21 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You

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Updated On: December 18, 2023
Psychic signs someone misses you

When your mind is stuck on someone, like a song you can’t push out of your head, do you ever pause to ponder if they’re thinking of you, too? Have you ever looked up cosmic clues and psychic signs someone misses you? Like when thoughts of what could’ve, should’ve, might’ve been with someone toss and turn in your head at 3 AM, do you wish for some kind of sign or hint from the universe that they are secretly longing for you as well?  

They say energy flows where attention goes. If thoughts can manifest our realities, surely someone else’s thoughts can wriggle their way into our awareness when they’re directed at us? Going by anecdotal (and even scientific and documentary) cues, they sure can. But how? Let’s delve into it. 

21 Psychic Signs Someone Misses You 

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It’s been said that we are all connected. To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. And to the rest of the universe, atomically. But there’s another kind of connection that manifests every once in a while: 

  • It’s when you ring up someone and find they were just about to call you 
  • Or you know who is calling even before you pick up the phone (this study actually looked into this)
  • It’s when you wake up at night a nanosecond before they message you 
  • And it’s when you serendipitously run into someone who’s been popping in and out your head for days on end 

It’s inexplicable and irrational. And it feels supernatural, maybe a touch psychic. But it’s what reminds us that we are more than just bits of stardust steadily accumulating small realities. That we are connected by a kind of telepathy to the people we open up our hearts and souls to. The kind that doesn’t need psychic abilities to decrypt. 

So how to tell if someone really misses you or if endless and intense thoughts of you are crossing someone’s mind? Well, here are some psychic signs someone is thinking about you:

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1. A sudden overwhelm may grip you and knock the wind out of you 

Perhaps it’s been an ordinary day that began in an ordinary way. But as you sip your coffee and watch the evening shadows dance on the sidewalk or grab a bite out with friends, your heart starts to feel heavy. And a strange, indescribable sadness or overwhelm descends on you. But you can’t really pinpoint why. This could be because thoughts of you have taken seed in someone’s mind, and bit by bit, they’ve grown and taken up all the space — to the point they can’t think of anyone else: 

  • Maybe the feelings you’re feeling are nothing but subconscious signs he misses you, or that he wakes up every day thinking of you 
  • Perhaps they are cosmic signs she’s regretting breaking up with you 
  • Or they are lying awake at night, tracing lines around the stars and wondering if the constellations will line up and link your paths again

2. A jumble of feelings or mixed-up moods can be signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you

Sometimes, rather than overwhelming sadness finding your address, here’s what happens when their thoughts run interference in your mind:

  • You experience feelings that are all over the place – these can be telepathic clues or cosmic signs he secretly misses you
  • Perhaps you are unable to focus on anything
  • Maybe you feel sudden mood swings or unexpected emotions and there’s no concrete (or medical) reason for them

Researchers have found that electromagnetic signals produced by your heart can affect the brainwaves of people near you. So, isn’t there a possibility that someone’s feelings for you can cross the gulf between you two and run circles in your mind? 

3. If you’re thinking of them, perhaps it’s because you’re on their mind

So when you think of someone, do they think of you, too? Can thoughts create some sort of psychic connection between you and someone else? Can it be strong enough to lead them to act on it?

Say you think of your parents, and your mom calls almost the very next instant. Or, you think of a friend living far away, and the next day, they call up and speak to you for hours. They may even say they remembered you and felt like talking. Such telepathy works only if two people think of each other at the same time, says a Quora user.

So if you’re wondering:

  • Why am I missing them all of a sudden? 
  • Why am I thinking of my ex for no apparent reason?

Then there’s a good possibility that you’re in their thoughts, too. But if they are doing nothing about it, they probably have their reasons for it. 

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4. How to know if someone misses you without contact? Your dreams may just tell you that

Does dreaming about your ex mean they miss you? Is a recurring dream a sign of a soulmate connection? A message from a twin flame? Or a psychic sign someone is thinking about you sexually? Or are dreams simply memories? Lost hopes? Ghosts of unexpressed feelings? Or do we dream so that we can be with someone all the time, as author A.A. Milne suggests? 

While much in dreams is open to interpretation, there are reams of personal experiences and accounts, online and offline, to suggest that dreams do have some power to connect or even bring people closer. But even if they didn’t, if your ex is in your dreams or someone you love or just met is showing up in vivid technicolor while you sleep, isn’t it far more interesting to believe it’s because they’re preoccupied with you? 

At times, a dream is your subconscious mind giving you a nudge. Maybe you’re dreaming of them because you’re: 

  • Dwelling on them 
  • Thinking of reaching out to them 
  • Have unresolved feelings
  • Trying to get closure and healing, as sleep researcher Rosalind Cartwright says

Whatever the case, it would do well to dwell on John Lennon’s advice: “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. But a dream you dream together is reality.”

