, or down to that new Mexican place. Ask about their favorite cuisine, because talking about food always breaks the ice and might even help you plan a date.

50. Which is their favorite spot in the city?

This is similar to the previous question and will help you engage in a conversation about where you two can hang out. If they say that they love a park that you have never been to, then respond with, “I would love to go there sometime. Care to take me?”

Deep Topics To Talk About With Your Crush

Good conversation is the foundation of the best relationships, and it is a skill that will benefit you both personally and professionally. There are more than 100 topics to talk about with your crush – whether you’re going on a first date and want to say something funny, or have been dating for a while and prefer to discuss deep, personal questions now. These topics will help you determine if there are any signs of chemistry between the two of you.

To start off, we’ve gathered a few topics that can help you start a meaningful, deep conversation with your crush. Choose a few that you are knowledgeable about, and you will pique their interest.

51. Why did they choose their job?

Might be a little deep, but their job will tell you plenty about who they are motivated to be. If they are unhappy in their job, you’ll get to know what values and core needs are important to them, which their current job may not be able to fulfill.

52. Discuss the time slot when you both have quality time for one another

Talk about ‘when’ to talk. Don’t try to converse if they’re rushed or busy. Instead, choose a time together when you will not be interrupted and will be relaxed. You’ll have more time for a significant conversation this way.

53. Ask how they’re doing

Build upon their response with follow-up questions. “How are you?” is a common small-talk question. However, if you ask it sincerely, it becomes far more meaningful. Ask a follow-up question to demonstrate your genuine interest regardless of how they respond.

54. What’s on their bucket list?

This is one of the things to talk about with your crush which can help you understand how wild or deep (or both) they can be. Maybe they want to go skydiving or visit a specific village in Italy for its famous gelato. Or maybe they want to open a school for marginalized kids in their hometown.

flirty topics to talk about with crush
What are some things they really look forward to doing?

55. Bring up a shared interest or experience

What are the topics to talk with your crush to feel closer to them? Discussing things you have in common can strengthen your bond a lot more. It could be a movie you both enjoy, a mutual friend, or a class you’re both taking. Bring it up if you notice any emotional connection.

56. Ask a thoughtful question

Hypothetical questions are also an excellent way to advance a conversation. However, avoid questions that only require a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, ask something that will get both of you thinking and help you get to know each other better. You could make it a game by taking turns asking each other questions.

57. Share something you wouldn’t usually share

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. You don’t have to share your deepest secrets (and you probably shouldn’t unless you already have a good relationship with your crush). But your conversation will feel more profound and fulfilling if you’re willing to take a chance. Get out of your comfort zone and choose something difficult or awkward to discuss.

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58. Get them to teach you something

If your crush knows something really well, inquire about it. For example, they may be a math whiz, enjoy drawing, or know everything there is to know about crafting armor in Minecraft. Whatever it is, ask them to tell you about it — or, better yet, show you how to do it.

59. Tell them a good story, or ask them to tell you one

Talking about your own experiences is a great way to start a meaningful conversation. Try telling them about the funny or exciting thing that happened recently, or bring up an unusual incident from one of your past relationships. You could even heighten the tension by saying, “Something completely bizarre happened to me yesterday. Meet me after class, and I’ll tell you everything!”

60. What would they do if they won the lottery?

Such hypothetical questions are always fun, but also reveal a side to the person you were probably not aware of earlier. Would they buy a yacht or give most of it to a specific charity?

61. Are they close to their siblings?

Make sure to ask questions like this one, once you’ve already established a healthy camaraderie with this person. Try not to appear intrusive in how you frame it and keep it casual.

62. What is their best memory with their family?

Is it board game nights with the extended family or that time a cousin got married? Out of the 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush, this is one of the more important ones to know how they like to bond with people.

63. Ask about their tattoos

Do they have tattoos of a band they like? A pet they had or is it simply some kind of motivational quote that keeps them going? Ask away!

