25 Unique 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend [2022 Updated]

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Updated On: July 13, 2023
1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Wow! You lovebirds made it to one year together, cuddling and fighting. Anniversary cheers! Now, as this much-awaited day is almost around the corner, have you made any plans regarding 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend?

I hope you realize that this date, the gift – all these are going to have a major impact on your relationship moving forward. So don’t rush, put some serious thought into the matter. Dive deep into the little things she shared with you months ago. Do you remember how Ross won Rachel’s heart with that precious little dress pin? Yeah, that’s the effect you should hope to create with the 1st-anniversary gift you pick out for your girlfriend. 

Here’s your chance to show your girl that you know her inside out. You listen and value her opinions. It will give you a head start in narrowing down the presents she would truly appreciate. If you need a little help through the process, we have gathered a plethora of gift ideas. Stay tuned till you find yours!

Unique First Anniversary Gift For Girlfriend? Here’re Our Top 25 Picks

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So many couples get into arguments because one of them forgot an anniversary, no matter what the reason is. You can only imagine the damage caused when that anniversary is your very first. But you don’t have to worry about that. The very fact that you remember says a lot about how much she means to you. 

What you ought to worry about, though, is picking the perfect gift for your perfect girl. It’s not the birthday of a random person from the office where you can just grab a box of Ferrero Rocher and a bottle of wine and leave it at that. We are talking about a very special romantic date here.

To make this special date memorable, here’s a list of 25 amazing 1-year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend, each for different tastes and vibe. Get your pen and notebook ready, we have a checklist to make.

1. Customized constellation map

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Customized constellation map

Do you strongly believe you have met your soulmate? At times, you might be running short of words to express how she means the world to you. This beautiful constellation map by Define Design 11 is here to make it easier for you. They specialize in hand-crafted gifts for family and friends. See how you can turn it into a very personalized 1st-anniversary gift for girlfriend:


  • This map comes with a view of stars in the night sky 
  • Choose any date and location that you want to remember forever – your first kiss or first date
  • The smooth-edged, specially hand-sanded wood panel brings an aesthetic look
  • It’s unique, just like your sweetheart!
  • 100% customizable, so you can add your own text and pictures
  • There are many beautiful fonts for you to try


  • Available in two sizes – 11×14” and 10×10” 

Add a small note with the gift that says, “Our love is written in the stars”, and I am sure you will catch her in tears. 

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2. Floral pendant with photo windows says you heart her

1st anniversary gift for girlfriend - Customized pendant

When it comes to one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend, the more personalized it is, the more special you make her feel. And of course, you can never go wrong with jewelry. You probably visited the store alone and felt lost in the middle of so many stones and shine. But don’t worry, your search ends here. We found this retro silver pendant from Amazon’s Collection. She will be so moved as she opens the locket and sees both of your pictures tucked inside.


  • This stunning piece is made of premium quality sterling silver
  • The oval locket is engraved with a pretty floral design and a tiny butterfly by its side
  • It has two windows inside to safe keep pictures of your loved one
  • As the silver engraving is precisely handcrafted, each piece is one of its kind
  • You receive an instruction template with the locket which makes the picture insertion a cakewalk


  • The length of the product including a curb chain is 20 inch

It’s one such gift item that will stay in your family for a long time and can be passed as a family heirloom to your children and grandchildren over the years. 

3. Creative one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend? Wooden wall map

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Wooden wall map

All those who wander are not lost, are they? You know, a dear friend of mine met his girlfriend exactly one year ago when they were both trekking in the Hampta pass. A solo trip changed the course of their life toward love and a lifetime of togetherness. He put a lot of effort into finding the perfect dating anniversary gift for her when he stumbled upon this gorgeous world map. If you too want to hold on to the travel experiences with your girlfriend and make them unforgettable, this is the perfect gift for her. 


  • This 3D wooden world map has a minimalistic vintage design 
  • There are many choices for size and colors like Terra, Walnut, Oak, Light and Multicolored
  • The gift set includes an abundant collection of pushpins and flags to mark the countries you have visited or the places that are on your wish list
  • With the help of the personal app of the brand, you can go through several trial rounds to finalize which size and color fits your home best
  • The graphics are absolutely flawless and it’s made of good-quality birch plywood


  • Assembling time can be up to 2-3 hours
  • Total number of pieces 33

If you are all for supporting independent businesses, you would love to know that Enjoy the Wood is a Ukrainian brand owned by a family that sells accessories handcrafted from wood that features travel and exploring the world. 

