Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti: Through thick and thin

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Updated On: July 19, 2022

Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti have been married for 18 years. They’ve been through thick and thin and survived in Bollywood, and are still very much in love. They met when he was just a choreographer and she started assisting him. The couple have a son, Zeke, and a daughter, Zene Zoe.

You’ve had some troubled times.

We are happy now, but yes, we had our troubled times too. I was producing a movie and was away from home for the longest time. When I work I put my heart and soul into it. I shot day and night. Being a writer and producer I used to sit and discuss the script at night since we were shooting in the day. Maria was very angry with me.

I was not in touch with her for a whole year as I was busy shooting. I ignored my family. Maria came down to London but I didn’t have time for her there.

We had a fight. But then I realised she was right. There is no job that is more important than your home and your family. I give myself to my work completely and I had to apologise to Maria. I think if I were in her place I would have been angry, too. I sat down and thought it over. It has all been sorted out and we’re still together. I love them too much to leave them.

What did you do to keep your marriage working?

I take time off, spend time at home, and always make her happy.

She doesn’t need diamonds or cars. She needs to have a quiet dinner or flowers at her feet.

I’ve realised that we have to make time for our loved ones. So next time onwards I will have breaks during my shoot to spend time with my family. I will hire competent people and balance my dates. I spend time on Sundays with my children. I take them for rides on the bike. We fight and play water sports. For them it is a junk day. We go on family holidays.

Who is the first one to say sorry and sort out fights between you?

I am the one who says sorry. Saying sorry is meditative for me.

What kind of a father are you?

I am more attached to my son more than my daughter. My girl is much stronger. She has her own mind. You can’t fool her and take her for a ride. If she wants to do something, she will do it no matter what. She is very organised just like Maria. My son is innocent. He is very naive. I think I see more of me in him. I am quite gullible and many people have taken advantage.

What kind of a father are you?
What kind of a father are you?

I have cameras all over my house and I would watch them from anywhere in the world. Since I’m out most of the time, I give them a lot of freedom. Whenever I am at home I have a blast with them. We go for long drives and we talk about so many things. It’s important to have that kind of relationship.

I didn’t have a cycle and I bought it when I started earning. I won a dancing competition and travelled abroad with my money. Everything came late in my life. My kids are blessed; they have everything they want, but we don’t spoil them.

Do you want your children to follow your profession?

We will support them in whatever they do. My daughter is a natural and that is big trouble.

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