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5. Sometimes you can ‘literally’ feel it if someone really misses you

You broke up a year ago, but you can still feel their energy. Maybe it feels like: 

  • A sudden feeling of warmth
  • A tingling
  • A shiver
  • Energy vibrations 
  • Electric sensations
  • Goosebumps for no apparent reason

And that’s making you wonder: “Can you feel if someone misses you and wants you back?” Or, instead of these physical sensations, you experience a non-physical caress or a phantom touch. But rather than spooking you or sending you panicking, it feels calm, comforting, or strangely reassuring. Like a hug. Perhaps “you can feel them so bad you almost think they were right there with you,” says a Quora user. These can all be spiritual signs she is thinking about you or telepathic signs he misses you deeply enough to send spiritual energy your way.

6. Hearing their voice or them calling out your name

You’re crossing a busy intersection when, for a heart-thumping second, you can swear you heard them call out your name. When you look around, no one’s there. Maybe every third voice you hear on the TV or radio sounds eerily like theirs. And it’s making your heart flip, flop, and flutter – and also making you worry if something’s wrong with your head. 

But it’s possible that the reasons you’re hearing them are more spiritual than psychological. Maybe they really are psychic signs someone loves you and is waiting for you to come back.  

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7. Maybe you’re the one blurting out their name and you swear you don’t know why

Rather than hearing them call out your name, do you find that you can’t quite stop taking theirs, accidentally or inadvertently? Or perhaps their name is jumping out at you pretty much everywhere: at work, all the signs you read on your commute, and even the people you meet are mentioning that name.

These could be telepathic signs he misses you and regrets hurting you. It could mean they are trying to find a way back into your heart, or these signs could indicate that you’re subconsciously longing for her again.

8. If your ear rings or burns, it could mean they’re not only missing you, but talking about you

At times, signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you can be more physiological. For instance, a sudden ringing or burning sensation in the ears could indicate someone is not just missing you, but talking about you as well. 

As per folklore research, if your right ear burns, someone is saying something good about you. But if it’s the left, it may be far from complimentary. When it comes to physical signs, it’s better to double-check, though. Sometimes, ringing ears may simply mean you have tinnitus and a burning of ears may point to a syndrome instead.

9. A case of hiccups

How to know if someone misses you without contact? You may need to crack a case of insistent or random hiccups for that. “An Indian old wives’ tale says that you get hiccups when somebody misses you. If you are able to name this person, the hiccups stop. Oh, the number of crushes we have named and renamed in the hope that they might be missing us!” recalls a Quora user.

Whether hiccups are an indication you ate or drank too quickly, a spiritual sign, or plain old superstition, isn’t it nice to think someone or maybe even your soulmate is thinking of you

Instead of focusing on finding reasons, “I would be happy at least for those five minutes that somebody is missing me and thinking who the person would be,” says another Quora user.

10. Sudden sneezes could be clues that someone really misses you 

In many ways, we are all hardwired to look for meanings. To see the “extra” in the ordinary. The signs and omens in the everyday. There are many who believe there are hidden meanings even in the humble sneeze:

  • In Japan, people believe that you sneeze if someone so much as mentions your name somewhere, says a Reddit user.
  • In some cultures, it is believed that two or five sneezes in a row mean someone is thinking of you
  • But if you sneeze thrice, then their thoughts of you could be more romantically inclined

So if you’re sneezing and none of the usual suspects like a cold, sinus infection, allergy, dust, or pollen can explain it, maybe keeping count of your sneezes could be an interesting exercise. Because it could be a sign she is interested in you or one of the signs he secretly misses you.

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11. A twitch in your eye 

You’re not sleep-deprived. Nor have you strained your eyes. You haven’t had too many shots of coffee. Nor are you suffering from a bad case of allergies. Then if your eye twitches a lot without any warning or justification, it could be among the subconscious signs he misses you or she’s losing sleep over you. But this thought will bring cold comfort unless they get in touch with you and tell you that they like you.

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12. How to know if someone misses you spiritually? You will feel it in your gut

Our brain and gut are connected, and not just physiologically. So if your mind can sense when they’re thinking about you, there’s a chance you will know it in the pit of your stomach, too. So, whether it’s a gut feeling/gut instinct, if you’ve been frequently feeling strongly that your partner or your ex is missing you, it could very well be true. 