4. What I love about us book: Share your best memories 

1st anniversary gift for girlfriend - Memory book

For the shy writer who finds his thoughts flowing on pen and paper more naturally, this book is the ideal pick. This 1st-anniversary gift for girlfriend is more suitable for young people who are experiencing the college romance phase. You can complete the sentences with funny and romantic things you admire about her.

 Your girl is going to love it to bits!


  • This fill-in-the-blanks pattern love journnal contains interesting writing prompts that show how much you know and care about your girlfriend. For example – “We make the best __________ team ever”
  • The colored pages have a beautiful matte finish
  • This book comes with a clear plastic jacket to keep it protected
  • It’s more like a small pocketbook but there’s no scope to complain about the quality


  • It’s a hardcover slam book with 112 pages 
  • The product dimension is 4.5 x 3.25 inch

Pour your heart out into the pages, put a bow on the book and bring it with her favorite flowers and wine. It’s going to be romantic as hell!

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5. Music box for your sunshine 

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Music box

So, tell me how your story began? Was it love-at-first-sight when you heard her sing La vie en rose in that karaoke bar downtown? Or did you go to music school together? If your hearts are intertwined on a melodious note, this instrumental music box by The Rosiking Store is your best shot at one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend. Check out the cool features!


  • First of all, you cannot take your eyes off this gorgeous piano-shaped silver piece of art
  • The embossing, texture and finish is top-notch
  • The brand ensures good quality metal and high-end Sankyo movement
  • The product is not battery-operated. You have to wind the movement to play your favorite tune
  • Small as it is, this music box produces the finest tune 
  • You get to choose your music out of 5 options including You are my sunshine and My heart will go on


  • The product dimension is 4.45″×2.8″×5.51″ 
  • Each time the song lasts for about 10-15 seconds

It sounds a bit fairytale-like, but imagine whenever she listens to the music, she thinks about you. Don’t you like the thought of it?

6. Personalized throw blanket: One of the cutest dating anniversary gifts for her 

1st anniversary gift for girlfriend - Personalized throw blanket

Now you can tweak an ordinary throw blanket by printing a message on it for your girlfriend. Imagine cuddling on the couch on a rainy day under this cute blanket! Even when you are not around, your girl will feel all cozy and comfy like in your warm embrace. What do you think?


  • This soft and delicate throw blanket comes in handy in pretty much every season
  • The brand promises no fading and wrinkling and thus longevity of the product is unquestionable
  • You can choose the design with a ‘To my girlfriend’ message or add your own words
  • It’s made of 100% polyester flannel, which means it’s super soft
  • The blanket is good enough for machine wash


  • The product dimension is 55″ x 70″ and weighs 2.01 pounds

If you want to explore similar customized gift items for your loved ones, Ufooro brings a big number of options for you.

7. Surprise her with a picnic basket 

Dating anniversary gifts for her - Picnic basket

Have you or have you not been the most attentive boyfriend so far? “You are always busy at work. You have hardly any time for me.” If you heard this a lot in the past year, here’s your chance to plan a delightful picnic day with her and earn some brownie points. Show up at her doorstep unannounced with this basket, spend the day in a secluded, serene green land – just the two of you. Trust me, she will be thrilled. Can you think of any other 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend as romantic as this one?


  • This traditional woven basket assembles everything you need for a family picnic at one place
  • It contains porcelain plates, wine glasses, stainless steel cutlery, linen napkins and a bottle opener
  • The cherry on the top – there’s also a pretty mat to sit on in the park
  • You can carry around the basket freely as the canvas straps make it very secure
  • The heatproof cooling chamber helps maintain food and drinks hot or cold as it is


  • Keeps your food warm for up to 4 hours
  • The total number of items included in this gift box is 9

So, I gave you the relationship cheat sheet. Hope you won’t overuse it to compensate for the lack of quality time in your relationship. Try to make time for your girl from now on.

