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Why lust is important to understand love

Lust has mostly been considered a dirty, low frequency word by most and yet it is the cardinal passage to…

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  • Yes @triptisharan- people need to introspect and discern one from another- will save us a few hearbreaks
    and will help us understand relationships in a deeper way. Thanks x

  • Arvind- To know the distinction between the two is essential to knowing oneself more profoundly and having said that- they are always so meshed up that it helps to know one from the other- one feeds the other and separating the two was an intimate journey for me to help understand myself better and delve deeply into the morass of love and lust- each to his own- a writer writes what he needs to :) Thanks for liking it though.


    had experienced both raw lust and Lust with love.
    lust dies off shortly.. but lust with love.. never & re ignites as per..Lust is the fire, love is the fuel..
    or I can also read it as love is the fire, Lust is the fuel..keeping love glowing all times..
    as expressed by the writer... it takes a while to understand.. and then you enjoy both..
    even if not put together some times..still like two sides of a same coin.

  • Harika sailakshmi says:

    Thanks inliked it Wow... really i came to know the difference of showing only lust nd showing love with lust nd i thought that my partner will fall in lust completely nd he will stop loving me but.. Seriously i was wrng

  • Lust Is as important as love. I believe lust, regardless of what people want to think, is the initial start of any relationship. I believe people are often, first attracted to each other in a lustful way and then love is formed. Lust is, therefore, a very important step in finding love and, thus, every bit as important.

    • Alok mishra says:

      Very well said

  • Love at first sight! Do you really believe it? There is a lot of debate over whether or not even it exists. But how long does it take to fall head over heels in love with someone? How do you know when it’s just a physical attraction and it’s finest?

    So, yes, it's pretty difficult to know the difference between lust and love. But then both are equally important. I feel without lust there is no love!

  • How you view and judge the article Chandni, is a reflection of how you perceive it and how you understand both lust and love . .it has NOTHING to do with what the writer has written or why this was written. Stay blessed !

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