Regular Sex – 8 Mind-Body Benefits Of Leading An Active Sex Life

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Sex is not only for pleasure but also has other vast-ranging benefits. From increasing confidence and boosting self-esteem, sex also improves your physical and mental health. The health benefits of sex are often disregarded because it is considered an indulgent activity.

However, keeping up with an active and regular sex life can translate into myriad benefits, ranging from fighting depressive symptoms to improving your heart health. So, say goodbye to all the stigma around sex. There is more than one excuse to have sex regularly.

8 Ways Sex Brings You Joy And Health

Sex is a basic human need. It is just as important as food, clothing and shelter. As primal beings, we need it just as much as we need our basic necessities. Apart from reproduction and satisfying carnal urges, sex has many health benefits too. Not just that, it helps to keep a person happy.

Good sex can kiss your worries away. Moreover, it strengthens your bond and increases intimacy between partners. Affection, care, love, understanding and a deeper connect with your spouse are just some of the many benefits of having sex.

From reducing stress levels to reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, healthy sex life can even contribute to longevity as well as the quality of life. Here are 8 ways in which a good sex life can bring your joy and health:

1. Reduce stress and BP

Want to bust your stress? Have more sex. It is scientifically proven that having more sex can actually reduce stress levels, and thereby acting as a natural remedy for keeping the blood pressure in healthy limits. The release of certain hormones while having sex is known to be good for blood pressure control. Moreover, while having sex, one tends to forget about all problems in life and enjoy the pure pleasure associated with it.

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2. Burn calories with sex

Not finding time to exercise? Well, try scheduling steamy sex sessions with your partner. It has a dual benefit. First, it will make the relationship with your significant other more profound, and second, it will help burn those stubborn calories.

The real reason sex education is important is so we can understand the dynamic effects that sex can have on our bodies. An average love-making session helps burn 100 calories for men and about 70 for women. By prolonging your sessions and getting experimental in bed, you can not only enhance your pleasure quotient but also amp up the calorie-burning game.

3. Get great sleep

If you are having trouble getting good sleep, then try having more sex. Due to a decrease in tension, the release of feel-good hormones and the physical activity involved, your body and brain shout out for sufficient rest after sex. Longer and regular sessions can further enhance the quality of sleep.

You’ll wake up to a joyous and fresh morning and will be more ready than before to face the hardships of the day. It’ll also help you wake up with a glow on your face if you have experienced multiple orgasms the previous night.

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Sex makes you sleep better

4. Fight depression

If you are feeling blue or being treated for clinical depression, then prioritizing sex can be great for your mental health. One of the depressive symptoms is low sex drive because one’s hormones can go into a flux.

Interestingly, one of the health benefits of sex is that it helps fight depression. Seduce your partner, go out on dates and engage in body play and/or foreplay. Use sex games to really amp up the energy in the room.

In the act of making love, the brain releases a neurochemical called oxytocin which helps elevate the mood. So in order to be emotionally and mentally fit, have more sessions under the sheet with your significant other.

5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Clinical research has shown that men who have a higher libido, and therefore who have more sex, are less prone to cardiovascular illnesses than the ones who had sex just once a month. This is basically a result of reduced stress levels and blood pressure.

This is good news for all the men and definitely another good reason to have more sex for keeping their heart and coronary function healthy.

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6. Reduced prostate cancer risk with sex

While there are ongoing studies on this topic, doctors and sexperts do know from some research that regular sex or ejaculation ejects carcinogens in the prostate gland that could cause cancer. However, there is no harm in having more sex even if there are no solid studies to support this fact.

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7. Live longer and look younger

The more sex and orgasms, the better and more radiant your skin will look. Studies have shown that if you have more sex you are surely going to beat the aging signs. The sex hormone estrogen takes care of the skin and hair and makes you look younger than your age.

Who knew the best sex could also make you look your best? With all these health benefits, you are also likely to have a much longer life than the average person who may not be sexually as active in his mid-50s.

8. A better immune system

Believe it or not, sexually active people get sick lesser. Having higher levels of sex immediately translates to higher levels of what defends your body against harmful bacteria and viruses. It boosts one’s ability to make antibodies to counter harmful pathogens. Make sex a part of your routine to say goodbye to the seasonal flu and common colds.

Having sex regularly has shown great results in many studies performed by doctors and researchers. Even if its health benefits are not known to you, there is hardly anything to lose if you have a healthier sex life. One last tip, if you have multiple sex partners, just be sure to make use of condoms (during intercourse or during oral sex) to avoid STDs and pregnancy.


1. How often is too often when having sex?

While sex is great for you, you can refrain from having it every single day or multiple times a day. A couple of times a week is a good place to work with.

2. What if my partner is not in the mood to have sex?

Persuaded consent is still not necessarily consent. If they are not in the mood, you should probably back off and let them figure out their sexual needs. In case your sex drives are grossly mismatched, it helps to initiate healthy communication about it and seek help, if necessary.

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