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8. Colorful bath bombs for a perfect spa day

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend ideas - Bath bombs

Have you already read a lot about 1-year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend and still can’t decide? Play safe here and go with these colorful bath bombs gift set by Life Around 2 Angles. It’s no secret that girls love bath bombs. It will simply add to the surprise if you arrange a romantic spa day at home. Draw her a soothing bath. Maybe pop a bottle of sparkling wine and play a little jazz. It will set your anniversary mood on a different note. 


  • These bath bombs are filled with moisture and ideal for normal to dry skin
  • They are totally organic and cruelty-free. So you don’t have to worry about toxic ingredients
  • Each of these bath bombs contains a distinguishing aroma that lulls your mind and body
  • You will find flower petals inside them
  • All the pieces are wrapped individually and comes in a nice packaging 


  • The diameter of the bombs is 2 inch
  • The total number of bath bombs: 12

What are you waiting for? Go, grab a box!

9. Tiny capsule letters in a jar – isn’t that cool?

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Capsule letters in a jar

I am taking a blind guess here. Did you ever sit together in the dark, listen to Time in a Bottle, and thought, “Wow! This is our song”? Even if not, this particular gift is the sweetest way to remind her of all those moments when she made you feel like the luckiest man on earth. You can pair this small item with maybe a dress from her wish list. As a matter of fact, whatever you pick for 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend, couple it with this little jar of love notes.


  • There are tiny capsules with a small rolled up piece of paper inside
  • As you open the pill, you will find the papers tucked in a golden ring 
  • The papers are blank, so you can write your own message on each of them
  • The capsules come in a cute glass jar with a label that says 100% love 


  • You can choose among 45, 50, 100 and 130 pieces capsules

Why don’t you make her favorite dinner and read the messages together? And now you know what you will play for dinner music.

10. A keepsake box is a great 1st anniversary gift for girlfriend 

1st anniversary gift for girlfriend - Keepsake box

Do you get that feeling that you and girlfriend are in for the long haul? I am sure a happy journey awaits you both. You have so many firsts to experience – your first trip together, meeting each other’s parents, your first house and so much more. When you are searching for 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend, get something to give her this message. Check out the Adventure Awaits keepsake box by Made In Sun State. This brand, based in Florida, has an alluring collection of wooden boxes and gift items.


  • It’s a beautiful wooden box with an inscription on it that says ‘Adventure awaits’
  • The craftsmanship of Made in Sun State is commendable
  • The box has sturdy construction with a golden lock
  • This product is made of pinewood and not way too much heavy to carry around 


  • The external dimension of the box is 8.5 x 8x 2.5 in.
  • Internally, it is  7.75 x 7.3 x 1.87 in

She can save memorabilia like tickets from the first concert you went to or polaroid snaps from Disneyland – things that are small yet meaningful. 

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11. Unicorn travel mugs are cute and equally useful

Dating anniversary gifts for her - Travel mug

You know, unicorns symbolize divine love and rare beauty and grace. Doesn’t that sum up your relationship with your beloved? Just like that, this unicorn mug speaks for a lot more than any ordinary dating anniversary gift for her. When she sees the text on the mug that says ‘Magical AF’, she would instantly know why you picked this gift. In your eyes, she is ever dazzling, magical! 


  • The tumbler looks very sleek, sophisticated and has a minimalistic design
  • It has a heat-proof double wall that maintains the temperature of your beverage for long hours
  • High-quality stainless steel ensures longevity – no rust and never breaks
  • Because it’s spill-proof, you can easily carry it when you’re out jogging
  • Dishwasher friendly, so cleaning it is no hassle either 


  • The capacity of this mug is 20 ounce
  • Product dimension is 4 x 4 x 8 inch

Oh, did I forget to mention it sits perfectly in a cup holder in your car? Now enjoy every sip of your coffee on a long drive.

12. Print a picture and song that you both adore

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Song print

Are you tired of the same old roses and chocolates and want some suggestions for creative one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend? Give this custom song plaque a shot. These acrylic prints are carefully handcrafted by the brand Crypto. Stop scrolling on the picture with your love that you heart most and pick your dearest song from the playlist and you can capture this moment forever on the frame. This gift has such a touch of intimacy. It’s meant for just the two of you. 