64. What makes them laugh

Is it a good movie, a funny story, a friend making a faux pas, or all of the above?

65. Do they have any phobias?

Knowing what scares a person is important to get to know them on a serious level and develop an emotional intimacy. Maybe they are scared of snakes, or just heights.

66. What is their ideal night out?

What are the topics to talk with your crush when the conversation starts to die down? Bring up some excitement in it by discussing how they like to spend their Friday nights. Do they love getting Sushi alone or getting hammered at a club? Do they like to read? Ask about their current read, and watch them get excited.

67. What inspires them?

Or another way to put it is, “What makes you wake up in the morning each day?” It could be their family, their work, a good breakfast, or just a zest for life.

68. Who is their role model?

One of the easy topics to talk about with your crush is role models. It could be a fictional character they read about in a book, or a family member. But who is it that they really look up to?

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69. Are they good at keeping secrets?

This is an easier way to understand if and how much their friends trust them. Are they great at keeping information to themselves or quickly fizzle out and blurt it in front of everyone else? This is one of the 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush that can lead to a harmless gossip session or a conversation around ethics.

70. How do they spend their time alone?

While some just like to binge-watch TV shows, others who are workaholics end up working their way through it. Understand what kind of personality your crush has, by asking how they spend their alone time. Do they catch up with friends or just choose to go for long walks?


71. Ask about their friends

Whom a person surrounds themselves with says a lot about who they are. Ask your crush if they have a large group of friends or just a small coterie of people. This will help you navigate their social life, and see what kind of people they like to interact with.

72. Do they believe in soulmates?

Out of the 100 topics to talk about with your crush, ask this one if you are someone who believes in soulmates or soul ties. This will help you see if they are willing to dedicate their life to finding that person, or are they more relaxed when it comes to choosing a life partner.

73. What fictional character do they identify with?

Let’s hope their answer isn’t Dexter. This can be one of the exciting conversation starters, especially if you two discuss movies, films, and books a lot.

74. Would they rather be a millionaire or be happy for the rest of their lives?

These kinds of hypothetical questions are always fun and can lead to some pretty interesting conversations around capitalism, how millionaires actually become millionaires, and what really matters in life.

75. Do they want to have children?

Children are a big part of some people’s life goals, but not for everyone. Ask your crush if they want to have children and why.

Funny Things To Talk About With Your Crush Over Text

You are attracted to someone. You’re thinking about what to say to your crush to impress them and keep the conversation going. The following topics will not only strengthen your relationship but will also make you both smile, chuckle, or laugh out loud. Here are some interesting things to talk about with your crush.

76. Strange habits

Do you like rice with ice cream or knock three times before leaving the house? Inquire about your crush’s odd habits. Tell them yours, and if they match, you share another interest!

77. Their biggest annoyance

It could be incorrect grammar for some or wearing a t-shirt with skirts for others. Hearing people rant about what annoys them the most is always fun.

78. The superpower discussion is a must in the list of 100 topics to talk about with your crush

Which superpower do they want? Why? What would they do with it? The topic may open up new and exciting avenues of conversation with your crush. You can discuss various things you can do together and share your plans to become a superhero team.

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79. What would they do if they awoke tomorrow as someone with another gender?

It’s an evergreen topic of conversation that will put a smile on your crush’s face. Ask this question to learn about their point of view. And if you’re not in a funny mood, you can both participate in an interesting discussion around sexism or cissexism.

80. Peculiar trends

One of the interesting topics to talk about with your crush is simply discussing what is going on. New trends emerge all the time in every industry. Ask them, which trends are overrated or simply bizarre? Which came first, the ice bucket challenge or skinny jeans?

81. The films they enjoy but everyone else is unaware of

Some films are not well-received by the general public at the time of release but have a loyal following anyway, like Jennifer’s Body. Find out which movie your crush enjoys despite its poor reviews.

82. Are they ticklish?

Ask them if they are ticklish. It’s a great way to flirt with them or tease them. Just don’t tickle them, please.

