Online dating: 8 must-follow relationship tips to make it work

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Does online dating really work? The days of locking eyes with a sexy stranger at the coffee shop and being asked out on a traditional date are few and far between these days. Online dating is the way of the future.
It seems like everyone has tried Tinder, TrulyMadly, Happn or Woo in order to either play the field or find true love. But does it really work? Research about online dating shows that one-third of people who use online dating services will never meet the person they are chatting with online.

Online Dating was shown in the film Mitr my Friend

Mitr My Friend is a very interesting film on online relationship. Image Source

We are looking at 8 relationship tips for finding your special somebody through online dating:

1. Be clear about what you want

Being direct is the way to go while you are online dating. If you’re looking for love, experts say put it in your profile.

A study conducted by the dating website Plenty of Fish found that people who used the word “love” in their profiles were more likely to be successful in finding meaningful relationships on the internet than those who did not.

Don’t pretend you’re up for something you’re not. Be clear and direct in your profile about looking for a committed relationship – not a hookup situation. And the best part is there are plenty of totally free online dating sites.

2. Ask about platforms

Odds are you know somebody who has used an online dating app (even if they haven’t admitted it to you). There are many different opinions about what is the best route to take when dating online. Some suggest that if you want to find a serious relationship via online dating, you should consider paying for it, such as you would through eHarmony or

Some daters claim that by paying for a website or app, you will find someone who is serious about finding love through online dating (plus, you’ll avoid being harassed with inappropriate messages.)

Don’t be shy about asking friends, family and co-workers what their experiences have been with online dating. Hearing both success and horror stories can help you narrow down which subscription service will work best for your interests.

Online Dating can be a great way of finding a partner.

People dating online often go for real dates. Image Source

3. Meet safely

As always, when meeting someone online for the first time, take safety precautions. Here are just a few examples of relationship tips you should follow:

 Meet in public
 Consider taking a friend with you (even if they aren’t sitting at the table with you)
 Let trusted friends and family know where you will be before your date
 Trust your instincts
 Do not go home with this person or give away personal information
 Google your date (ensure there are no police records or catfish rumours flying around)
 Drive yourself to your date and home again
 Video chat with your date before meeting in person

4. Set realistic expectations

There is no shortcut when it comes to falling in love. Online dating is sure to make finding someone to spend your time with a lot easier than scoping out coffee shops and clubs, but that doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after.

One of the biggest relationship tips you can follow is to have realistic expectations. Don’t pour your heart and soul into each and every new date thinking that you’ll be riding off into the sunset together.

An algorithm can align goals, locations, and interests for potential couples, but they cannot account for chemistry.

Online Dating is shown in the film Must Love Dogs and the film has a wonderful ending

Must Love Dogs is once again a brilliant film on online dating. Image Source

5. Make communication a priority

You may not be in a serious relationship yet, but that doesn’t mean communication should be sent to the back burner.

Couples should make communication a priority, no matter how long or little length of time they have been online dating. Communication is the key to getting what you want out of a relationship. You must communicate your wants, needs, goals, and desires to your potential spouse. When they covey the same to you, you can meet in the middle and decide if you are right for one another.

6. Don’t let distance stand in your way

While most dating apps and websites allow you to search for singles local to you, others will allow you to date people in different countries, states, and provinces.

If you begin dating someone online who lives across your country, be careful. Research shows that most couples can only tolerate long distance relationships when there is an end date in mind.

If you have been dating your long-distance partner for a couple of months online and you feel like you have a serious connection, it may be time to start talking about the future. For example, if you are still together by X amount of time, you should start seriously considering moving so that you can be together in real life.

Cheerful couple showing online dating on a tablet

You have to be yourself while dating online. Image Source

7. The grass isn’t always greener

Dating someone on the internet isn’t as easy as it sounds. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities out there, but this is actually the problem. The grass always appears greener on the other side when using dating apps like Tinder.

There are so many options for dates available that it’s easy to ghost someone who is perfectly attractive (and awesome to talk to) in the hopes that the next best thing is just a swipe away.

One of the best relationship tips you can follow is to focus on quality over quantity. If you really connect with someone, don’t let them slip away from you.

8. Don’t lie

In the age of Catfish and reverse Google image search, your best bet when it comes to dating online is to avoid lying. Don’t use someone else’s photo, don’t stretch the truth about what you do for a living, and don’t emotionally mislead your date.

You want someone to love you for you. They can’t do this if they don’t know who you really are.

When it comes to online dating remember to be clear about what you want. Don’t waste your time with creepers and those you aren’t genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship with. Most importantly, don’t throw away something amazing in hopes that something better is just around the corner. By following these relationship tips you’ll be on your way to finding the love of your life.

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