  • The plaque is made of acrylic – a fiber-like material that is a lot more resistant to breakages than glass
  • You will get to fill up a customization form where you can upload your picture and song
  • It’s a transparent frame
  • Quality-wise graphics and craftsmanship are both up to the mark


  • Product dimension is 8×10  inch

If the print seems incomplete, you can later frame it from a local store to give it a stylish throw. 

13. Tealight candles as 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend 

1st anniversary gift for girlfriend - Tealight candle

Mild aromatic bath candles are no doubt amazing gift ideas but let’s bring a twist and be a little bit more thoughtful. Is your girlfriend the crazy plant lady of the building? Kidding aside, for someone who loves plants as much as their babies, these cactus candles will be a treasured possession. You are going to get some sugar on date night, believe me!


  • These super cute miniature candles are designed in shapes of succulents and cacti with a brown soil-like base
  • They come inside a small metal container like normal tealight candles
  • The holders resist any spilling of liquid wax, so it’s quite un-messy
  • Lawei, the manufacturer, uses grade A paraffin so you won’t experience any pungent smell as the candles burn


  • The candles last for almost 4-5 hours
  • There are a total of 18 candles in this gift pack

Place these tiny candles between your real plants. When you light them up all together, it will create a lovely effect.

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14. Bring her a dream catcher for good dreams, good sleep

Dating anniversary gifts for her - Dream catcher

You know dream catchers are not mere home decor items. Legends in Native American culture say that the spider web keeps bad dreams and evil spirits away from sleeping children. In a way, it brings good luck and prosperity. No wonder dream catchers are one of the most unique 1-year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend. 


  • This boho-style dream catcher is made in a macrame pattern
  • The net and the tassels are woven with nice, off white ropes
  • As a safe packaging strategy, the leaves get a layer of sticker to prevent crumpling 
  • Size-wise, it’s quite big and can be treated as a statement wall hanging 


  • The length of this product is 36.6 inches with a hoop diameter of 11.8 inch

Go with it. The elegant chic design will brighten the ambiance of your bedroom in an instant.

15.  How about a hand-casting kit?

Creative one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Hand-casting kit

Holding hands for the first time after you start dating someone – how precious is that moment? Your palms brush like a feather, you feel each other’s warmth and slowly the fingers clutch. Dreamy, right? 

Don’t let that moment fly by just yet. Luna Bean brings a DIY hand-casting kit to freeze your clasping hands. This fun couple activity certainly tops the list of creative one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend. Let’s see the process:


  • Step 1: Dip your clasping hands into the bucket filled with create-a-cast molding gel and keep them steady for 2-3 minutes
  • Step 2: Pour the casting powder mix into the mold 
  • Step 3: The most fun part is when you get to peel the cast off to bring out the hand model
  • The kit comes with a piece of sandpaper to give your cast the final polish 
  • Luna Bean offers customer service if you are not satisfied with the end result


  • The kit includes a bucket, molding powder, casting stone, sandpaper, detailing pin and an instruction manual. 
  • The couple size kit contains enough material for two adults and a child 

For extra protection or a different style, you can apply a thin coat of glaze, acrylic paint or sealant, once it is completely dry. 

16. Preserved real rose with a heart-shaped pendant

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Heart-shaped pendant

If you want to stick to classics, roses mingle best with the anniversary vibe. On top of that, if it’s a real rose preserved in a beautiful case, nothing like it. Like your love, the rose too is eternal. When light reflects on the stone of the pendant, you can read ‘I love you’ engravings in 100 different languages of the world. Can you believe it?


  • The heart-shaped case itself is so gorgeous and shiny
  • The specially treated and preserved roses and potpourri around them are visible inside the see-through lid
  • There is a cute little drawer-like compartment that carries the pendant 
  • They have used nano engraving technology for the micro engravings in the stone 
  • An added bonus is the pretty gift pack, ready to present 


  • The product dimension is 5.75 x 5.59 x 4.8 inch

You can never go wrong with roses on your anniversary. Don’t forget to pick up her favorite dark chocolate with this gift.