83. Talk about quirks

Inquire about their weird habits. Another entertaining approach is to guess each other’s quirks. Your crush will enjoy it that you’re taking such a personal interest in them.

84. If they were an animal, who would they be?

If you are serious about exchanging phone numbers with this person, you have to make them laugh and keep them interested. This might be the perfect question to ask for that purpose.

85. If they had to choose a flavor, which one would they be?

Even though you are secretly hoping they say something naughty like ‘Spicy Sriracha,’ keep your hopes to the minimum.

86. If they had a time machine, where would they go?

One of the things to talk about with your crush can be about which era or part of the world they would love to time travel to.

87. What was their worst purchase?

Did they buy a vacuum cleaner from a shady website or spent way too much money on a luxury bag they never ended up using? Ask away, and watch them blush with embarrassment.

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88. Who is the weirdest person in their family?

Among the 100 conversation topics to talk about with your crush, this is a pretty funny one and you two will definitely find a lot to talk about. Family gossip is a universal fun theme that brings people closer.

89. Ask if they think aliens exist

Just make sure you don’t sound nutty when you ask this. If they say they don’t believe in aliens, and you fervently do, calm down and remember to breathe.

90. Which character from The Office do they resonate with?

If they’ve seen the show, they might like a character whom they feel close to. Discuss funny dialogues and favorite scenes from the series, and you might even end up watching an episode or two together. You can pick any funny show that you both love.

Random Things To Talk About With Your Crush

Having this list of 100 topics to talk about with your crush will make things easier, and your time with your crush will pass without a hitch. Check out these exciting conversation starters:

91. What kind of a person are they?

You can never go wrong when you ask someone about themselves. This is useful information about their self-image and whether they have high or low self-esteem. It will help you get a sense of their relationship with themselves, and by extension, you and everyone else around them.

92. Their lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle do they desire? And are you two compatible in this regard? This is more important than many people realize because trying to have a relationship with someone who lives in an entirely different manner than you is highly stressful. Furthermore, it’s a great topic to discuss in passing, hanging out, or over dinner.

93. Talk about controversial personalities

If you want to have an intellectually stimulating discussion, why not discuss complicated (or problematic) world leaders and influencers? It’s a good way to get an understanding of the other person’s political views. Did they vote for Trump or Hillary? And what are their thoughts on the contentious psychologist Jordan Peterson?

94. Things that make you think of them

Tell them about the unexpected text containing a short story, a picture, or a meme – anything that reminded you of them. This can be a great way to strengthen your bond, brighten their day, and make them think of you positively.

95. Their daily activities

Phone conversations help increase the connection between two people. If texting isn’t convenient right now, consider calling them instead of responding to text messages. If I get a text while doing the dishes, I do this with my hands in the soap and my earphones on. Discussing the day’s events lightheartedly is an excellent place to start.

96. High school recollections

It can be fun and comical to take turns sharing high school stories. However, it can also provide an insight into the ‘grown-up high schooler’ who lives within the person you’re interested in. We’re all products of our formative years, aren’t we?

97. Biggest regret in life

A deep one, this question is certainly going to make your crush think hard. Only ask this if you’re ready to be supportive and empathetic.

98. Ask if they are religious

Or spiritual. These are some interesting topics to talk about with your crush that can keep you chatting for long as you discuss religion, God, or atheism.

99. Their experiences with dating apps

Dating apps are indeed a world of their own, and there are surely many stories to come from there. Ask your crush how often they use them, when they joined dating apps, and what kind of interesting people they have met there.

100. Which is the best decade to live in?

Is it the 90s because of the music, or Y2K for the fun fashion? Or do they think it’s going to be 2050 because they cannot wait to drive a flying car? Ask your crush this fun question and they’ll definitely think you’re interesting.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to fill your notebook with 100 topics to talk about with your crush, that wonderful person you’ve had your eye(s) on. And what’s awesome, is that you might just get to know a few unexpected things about yourself in the process too.

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