15 Easy Ways To Flirt With Your Husband

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flirting with your man
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Given up on flirting just because you are married? While there is no denying the fact that flirting came naturally to you when you were dating, it does not mean you cannot flirt after marriage. And we give you easy, yet brilliant ideas on how to flirt with your man and turn him on. Flirting can keep that spark alive in your relationship.

How to flirt with your man? Give him flirty compliments, flirt with your man over text, flirt with your man over phone, tease your guy over text, or simply send him flirty text messages in a long-distance relationship and see what happens when he talks to you on Skype.

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 Benefits Of Flirting With Your Husband

Apart from lifting your spirits up and leaving you smiling for the rest of the day, flirting with your husband will also set the tone for a healthy, romantic relationship with him. Summing up a few benefits of flirting with your husband below.

  • To keep your married life healthy and flourishing, flirting is a fundamental necessity as it will bring the two of you closer
  • Flirting will allow you to express your feelings more freely and easily making communications between the two of you fun and honest
  • When you will flirt with your husband over text, you will be reminded of all the things which made him admirable and desirable. This in turn will make your relationship with him more stable and strong
  • Confidence and trust in your relationship is bound to increase if flirting is a common phenomenon among the two of you and your flirty compliments for him will make him happy
  • Flirting will make you feel good and happy. As a result of this, you will be able to make your husband happy and satisfied as well

15 Easy Yet Seductive Ways To Flirt With Your Man

Holding his hands, winking at him, talking seductively etc. must have come naturally to you when you were dating your man or when things were not that serious.

But now are you witnessing those flirtatious feelings fading away after marriage? If yes then one of the sure-shot ways of keeping your married life happening and romantic is by flirting with your man as and when possible.

Just in case you have become completely awkward when it comes to flirting with your husband and making him want you then do not worry. Here are 12 easy ways of ensuring that you turn him on sexually and revive the spark that is missing in your married life. Just go ahead and flirt with your man.

1. Spontaneity is the key to successful flirting

Do not plan your moves in advance because flirting when planned is bound to be ineffective. Just go with the flow and flirt naturally. Go out for a late night snack or an unplanned date with him in order to stir things up.

2. Steal a kiss

flirt with your man
Steal a sudden kiss if you want to flirt with your man

Whether it is the traffic lights, or a few alone moments in the middle of a public place, plant a quick kiss on his cheeks or a peck on his lips. The sudden kiss will leave him surprised, pleasantly and also keep him wanting more!

3. Utilize the sense of touch to your benefit

Lightly touching your husband’s back or shoulder, giving him a back hug, holding his hands unexpectedly, stroking his legs during meal time etc. can help start the ball rolling especially if your relationship is at a standstill.

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4. Words should be your strongest weapon

Wives tend to compliment their husbands rarely. But remember your thoughts and words related to your husband’s style, taste, personality and looks etc. is what matters to him the most.

So choose your words well and praise him at appropriate moments to boost his morale and to remind him what you like about him the most. Flirty compliments for him work wonders.

5. Flash-him

Well, this sure is fun, but is also a little daring. Go bra-less when cleaning in front of him and make him groove for you by showing off those bouncing invitations when dusting.

When he is least expecting it, and is alone, lift your shirt up to show off but just a little. And if you make it look natural, we bet he will grab you right away! Now isn’t this a great way to flirt with your man.

6. Text, sext and more

sent flirty texts to your man
Flirt with your man over texts

Make use of text messages and calls to sow the seeds of happiness in your relationship. Wondering how to flirt with your husband through text? It is really simple. Send him a personalized love poem or lyrics of a song that is special to the two of you. You can even talk to your man on phone and let him know that you miss him.

At least two or three messages and one phone call a day will be enough to make him realize that you are thinking about him and that you value him.

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7. Shower your love with the help of love notes

If you are unable to express your love face-to-face then you can leave love notes for your husband. For instance, you can slide one into his work bag or his lunch box.

You can stick one on the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator. Love notes will be extra special and sentimental to him than text messages.

8. The foot play

When eating in a restaurant, take off your shoes and rub your foot against his legs, slowly, seductively. Carry on with a normal conversation, looking absolutely normal, and watch him take sips of water again and again.

And that desperate attempt to look like nothing is happening.

9. Select secret phrases

Keep on saying some repeated words to let him know he is sexy. This way you will have some secret phrases communicating your feelings without letting anyone know. This is a perfect way to flirt with your man.

These phrases would be selected by you with much thought. But then do not forget to share them with your husband so that he knows when you use them especially in front of your family or friends.

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10. Give special attention to how you appear in front of him

flirt with husband over text
Show through your body language

This is an important point to keep in mind. Try to bring back memories of the past by dressing up similarly like the olden days. You can even wear the outfit that he likes the most; it will surely melt his heart.

At times, you can take his advice on what to wear. This a great way to pass him flirty compliments that his taste matters to you.

11. Laugh and smile to gain his attention

There can be nothing more attractive and heart-warming to your husband than seeing you smile and laugh in front him. He will find you irresistible if you smile and laugh around him as it is a classic way of flirting.

When you flirt with your man over text send him emojis and he will just love it.

12. Rekindle the lost love in your relationship by keeping it simple

Flirting does not mean doing hard work and planning something luxurious. Just doing something as simple as cooking your husband’s favorite meal or watching his favorite movie with him can be enough to let him know that you love him.

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13. Relive past memories with him by sharing it on social media

Show your husband that you cherish every moment spent with him by posting it on social media. However do it without going overboard and in a smart way so that your husband gets the message behind it.

14. Give him an opportunity to be in awe of you

flirt with husband
Do things that will leave him awed

There are certain things that your husband must admire in you. Therefore you should use that to the best of your ability. For instance, if he loves your eyes then you can do a makeup to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Or if he likes your hair styled in a particular way then that style can be adopted to capture his interest. Just exhibit the qualities that he liked in you when he chose you as a partner and it will surely turn him on sexually.

15. Show interest in him, his words and his activities

You will be able to sweep him off his feet by showing interest in whatever he says or does. Make him realize that you are completely smitten by him and give him all your attention.

Why is it necessary to flirt with your husband?

Nowadays, a majority of couples complain that there is a lack of romance in their relationships after marriage. Most of the time such complains lead to conflict and bitterness among the married couples. What they fail to realize is that effort has to be made from both sides to keep the relationship as romantic as it was before marriage. Until and unless you show love and care to your partner, you cannot expect your married life to be successful and happy.

Yes, it is true that after marriage, couples usually get caught up in family matters due to which they fail to give each other time. Responsibilities become the top priority instead of romance. However, taking out time to spend together with your partner is essential. Even if that is not possible then flirt with your man to show him over text, flirt with him over the phone when he is at work to show that he is wanted and is an important person in your life.

Men, just like women, want to feel desirable and wanted every once in a while. However, wives find it easier to say ‘I love you’ than to say ‘I want you’ because they feel it is too direct.

Men, on the other hand, get turned on by the latter words more and want to hear them too. So if you can’t really pull him in and whisper seductively ‘I want you’, you can still get this thought in his head with the simple ways below. Plus, it has its own benefits.

Healthy flirting should become a part and parcel of your married life so that you can live your life happily and prosperously with your husband. Happy flirting people!

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