If someone is worried about you or spending a lot of their time reminiscing about what you had together, there’s a chance it could manifest as: 

  • Mid-meal discomfort, like your food suddenly getting stuck in your throat 
  • An upset stomach or a stomach ache
  • A sinking feeling in your gut for no obvious reason

13. Spotting a butterfly could mean someone is sending loving thoughts your way 

Besides physical sensations, there are many other signs and symbols that could also indicate someone misses you. A butterfly, for instance. In many cultures, butterflies hold spiritual significance as symbols of hope and transformation. Some people believe they carry spiritual messages. So, if they perch upon you, it could be a sign that:

  • A loved one you lost recently or someone you are connected to is thinking of you fondly 
  • It could mean that an ex still feels butterflies when thinking of you, or is even trying to manifest you back into their life 

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14. Finding white feathers may hold a clue to their feelings for you 

In many cultures, birds are believed to be connected to the heavens and are, by extension, considered carriers of spiritual messages. And their feathers signify that guidance, love, and protection are at hand. So, finding a white feather in an unusual place or repeatedly could be a sign the universe is trying to tell you about someone’s feelings of love and longing for you. Or that a soulmate or a twin flame is nearer than you think.

15. If someone misses you, even the numbers you spot could line up and point to them

Numerologists associate numbers with:

  • Energy
  • Intentions 
  • Vibrations 

So if you look at your phone, a clock, a billboard, a receipt, a bank statement, a license plate – well, pretty much everywhere – and see the same patterns of numbers repeat, maybe you can put it down to providence or fate. The only confirmation for this interesting phenomenon, maybe even a telepathic connection, can come from the one whose attention is turned on you.

16. You hear the strains of an all-too-familiar tune 

Maybe it’s a song you know they liked. Or one that held special meaning for the two of you. You woke up with it playing in your head or you’re hearing it after a while. But now, all its words seem to be calling out to you. And bringing a flood of old memories or long-buried feelings bubbling up to the surface.

  • You’re wondering if that person is aching for you 
  • They might be listening to the song and it’s reminding them of you 
  • Perhaps you’re asking the universe for some signs or symbols that this person wants to get back in touch with you

Well, that’s just what the universe may be up to. The song may really be a message about a cosmic connection for you.  

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17. They pop up on your social media or all the posts on your feed seem connected to them

So how to tell if your ex misses you? There may be actual signs like accidental likes on some of your older social media posts. Ruling out serial stalkers, if someone is interested in you and curious about how you’re doing, it’s quite likely that they may scroll through your feed and check up on you. Or maybe all the posts, memes, or GIFs you see on your feed are making you think of them lately.

This could lead to something more. You might receive a “hi” from them as soon as you pick up the phone and start typing a message to them. In that case, you probably won’t need to look up psychic signs someone loves you to figure out what’s going on in their head.

18. Seeing reminders of them everywhere can be a sign from the universe that someone is missing you

So have you been seeing signs of an ex everywhere? You sit down at a cafe and spot an old book that they loved or wanted. Maybe you post a review for the cafe and actually find their comment sitting just two posts beneath yours. And that’s not all. Lately, you’re seeing reminders of them everywhere you go and every place you look. And you can’t help but feel familiar stirrings of nostalgia and a deep sense of longing for them. Maybe you even wonder if your ex has moved on or is still hung up on you.

All these reminders could indeed be psychic signs someone misses you. But, researchers suggest, they could just as easily be frequency illusion – perhaps you are noticing all the signs and coincidences because you are looking for them. Maybe because you’re still in love with an ex.

Infographic on Psychic signs someone misses you
Signs from the universe someone is missing you

19. You run into them – in the form of other people

Sometimes, these can be hints that the universe has taken notice of someone’s thoughts of you and is trying to remind you of them: 

  • Many people that you meet nowadays are connected to an ex somehow  
  • Even the strangers you meet at a yoga class or elsewhere connect back to an old flame or friend 
  • Maybe even your LinkedIn feed is showing photos of them with an acquaintance you just made

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20. You’re running into them at odd times and strange places

So instead of people connected to them, are you actually bumping into them? And that too just when you were thinking about them? Maybe at these chance meetings, you’ve noticed some lingering sexual tension. And you wonder if the twitch in your lip lately could be one of the psychic signs someone is thinking about you sexually. You wouldn’t be far off the mark here. Synchronistic encounters can often be a cosmic nudge. A sign the universe is trying to get you to think of love possibilities and second chances in relationships.

21. A strong urge to be with them could be a sign they feel the same way

What happens when two people’s thoughts are turned toward each other? They may feel a magnetic pull, a deep sense of connection, and a strong urge to be together. So if you’re seeing the signs and feeling that way, maybe it’s not too late. After all, aren’t some bonds forged in the fires of fate?

Key Pointers

  • Sometimes, if someone misses us, the universe may take notice and give us a hint
  • This hint can come as sudden or mixed-up feelings and emotions
  • Sometimes, someone’s feelings for us can be strong enough to touch us in various ways or make us dream of them
  • At times, cosmic clues may be hidden in numbers, feathers, or even burning ears and eye twitches
  • Or they may be more direct and take the form of synchronicities, serendipities, and chance meetings

At the end of the day, love is equal parts chance and choice. The universe can cause our paths to cross or nudge us together. It can even send hints and signs and second chances our way. But the signs will lead us back together only if we choose to walk on that path again.

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