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Do women crave masturbation as much as men?

Sometimes, for maximum sexual pleasure, a woman might need to do it herself. Some of our women readers talk about masturbation

It’s not just men who pleasure themselves

Masturbation is not an exclusive act of men. Men, women and everyone in between masturbate for pleasure and satisfaction. It is a taboo even for men in our society: so it is sometimes unimaginable for women. Women are considered, socially and commercially, as objects of desire. So it is hard to imagine that they could have sexual desires themselves. But they do: Sometimes even more than other genders.

In a society where most men are unaware of the existence of clitoris, masturbation is sometimes way better than sex. It transcends to another level when toys come into play. Sometimes even after satisfying sex (for the man) and the women faking it, most women resort to masturbation while the man goes off to sleep.

Welcome to the secret world of woman’s orgasm. Hope you will keep it a secret.

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  1. Real stories!! I hope people get to know that masturbation is not actually that bad.. neither for boys nor for girls.. Now it is even proved that it is even healthy.

  2. Masturbation is not something that is an isolated sexual act these days. Both men and women have begun to accept that they masturbate, and trust me, its not a taboo. Sexual desires can be completed to a large extent on one’s own, and you don’t need to mate out for the same. This article is a kudos one!

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