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17. Essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy at home

Dating anniversary gifts for her - Essential oil diffuser

As you know, aromatherapy excels in the holistic improvement of mental and physical health solving issues like sleep deprivation and anxiety. People who are into yoga and meditation resort to aromatherapy for natural self-healing. If your girlfriend is one of these people, an essential oil diffuser would enhance the beauty of her yoga studio. 


  • Because it’s your anniversary, we picked the diffuser that looks like a pink rose bouquet 
  • You have to pour a mix of water and essential oil by removing the cap 
  • It’s a humidifier and LED light at the same time 
  • You will get the lighting in 7 colors and two modes – steady and color changing 
  • The diffuser has an auto power-off option when the water drains out


  • It can hold 100 ml water and works at a stretch for up to 10 hours

What better 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend can you choose than one that can alleviate her stress and bring her all the peace in the world?

18. Copper wine stems spill elegance 

1st anniversary gift for girlfriend - Copper wine glass

Wine glasses are indispensable stemware and a fine choice for an anniversary gift for your loved one. Rather than going with your regular wine goblets, bring out these copper wine stems at the next party you host together. Your guests will be super impressed, mark my words. 


  • These glasses are made of a quality 18/8 stainless steel
  • They have a chic design with a glistening polished finish
  • As these stems are break-proof, you can safely wash them in a dishwasher 
  • They keep your drink chilled and refreshing for quite a long time 


  • Each glass has a capacity of 18.5 ounces and a diameter of 3.75 inch 

19. Personalized jigsaw puzzle 

Creative one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Personalized jigsaw puzzle

Who doesn’t love board games – jigsaw puzzles to be more specific? Keeping in mind you and your girlfriend may have spent many wonderful hours playing Jenga, Battleship, Trivial Pursuit or Charades, let’s do something unusual this time. Why don’t you order the custom-made jigsaw puzzles as 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend?


  • While ordering, you will see a customize button to upload your picture
  • They will use the same picture on the packaging as well 
  • Onbrand uses HD inkjet printing which captures picture detailing thoroughly
  • Puzzle pieces are made of a hard wooden board, so they’re not flimsy at all
  • The jigsaw pieces come with letter hints to help you find the right match


  • The puzzle gift set is available in 500, 1000 and 1500 pieces

On the gift wrap, stick a small hand-written note that says, “You complete me”. 

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20. Oversized hoodie to share with your girl

Dating anniversary gifts for her - Boyfriend hoodie

How many times has your girlfriend borrowed a hoodie from your closet because it’s cozy and you never had them back? This anniversary, get a unisex pullover that you both can wear taking turns. See, you are not just sharing an outfit, you are sharing your warmth with each other. 


  • A combination of cotton and polyester makes it all fluffy and durable 
  • As the material is shrink-proof, the printed cartoon graphic on the hoodie doesn’t wear off 
  • The design is suitable for both men and women 
  • Good for machine or hand washing, although you are not supposed to iron it 


  • Available in sizes from S to 2XL

After dinner, she can slip into this sweatshirt and comfy PJs and you meet your snuggle bunny there!

21. A bunch of love coupons

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Love coupons

For an extra pinch of spice in your relationship, you can staple a good collection of love coupons with your 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend. These fun coupons will make a way for both of you to spend more quality time together. Let’s see what they are all about:


  • Materials used in making these coupons are 100% natural card stock
  • The playful design is a creation of the in-house designers of the brand
  • There are 15 coupons with an activity prompt and each of them comes with a twist like a relaxing bubble bath – you can choose a relaxing bath for one or a playful bath for two
  • The brand believes in recycling and 10% of the ingredients come from reprocessed waste material


  • The card dimension is 3.5×8 inch

The brand, Bliss Collections, is the brainchild of a married couple Danielle and Mike from the US, who prioritize standard and innovation over anything else. Would you like to support a family-run business?

22. 360-degree rotation cosmetic storage box

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend ideas - Cosmetics organizer

Here’s something fancy and a little bit steep for a dating anniversary gift, an antique cosmetic organizer. She would love to display all her expensive perfume bottles and makeup kits in this box. Without any further ado, let us dive into the features.


