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10 Imtiaz Ali quotes that are straight from the heart

Imtiaz Ali is the man with just the right words! Here’s a list of dialogues written by Imtiaz Ali that will stir your emotions.
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Every generation of cinema has had that one director who understands his audience perfectly. They will touch your heart with their engaging story lines, thought provoking dialogues and near perfect direction. We have Imtiaz Ali in our time! Every film he makes is worth watching repeatedly. Socha na tha, Jab we met, Rockstar are few of his many noteworthy movies. But he makes his movies memorable by writing equally memorable dialogues.  Here’s taking a look at some of them:

1. From the movie Socha na tha

Samajh, mazhab, sab apni jagah hai…lekin pyaar sabse upar hai.

Firstly, this movie gave us Abhay Deol. So thanks Imtiaz! A simple love story between a boy and a girl, divided by family feuds. A fairly heard of story. But this line is so relevant to many of us who have loved someone without thinking about their caste, financial situation or looks. That right there, is pure, unadulterated love because Pyaar sabse upar hai.

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