Sexting: pros and cons

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Sexting is just old wine in a new bottle

As the urban dictionary is constantly increasing with numbers of new words, one of the most prominent inclusions of the Twenty First century has been the word “SEXTING”. The world used to see the topic of sex as taboo, but the modern approach towards it is pretty free compared to its past eras. Though the concept of sexting is nothing new, it is just a sort of an old wine in a new bottle. It is the same way that the lovers of the last centuries used to wait for their beloveds’ letters or carry the desired lady’s photo with them, which could open up their imagination for the adrenaline rush. Now this is pretty much similar to sexting, but without any “blue tick” or “seen” technology. As the whole human race is running like rats to achieve their desired goal, the patience level for our imagination has really hit a new low. However, in this generation of fast food culture, everyone wants everything pretty quick, and there is nothing wrong in it.

Read on to find some of the advantages and the disadvantages of this thing called sexting.


1. Not alone

The biggest advantage of sexting is that it is like the act of masturbation, but not alone. In spite of being an amazing experience, masturbation is often boring too. And to add that extra spice in your life sexting is the best. The whole thing happens without the physical connection but the words touch your sensitive spots.

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2. The quickie you yearn for

If you are in a long distance relationship, then sexting is definitely the finest sword in your armoury to fight the burning dragon of desire. It is like the quickie in the kitchen but in a virtual way.

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3. Up to the imagination

One of the biggest perks of sexting is that it is absolutely not necessary to touch yourself every time, rather you can imagine a lot of things in your brain and yet keep a straight face. Thus you can do it in public spaces like office cubicles, when you are bored of work and burning with desires.

4. Intimacy acquired

Sexting really builds up the intimacy between your partner and you. If you are hesitating to be physically intimate in the initial days, you can always opt for the virtual option, where both of you become aware of each other’s likes and dislikes in bed.

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1. Virtual versus real

The biggest problem of sexting is that the virtual affair often builds up a completely different intimacy with your partner. It has been often noticed that people are completely different in real and the virtual worlds, not just in the case of sexting but in normal chatting as well. So this leads to a very bitter experience when the person is completely different from the virtual persona.

2. Hackers go wild

The point where sexting is poles apart from the days of letters is that, you can send your private images, be it still or moving, to that person on the other end as well. Now in this era of digital surveillance and hacking, if those images get leaked, then the consequences are just unimaginable.

3. Keeping a record

People “blabbers” many a thing when the lava of the desire flows all over the bloodstream, but the fun fact is no one really remembers the exact words. Now in case of sexting, each word you say is actually recorded carefully, and those are the like the breadcrumbs in this virtual jungle. Often you say such words virtually which probably do not mean much in the real world. But if you see those chats, after you got cooled down, you might feel awkward and self-derogatory ideas might hit your brain pretty hard.

4. Swinging mood

Now this point is actually the stark contradiction to the third point of the PROS. As you really do not need to touch yourself while sexting, it often happens that your mood suddenly takes a U-Turn from the point where you have launched the desire. But your partner is still stuck in that particular mood, and often you become rude to him or just for the sake of his satisfaction you are still in act but without any emotion.

In the end, it can be said that sexting is good, but does the canned juice really taste like the original Passion Fruit? But canned juices are not seasonal.

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Siddhartha Shankar Mishra
Siddhartha Shankar Mishra June 17, 2018 - 8:02 pm

Original is something original . Sexting helps but no growth in it.

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