  • This organizer is made of 5 MM glass with exquisite golden edges
  • Spin the item 360 degrees and quickly grab the product you need
  • The storage space is divided into 4 layers and 10 compartments 
  • It is good to be placed as a countertop organizer in front of your dressing mirror or bathroom
  • You can store a variety of products including makeup, skincare, perfumes, brushes, jewelry and more


  • Product dimension is 16.5 x 12.8 x 12.75 inch

I did not elaborate much on design here – as you can see in the picture, it is drop-dead gorgeous!

23. Electric ice cream maker for some homemade delicacies

Dating anniversary gifts for her - Ice cream maker

If she has a big-time sweet tooth, one of the best 1-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend is an ice cream maker. Not only ice cream of various flavors, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet – you name it and this machine can make it. She won’t be able to thank you enough for such a lovely present. 


  • This appliance by Americana has a compact and delightful design 
  • Extremely user-friendly. Simply pour your ice cream mix into the frozen bowl and turn on the power
  • You can easily keep an eye on the ice cream making process through the transparent lid
  • No need to add salt or alcohol in your recipe 


  • At one go, it produces 1.5 quarts of serving 

We brought you the simple solution to all her midnight cravings for a bowl of dessert. How about that?

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24. Tassel wall hanging to display your fond memories

Creative one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend - Photo wall hanging

If you don’t like the technical aspects of a digital photo frame, this macrame photo display is made for you. It has an ethnic touch and looks fairly elegant. Print out some of the best pictures you have taken with your girlfriend in the past year and flaunt them in this stunning wall hanging. Take my word, she will melt to see it!


  • The tassels are handcrafted with the utmost care from durable cotton ropes
  • You will receive 30 wooden clips to hang the pictures
  • There is a 3-meter long string light added to make the display more sparkling
  • The light requires 3AA batteries which are not included in the set
  • The fairy light rotates in 8 different modes of lighting 


  • The product dimension is 17″ x 32″ 

It’s a great way to display all your Instax Mini polaroids if you don’t want to go through the trouble of printing out pictures. 

25. The couple’s bucket list: Date night idea cards

1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend ideas - Couples bucket list

You see, finding one-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend doesn’t have to be so baffling. A simple bucket list box with new ideas for your next 100 date nights – enough to convey that you see a promising future with your sweetheart. She will understand, in your head, you are writing a story and she is the protagonist, the guiding star in your life. Does that sound very Jane Austen? Well, can you deny it once you are in love?


  • This idea card box contains 100 decks with unique and fun ideas and activities for couples
  • The decks include meaningful conversation prompts to get to know your partner better
  • You can pick from 3 categories – Love, Life, Laughter, depending on the mood and energy of the day
  • The box comes with three splitters called To-do, Doing and Done to organize the cards accordingly
  • The activities suggested in the cards are not very difficult or expensive  


  • The product dimension is 6.5 x 4.8 x 2.3 inch

This bucket list is ideal for new couples who are yet to discover each other on many levels, which makes it a wonderful 1st dating anniversary gift for her.

Hopefully, we could expedite your search for the perfect 1-year anniversary gifts you’re your girlfriend. If you choose any from our catalog, keeping with the personal preferences of your girlfriend, you will be the hit of the day. Here’s to the greatest year of being together and our best for a happy future!


1. How can I make my girlfriend feel special?

The not-so-secret trick here is to take into consideration what she will enjoy more than what you think will make her feel special. If she is not a people person, don’t plan a big surprise birthday party. It will only overwhelm her. Go to the rooftop, just the two of you with some home-baked cupcakes and a few candles. Ask her to look at the stars and make a wish. She will hold on to this moment forever. 

2. Do you celebrate 1-year dating anniversary?

You can celebrate any day in your relationship that was memorable and special. You don’t need validation from the internet to celebrate your love or appreciate the beautiful girl who is there by your side through all the crossings of life. 

3. How much should you spend on an anniversary gift?

Again, it’s a very personal affair which is up to you to decide. We cannot suggest spending a couple of hundred dollars without having any hint of your socio-economic background. You may want to spend more if you can afford and that is fine too. What matters behind a gift is the thought, the intention, the emotion. If that is pure, money is just a number. 

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