11 Things To Know When Dating A Teacher

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
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You may not find a more dedicated or selfless person than a teacher while wading through the dating pool. They are tailored to be life partners. However, before settling down with someone who teaches in an educational institution, you would want to know them, right? So it would be better to keep some tips handy on dating a teacher.

Dating a teacher could be compared to being in love with discipline itself. You may have to set a routine to be around them. And also, you may have to get used to the multiple mentions of schools and colleges – they are almost impromptu in every conversation. But, dating a teacher is fun too. These educators are often cute and have utmost patience. 

What To Know About Dating A Teacher?

There are many perks of dating a teacher or dating a teacher colleague. One of them is that there will never be a dull moment. They will always have topics to discuss  and stories to entertain you with. So, if you have been eyeing an educator and wondering what it’s like dating a teacher, let us give you a few classes. Take notes as we talk about some dos and don’ts.

1. Don’t talk about school on holidays

While dating a teacher, it is prudent not to bring the classroom shenanigans or any education-related news into the discussions when they’re on a break from school. Do not discuss teaching unless the teacher brings it up first – this is among my very important dating teacher tips for you. 

Vacations, be it long weekends or spring and summer breaks, are meant to unwind. A teacher may want to dissociate from school and unwind from the pressure of dealing with students. I would even recommend changing any school-related commercials on television and radio. Let your teacher-partner forget the four walls of the classroom for a bit. You can perhaps use the free time to be with them. Hey and also, aren’t these long vacations among the top benefits of dating a teacher? You get so much time together. So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a travel for two.

2. Plan romantic dinners on Friday nights

When your teacher-partner walks into a restaurant or your place – wherever you have planned your date – it would be nice if you could keep their favorite food ready (or at least order it). After a week of dealing with multiple growing personalities, they look forward to unwinding. They might be a little wired at that moment, unable to process the stress of the week, yet they  look forward to the happiness of the weekend. This may sound a bit cumbersome, but dating a teacher is not hard. Just wait for them to jump out of their fatigue and the fun will begin. 

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3. Stall plans on a Sunday

While dating a teacher, don’t plan parties or anything at all on Sunday afternoons. They may think your consideration is cute and give you some veiled comments, but secretly, they will love you for it. It would not be wrong to say that a teacher’s weekend ends by Sunday noon. Then the weekday blues set in and the clamor of the classroom haunts. 

Don’t be too disheartened by the early end to your weekend. You can actually plan many fun things for the weekend – maybe party plenty for two days and then recuperate on Sunday. Perhaps this tip is more understood and viable if you are dating a teacher colleague. Then, both your calendars will be in sync. 

Dating a teacher infographic
The dos and don’ts of dating a teacher

4. Prepare for classroom talk over meals

Dating a teacher involves zoning out a little bit at the dinner table, especially when they start discussing their teaching dossiers. You really do not have to listen, just nod occasionally. However, if you are dating a teacher colleague, you may have passionate discussions. You may also end up learning a thing or two about each other’s classroom nuances. It is a win-win, no?

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5. It is normal for your teacher SO to shop for class

While shopping with your teacher partner, don’t be too surprised if they throw crayons and other stationery material into the basket. They do it because they are constantly evaluating their classroom supplies. The things that students bring at the beginning of the year do not last. So, the teacher has to compensate. If you want to make your teacher partner’s day, I think you could just get them something as simple as a pack of colors. The perks of dating a teacher is that they find happiness in simple things. And, these simple things can often divorce-proof your marriage or solidify your relationship.

6. You share your partner with the students

Remember that you are not the only person in the equation while dating a teacher. Your special someone has many students in their lives, who they love unconditionally. Teachers are like that – unselfish. While the constant talk of students may make it seem like dating a teacher is hard, do not make them choose between loving their students and loving you. A teacher’s commitment to their students involves time and energy, but you can be assured that what they have for you is exclusive. 

7. Listen to their complaints

Shaun, a middle-school teacher, who had been working for a year often came home ready to quit. His wife, Amelia, was his shoulder to cry on. “I listened to him patiently, and asked simple questions like what can I do to help. Shaun said I could help him unclog his thoughts and build the resilience required for the job.”

“Many have asked me what it’s like dating a teacher?” Amelia said, adding. “I feel it is like any relationship. One needs to be how to be patient and nurturing. One needs to feel the thread of genuineness that runs when the bond is special.”

8. Don’t tell them they look tired, take care instead

If your teacher partner looks tired at the end of the day, don’t tell them that. It is quite possible that they have spent an entire evening grading papers or setting one. They try to be meticulous since they know that their students’ future rides on them. It means that their routine is not just confined to school but that their responsibilities stretch outside of it, too. 

You could try and comfort them with their favorite things when they look tired. Or you could accompany them when they work extra hours. While maneuvering your routine around theirs might seem a bit unfair – but it just might keep the spark alive in your relationship. Teachers are solid on commitment. There are exceptions, of course, and I hope you don’t have to put up with a partner who only takes from you.

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9. Help them unwind at the end of the day

Teacher’s have long and active work days that involve making many decisions. If you are dating a teacher colleague, you must know that both of you barely have time to eat lunch. That may just lead to exhaustion at the end of the day. In such a scenario, I would say that giving your teacher partner an hour would be among the solid dating teacher tips. 

This hour may help them unwind – to take care of that pending task or just lie on their bed browsing. They may be able to reset. These small considerations are what dating a teacher is all about. They will make your relationship worthwhile.

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10. Sometimes they can be clingy

You may find a teacher to be independent and strong, someone who does not require support. However, when you have spent enough time dating a teacher, you may find out that they actually yearn for a little bit of comfort. They are clingy, but in a cute way. If that is the case, you may pamper them a little. 

But, I am slightly cynical, so you may find me peppering a little caution while giving dating advice. In this circumstance, I would say pamper them, but not ifl they become overly dependent. One must always be mindful of boundaries. Because sometimes, being clingy can sabotage relationships.

11. They’re likely to have great parenting skills

If you think you have found your future partner in a cute teacher, you might have just lucked out. Teachers, having taken care of many students, have great parenting insights. They know how to pacify a child and how to attend to their needs. They are the glue that bond families together. Doesn’t that sound like one of the best benefits of dating a teacher?

If we had to sum up answers to what it’s like dating a teacher, I feel we end up with plenty of positive considerations. The perks of dating a teacher outweigh the cons. I feel it will be like any other relationship, just with a little more consideration and perhaps, a little more spark. Go in with an open mind and you may meet more than what you sought for.

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