How Not To Get Pregnant Without Using A Condom

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Updated On: July 21, 2023
How not to get pregnant without using protection

We love to have sex but hate the idea of using a condom. The skin-to-skin touch takes the climax to a different high. But having unprotected sex is like inviting guests you don’t want to host. Not using protection automatically means increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Why let so many doubts spoil your sex life? There are always ways and means to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay without using a condom. It is possible not to get pregnant without protection.

Sounds like a good deal right? We bet it does, all you need is to be cautious about when to make love and how to have sex. It is as simple as that.

How not to get pregnant without protection
How not to get pregnant without protection

How Not To Get Pregnant Without Using Condoms And Pills?

Imagine you are in the middle of an orgasm and your guy gets up to put on a condom. Chances are that you might feel disconnected for a split second. This sort of interval spoils the fun and you don’t want a condom to ruin the effort you made to spice up the foreplay. At times like these, you would prefer to have sex without protection.

Here are some tricks that can help you have safe sex without the condom.

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1. Enjoy extended foreplay instead of climaxing

Sex helps you to enjoy close intimate moments with each other. If you want to experience the warmth and love, then give foreplay a chance. You and your partner can come close, explore each other’s body and yet not go all the way. This way you know how it feels close, naked and together without the fear of inviting unwanted pregnancy.

2. Befriend the contraceptive pill

Medical experts feel that the best way to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay is to use a condom and a pill together. However, if you want to enjoy the skin-to-skin touch, then don’t forget to pop the contraceptive pill every day or as advised by your doctor.

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How not to get pregnant without using protection
How not to get pregnant without using protection

3. Opt for copper T

This is a device that can help you enjoy leisurely sex without worrying about conceiving. A copper T is an implanted by a doctor and can be removed when the couple wishes to start a family. This method of contraception is known to be used extensively by women who do not want to have kids.

4. Avoid making love during periods

It might just prove to be disastrous to make out during menstruation. Many feel that having sex during periods is safest, but this is not the case. Avoid having unprotected sex during menstrual cycle if you want to be safe.

Also this is the time when you are most open to infections and things can also get messy. So it’s best to avoid sex during your periods.

5. Ask for Depo-Provera injections

This is an injection that is administered by your doctor once every three months. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to take pills as long as you get the injection shots once every three months.

6. Contraceptive patches

These are patches that can be placed under the arms, back or stomach. They work just like pills, as they contain the same hormones as your birth control pill. One patch lasts for about a week and should be replaced. It is advisable to take a week off the patches for your body to withdraw and come down to normalcy. This will help you not to get pregnant even if you are not using a condom.

7. Track your fertility period

If your cycles are fairly regular, you can depend on fertility awareness methods. These involve tracking the signs when your body is about to ovulate and avoiding sex during those days. In the days preceding ovulation, avoid making love. However, this involves quite a correct estimation of the ovulation date.

8. What is the pull and pray method?

This method is usually known as the withdrawal method, wherein a couple needs to be very careful to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In this method, the man has to remove his penis just before ejaculation. This is to ensure that the sperm does not reach the vagina.

That is why it is referred to as a pull and pray method where you can only hope that the intercourse has not led to pregnancy.

Some sperms might leak and enter the vagina and there are chances that the woman might end up conceiving. But in order not to get pregnant, you can try these following positions.

Best positions to avoid pregnancy

  • The cowgirl position:
    Here the woman is on the top and in control of penetration. It also reduces the chances of sperm travelling to the cervix. Many couples feel that this is the best position to avoid pregnancy, but it is advisable to be cautious.
Here the woman is on the top and in control of penetration
cowgirl position. How not to get pregnant without using protection
  • The ’69’ position:
    This is one of the most talked-about positions when it comes to sex. Couples can lie down with each other in an inverted order – with the head of the one towards the feet of the other. This position works best when the couple is of similar height and you can perform oral sex on each other. As a couple, the two of you can also try mutual masturbation while in this position to enhance pleasure.
  • Standing position:
    You can curl up on the waist of your man while he penetrates. The two of you are close but it would make it tough for the penis to penetrate right till the cervix.
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    Here are all your answers to the question: How not to get pregnant without protection? Enjoy heightened climax and great sex even without a condom and prevent an unwanted pregnancy with these methods.

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